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  1. Diet Darebee 1:1 Meal Challenge – eat low carb, every other day for 15 days. I will be doing this on the off days when I’m not doing the modern hero mealplan to go with the foundation workout program. Modern Hero Mealplan – a mealplan focused on weight loss and weight maintenance by focusing on healthier and balanced food choices. My noom membership expired, so this is my way of trying to stay on target with eating right. Fitness Core Control Challenge – Torso twists and side leg raises, alternated daily, building up to 200 leg raises over 30 days. I’ll be using this to keep my movement up when I’m not in the Foundation Program. This will only go through 12 days, but it’s better than nothing. Foundation Light Level 1 - The Foundation Light is a low impact 100% bodyweight based fitness program perfect for anyone with joint issues, recovering from an injury or is heavily overweight. It is also perfect as bodyweight training introduction and getting in sync with your body. All routines are 100% bodyweight based, they include cardio and strength days as well as stretching and some light martial arts elements. I’m going to treat it as a boot camp commitment and really get through this 30 day program. My goal is to build up fitness so I can be ready for hiking as it starts to cool down. The goal there is to hike to a landmark called Potato Chip Rock. It’s a 6.6 mile hike that takes 3-4 hours and covers 1800-2000 ft elevation. Level Up Your Life Create I have a lot of art projects, and keep coming with more ideas. So my goal is to be creative at least 4 days a week, and I’m going to start a project list with due dates so I can prioritize where I’m spending my time. Crochet – Havana lap blanket (by Christmas) Crochet – Summer Shawl Crochet – Fall décor Drawing – Hockey Art (9/25) Drawing – in the style of Ann Piersall (http://bristleconedesigns.com) Drawing – Zentangle wooly mammoth Green Witch Path I was introduced to magical self-healing and it really resonated with me, so I’ve ordered another book from the author Arin Murphy-Hiscock called The Green Witch: your complete guide to the natural magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils and more. I want to continue learning more about this path, and so I’m going to work on my learning and put new pages in my journal for the following: Essential oil profiles Gemstone profiles Moon phase profiles Autumnal Equinox ritual (9/21) – stretch goal - meal plan Wheel of the year (10/31) – maybe, this is not strictly on the green witch path