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  1. This is really a question of cash and space. I am an apartment dweller so the question is moot for me. But if I had a garage and cash to buy a good power rack and olympic barbell set then yes home would rule. The only adavatage of gym is its cheaper in the short term and eye candy.
  2. I don't know, if you got hurt I think you did play like Serena because if there is one thing about her she plays hard and committed. Great job!
  3. Very cool. You should definitely do what you love because work one way or another becomes a big part of you life. Otherwise you end up doing something you hate for 40-60 hours a week. As for moving out just take the plunge. Anytime there is major change in your life there will always be fear. You just can't let it paralyze you. After you get out that for few years you will need understand why you didn't do it sooner or how you could ever go back to living under their roof. We love them bu you will be you unless you are free and spreading your wings.
  4. Just for fun her is a girl in surfer shorts doing a PR at 235. Again, see how the bar is in constant contact with her legs. I am not sure how she avoids scrapped skin but maybe she has tougher skin than me. http://youtu.be/don7aNiNALA
  5. Ditto on @andygates comment. Your weights are so light it allows you to execute with bad form. Increasing the weight won't solve everything but it will help. As for Rip on bar body contact, I am assuming you have only seen some of few of his videos on YouTube. The Starting Strength DVD is all on form and execution. But it is well documented in the book as well... From Starting Strength 3rd Edition "The Deadlift Step 5: Pull" Watch the video below on setup. Notice how the bar is in contact with his body during the lift. When the bar is not in contact with your legs, you are at risk of bein
  6. The bar stays in contact with your body the whole way up and down. The bar should never not be touching you. You have a lot of work to do on your form before you need to worry about how much weight you are lifting. Very true and if your form was better (bar in contact with your body) you would have very bruised knees. You are also straightening your knees too quickly on the lift up which is contributing to your good morning style lift. I think the first order of business is getting the bar in constant contact with your body. Until you do that you are not even doing a dead lift in my book.
  7. Waldo never eats excess carbs. Fat does a lot more burn for energy. It insulates your organs, keeps your skin healthy, helps absorb fat soluble vitamins and of course some fats are essential. I could be crazy but I do not think there any essential carbs other than you need some for energy.
  8. Congratulations! Awesome stuff. A wookie sure but Chewie was 300 if he was a pound. Of course in space he would weigh nothing.
  9. Press - 2 Bench Press - 3 Squat - 2 Dead - 2 -3 (will be a three in a month or two) Power Clean - No doing them right now Squats I just have to push through a psychological barrier at 230.
  10. Actually Rip has a variation on his starting program that includes pull-ups in place of power cleans. See the second program on this page. The Starting Strength Novice/Beginner Programs
  11. Why do you think you are bruising your knees during squats? Honestly I am scratching my head on how that would even be possible. It's much more likely that you are doing this during deadlifts. Keep in mind these sound like very minor bruises, the kind you can get when deadlifting and not even know you are bumping yourself when it happens. Just because you do not notice the contact during the deadlifts does not mean that you are not doing it. An occasional bruise on your shins from the lift up is not uncommon but bruising the top of your knees on the way day is a clear problem with your for
  12. @161803398874989 You seem to be arguing something other than the thread topic. She already was doing rows exclusively and was looking for an alternative. Chin/pull-ups or power cleans are both good alternatives. As far as alternating between rows and chin/pull-ups, I personally would not argue against that (I am actually doing that on my current cycle) and in fact one of the variations on the SS has the trainee alternating between chins and power cleans. I think the only real reason SL focuses exclusive on rows is because they are physically easier than unassisted chin/pull-ups and it is a
  13. You are fine. If someone wants to work in they can ask and which point you should be cool and negotiate something. Playing well with others is always good. But my experience most people will just wait until you are done.
  14. One-arm dumbbell row, is there any other kind with a dumbbell? It still doesn't change the fact that most gyms have 5lb increments and it is effectively a 10lb jump compared to a barbell row. As for chin/pull up not replacing a row, that's your opinion. It's still a pull and still works the upper back. So in my book it is a variant exercise for the row. There is nothing sacred about rows and it is not the only movement that targets that general area. Difference Between Barbell Rows and Pullups
  15. You could do power cleans instead. If your problem is a plateau dumbbell rows will only make it worse. The reason is because each gym dumbbell comes in a 5lb increment which means any increase is actually a 10lb increase when compared to a barbell row. That is the main reason why SL and SS recommend the barbell for pulls and push movements. If you are stuck you could buy your own 1.25lb plates or even smaller to help you make gains when a 5lb increase is too much. They will come in handy on the overhead press as well. Another option would be to switch to assist chins or maybe the seated ca
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