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  1. I've struggled with this in a different area. What I found was, if I told myself it had to be perfect the first time, I would never try it. Instead of trying to be the best cosplayer there, treat this like a 5k training run before a marathon. This is your first time, so if you do it, you win. You don't have to do it best or fastest or even get compliments. If you do it, you're already doing better than you did last time you wanted to, but didn't. Remind yourself, "This is my first one. Basically, this is the level I start improving from." Wear it and, whatever peo
  2. My husband often eats only once a day, and he's tired all the time. If I ask him if he's hungry, he'll often shrug his shoulders and say, "Not really," but if I put food in front of him, he'll eat it. He also has a very erratic sleep pattern, and I think he has sleep apnea, due to heavy snoring and, occasionally, stopping breathing at night. (All pretty standard.) I strongly recommend tracking your food intake for 3-5 days. You'll probably find you eat much less (or more) than you think you do. If you eat less, make an effort to have a healthy snack every 2-3 hours. That could
  3. Are you hyper extending your knee? If you're not squatting in front of a mirror, you should have someone video you doing them - not super deep, just enough so you can see your form from the side, and see if your shin is staying straight. I have struggled with maintaining my balance in squats, and started doing goblet squats and blew my former rep limit out of the water. You might try a different type of squat (like goblet or sumo) and see if that helps. Does doing lunges give you pain, too? If it does, you might need to look at surgery, anyway. In the mea
  4. OMG this! Or weight hogs on anything. Because...blah. As for what my ideal fitness tracker would do: I wouldn't have to type in anything - it would take voice orders so I could say, "15 pound goblet squats times 36." And it would just track it for me. Also, it would remind me how many I did last time, so I didn't have to look it up to try and beat it.
  5. Massage! Granted, that's a "big" one. For small ones, I basically give myself a pat on the back. One of the NF members does stickers on a calendar - and I think that's a good way to see your progress. Remind yourself that your "reward" is that you feel and look better when you're taking care of your body. I read a great quote the other day: I exercise because I love my body, not because I hate it. Made a big change to how I thought about my work out sessions.
  6. I had a bit of a panic the other day, too, when I realized I'd slept 13 hours (on the weekend). My husband said I always sleep a lot, but when I looked back through my sleep tracker, I realized I was sleeping 10-11 hours every night. What a waste of time! I was worried about it, but when I looked it up, I found that it's normal for some people to sleep 10-12 hour and normal for other people to sleep 5-6 hours. It's just a personal thing. If you're exercising, eating healthy food, and don't feel sick any other way, it could be normal. That said, if you're tire
  7. I read. Fiction, non-fiction, pretty much whatever catches my attention. Statistics show that reading makes you smarter and helps prevent dementia.
  8. I sleep very poorly when I don't eat well, and my dreams are affected by my stress level, so I agree, this is probably it. Note: If you drink alcohol right before bed, it can affect your sleep extremely negatively. I once woke up and thought I'd killed my cat, because she was under me and completely limp when I picked her up. I had to shake her a few times before she woke up. Scary!
  9. In section 23 the book, Fixing Your Feet by John Vonhof, addresses plantar fasciitis. This book has been recommended to me over and over as the go-to book on feet in reference to running an ultra marathon. I haven't read it, yet...
  10. Epic. Every woman should see this movie. This is one I wish I'd mentioned. But I disagree on Blue Velvet. The title gives me a gag reflex. Hilarious! You're so dead on with all of these that now I have to see Clay Pigeons. Also, if you haven't seen them yet, check out Night Watch and Day Watch. They're subtitled but fantastic - especially if you liked Dark City and 12 Monkeys. Also, Wag the Dog, which predicted Clinton's fiasco before it happened.
  11. Big Fish - phenomenal fantasy with some great actors. Stage Beauty - Serious drama, but a great imagining of how acting changed in Shakespearean times. Penelope - The UK version. The US version added a bunch of crappy pop music and made it super lame. The UK version is fabulous. The Ghost and the Darkness - Intense, but based on the true story of two man-eating lions. Really great drama. Sleepy Hollow - Before Tim Burton tried to direct like Tim Burton. Same with Edward Scissorhands. Now he's just trying to hard, but those two are classics. That Lady in Ermine - I
  12. Quick update on feat #1: Chapter 1 edited. Woot! 16 more to go.
  13. It took me a long time to figure out to track! I use a notepad in my phone...
  14. Update time! This weekend was crazy. I got off work early and tore out the ceiling. Seriously. The whole thing. And in the process, I found out that I'm super-strong! Actually, I bent a hammer. So that slowed things down - and we need to figure out how to get our ultra-ugly wrought iron handrail down so that we can replace it with screen. But other than that it was basically Minecraft all weekend. You'll be happy to know I figured out how to mine cobalt. Today is a weight/distance day. Probably distance. I did bag my lunch (did so all las
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