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  1. J3NN

    Crafty J3nn builds habits

    Update: To date Committed Reached Crafting 5 min day 24 25 96% Adulting to do list/read 3 5 60% Habits 0 Brush Teeth x2 27 35 76% Floss 26 35 74% Mouth rinse 26 14 186% Mail 23 30 77% Workout 4 10 40% Steps (3500) 3,934 3500 112% Forum Posting 18 17 106% “Adulting” vs. Reading I'm hardly reading at all, it's kind of crazy. The chores are winning, so that was good. I think I'll lose this for next challenge. Crafting for 5 minutes every day (workout days excluded) I had a headache last night so I didn't do anything after making dinner except lay on the couch and watch tv. :/ The second part of the pattern has been released for my crochet-a-long, but I haven't finished the first section yet so I'm getting behind. I also have Halloween work to do. This weekend is going to be very busy crafty-wise. On a side note, we found this store in Anaheim called Geeky Mama's, it was such a neat store. It's a vintage shop, clothing mostly, but they've taken all the clothing and made it geeky. For example, they'll take a vintage dress and add a collar of Harry Potter fabric, or they'll take a man's jacket and add panels of storm troopers, or a tunic, and add ruffly sleeves that are Nightmare before Christmas. They also have art creations that are all our favorite shows. It was just an awesome store and very inspiring for the crafty heart. Here's a great Star Wars example. Habits I'm at the point where if I can close out with 80% I'll feel like I'm doing okay, I have 151 points so that's the high end of my B score, so I'm still feeling okay. I'm so much better than I was without tracking and I can feel a difference in places, so it's paying off. Bonus None at all - guess I wasn't in it this month.
  2. J3NN

    Wobbegong Gets Real

    You definitely need to snap a pic and share with us, cute turtles need to fill timelines! That's a lot to take in, I'm glad everyone was okay. Situations like this definitely raise awareness and although unfortunate, can maybe be the reason someone is safer later. It's sure interesting how different laws and privacy are from culture to culture. It's no wonder we can't all get along. It's kind of weird to think of Yakuza as a real thing in your town and not just something that's a fictional group in a hundred different books, movies and television series... it's like they're some sort of paranormal, thing, a bunch of werewolves that make good fiction... but no... they're real, and in your town. Wow.
  3. J3NN

    Crafty J3nn builds habits

    Here's a picture of the start of my beachy Havana scarf. I'm really enjoying the pattern work and hating how work is getting in the way! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. J3NN

    Crafty J3nn builds habits

    To date Committed Reached Crafting 5 min day 23 25 92% Adulting to do list/read 3 5 60% Habits 0 Brush Teeth x2 22 35 63% Floss 24 35 69% Mouth rinse 25 14 179% Mail 20 30 67% Workout 3 10 30% Steps (3500) 3,913 3500 112% Forum Posting 16 17 94% Bonus Workout 0 0 MTWGR Doom List 0 0 Write Hawaii Travel Blog 0 0 “Adulting” vs. Reading I did this yesterday with crafting versus chores while watching shows, I didn't get through my whole list of chores, but I did much better and got some done, better than none. Crafting for 5 minutes every day (workout days excluded) I'm definitely getting into this habit, it's becoming very easy to do a little something every day. Yesterday I crafted so much I was all crafted out... but I was focusing on Halloween stuff and trying not to wait until the last minute, so it was definitely good and worth it. I made my collar for Professor Sprouts robe and started embroidering it. It was slow going at first but I got the hang of it. It just got too dark for my bad eyes to keep going, so that's going to be a hard one to do in the evenings. I started working on my Havana scarf this weekend too, I've never crocheted with patterns in the stitches, other than lacework, so this is fun and interesting. I feel like mine isn't turning out right, but I can't figure out why, I think it's because I've been staring at it too long and so I can't see the forest for the trees. I'll try to post pictures this week. Habits Still going and if I just look at last week, my scores are really good. I'm still struggling with teeth 2x a day, but 5/7 is better than I did a month ago, that's for sure. Gym class starts this week so we'll see if I can get that habit back in line. It's a new session so we could have new class members and my old trainer said she was considering coming back to teach this one, so I'm looking forward to seeing the format this time. Bonus None at all
  5. J3NN

    Crafty J3nn builds habits

    About me: It’s time for me to level up… I’ve been trying things on for size, but I haven’t committed to anything, made any real habits or moved up to the next level. I am floundering a bit and as we go into the holidays things will become more hectic because they always do. So this time I’m largely going to focus on building habits that will help me feel like I’m taking care of myself and not throwing my life away on mindless (some is mindful) entertainment (as awesome as that is). Aside from the habits I have some other things I’ll be working on this time, but I won’t really be tracking them daily, they’re just things I want to do between now and the end. Things I’m working on that aren't challenge related: The challenge details. I have an “adulting” list that is miles long, but I get busy with my entertainment (reading especially, but watching television shows too) and I can lose an entire afternoon without getting anything done. I’m going to bribe myself by allowing myself the opportunity for guilt-free entertainment as long as I do something on the list first. So, anytime I have free time at home, I am allowed to read a chapter or watch a tv show, as long as I do one thing on the list. One thing on the list earns me one show or one chapter. I’m not quite sure how to track this, it will probably be something with the list of to do items getting checked off. I haven’t accounted for this in my grade scale below. I have realized that I am missing crafting in my life, so I am going to take @KnitJoy's example and reintroduce myself to the habit of crafting. I am taking the challenge she did, 20 minutes a day, down to 5 minutes. I will do one of these things for 5 minutes every day (workout days excluded) Crochet Jewelry Fluid Art/Paint pouring Zentangle/Draw Lettering Book page crafts Halloween projects I also need to establish some habits so I will use habitbull to track these Brush teeth 2x day Floss and special mouth rinse (daily for prescribed time) Process Mail every day it’s delivered Exercise 2x week (Aim for 1 bonus workout) Post Every other day in the forum Steps 3500/day (tracked by phone) Bonus Workout (one extra per week( Create Make the World Go Round Doom List Bonus points for any completed Write Hawaii Travel Blog I’ve found that if I want to really commit I respond well to bribing and penalizing myself, so this is my grade scale. Every successful item (except the chore/entertainment task) earns me one point. Bonus items earn one extra point each. Grading scale and reward/penalty A= 152/169 - Supplies for a new craft project (up to $50) B= 135-151/169- A new book series (up to $25) C=118-134/169- Donate $15 to political party/charity I oppose D= 117/169- Donate $30 to political party/charity I oppose