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  1. I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted, but I swear I have not completely lost my way. True, many of my workouts have been at work, where I toss 30 lb bags of dog and cat food and clay litter around for 8 hours, and my cardio has taken a backburner for a little while....but I am still here impressing myself with my skills....all while babysitting a friend's cat. Now, I like cats just as much as the next person...but I doubt I would have one myself. No...I am proud to admit that I am more of a dog person. It has been an interesting week. But watching the cat has renewed m
  2. Let me tell you all a story. I used to work in a fabric store, and because of that, I started learning how to sew. I would not say I was all that good, considering the very broken machine I was working with, but I was not horrible either. I used to draw too, and paint, and write. But I hit rock bottom and stopped. The creative inspiration was there but would hide under exhaustion and untreatable fear when I would try to put it to paper or keyboard. I could only think that I did not want to write the stories, I just wanted to live in them. What use is beautiful fiction if you only have t
  3. Looking at the replies, I know the 3rd and 4rth goals are vague, but that it only because I was tired and didn't want to write about myself anymore. Anyways...I do have smaller goals in mind and written down elsewhere. I have come to a firm, harsh realisation this first day of the challenge. My legs ache, my abs are cramped up, but I like it. It is just that I now know that this first challenge, this first step to this commitment will force me to face a lot of things I avoid. Writing about myself, for example. Let's see how that goes going forward.
  4. I did make an introduction at some point, I am totally doing this four week challenge. At least with stocking I know my form is good...if it isn't my body betrays me and gives me a world of pain.
  5. Let us begin with a disclaimer; I am NOT a Ranger. It would be cruel to try to classify me as such. No, I am a squishy, perpetually exhausted blob that really wants to work towards becoming a ranger. Hence why I am embarking on this journey into the realm of actually getting there. For years I have wished and wished, but always wanted it to just happen. However, this is the real world (unfortunately), and things worth having mostly don't get handed out like sweets (...as an aside, I am now craving sweets, though I know some sneaky healthy-ish recipes...maybe I will share). Anyways, that
  6. I have to admit, my willpower sucks. It takes a lot of effort to make even tiny changes in my life, even if it really makes me feel better. I often feel like my brain and body are not on the same page. One feels productive while the other is exhausted. Such is my battle with chronic depression. Depression is often misunderstood, even by us depressed folks. However, I have come to realise that even when I am not obviously having a down day, the depression takes the form of NO MOTIVATION WHATSOEVER. It's not just the willpower to workout or eat healthily that's g
  7. While the title of this post may seem like petty clickbait (...okay maybe it is), it is the perfect description of my current strength training routine. Okay, I suppose I can give at least a bit of context. You see, while I struggle climbing a few flights of stairs without being winded, I am very strong. Even as a squishy nerd girl in high school I could easily bench press 80+ pounds with no training. I was just raised with archery and other activities that optimised my upper body strength. This has, in turn, meant that it became a marketable skill in my many adventures into th
  8. Totally not you. Nope, nope. In all honesty, to those who are not Pakku...go follow Pakku. Because he's cool and stuff. He didn't make me say it. (Did he?) Nope. He didn't make me say it.
  9. This is a brief (also long winded) introduction to me. I am not fat, though I am also not thin. I'm not short, nor am I tall. However, I find climbing stairs to be a monumental challenge, and it is not uncommon for me to become winded if I am in a rush. I also suffer from some mental ailments which I am sure many of you are familiar with. Enter Nerd Fitness and these forums. I have often sunk deep into fantastical worlds, in video games and books, and have always envied my characters' abilities. To climb high mountains, to sprint to escape the terror of a dragon. Especially
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