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  1. I'm not demonizing it, I'm saying that unless approached with medical supervision (especially in a case where the last implementation resulted in negative symptoms eg. 'made seizures go haywire'), it's not always a good option when there are pre-existing medical conditions to consider. I would also suggest that unless a qualified and knowledgeable dietician or neurologist recommends the keto diet for a specific case, it's not necessarily superior to other eating habits which simply emphasize less refined foods. In some cases, yes, a ketogenic diet can absolutely be the
  2. Um, yeah, I'd definitely get a different doctor. That sounds super sketchy. A ketogenic diet can help some types of epilepsy, but it should be closely monitored by both a dietician and your neurologist to ensure it doesn't negatively affect the patient. Since you've tried it in the past to ill effect, that goes doubly in your case. I hope that you find someone who listens to you, and is more willing to work with you in a partnership for your treatment.
  3. Depending on where you are in the world, a dietician typically has to go through university education and certification from a governing body. That provides a certain level of 'cover your ass', with going in trusting that they know what they're talking about. Conversely, that often also means that dieticians are less likely to discuss nutritional approaches outside of the official recommended intakes, which may/may not jive with what your personal goals and preferences are. A nutritionist may have a certification of some kind, but they are less likely to be a regulated profession,
  4. If I may also chime in? D-Mannose is the sugar in cranberry juice that's meant to help prevent UTIs (and potentially shorten the length of time that symptoms hang around) - it's available at most health food shops, and doesn't taste like much apart from a mild sweetness.
  5. bodyweight workout for beginners: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/
  6. Presumably you're training with an expert or some kind of teacher? You could ask them about appropriate positioning and strengthening exercises that would address that particular issue.
  7. Workout to get you started: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/ How to eat: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/how-to-lose-weight-without-dieting-5-rules-of-weight-loss/ & https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/healthy-eating/
  8. So, generally speaking fat loss (while maintaining or gaining muscle) requires attention to a number of different factors: - CICO; calories in calories out, you need to consume less energy than you use - sleep quality/quantity; you say that you've improved on that count (congrats!) but generally 7-8hrs of quality sleep every night would be ideal - sufficient protein intake (plus veggies); 1g per lb of bodyweight a day (ie. 200g+ a day for yourself) is a good starting point, and you can experiment with a bit more or a bit less - stress management; depending on the individua
  9. 'Too much activity' is relative to your personal history, genetics, and recovery strategy. You've listed a lot of exercise that you do, but nothing about your diet or rest protocols. In terms of injury recovery I'd recommend chatting with a physiotherapist who has experience with dancers. Two hours of calisthenics IS overkill, and arguably not useful for your goals. I'd say that it's a great idea to add some resistance training, but typically much more than an hour starts to be counterproductive, in terms of how your body is responding hormonally. But sprinting on it's own will not
  10. Losing fat is more than just working out, though a combo of resistance training and cardio is never a bad call. Depending on WHICH full body routine you're using you could absolutely do that 4 days a week, and then still do cardio once a week at some point - but it's all up to personal preference, so feel free to experiment with your recovery/workouts and see what works best for you! Other things to take note of: - are you consuming enough protein? ~1g/lb of bodyweight is a good guideline for fat loss - are you sleeping enough/well? ~7-8+hrs/night of quality sleep is esse
  11. There are loads of options under $200 on amazon/ebay
  12. Have you considered a vertical climber? I seriously doubt that you'd be able to manage an hour on one (they are tough!), but they are more of a 'full body' option vs a stair climber or bike.
  13. I agree with Paul: if your physio is guiding your progression it may be best to lean on their expertise - especially since they're the one who has done a proper examination and is monitoring for injury and progress. The activation exercises for your glutes can be done every day with no ill effect for most people; hell, you could do them multiple times a day! In my personal experience the posterior chain (glute & back, as examples) are used heavily in posture, which means they are to a certain extent 'endurance' muscles, and therefore will often respond well to slightly higher v
  14. Well 3-7 days isn't much of a run, it'll typically take several weeks to months to see real changes. If you're fatiguing that quickly, clearly counting isn't going to work for you. Some alternatives you could consider: - meal prep and portioning out ahead of time; that way you only have one session of weighing stuff and after that you just pull a container out of the fridge for your meal - a photo food journal, which lets you record what you're eating with less stringent measurement requirements to get it done - only count some stuff; eg. limit any refined sugar sour
  15. @DB9 I agree with everything that @Elastigirl has said - you probably need to eat more, don't worry about limiting your foods so long as you're eating mostly less-processed/refined stuff, and keep up with the protein and veg. If you really want actual numbers to aim for we could chat more (I'm not an expert, dietician, dr, or any kind of health professional, I just like to geek out over numbers), but it's probably not necessary at this point in your journey.
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