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  1. Haven't the foggiest. It's kind of frustrating, really. Welp, that was another challenge. I'm going back to waking up without an alarm, but will keep the 'go to bed' reminder. Speaking of 'frustrating', I'm in an unconscionably cranky mood lately, it just feels like I'm vibrating with irritation all the time. Not a good look. Had the 'independent medical exam' yesterday, which was such a crock. I guess TBD what some of the imaging says; if insurance says they won't cover any more physio I won't be surprised, because I really don't think it's helped much this time
  2. Success is being excited to wake up to do something you love every day; and the people you love have the same. BUT: without sacrificing the necessities (friends, family, health/sleep, bills, ethics). Or at least, that's my working definition. So, maybe I need to start setting goals that reflect what I think success is; and potentially aspects of how I define my identity as well. I don't love my job. The only reason I ever started this work was for the easy money. Either I need to make enough money that it supports my hobbies (things I love) without financial restrictions,
  3. I don't think waking up earlier is actually helping. I would typically wake up between 8-9 without an alarm, vs always being startled awake at 7am. And I'm hungry ALL THE TIME, even I can feel that I'm physically full. Bah humbug. Beyond that, I was hoping that it would somehow jolt me into following a more productive routine just by shaking things up, but I suppose that would be way too easy. I've found a few inside sales jobs locally that might be interesting, mostly just due to the novelty and low stress - but I'm not even remotely qualified for it, unless the hiring folks are
  4. WELP, I'm effing sore, but we can definitively say that me left subscapularis is weaker than the right, and poking it reproduces the symptoms/pain/tingling I've been experiencing. So. Progress! I am constantly hungry right now, maybe because I've been disturbing my sleep schedule a bit? I'm still getting 7-8hrs a night, but the hunger thing is super frustrating. I figure I'll give it another couple of weeks, but I don't really have any REASON to have picked 7am other than 'it's earlier than I was already waking up'. _____________________________ _____________________________
  5. Most oils actually moisturizing, which is perhaps part of what's tripping you up. For moisture in the skin, you want a humectant (something that draws moisture into your skin), as well as an occlusive (something that stops water from leaving your skin), and occasionally some extra stuff to help it 'penetrate' the skin a bit better, plus things for stability and texture, etc. Feel free to hit me up if you ever want to chat about some simple options! But even starting with just using a bit of vit e and aloe vera gel BEFORE putting on your oil/moisturiser may help. As for const
  6. I have a headache today, and work was kind of bananas this past weekend. It's not new information, but a good reminder of how much stress impacts pain levels. _____________________________ _____________________________ Sep 26 - The name "Saint Bernard" wasn't in widespread use until the middle of the 19th century. Before then, the dogs were called "alpenmastiff," "Barry dogs," "noble steeds," and "saint dogs." _____________________________ _____________________________ Sep 27 - An Akita dog named Hachiko greeted his master, a University of Tokyo professor named Hid
  7. I am struggling with structuring my days still. And I am still feeling restless. And with the new sleep system, I am less creaky first thing in the morning. I am a bit tempted to try for a 6 week 'fat loss/workout/kick your ass' push. If I do, it will not be part of my challenge or goals (though I will still obviously talk about it here), so there are no stakes attached. I've had another 6 physio treatments approved, and after that the insurer needs a 'second medical opinion' to see if it's even worth continuing treatment (the weird systems we live with....smh). I'm also a bit tempted to try
  8. Me, six weeks ago: are we sure that the rotator cuff muscles aren't involved? Physio: they shouldn't be Me, today: during the reassessment, this flared up when the other dude poked it Physio: huh, maybe we should look at the subscapularis .... In the physio's defense, my range of motion and strength tests are well within normal results. At any rate, that was a fun couple hours of tingling after the appointment this morning. I think I've found a better sleep system, so I've been less sore in general, as well. Still waking up at the time I gave myself. I still
  9. I find myself getting restless, which is actually only a good thing, in my mind. It means that I'm getting uncomfortable with the status quo, which should in theory make further changes easier. In theory. _____________________________ _____________________________ Sep 20 - Rajah, a German shepherd, was the first (though unofficial) police dog to serve in New Zealand in the 1930s. _____________________________ _____________________________ Sep 21 - It's against the law to bring a French poodle to the opera in Chicago, Illinois.
  10. Uh oh, what kind of product? I make my own stuff, but TBH a TON of the 'skin care' stuff that's out there these days just feels like a cash grab and/or making women feel bad for normal aging.
  11. Er, I dunno about shiny. It's a tiny room in the basement with a power rack, weights, landmine and cable attachments, and small TV/DVD player for entertainment. I also have a trapeze yoga sling. Well, I suppose it's a little shiny. I moved some horse stall mats yesterday, and discovered that the movement (something like a wide set neutral grip upright row? kinda?) causes my pain to flare up. Which sucks, but I'm super excited to find a more obvious trigger than 'driving and desk work'! I'm going to try eating in the first two hours as well - not only does it give me so
  12. What did you do to your back? I am currently dealing with 'difficult to diagnose' posterior chain stuff, so I am probably hyper sensitive to it at the moment - but when/will you get it checked out, if it doesn't resolve sooner rather than later?
  13. Yep, that's a very mature and constructive way to look at it! I, uh.... I may whinge for a bit longer first though. Holy shit, yes, that's EXACTLY the feel. With any luck the 1% habits will start to at least feel like less than 40% at some point. Welp, onwards and upwards. I knew that ONE habit wouldn't change my life. It has to be all of the little habits smooshed together. But I need to actually keep each of the little habits, so we will carry on with the 'wake up at an adult time'. I'm sprucing up the workout area, and splurg
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