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  1. Yeah, I'm officially underwater right now. Gah, Survival mode, prioritise and conquer. Ish. _____________________________ _____________________________ Mar 9 - The average dog lives 10 to 14 years. Smaller breeds generally live longer than larger ones. _____________________________ _____________________________ Mar 10 - The Federation Cynologique Internationale (or the World Canine Organization) is the largest international federation of kennel clubs. It's based in Thuin, Belgium.
  2. I should just assume that the weekend is going to be bonkers. I also need to start planning better for meal times, since forgetting to eat all day and then eating EVERYTHING is not a great option in terms of the digestive fallout. My back and neck and shoulders and hips and hands (thank you nerve shittiness) are all not happy with me, and I've just felt cold for the entire day. Warm back and tea are in the cards tonight. I am behind on my goals, and it's purely down to mismanaging my time. Ah well. Not every challenge can go smoothly. _____________________________
  3. Goblet squats definitely put less stress on the lower back, because the positioning necessitates lower weights as well as better core bracing. You could also look at Zercher squats, landmine squats, or trap bar squats as other fun alternatives.
  4. Welp, I forgot to update yesterday. I'm still feeling like I'm just playing catch up, and there isn't really a good reason for it this week. My focus is shot though, so everything is taking longer than I'd like. My frustration is that there isn't actually any REASON for me to be so scattered lately (and no, world & current events aren't a factor). Blargh. At least I've been eating properly? _____________________________ _____________________________ Mar 3 - Puppies can grow to half their body weight in the first four to five months. _____________________________
  5. I don't really have anything useful to put here today. I'm tired of work, not in the mood to deal with people, my gut is yelling at me for eating the same stuff I eat every day, and while I've got some cleaning/decluttering done it just makes the remainder look worse. Must be a cranky day. _____________________________ _____________________________ Mar 2 - Clifford from Clifford the Big Red Dog series is the official reading mascot of children's publisher Scholastic Inc.
  6. Lower body stuff is often split into 'knee dominant' and 'hip dominant/hinge'. Upper body is horizontal pull & push, and vertical pull & push. There are also anti-flexion movements, core specific, isolation exercises, etc. The combination you have listed above more or less hits all the 'main' areas for getting started. If you want to swap or alternate romanian vs conventional DLs, the main differences will likely be in how much you're working your upper back, and the RDL will hit the quads a bit less. Either work! The leg press is duplicating what you probably get out of sq
  7. Looks like a pretty decent week, because you did what you could! Rock on.
  8. I'll also add my thoughts in a spoiler in case anyone following this thread is wanting to avoid diet talk:
  9. I think that some of my issues are coming down to my space being cluttered and disorganised (no big surprise), in addition to not having a structured schedule (also not a surprise). I can only do so much for the latter, though working with a morning routine and trying to stay consistent with daily habits helps some. The former though, I can definitely do stuff about. So for the rest of this challenge, I'm going to focus on trying to get my main work space into something a little more manageable. Technically this is also the first day I can access the uni class I signed up for, but
  10. I have not enjoyed this week, it has felt like an interminable loop of catch-up. On the docket tomorrow: make some plans/brainstorm strategies to not have another week like this. _____________________________ _____________________________ Feb 28 - Domestic dogs can breed with wolves, producing wolfdogs. Recognized wolfdog breeds include the Czechoslovakian wolfdog and the Saarloos wolfdog.
  11. Welp, that was a Saturday. Gonna need to take a breath one of these days... _____________________________ _____________________________ Feb 27 - The Alaskan malamute is the official state dog of Alaska.
  12. At this rate I'm inclined to just write off the whole week. SMH _____________________________ _____________________________ Feb 26 - The tiny Yorkshire terrier was developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills.
  13. LOL, nothing quite that drastic, it just...didn't feel like a weekday. Only one week?! You lucky goose. Today I feel like I'm chasing my own tail with work stuff. I'm good at my job, but every time I'm in the thick of it I find myself second-guessing my abilities. It's frustrating. Will do an extended yoga session tonight, I need to get out of my head anyway and I've been feeling super stuff today anyway. _____________________________ _____________________________ Feb 25 - The papillon is named for the fringed hair on its ears that resembles a but
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