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  1. i haven't been paying attention to in here much, honestly it's been a hectic few weeks with the news job and figuring out when to sleep and survive and just simply not die all the time, BUT a new opportunity came up for an 8-5 job where i can work just monday-friday and then that opens up tome time to work out and allow me to focus on being a little kinder to myself
  2. Hey gang! so i've actually been doing pretty stellar with food stuff! i'm pretty proud of it, i've started a new job and it's a lot of morning hours, which is tough because i usually sleep during morning hours lol but I'm doing great with my start and end times. Today i ate at 9:45 because apparently the busy time is 10-11 but i stopped eating around 1pm yesterday so it works out. Just drinking lots of tea and water and hoping for the best! I've also got a date on tuesday that i'm very excited for!
  3. Hey gang! So, clearly, I fell off for a bit at the end of the last challenge there. I started a new job, had some family visits and generally was having a hard time just dealing with the bigness of things going on! BUT here we are, a week or so later and we've got -A fairly decent justice league movie -a redownload of the hit moble video game "pokemon go" -me starting to listen to podcasts again instead of exclusivey audiobooks, mostly because the book i'm listening to(which i'm really really enjoying) has a VERY hopeless vipe and you put out you put in, energy wise.
  4. i ended up having another financially related panic day! BUT i never think to take pictures of my adventure days! I ended up having a weird schedule today and made music and got to test a video game my friends are making and then i made some songs and THEN i'm at work now on a double shift and that's fun
  5. oh yeah it's gorgeous here, i'm going on a LONG walk tomorrow, whether permitting, and im v excited
  6. Heyo! I read a bunch today, walked 3.6 miles, kept in my calorie count AND got my fast going around 4:30 pm! just coasting the rest of the day. Turns out if you eat real food you feel less hungry through the evening. Surprise surprise!
  7. HELLO! this challenge has gotten away from me and that's okay! We adapt, we improvise, we overcome! I cannot go to the gym right now because I'm broke but more so i think the gym people are messing with me, because i paid my bill and then they were like "WELL, not with US" so i have to get that all figured out before moving forward. I don't know what's going on with that honestly. BUT I'll go in and face it like an adult or whatever. I AM going to shift back to fasting and tracking. i've been struggling with over eating because "I'm going to go to the gym, it'll be
  8. Hello! I have re arrived! I had a handfull of stressy depressy days but i'm back BAYBEEE I went to the gym for week 2 day one and did shoulders and tried to run but was tired already lol i've also kept to my calorie allotment and am pounding out water. i've shifted from listening to audio books to jamming to music as a mood booster along with healthy caffiene and being hydrated. Things that release endorphins are really good for me, because i had a hard time getting out of bed the last few days so. I dunno. Tips and tricks for mood boosters while struggling with depress
  9. Heyo! I went to Iowa for the weekend but have been minding the food intake and not going crazy! I haven't been eating tons of food but i might have consumed a largish amount of alcohol on Friday! Hope y'all are having a good weekend! Gym tomorrow after driving home!
  10. Hey diddly do! let's see what we do HEYo today i did some running at the gym! EXERCISE GOAL ACHIEVED FOR THE WEEK! (Go for two days) I also planned my meals and haven't had dinner yet but i have it all planned to stay under. I had a late lunch so i'm gonna save dinner and enjoy it later. I haven't read yet but i just got to work and now I'm doing charting and chores and then my plan is honestly just to read all night so. WOOT
  11. Oh god i was SO miserable after 8pm on monday and most of the day tuesday but then i felt pretty good by tuesday evening. So. I'm doing hekka good now! TODAY was a great day! -Excercise? I did my two day work out today all together and i'm going to go and run tomorrow before my stream! Very excited to have been able to add weight to all my lifts today! I might make it a one day Lift and then a 3 days running? Maybe? I dunno. -NUTRITION I stayed in my calorie goal, I had eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, A turkey sub and some Cheddar potato chips for lunch and shep
  12. lol it was VERY cold here and yeah it'll be ok eventually. Additionally yeah i've done i zombie before. when i run i use "c25k" and watch an episode of some show
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