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  1. Bit late replying to this, I guess I didn't do very well on the last goal. But here's my progress on the rest: I've been doing about half of my work early in the day, the other half gets pushed to a later time. Still working on this but it's definitely a lot better than before. I have completely cleared out my mobile repair pile and am done with this goal, very happy with how it turned out. I've been getting about 9 hours of sleep each night with maybe a day or two of less, so I consider this also a success. I'll try to update more frequently for
  2. Been a few years since I posted here. Glad to be back. Here is my very simple challenge: Work early in the day. Finish repairs that I put on hold. Get 8 hours of sleep each night. Update every day. To elaborate on each one: I find that between the time I wake up, around 10 AM, and about 6 PM I'm most productive on tasks that are the most important. Between 6 PM and the time I go to bed I'm most productive on hobbies and less important things. So my target is to finish any necessary work for the day, about 3 or
  3. @Cheshire I got everything listed except for two tablets that broke while I was testing them. This was definitely my best challenge yet, I’ll be coming back next time with harder goals. Excercise: I went biking a bit today, it was cold again. I saw my neighbours who JUST got back from vacation to another country sitting next to my other neighbours talking for a few hours. They haven’t been tested and aren’t self isolating at all. People are dumb... Hydration: Drank a glass of water just now Business: I got a couple things listed and I got a really goo
  4. Excercise: Also very cold today so I didn’t bike. I did some planks and push ups though. Business: I listed a ton of items today, took me several hours but I made a lot of progress. Hydration: I drank 1 glass of water today.
  5. Hydration: I drank my water while writing this! Business: I shipped the thing I sold. That was my first time leaving the house in the past week or two and the streets are just completely dead. It’s really creepy. Excercise: I biked a little bit but the winds had to have been going at least 40 MPH and it was very muddy.
  6. Hydration: Forgot to drink my water today Business: People bought stuff Excercise: Also very cold so not much done
  7. Excercise: It was really cold and muddy so I only biked for half a kilometre today. Hydration: Drank two glasses of water! Business: No progress today Stay safe and wash you hands everyone!
  8. Hydration: Forgot to do this one today. Business: Made lots of progress, listed 5 items. Excercise: Biked a kilometre or two, not much else though.
  9. Hydration: I've been drinking a glass of water out of habit most days which is great. I've been procrastinating on getting the water bottle set up to keep near me though, I'll try to do that this week. Excercise: Kicksled season isn't here anymore so I've started riding my bicycle for about a kilometer or two per day. I also go for walks and practice my grip strength on some gymnastic rings in a doorway of my house. Business stuff: I fixed an iPhone SE and listed it online, already have people interested. I sold an iPad too. I'm hoping to get even more stuff fixed and l
  10. So I kind of forgot to update for two weeks... let's pretend that never happened. I'll start updating every day if I can. The good news though is that I've been doing very well on my goals. Business stuff: I finished listing all my inventory, and now I'm working on the backlog of phones and tablets that need fixing. I am almost done a logic board swap on one which would mean it's good to sell, and the rest are in progress. Pro tip: Never buy anything made by Samsung, or at least their tablets. They seem to be generally poor quality and break a lot in weird ways. I eve
  11. Hello friends, it's been about a year since I made a challenge on this forum and I'm not really feeling a lot of motivation to start up again, but hopefully once I get into the flow of it I'll be more motivated I'm keeping it really simple this time around so that I don't faceplant, which I think was my problem in earlier challenges. Goal 1: I started a tiny mobile repair business about 6 months ago, and I have a lot of old tablets and phones that I fixed lying around in boxes, probably many hundred dollars worth. I've been meaning to put them up for sale on eBay, but it takes a w
  12. Friday: Didn't meditate, did Japanese. Did lots of memory work on Wales, didn't make any other language progress, and did Arm. Didn't post. Saturday: Didn't meditate, did Japanese. Did some more memory work, didn't make any language progress, and did Chest (even though I really didn't want to). Sunday: Didn't meditate, did Japanese. Worked on Wales, didn't do any languages (fail for that week), and did Arm. Didn't post. Monday: It was my birthday so it was a day off from the challenge. I made up for the lost Japanese practice the next day. I think I may have
  13. Also, here is a cat with pants because everyone needs a cat with pants in their life.
  14. Hey! Looks like a good challenge. I'll be following. That's awesome you're writing a book. What's it about? How's week two going?
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