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    Taffythecat goes back to the basics

    Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I posted again, I miss one challenge and then another and another over and over again, so let's try to have an end to all that and start with a fresh slate. This challenge will be all about mastering the basics of what I want to get done before jumping on to something higher up or totally different. In my previous challenges over the past two years or so I've been accomplishing things, but then moving straight on to something else and abandoning them forever. I'm confident that if I keep working on these things, and work hard at them, it will forever change my life. So, that being said, let's get straight on with it. Goal 1: Stop drinking so much orange juice. Very specific goal, but I'm ashamed to admit that for the past two years I've basically fueled myself on orange juice. Literally. Feeling thirsty? How about some orange juice. Feeling bored? How about some orange juice. No one likes water! Well, that was old me. New me is different. New me doesn't like going through one jug of orange juice every two days (it's also very expensive). So, new me will make a good strong effort to only drink orange juice at mealtimes. Other than that, only water is acceptable. I am allowed to flavour my water with small amounts of lemon juice and other fruit juices, but I don't really want to just do that either, so eventually I'll try to move off of it. Goal 2: Morning routine to the max! Up until now my morning routine has been very very relaxed. I put on my clothes the day before and wake up in them, and go and get a glass of water. If I have enough energy I'll put on some deodorant and my watch. I normally shower at night and sleep in my wet hair. I don't do nearly enough prep for the day in the mornings, so here is my new 6 step algorithm which I will follow every morning. Step 1: Wake up (duh) Step 2: Get clothes ready and hop in the shower Step 3: Get out of the shower, put on clothes Step 4: Brush teeth and mouthwash Step 5: Basic hygienic things (wash face, deodorant, etc.) Step 6: Put on accessories (Watch, glasses etc.) Goal 3: Excercise time I've already been doing some arm related exercise (sparked by previous challenges!) which is a habit, but I want to do more. So, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I will try and spend as long as I can hanging from some gymnastic rings I got on Amazon. Then the next one of those days I'll try to beat that record. Taffy