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  1. @arcelas, thank you for your honesty! I know the feeling of making progress with our goals (especially weight loss), then doing something stupid and fucking up again and feeling really down on ourselves. I want to recommend something that has been really instrumental for me in my weight loss journey. I tell you this as someone who is SO far from his goals and will often beat himself up for fucking up, but huge success is made up of tiny successes, and I am having more tiny ones as the days go by. So, here's my recommendation: practice self-compassion. This may sound weird or hokey, but carry a
  2. Noshtastic is a great resource, although not exclusively Paleo.
  3. Hi, @ChirpyBird! I wanted to know if you and your husband had that conversation! I was curious as to if you and your husband's decision to go vegan was rooted in a desire to respect animal's rights. If so, I'd second what @Defining said about buying meat from local, ethical farmers (if you decide to reintegrate it.) I also wanted to share an interview with you from the Joe Rogan podcast with Tovar Cerulli. He was once a vegan for ethical reasons, then became a hunter after doing research and realizing that even his vegan lifestyle was doing more harm than good. It's a fascinating interview, an
  4. Hey fellow Monks! I am new to the whole Nerd Fitness movement, but I do love me some meditation! I wanted to recommend this app for you guys, too: The Insight Timer. This app is FANTASTIC. It has a ton of guided meditations, a sweet timer, and lots of community groups. It's definitely worth checking out.
  5. At least once a year, I try to reread VALIS by Philip K. Dick. It's just such a trippy mindfuck of the best kind, and his best book, without question.
  6. Hey everyone! I am new to the whole Nerd Fitness world, and I am excited to be a part of it. In 2015, my wife and I did Whole30. I lost a bunch of weight, felt great, and most importantly, learned a lot about my eating habits. Then the year of insanity. We had a lot of stressful events occur (some positive, some negative) to which I responded by resorting to my old eating habits. I gained that weight back and then some. I'm around 280, the second time I've ever been this large, and I want to change my life! What I'm hoping to find is someone who wants to do
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