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  1. Good for you Evicious! I'm also planning on going more the WFPB route. Have you read "How not to die" yet? It is on my reading list.
  2. So, I have been member of NF for a long time, but the majority of it is while I'm not being here. I was very inactive on the forums and I think I lost some mojo because of that. Luckily, I kept on loosing some weight, before plateauing. And I want to get back on track. Including posting on the forums, so I have a bit of accountabiity. And, in order to keep going, I decided to join the academy. And to log every week. This week is going to be a week zero, so I'm now doing a null-measure. Basically, it is where I
  3. @EmeraldEagle, I'm running with you. What a lousy week indeed.
  4. Welcome to the rebellion! I'm also currently busy to run faster. But first, tackling that 5K...
  5. Welcome! What a story. I still need to read 'level up your life'. My mother has diabetes too and scared me into making a difference as well.
  6. Wow, a marathon. I still need a lot more training to achieve that!
  7. What is in the mesquite seasoning? I'm afraid we don't have it here.
  8. Uhm, dunno. Never considered myself sexy. But those abs that are forming on my belly - that might be able to classify as 'sexy'.
  9. What do you consider a low calorie diet? What do you do for exercise? Are you trying to outrun your fork? Life's going to be a challenge anyway. If things get hard, most of the time it tells you that what you are doing is correct.
  10. Ugh, I hear you sister! Never been properly introduced to vegs, my mother like the boil everything out of the vegs, so only mushy stuff remained. That is not very yummy. I'm considering fasting as well. Problem is, that I having trouble getting a good idea what to do for lunch. I'm also waiting for a doctor's appointment to find out which foods my body does like (and I'm scared for the unknown).
  11. It is more a health issue. My mother got diabetes about three years ago, her mother had it as well. From my father's side I've gotten a bad back...
  12. I;m not very keen on switching meals with shakes. You are going to miss the fiber and all good nutrients from 'regular' food. Also, I heard that they taste like cardboard. But how are you doing currently?
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