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  1. Day One or One Day. Having fallen behind on my marathon training plan (by several weeks), I thought I could use so mojo, so I dusted off my digital copy of Level Up Your Life and, well, here I am. This will be marathon number 2 for me (the first about 14 months ago on my 50th birthday). The first one was a success (in the fact that I made it), but this one is meant to be the one where I am better prepared and enjoy the experience. Not doing so hot on living up to the quest. Hoping that getting re-involved with the forums might help.
  2. Goals are going fairly well. Managed 3 different Pinterest workouts (with a 4th scheduled tonight). I'm posting each one in my not-quite-daily battle log if anyone is curious. No wheat in 6 days and I am pleased with my energy levels! Now if I could just get the wife on board, I'd be set. Decluttering is hit or miss, but it too is coming along. Bonus: found a next challenge goal... proper (or any) handstand (another Pinterest origin ). Thanks for asking!
  3. Can relate. I was there, too. Still am, to a certain degree. The good thing is that a sojourner is a temporary resident, so perhaps you are ready to move on to doing fitness. Been doing fitness (to varying degrees) for about three years. Slow process, but in some ways, I have gone farther than I would have once thought possible. 6 years ago, I thought running a 5k was maybe more than I could do. My goal now is a 50k (in February 2018 to be exact). Have patience with yourself. Walking is as good a start as any. And the narrator of the HP audio books is awesome! Love those! "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." -Rumi
  4. Battle Log: 16FEB17 WWoW: 5th day of no wheat. Noted energy level and mood both up. No post meal lethargy (aka sleepiness in afternoon after lunch, etc.). No decluttering today. PPU Workout: Lose Your Love Handles. Torso Twister - 3 minutes Belly Blaster - 20 each side Jiggle Jabber - 3 minutes Waist Whittler - 20 each side Side Sizzler - 3 minutes Muffin Top Melted - 20 each side. Of the three workouts so far, this was the least felt (easiest). Almost a rest day (btw, yesterday was). I'll need to ratchet it up tomorrow.
  5. Battle Log: 14FEB17 WWoW: 3rd day of no wheat. No decluttering today. PPU Workout: Target Your Tummy 20 Good Mornings (x3) 30 second Forearm Plank (x3) 30 second Forearm Side Plank (x3 each side) 30 second Prone Cobra (x3) 30 Bicycle Crunches (x3) And for good measure, I also ran 8.58 miles (or 13.8 km).
  6. Battle Log: 13FEB17 PPU Workout: Rest day. Tweaked midback yesterday (more likely from shoveling and hoe work for 2-3 hours in the back than last night's workout... poor form in each, no doubt ). Might try working on learning to do a handstand tomorrow... Pinterest pinned. WWoW challenge: no wheat today. No decluttering today. IF for non-breakfast and wheat free lunch packed for tomorrow (hoping to bake some paleo crackers tomorrow night). Also hope to clean out a drawer or two. New workout plus handstand stuff if back feels better.
  7. Battle Log: 12FEB17 Today my first four week challenge begins. Hopefully, I can stay on track. I have 3 goals: a different workout 3-5 days/week (each workout taken from my various Pinterest pins), eliminating wheat from my diet, and clearing some clutter from my habitat. Tonight's workout courtesy of Obese to beast vlog: 30 second plank x 2 (1 at beginning, 1 at end) 10 jumping jacks x 4 10 hand release push ups x 4 10 lunges (each leg) x 4 5 burpees x 4 No wheat. Reorganized shed. Found 9 articles of clothing to donate, another 6 to reuse as rags. Day one:
  8. My (perhaps too) ambitious first challenge goals: Pinterest Power Ups (PPU): I love the Pinterest! So many amazing ideas, plans, projects! Alas, my Pinterest intentions have yet to take corporeal form... until now. Goal the first: 3-5 days/week, I plan to workout using a different workout from my Pinterest boards (I have more than ample pins to do this for a number of 4 week challenges). For each workout, 1 XP. Bendy Bonus: Forging Flex. As a long term goal is to increase my overall flexibility, any additional yoga, movement, stretching activities (of Pinterest origins) will also add 1 XP. However, if I fail to meet the 3 per week minimum, I shall take -10 XP damage. Waging War on Wheat (WWoW): As part of my long term goal of adopting a healthier lifestyle (along the lines of a Paleo, Paleovedic, Primal model), goal the second aims to eliminate wheat from my fueling. I will be forgiving of a rare imbibing (perhaps 1 per week), but final XP tally (positive or negative) will be assessed somewhat aggressively. Clearing the Cursed Clutter (CtCC): My final inaugural goal (goal the third) centers on reducing, recycling, reusing. Over the course of this 4 week challenge, I aim to eliminate 100 items that no longer spark joy for me. XP shall be awarded of 20 points for completion (with additional XP for go I ng above and beyond). So ends my first challenge goals.
  9. Like Flarg, I'm another noob. So far, paging through the archives for older articles has been fairly useful. I can't help you with locked camps... it might be an Academy thing (which is one of the things you have to pay to be a part of). At this point, I only do the free resource stuff (sorry, Steve!). I believe a new 4 week challenge will be opening soon and in the forum about it, Staci (Spezzy) has a video on how to start there. Size 48 to 38, Awesome! And great goal to be thinking of your future kids (because not only will it be great for them to have a fit dad, they'll also need a guide to teach them how to avoid the monolithic influences that will be working to make them fat!). Sorry I can't be more helpful in navigation, (oh, and maybe you've already noticed, but some forum posts can be a little dated... weird to respond to a thread 2 years dormant). (: Maybe I will see you in the next challenge.
  10. Excellent goal. And definitely start now (turns out if you don't do it your 20's, it follows you into your 30's and 40's). This year I'll hit 50, but currently am in the best health of my life (which is both awesome and a bit tragic). If you've been following NF for over a year, I'm sure you know what a wonderful resource it can be. For me, learning to love running (a thought which I would've thought impossible 3 years ago) was a key to success. And if that's something you want to try, I could definitely give you ideas about starting out (although I am far from being an expert... or being fast). If not running, maybe something else (strength training seems to be a popular choice in NF land). But definitely something else beyond purely the weight loss. I suggest this because if you can develop a passion (running for me, roller derby for Stoney), it helps support the weight loss goal. I started running to help me lose weight, now (about 28kgs lighter) I focus on weight loss as a way to help my running (which is a wonderful paradigm shift!). Maybe a passion can do the same for you - just a thought. Anyway, glad you decided to join the forums. Hope to see your success story build as it unfolds (oh, and it will take some time, so don't beat yourself up if you're not ripped by next Tuesday).
  11. Battle Log: Entry Five - "How do you make God laugh?" Reevaluations: So, a situation arose today that needed to be addressed. Specifically, a small twinge behind my left knee. Went back and forth about it, and decided to listen to my body and not run today... meaning a grand total of 4 days on the running streak (this time around at any rate). Still planning to do day 30 of the 30 day ab challenge, my pushups and plank, plus some foam rolling, but obviously disappointed. But not defeated. It is slow going - this becoming a hero stuff- but I've already traveled quite a way. For background (and to remind myself), I used to weigh close to 250 lbs. (or 17.857 stone) about 4 years ago. Taking up running helped, not eating unhealthy food whenever it was around helped more. Lost over 25 lbs. (1.79 stone) last year alone... a few just by walking past the cupcakes and doughnuts next to the coffee pot at work. I've done more in the last couple years than I would've thought possible a few years back. Still, seems like a long way to go to get where I want to be. So, yeah... disappointed.
  12. Battle Log: Entry Four. Nutrition: IF day 4 (though not the healthiest of choices). Strength Training: 11 correct pushups, day 29 of 30 day ab challenge (21 of each). 2:20 plank. Running: 3.5 miles, day 4 of (possible?) 30 day run streak. Even though just 3.5, not an easy run. Took the uphill direction of Dominguez trail which includes an SLB (Steep Little Bastard) hill right at the end. Doing consecutive days running is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I had been anticipating. Felt yesterday's run from the outset... Hoping this will pass as days go by. Super Sunday 10k next week... and the wife is running it too (her first beyond a 5k. It was supposed to be me and my daughter, but she completely bailed on training for it). Other Life Battles: Started decluttering yesterday, did more today. Took about 20 or so books to sell/donate at Half Price Books and tossed a couple trashbags of, um, trash away (including manuals and back up CDs from a computer that I haven't had for at least 4 years). Hoping to do a little bit each day until I get to a reasonable living space. Spark joy and all that. Trying to build on various momentums while things are gelling (so as to have a decent foundation for when trickier days come around). Straightening out my life is tiring work, a little after 8 and I'm ready for bed.
  13. Battle Log: Entry Three. Nutrition: Day 3 IF - No trouble maintaining, but things to watch (see Running). Strength Training: Day 28 of ab challenge (20 of each). 10 (correct) push ups. 1:30 plank. Running: Originally planning to do a long run, but opted to shoot for 8 miles due to plans to go hiking with family. Just as well because I had to walk mile 6 up Coyote hill (named after the fact that I saw a coyote once when slogging my way up it. Coyote hill is a steady climb for the better part of a mile). This is one of my go to routes, so I was a little disappointed that I needed to walk it... until I remembered the intermittent fasting. I got a late start on the run and it wasn't until I started walking that I realized I hadn't eaten in almost 16 hours. Apparently, that can make it somewhat difficult to run uphill on mile 6 (not that my "run" up Coyote hill is much faster than a walk). Still, I was pleased that I was able to run the last 2 miles. Tomorrow, probably a short 3.5 miles (either earlier in the day or after lunch). GOING FOR A RUN WHILE FASTING
  14. Battle Log: Entry Two. Forgot a couple of stats. Height: 6 foot (or 1.8288 meters) Weight: 180 lbs. (or 12.8571429 stone. Wasn't sure if our European friends use stone or kilograms, but decided stone sounds more badass... at least until you take it out seven decimal places). Nutrition: Second straight day of IF. Didn't mind skipping breakfast, not snacking after dinner is little more noticeable. Strength Training: Turns out I've been doing push ups wrong (thanks, Steve!), so now I'm even weaker than I thought. Did manage 4 chin ups tho... and yeah, leaving out how many real push ups I can do wasn't an oversight. Did day 27 of ab challenge (same as yesterday plus 1 of each exercise). Planked for 2 minutes, 10 seconds (yesterday did 2 even). Running: Did 3.59 miles tonight (maybe day 2. of streak?). Definitely need to work on upper body strength. Would like to work up to trying out some Ido Portal moves someday... but not likely someday soon. Work in progress is still progress. Long run tomorrow.
  15. Stats Character Name: SlowHorse Class: Scout Age: 49 Level: 1 Battle Log: Entry One. A good day. Wasn't planning to start this yet, but a good day might not be a bad start. Okay, goals and statuses... Nutrition: Yeah, working on that one. Intermittent Fasted today (second time this week, we'll see if it sticks). Overall nutrition not bad, but not focused. Mostly just being mindful of what decisions I make. Strength Training: Work in progress, clueless novice. On day 26 of a 30 day ab challenge (tonight was 18 leg extensions, 18 roll ups, 18 ankle reaches, 18 reverse crunches, 18 crisscrossed... don't know if these are actual names of exercises or just what they're called in the challenge, but whatever). Also did 30 push ups (10 in morning, 20 tonight) and 3 sets of inverse rows (12 reps). Running: 6 miles after work. Hoping to start a 30 day run streak (not sure if today is day 1 or not). Short Term Big Time Goals: Immediate thoughts all center on the Double Dipsea (a wicked hard half marathon trail race in June). Conditioning, diet, runs... everything needs to be focused on the Double Dipsea. At a max. of 750 runners, getting in won't be easy either.
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