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  1. BASF J3nn

    So this is the quick view: To date Committed Reached Track ED 5 35 14% Weight change -1 5 -16% Personal diet recipes 2 10 20% Probiotic 4 34 12% Roadmap 0 1 0% Steps/Amerithon 5,048 Avg Steps (5250) Manuscript 0 10 0% Healthy, Not Boring 3 15 20% Fun 2 5 40% Forum 3 15 20% Week Avg Steps 1 5048 Here are the details for each of those things... Track Elimination Diet If all goes well, during this challenge I will reintroduce the following food groups/items: Chocolate, Walnuts and Pecans , Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts and Macadamia nuts, Corn, Soy, Yeast, Eggs, Dairy and Gluten. My goal is to lose another 5 lbs during this period. I also plan to start making my own diet plan based on what I’ve learned. I'm going to call it the BASF diet. BASF is the chemical company that makes the awesome color changing paint. Someone else made this diet, but I need to make it better for me personally, so I'm going to BASF it. I can make a category for recipes that will work and feed that into my meal planner so it will be easy to do meal planning. I will track the number of recipes I tag to my BASF diet with a goal of adding 2 per week. Probiotic I’ve continued to have a problem, inconsistently, with bloating so I’m going to buy a probiotic and take it daily and record in my journal what impact if any. I will track this with my other meds, breaking out to morning, midday and night. I have been bad about remembering if I took the meds, so I need to record it so I know what I’ve taken. Roadmap Not sure how to track this. Now that I have the personas, I plan to create a roadmap for the next four quarters. Not sure how to break this down. For now we’ll just count it if I have a roadmap at the end of the challenge. Steps/Amerithon I have committed to increasing my avg step count to 5250. I will track daily and do the average weekly to make sure I’m doing better this time. Manuscript I still have 20 steps left to be able to submit my manuscript for critique. I would like to get through half of them in the five weeks. Healthy, Not Boring During the planning week I will come up with my goals for this. I want to be actively sharing and posting, at least twice a week. This week I will find content creators to reshare, and make a template for my own updates. Then I will share at least 3x a week, two from content creators and 1 personal update. Fun I’d like to do at least one fun item per week. This will not count whatever tv the family watches at night or my reading at lunch, if I do other tv/movie watching or reading above and beyond, it will count. Forum I commit to one weekly update on my own forum, and picking one person and commenting on their posts at least 2/week for 15 posts. Here's to making it better: