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    Running + Bodyweight planning question

    Totally depends on you - some folks prefer to alternate days, or do strength & cardio on the same day. Experiment to figure out what feels best for you! Prioritise whichever exercise (resistance vs running) you care more about, in terms of first/second or # of times during the week. Personally, I'd probably do 3x bodyweight the same day as your running, and in a perfect world do resistance work in the mornings and running in the evenings, with at least 8hrs in between - that gives you 4 full rest days, where you can focus on active recovery (climbing, yoga, walking outside, etc.) Alternatively, just alternate days, with one full rest day a week - as a beginner, you can't really tax your system sufficiently to require boatloads of recovery right now, so as long as you're eating properly and sleeping enough, working out everyday (in different ways) is absolutely another healthy option. Like I said: experiment!