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    J3nn Creates a Character

    Updates: Writing isn't happening. I'm sort of having writer's block, but it's mostly time block. I was really having fun with the story and now all of a sudden it's become a "thing" and it's not fun anymore. I'm not sure what to do about this. I've gained all the weight I wanted to lose... I'm not sure what's happening. My swelling is incredibly high and painful now, so I'm assuming I have more water retention in my legs which is an increase, but this is crazy. I did my weight in from after my class so here are my before and afters, it's not exactly motivating: Data points 7/12/18 4/18/18 Age 44 44 Height feet inches 5'8" 5'8" Weight (lb) 204 208.2 BMI 31 31.7 Fat % 27.60% 26.30% BMR (kj) 6933 7010 BMR (kcal) 1657 1675 Impedance 278 260 Fat Mass (lb) 56.4 54.8 FFM (lb) 147.6 153.4 TBW (lb) 108 112.2 Desirable Fat % 23-34% 23-34% Desirable Fat Mass (lb) 44.0-76.0 45.8-79.0 Arm (in) 12.25 12.75 Waist (in) 37.75 37.25 Hips (in) 45.5 46.25 Thigh (in) 28.5 27 Calf (in) 18.5 19.25 The trip this weekend did wreak havoc on my diet, but I seem to be back on track. So we'll hope that continues. I'm seriously considering the elimination diet for the last few weeks before vacation. I'd hate to go into the vacation at a heavier weight and then gain another ten pounds...I think this is the epitome of the yo-yo diet, but still... Yesterday I was just in a bad mood. People were annoying me, and nothing went my way, so it was a rough start to the week, here's hoping it's better from here. Regardless of all that, here's my chart and status to date. To date Committed Reached Writing HFC (646) 814 14858 5% Steps/Amerithon 4,818 Avg Steps (5000) LB Fitness 2+1 3 12 25% Weight loss +4.6 -5 -92% No sugary snacks 3 16 19% No alcohol 6 20 30% Forum posting 5 14 36% NBIC reading 5 20 25% Fun Reading 4 12 33% Mail 6 24 25% Bonus Resume 0 0 List of Doom 0 0 Brush Teeth x2 26 0%
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    Ensi - Body, Soul, Mind... and Gold

    I just read a blog post about this. Play with 4.0s The gist is this: "So, if you want to be a better tennis player, you need to do three things. You need to play more tennis. You need to play with people who are better than you. You need to be a part of the tennis community and play your part in bringing people along as much as you hope people will reach back and help bring you along." I think this applies to anything, not just sports, so think about giving back and helping those newbies too...
  3. J3NN

    Bean Si Vs Chaos - Bean Si honors and remembers

    I must have missed something, what's Stardew valley? Is it a different type of tea? Congrats on leveling up from 10 to 15 points! More importantly with making yourself stick with it, even though it was hard, even though you didn't want to. Take that success and use it to beat back that troll!
  4. J3NN

    Sif jumps in with new energy

    Where'd you go!? We're just sitting here getting caught up on le Tour since we were away all weekend. How's your fantasy team doing? We're watching the cobblestone stage, it's crazy. Don't let your bf ever talk you into that! Hope you're well!
  5. J3NN

    J3nn Creates a Character

    Update: To date Committed Reached Writing HFC (646) 243 14858 2% Steps/Amerithon 4,600 Avg Steps (5000) LB Fitness 2+1 3 12 25% Weight loss 2 5 32% No sugary snacks 2 16 13% No alcohol 4 20 20% Forum posting 3 14 21% NBIC reading 3 20 15% Fun Reading 2 12 17% Mail 4 24 17% Bonus Resume 0 0 List of Doom 0 0 Brush Teeth x2 26 0% Avg Steps 1 4600 Clearly I'm off, traveling does that I guess. Today I will make an effort to get some words written, even if it's just a few hundred. I am doing good on fitness and diet, so at least there's that. I also will ready NBIC today... Gonna be a busy day. We don't have a scale here, so I'm not sure if my weight is tracking, but since I"m being so diligent with the sugary snacks, and trying to make good decisions and meals I think I'm doing okay. Gish is coming too and so I've been spending more time on that. We have our team all registered and we have three new members so we're working on getting to know each other and making plans for how we're going to tackle the list and fun events. Two weeks! We have a brunch planned the morning the list is released and I can't wait. But that gives me more pressure to get the writing done before we start Gish, so I have got to get on that. Hope everyone is doing well!
  6. J3NN

    Sif jumps in with new energy

    Yay! Congrats on your milestone, that's awesome! Sorry for your shoulders but yay for that too [emoji3] And, congrats on your win! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  7. J3NN

    Bean Si Vs Chaos - Bean Si honors and remembers

    We all grieve differently, but I've been thinking about my own experiences to see if I have any words of wisdom for you. One thing I've thought of is that, for me, honoring my lost loved one became helpful for me. The timing on this will definitely be unique for each as we all go at our own pace. I love to think about what my loved one loved, and enjoy that for them while remember the times we've shared it together. For my mom, it would be a chimichanga, or Patrick Swayze movies and ice cream, or even looking at model homes. One time I even made a Daffodil cake because she loved daffodils and it just seemed fitting. For my father -in-law it would be homemade guacamole, steak, and a margarita. For my old boss, there are some songs that she loved that I can play. Doing something special, intentionally, in honor of your loved one will be bitter-sweet, but I've always found there to be some catharsis. Again, I think it's about giving yourself permission to feel a certain way and doing so intentionally. One time, my daughter's best friend lost his grandfather and was unable to attend the funeral or services so we held a ceremony for him. We made his grandfather's favorite meal and then he wrote a message down on a piece of paper, folded it into an origami canoe and then we lit a fire in our chimnea in the backyard. We all gathered and helped him say goodbye to his grandfather in his own way, by burning the message and having a moment of silence. Grieving doesn't have to be traditional and it doesn't have to have rules. You will feel what is right for you to honor the passing of your loved one. You will know when the time is right to stop moping, and when it's allowed. Life will carry on, it's resilient and will find a way, even if you aren't at the helm for a little while. It's okay. Hugs.
  8. J3NN

    J3nn Creates a Character

    Update: Writing: 243/1292 Off to a slow start - I've gotten in only just over 200 words. Will make up this weekend I hope. 0/1 Finish travel blog for Kauai. - About half done with this. It's taking much longer than I realized to research and find all the links and update the photos. Fitness: 4944/5,000 avg Steps/Amerithon - Doing good. 2/3 Three workouts per week - I've done two workouts and have one more scheduled tonight since we'll be out of town this weekend. Nutrition: 2/3 on workout days Limit sugary snacks to 3x a week, only on workout days. - So far so good. 0/2 Limit alcohol to 2x a week, and to red wine. None yet this week. -1.6 Weight - Lose 5 lbs. I've lost 1.6, but I fluctuate a lot day to day so this will be the long game for me. Habits: 2/2 Forum posting - at least every other day. So far so good 2/2 NBIC reading - I want to finish the book, the CEO Next Door by Elena L. Botelho, Kim R. Powell and Tahl Raz. Read at lunch both days so far. 1/2 Fun Reading - Once this week 2/2 Mail - Forgot last night but did get through it before I left the house so I'll still count it. 2/2 Bonus: 0/1 Update resume - I may have an opportunity for a slight career change and I will have to apply for this new job, so I will need to update my resume. It's been five years, and I have a degree to add in now. Nothing on this yet. It's been a crazy busy week, and I'm pleased to be keeping up this well. We're off to Arizona for the weekend so we'll see what that does to the routine...
  9. J3NN

    J3nn Creates a Character

    You're right, everything came together. Love the gif. Thanks!
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    J3nn Creates a Character

    Mostly putting this here as a placeholder to have somewhere to post during this break as I figure out my challenge. I'm Jennifer, I'm really uncomfortable with role-playing, so my username is J3nn (the three is for the size of my family and for the 3=E on the calculator trick). I'm having a perpetual mid-life crisis that started when I was 18 (maybe earlier), I'm happy, but rarely satisfied with the status quo so I'm always trying something new to find the magic. I'm currently focused on improvements at work and writing fiction, so that my life is more than work and entertainment (reading, television or movies). I've been married for 20+ years, I have a 25 year old daughter and three cats. I live in So Cal, I'm a director at an Academic Healthcare facility, and my team is responsible for the web properties, and my focus the employee intranet. I love to read, fiction and non-fiction, I watch television and movies almost daily. I'm a hockey fan and a cycling fan. I have to have music playing to be able to think otherwise the voices are too loud. I want to set a goal for posting updates regularly, so this is my placeholder so I can post updates. I'll add my challenge in the coming days. Writing: I'm officially in Camp NaNoWriMo, so I've committed to writing a Novella size story. My manuscript is called Harry's First Campaign and to meet my goal of 20,000 words by the end of July I need to write an average of 646 words a day. I plan on writing while we watch the Tour de France every night, if I can stop myself from being distracted by each day's events. Finish travel blog for Kauai. Fitness: Steps/Amerithon - trying to keep an average of 5,000 steps a day. Three workouts per week - LB Fitness twice and 1 home workout in the gym of at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour. Nutrition: Limit sugary snacks to 3x a week. I should cut them out altogether, but I'm trying to make it a habit I'll maintain, so I'm going to limit it, and only let myself have sugary snacks on workout days. Limit alcohol to 2x a week, and to red wine. Per the Mediterranean diet, moderate amounts are fine, up to 1 glass a day. But my bank account doesn't want to support that or the calories. So 2x a week. Weight - Would like to lose 5 lbs, but I think 2-3 is more realistic. Habits: Forum posting - I want to post in my challenge at least every three days, and post on other posts as well. Goal here is to visit the forum daily, posting at least every other day. NBIC reading - I want to finish the book, the CEO Next Door by Elena L. Botelho, Kim R. Powell and Tahl Raz. Just finally finished New Power and was very glad to have read that one. Fun Reading - for balance I want to keep reading, and especially finding books with good dialog, I struggle with that in my own writing, so I want to study that in the books/stories I'm reading. Mail - I want to go through the mail daily instead of letting it pile up. Bonus: Update resume - I may have an opportunity for a slight career change and I will have to apply for this new job, so I will need to update my resume. It's been five years, and I have a degree to add in now.