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  1. Day 7 FUELING UP Breakfast: Greek yogurt Lunch: Burger Snack: Dinner: BUILDING MOMENTUM BBWW GETTING SHIT DONE Put time in the studio
  2. Day 6 FUELING UP Breakfast: Greek yogurt, cheerios Lunch: Spinach & artichoke dip, chips Snack: Coffee & creamer, apple with caramel dip Dinner: Half cheeseburger (applebees) BUILDING MOMENTUM Cleaning, walking dog GETTING SHIT DONE Put time in the studio
  3. Day 5 FUELING UP Breakfast: Oatmeal, apple, peanut butter Lunch: Chicken, couscous, green beans Snack: Coffee & creamer Dinner: Greek yogurt, cheerios, orange BUILDING MOMENTUM BBWW GETTING SHIT DONE Put time in the studio
  4. Thanks Coco I really want to look into mindful eating, as I see a lot of people talking about it. I think it could work for me rather than cutting things out.
  5. Thanks Scottie <3 and thank you for reminding me of my own words! Why is it always so much easier to be kind and supportive to others and not to yourself? I need to be a little more gentle with myself. And the "scarce resource" thing makes sense. Like my brain and body are trying to stock up before I deprive them of things again. I've pretty much spent this morning stress cleaning, so although its not relaxing it does calm the nerves and make me feel productive! Thanks for the support, you're awesome and I'll look forward to catching up on your feed later today ! xo
  6. It's nice to know there are others who aren't eating paleo/ swear by it. I've been trying to reduce my carb intake, mostly just in terms of snacking and have been successful. Thanks for reaching out and helping me feel less alone!
  7. Thank you so much <3 Good enough for now. Thank you for reminding me of this. Yes, I have made small little changes and they have been leading me in a great direction. Little changes are enough for now. Progress is progress. I needed to hear all of that! <3
  8. Day 4 FUELING UP Breakfast: Oatmeal, apple, peanut butter Lunch: Ham, mayo on ciabatta Snack: Coffee & creamer, cocoa rice krispies Dinner: Two cheeseburgers, salad BUILDING MOMENTUM The daily grind GETTING SHIT DONE Put time in the studio Okay, so this day was weird for me. I started having binge cravings and it made me pretty anxious. Sandwiches ar
  9. Day 3 FUELING UP Breakfast: Oatmeal, apple, peanut butter Lunch: Almonds, banana Snack: Coffee & creamer Dinner: Chicken meatballs, quinoa, kale BUILDING MOMENTUM I took my pup on a walk GETTING SHIT DONE So many meetings today! I talked with both of my Thesis advisors as well as another trusted professor. I also went to therapy! Huge day!
  10. Day 2 FUELING UP Breakfast: Greek yogurt, cheerios, banana Lunch: Chicken, green beans, orange Snack: Coffee & creamer Dinner: Penne noodles, cheese and tomatoes BUILDING MOMENTUM Just moved about on my daily grind, nothing special today, but I just felt tired. GETTING SHIT DONE Showed some of my progress work to people, and got some great feedback
  11. Beginner Body Weight Workout
  12. THIS. Yes yes yes yes yes!!! Exactly how I feel too. "Forbidden" / restrictive diets (like Paleo etc.) will never work for me. They always just lead to guilt/shame and then binges/ disordered behaviors. I think its super cool to see lots of people embracing something similar to this for their goals this challenge! Y'all are awesome and make me feel less alone. <3 I'm super excited to follow along your challenge! And a five minute plank?! Daammnnnn Killin' it! Wishing you lots of luck!!
  13. I love your goals! And I think its awesome you realize how great you have been doing and can recognize and appreciate that!! You are doing such a wonderful job! Keep up the good work! I'm really looking forward to seeing your sketches !
  14. Oh man, I feel this so much.. I have really neglected a lot of people by way of my own isolation/ depression. Trying to reconnect and make amends to those that got hurt/left in the wayside of my tidal wave has been rough, and definitely a mixed bag. It's also hard to tell who should remain by the wayside (toxic ppl). Wishing you lots of luck with this. When it goes well it feels great, that's for sure. Really looking forward to seeing how it goes for you! Also, I've been wanting to sign up for a race/ event thing to look forward to. I think I just might! thanks for inspiring me!
  15. Yes, yes, and YES! Soo important to recognize!!! Ugh I wish I could copy and paste what you said above about food rules into my brain/ on my skin. Perfectly sums up what I am trying to do too. Such a great reminder/ goal. And I adore your photography goal - being creative is so important and necessary. Gotta keep that mind spongey and playful! You have awesome goals and I'm super excited to keep up with your challenge! Go you!!
  16. I LOVE your goals!! <3 Especially the "Be strong like a cat" and "Be clean like a cat" ! And huge embarrassing confession: For the longest time I thought inclined push ups were done with your feet on the stair/ counter and hands on the floor (Like a wheelbarrow) ! And so when I saw all these threads talking about doing incline push ups using a table/ stairs I tried it and I was like "WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR MEEEE" *face plants*... And when I described my annoyance to someone they were like "Oh... you know your feet go on the floor right?" lol Anyway, I wish you lots
  17. FUELING UP Breakfast: Oatmeal, peanut butter, apple Lunch: Chicken with ranch on a roll Snack: KIND bar, orange juice Dinner: Pork Tacos BUILDING MOMENTUM I did two rounds of the BBWW this morning ! I also walked a bunch around town. GETTING SHIT DONE Nothing too much today, but I did get started on two videos this weekend! I'm feeling pretty ready for this challenge! I've definitely developed a groove, and I'm using this challenge to keep with it. Thanks everyone for your support <3
  18. FUELING UP 3 meals a day Limiting takeout/ restaurants to 1-2x week BUILDING MOMENTUM Being active 5x a week Taking ONE class at the gym during this challenge GETTING SHIT DONE Write my Thesis paper Make my performance work
  19. Day 28 BREAKFAST: cheerios, milk, greek yogurt ACTIVITY: walking LUNCH: Ham on white with mayo (subway 6"), bag of chips SNACK:
  20. Sooo beautiful!!! <3
  21. I'm finally caught back up with your thread!! Yay!! SO first off, I want to like quote everything you have written in the past week because I can relate to all of it so much. Yes, I feel this. I was around 9 when my eating disorder developed and I started compulsively tracking everything I ate in a notebook, until I got older and found the internet and all the joyless calorie counters. Food is scary and it's especially scary when we have been conditioned to think of it that way. It has taken me 10+ years to finally wrap my head around the idea that foods ar
  22. Damn that's awesome!! You are very talented my friend! And I love that song! Congrats on keeping up with the goals you set for yourself! It's been super cool watching your journey this challenge
  23. That's awesome!!! Keep it up, you've got this!
  24. Hey, kudos for going regardless!
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