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  1. Captainfantastic

    This is LITERALLY my first step towards success.

    OK! So im a little behind and I’m sorry to myself this last week(and a half) wasn’t great. I had some bad stuff happen with My ex and went home for a few days, which is always rough food wise.
  2. Welcome to my challenge! Quick recap on the last challenge, I do really well during the week, when I'm home half the day and at work the other half, and I'm pretty good about making my own food and everything. I work every other weekend from 7a to 11p saturday and sunday and i basically am a garbage disposal and they have so many good homemade foods. SO! since starting the last challenge I have lost 6 lbs, BUT i gained 3 back. Which is fun. but not really. ANYWAYS. So my challenge for this month! I have a calorie intake goal that I'd like to hit daily, but I'd also like to fill that goal with healthy, homemade foods. I'd like to be making food to bring to work instead of eating food made at work. my next goal is to hit the gym twice a week. Day one is arms and back, day two is legs and abs! Lastly I'm going to be doing intermittent fasting at least five days a week, starting my fast at 5p and ending my fast at nine! So those are my goals for this month! I'm excited to get my poop in a group.