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  1. Defining

    Defining Discipline

    It's really funny that you should suggest that - since I've found lately that I've definitely been gravitating in that direction, albeit inadvertently. I'm not really looking to change income streams right now (I kinda like being able to do 60-70% of my job in my pjs, and real estate is pretty easy data for me to understand; easy for me + good lifestyle = good job) - but I love the idea of being able to work on it separately in more a creative way. And maybe I can foster a pipe dream of starting a small production firm in town, so that I wouldn't be held to only one discipline but could be an observer all over the place? The beauty of video is that it can be used for all different subjects (eg. sci comm, interviews, explanation videos, etc.), so it could even be a base where I can still explore other interests in depth without feeling unrooted.
  2. Defining

    Hi everyone!

    Fun! If you've been lifting at those weights for a while now, you could maybe stand to bump them up (try goblet or split squats instead of back squats for safer/easier setup). But generally speaking, you want to be seeing regular progress; that could be more weight, more reps, less rest time in between sets, lower perceived effort, improved range of motion, etc. Constantly pushing yourself will give you the best results, IMO. You may find that with a bit more muscle you don't actually need to lose much fat; but there's also a catch 22 here where you need to eat less to lose fat but eat more to put on muscle. If you keep things relatively even (ie. close to your TDEE), it would be something more like a body recomposition where both building muscle AND losing fat go slower - but with less yoyo weight results, which in the end may end up being a more sustainable option. At any rate, it looks like you already have a pretty decent plan & setup, and now it's just a matter of tweaking things for what works best in YOUR body. Welcome again, and I'll look forward to seeing you around the forum!
  3. Defining

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Here's a decent summary: If you use much cast iron cookware, it's not really much of an issue - but is significantly easier to keep clean, less likely to cause burns (for people, food burning still relies on your own skill ), and has more even/responsive heating than an electric element. Personally, my 'dream kitchen' has a 2-4 element induction range paired with a 1-2 burner gas 'bumper' range to accommodate the couple of scenarios that I'd want to use glass (mostly for my morning syphon coffee).
  4. Defining

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Me three! Was genuinely just considering starting a thread in the off-topic section about struggling with existential indifference/nihilism. And the worst part is that there is never an easy 'oh, here's how to fix that' answer.
  5. Defining

    RedStone Holds the Door

    While I'm thinking about it too, oven temperature irregularity can be mediated to a certain extent by using a pizza stone or fire bricks that just live on the bottom rack - also, get a thermometer, even the high end ovens aren't hugely accurate! It'll take longer for the over to preheat, but it really helps to maintain better consistency throughout the baking time. Convection ovens can sometimes dry out your food, depending on what you're making. Also, while I 100% understand and agree about the appeal of a gas range, you should also consider induction as a valid alternative - and depending on where you are (and feasibility/costs of running a new gas line), may be significantly less expensive. I'm totally going to sound like a nag here for a second, but PLEASE get a licensed gas fitter to install the new gas appliances, and make sure that if they're getting the city permits on your behalf that you get a COPY of said permit before you finish paying them.
  6. Defining

    Defining Discipline

    Totally! A bit more info copied/pasted from one of my other threads: 100% helpful! That's actually part of the reason I did a time audit last week. I do really enjoy reading, but I generally think of it as a coping mechanism/self soothing, which is why I'm a little concerned about the 'time spent reading' numbers creeping up. It's effectively escapism for me. I walk the dogs both because that's what responsible dog owners do, and because it gets me out of the house (since I work from home). Everything else is kind of just putzing around or work. I'm just feeling directionless, and figured that if I could find a goal/energising interest it would help me structure my plans for the next little while, and maybe offer some kind of purpose to push through the day-to-day grind. Doesn't need to be all encompassing, but I'm also watching myself shoot my own ideas down in my head, so I'm clearly really bad at this part!
  7. Defining

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Use ice trays. I know that's not a sexy solution, but seriously, ask any home inspector. You can get fun ones with funky shapes though! I keep a bucket of ice in the freezer and a couple trays - when I snap one out, I immediately fill it up, so there's always some ice ready to go. On the same list of 'oh god why' would be garburators (sink disposal) - not only do they encourage people to put inappropriate shit down the drain, but it's just ASKING for plumbing issues at some point (unless you use them properly, which is just to help deal with the crumbs - nothing bigger than a thimble - that may have been left on dishes), AND it adds additional stress on water treatment systems.
  8. Defining

    RedStone Holds the Door

    RE: Appliances - anything with a computer system will not last as long. If you err towards the boring stuff with analog controls, replaceable elements, and as few moving parts as possible, they will generally last longer than any of the 'shiny new' shit. I also strongly discourage my clients from getting a fridge with a water/ice thing (unless they MUST have it), since it's one of the top causes of interior water damage insurance claims.
  9. Defining

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    Form check for any new movements you want to try? OR they can help you identify weak spots in your current lifts, which will help inform your accessory lift selection! If there's any equipment that you're not sure about, that's also a great opportunity to have someone show you how to use it. If your shoulders 'suck', they may also be able to offer some direction for what's going to help most (mobility vs stability vs strength, or maybe the issue isn't your shoulders at all but is actually posture in your back/hips, or maybe it's tight lats, or, or, or... lots of different stuff go into shoddy shoulders, and an outside perspective is always helpful). Could you do a circuit day, or prowler stuff, or just some loaded carries as a 'conditioning' day? Doesn't always need to be the 'boring' stuff…
  10. Defining

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    This is an awesome short-term way to touch base with yourself and to see if you're being realistic about your food choices. There have been some interesting studies that show that for some folks tracking is enough (without any conscious reduction in intake) to result in slow weight loss - sometimes we just need a reminder of what we've already had in the day! I recommend a photo diary, since it requires the least amount of thought/tracking to get anxious about - just snap a pic for anything that goes in your mouth! (er, consumables that go in your mouth, that is). Oooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I do virtually NO BB work, since it never ends up being as fun for me as the variations. OH: Headstands, Pike push ups, DB neutral grip OH press, Arnold press (if you can do it safely), KB bottoms up press - all of them hit shoulders, and some chest/back DL: Hip Thrust (and other glute stuff like cable pull-through, bridges, frog pumps, clams, bird dogs, fire hydrants, banded x walk, etc) (glutes), Farmer's Walks (any variation, core & grip), Landmine Rows(back), inverted rows (core & back), KB swings (posterior chain), block/rack or sumo DL (depending on what needs work), single leg DB RDLs (hams, & whole body balance for the BB DL), seated good mornings (for bringing up the lower back & core) BP: Push ups on gym rings. That's all I got, I do very little pressing. Hit shoulders and chest HARD. You could also give DB bench presses a shot (twisted and/or incline for variety), they're harder due to less stability - or floor presses, for something a bit easier on the shoulders. Oh, cable flyes are fun too. And pullovers, I guess. Sq: Bulgarian split squats (quads), goblet squats (awesome for form, and improving upper strength at the same time - might be more of an endurance thing for your lower body though), zercher (hurts though), weighted reverse lunges (hip stability), overhead squat (works as a diagnostic to figure out your 'weak spots'), Cossack squat (mobility, hip stability), box squats (for kicks n giggles) Shoulders/back (my favourite): banded pull aparts & face pulls, cable rows, X cable pull downs, pull ups (if you can), scaption, trap 3 raise, back plank, y raise/pulls, reverse flyes Random stuff that's surprisingly difficult: Turkish getups, deadbugs, pallof press, bear crawls, groiners, leg lift in side plank, loaded carries with chains, plank rows, deep squat (just bodyweight, it's for mobility), supermans For what it's worth, I think you're going to kill it in programming your own stuff. You've got this!
  11. Defining

    RedStone Holds the Door

    It's kind of fascinating to hear everyone's stories about real estate transactions in other places! At the end of the day though, no one will be able to make these decisions for you - which is both awesome, and horrifically nerve racking. 'Hope it works out well for you!
  12. Defining

    Hi everyone!

    Hi! Out of curiosity, are you following a specific weight lifting programme right now? The kind of progress you're looking for requires progressive overload to put on a bit of muscle, lost a bit of fat, and work on your pull ups. As an aside, some women can't maintain sub 20% BF in a healthy way - for some people, it can cause several hormonal issues. Just wanted to stick that earworm in, in case you find yourself really struggling to lose any more weight (which you don't need to do - better IMO to add muscle), or feeling fatigued all the time. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Defining

    Finally joining in

  14. Defining

    Defining Discipline

    Yup, I get what you're trying to say - but to me the concepts of happiness, satisfaction, pride, worth, accomplishment, 'doing well', and success are all different things. And not always connected.
  15. @TGP Couldn't you just clone the old spreadsheet and clear it of the data to start anew? That way all of the formulas/sheets are already set up, less work for you....?