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  1. Today was better. It's the first day I've come close to being bored. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It was super quiet at work today so I was working on all my things and got through almost everything already... I just found a pattern to mix it up for crochet and see if I can want to do that for a while. I'm charging my kindle so I can read. So then I just need to draw, learn and do some Quarantine fomo. Yesterday the SiriusXM Coffee House station played a live session with Dave Matthews, It was great, so I'm hoping they'll do something like that again here very soon. Here's the chart for today: To date Committed Reached Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain 2 29 7% Hula Hoop 1 29 3% Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk) 4 35 11% Art/Draw 0 30 0% Daily Dialogue 3 35 9% Simple Abundance tools 3 29 10% Meditation 2 29 7% Chores 10 102 10% Read 3 30 10% Weigh in 1 6 17% Track food 5 35 14% Learning 1 29 3% Connection 7 30 23% Quarantine fomo 2 30 7% Crochet 0 30 0% Tonight we're ordering some takeout so we can help support the local community and tomorrow we're going to try a virtual game night with some friends. So it is nice to have something to look forward to that's kind of normal... Happy Friday all!
  2. I wonder how well scones would freeze. I don't think I've ever seen them frozen, but at times like this it might be interesting to test... Then you could heat one up in the microwave for an emergency Ooh, thanks, I'll check that out. I haven't had the app in ages, but now I want to download it just to see what it's like.
  3. So yesterday I should have said something but I forgot, so I'll include it today. Hubby was home and cooked both lunch and dinner so I could do work and make his face masks for work, and that was a huge help for me. I got up early today and squeezed in meditation and yoga before 8 am. It's Friday, which doesn't mean as much as it used to but my Hubby gets Friday and is off all weekend, so that is something to be very grateful for.
  4. Ooh I may have to check that out, thanks for the heads up.
  5. Ooh, another thing you could do for your brother is make him a playlist on Spotify... That would be neat and something a little different, and could be done virtually!
  6. That's a good sign, at least he came out for a minute... As for hubby... I'd recommend the same treatment 😉 Hope you're hanging in there, it's so hard to go through a move, let alone when you have the added stress of your loved ones being stressed. Hang in there!
  7. Yesterday did not go according to schedule... not that it didn't have good things happen, but it was still a lot work. I'm learning that the apocalypse is a lot more work than pre-apocalypse was. I mean... we knew it would be, if we've read the books...and if you're here, you probably did... There's all the hunting and gathering, the protecting, the shelter making... all that stuff, it's a lot of work... plus you have to stay fit, because Cardio beats Zombies right? I just didn't really believe that I'd be doing that stuff. Having to hunt down supplies and food...hello toilet paper... having to home sew face masks for my husband because the supply is so drastically low... having to keep the house clean... having to be creative to stay active... And never did I think I'd have to do my day job while all this apocalypse stuff was going on, but here I am with my sewing machine set up next to my laptop so I can multi-task and do ALL the things... Oh... and then throw car maintenance in there to boot Thank goodness hubby was off yesterday and cooked both lunch and dinner, that was such a big help, I should add that to my gratitude. So needless to say, I haven't had time to hula hoop, or yoga, or draw or crochet... by the time I'm done with the day, and we're down to eating dinner and catching up on shows (oh, because that's a thing... in the apocalypse, you didn't just get to sit down and binge watch tv, but we still get to do that thank heavens...) I'm too exhausted to doodle or crochet at that time... I can hardly see straight for goodness sake. So here are the stats... current to right now, including what I've accomplished today. I made a second face mask, this one with a pocket to add a coffee filter in for additional protection. It's crazy to think it's come to this. So waiting for hubby to come home to test it out before I make the rest... To date Committed Reached Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain 1 29 3% Hula Hoop 0 29 0% Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk) 2 35 6% Art/Draw 0 30 0% Daily Dialogue 2 35 6% Simple Abundance tools 1 29 3% Meditation 1 29 3% Chores 7 102 7% Read 3 30 10% Weigh in 1 6 17% Track food 3 35 9% Learning 1 29 3% Connection 6 30 20% Quarantine fomo 1 30 3% Crochet 0 30 0% Hope you are all having a good time wherever you are and whatever you're doing!
  8. Feels like day 6,304, but it's day 4 for me... (I typed 3, really believing it was Wednesday... now I'm confused, lol) It's kind of weird to me how we're all in the same boat, but we're all on different days... Some people are counting from when the pandemic was declared, the other's the national emergency, other's more personally based on how it impacted their life... I'm grateful for a cup of Keurig coffee at home. At work, that's what we drink, when I needed a second cup today and I was able to practice that same routine at home it made me feel like things were more normal. I was able to sew a homemade face mask for my husband to wear at work since their supplies are running low. Thank goodness my dad made me learn how to sew when I became pregnant all those years ago... I was able to get my truck alignment fixed, and new tires, so that my truck will be safe... just in case things get worse before they get better.
  9. How's it going so far? Your goals seem very reasonable for jumping back in...especially amidst a quarantine. Just enough to get you going and keep you focused. Wishing you luck and looking forward to reading your story arc.
  10. I used to go take a class called deep, slow stretch, it was amazing. I loved that class. I've never found anything like it. I should look harder. Glad to hear you were able to get some time off, and that your boss was cool about it.
  11. All of this yes... I had such good intentions with my schedule, but I am not anywhere near able to stick to it. Life keeps getting in the way, so I think I just need to be flexible to move the blocks around and try to get the blocks in, whenever... not when I think I should. Wasn't that a requirement to even join NF? In the application... Have you seen all the Star Wars/Trek films? Have you seen all the comic universe films? Have you read and seen all the Harry Potter books/films?
  12. Hope you're feeling better now. For the record. It's Wednesday. You could try making a routine... one special thing each day to let you know what day it is... We used to have the same type of meal, like meatless monday, taco tuesday, etc. Or theme your days... Only listen to specific music on Mondays... mariachi mondays, techno tuesdays, etc. Something to give you that sense of routine perhaps?
  13. I just switched to soap instead of body wash, and I agree, it's so nice to have such beautiful fragrances and some TLC that is easy to sneak in.
  14. Today I am grateful for... Joann's fabric stores making it easy for people to help themselves and our healthcare professionals by making face mask supplies available, for FREE, and even letting people use their equipment and supplies in the classrooms to sew if they don't have the means at home. Gish - same as above, but also face shields with supply lists and instructions on how to make these to donate. Kindness movements on social media to focus on the good instead of the bad.
  15. Yesterday I made two trips to the store, the second time because there was a rumor that they had stocked toilet paper (they had it!)... but somehow cookies ended up in my bag with that tp...oops. At least I did get a short walk and yoga in. I've got Zumba dvd's somewhere, I should dig those out... or just YouTube... I don't want to have to set up the dvd player!
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