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  1. Good for you Evicious! I'm also planning on going more the WFPB route. Have you read "How not to die" yet? It is on my reading list.
  2. So, I have been member of NF for a long time, but the majority of it is while I'm not being here. I was very inactive on the forums and I think I lost some mojo because of that. Luckily, I kept on loosing some weight, before plateauing. And I want to get back on track. Including posting on the forums, so I have a bit of accountabiity. And, in order to keep going, I decided to join the academy. And to log every week. This week is going to be a week zero, so I'm now doing a null-measure. Basically, it is where I
  3. I love to travel solo! Went to London twice and being alone in museums is perfect since I get all the companion texts if I want to. Open yourself up, go a little berserk and have fun! Good luck for the trip to France, would love to hear how it turned out.
  4. I do three different sets of sports, so I have three sets of clothes. Each of these sets I wear 1-2 times max. In between, I let them air. Works fine for me, have never been called out for being to smelly.
  5. @EmeraldEagle, I'm running with you. What a lousy week indeed.
  6. Welcome to the rebellion! I'm also currently busy to run faster. But first, tackling that 5K...
  7. Welcome! What a story. I still need to read 'level up your life'. My mother has diabetes too and scared me into making a difference as well.
  8. Wow, a marathon. I still need a lot more training to achieve that!
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