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  1. The week was rough! but not like super bad, i tested positive for covid on Monday, so i couldn't work and it's been hectic but i feel good! Through it and stuff, I've not been paying attention to nutriotion in the chaos of stuff and i haven't worked out at all, but i'm down a couple lbs and i've remembered to take my meds every day so i must be doing something right! Working on water tomorrow! glug glug!
  2. Hello! Been a couple days! Was busy with work, still don’t have internet, and then I got sick, I tested negative for Covid on Friday and I’m gonna go test again tomorrow, but for now I’m homeward bound. So. That’s fun
  3. I'm going to have to sit and have a conversation with that kitten These do be facts!! I'm going to have to figure out this whole "working all the time but also trying to be healthy" thing. But work has been good! I had a salad, some breadsticks and about 5 oz of wine, then at work 1 i had a couple donuts that someone brought in, didn't go crazy, didn't track. I did just have a bowl of ceral as well. TOMORROW tracking starts, it's also my last day of training so hopefully i can get back on my "no eating after 6pm" train, because that was going well before. Still looking to get the workout in on thursday! My melatonin is kicking in so i'm gonna kick it out? hmm.... i'm going to bed!
  4. Yasss!!! I’m thinking I’ll do it Thursday when I’m not working all day lol yesterday? Not super great, family went to a buffet and I ate a LOT of seafood and veggies and today I trained at the Olive Garden which apparently means eating TONS of food Also I couldn’t find a black shirt to wear tomorrow
  5. YAAASSS they have worked very well for me in the past!
  6. Hey @Manarelle and @juliebarkley Just a job update, I got hired at Olive Garden as a second job so i can start throwing some cashola into the new car fund. Woot woot!
  7. Hello! The title is in relation to my Fresca, which i have, here, next to me now. Welcome to my life! CHALLENGE THREE! LEt'S GOO! So some life things happened last challenge and had me slippin, falling off. This Month, I just want to focus on hitting that fasting goal, (6pm-10am) and keeping in my alloted calorie budget. I've got meals set up that are filling and not high calorie, lots of rice, shrimp, chicken, eggs, and pb&j's(mostly because i'm broke but let's gooo) I also do want to do the Beginner's Bodyweight Workout at LEAST once a week. I didn't do too great with pushups last month but also my grandpa died so I'm giving myself some slack. (also that's mostly just an excuse, i've emotionally dealt with the situation) If you DO NOT know what that is, it's somewher on the nerd fitness website! check it out! it's a really good start up workout, and when i found this site and worked to help myself out, it was amazing for helping me get myself into shape. This one isn't like an additional goal but more as a reminder to myself. PILL EVERY DAY. I also want to read more but before I set that up as a goal i think i'm going to just like. be cool about it for like one minute and just continue to read for fun. OKAY OKAY THE CAT IS KNOCKING STUFF OVER SO I HAVE TO GO!
  8. Hey thanks all. This week has been a real struggle. I'm trying to find a second job and everywhere is all stocked up staff wise, so i'm just trying to get hired wherever. i'm stressed about money and just learned i've gotta shape some stuff up or i might not have a home soon but like. oof. but i saw spider-man so that's cool. hope all is well
  9. I did find a temporary fix for my car! and the week was good! Spent the weekend just watching tv and doing nothing, got a job interview tonight for a serving job, so hopefully i can throw some cash into a decent used car. Challenge wise i did not track my intake yesterday but I did stop eating at five ish, so i can start again around 9 ish. I'm up early enough to pack a lunch and track what is in it and stuff, so that's fun! ALSO i did do pushups last week on friday but i didn't end up journaling a second time, so the goal this week is to hit two journals, and twenty pushups. HERE'S TO HYDRATING as well. I want to get down at least two bottles a day. So. Woot Woot.
  10. Hello, my Nerdy Amigos! Wednesday i followed my water, food, and fast goals! This morning I did pushups AND wrote in a journal, it's nice to do that, I haven't done it in a while! Seize the day mates
  11. OOF i have no plans, i should figure that out! Maybe today! I should write today too, I have not been tracking food intake but i kept my fast today, and started(late) today so I'll be keeping that going, I DID drink a lot of water rtoday
  12. DAY ONE! LESS GOOOOOOO I did not track calories, it was a dad weekend and it's hard because i hate letting things to to waste so if something doesn't get finished i just eat it and i kinda just wat when they eat, I'm working on water bottle number TWO for today, I stopped eating around 5 today and YEAH! this last week was hella stressfull, my car blew up(not as dramatic as it sounds but that's what they told me happened) so i've been scrambling to try and find a car and find someone to pick up MY car from the city it was towed to, an hour and a half from where i live. Alla that mixed with not being able to work my second job and just being home by myself a lot week and not busying myself, yeesh. I did play a lot of a game called Skul, but other than that. oof! Been a long week! Cheers to a better week this week!
  13. OKAY!! So here we go, there's a couple things I'd really like to get back into. Last 5 week challenge went generally pretty well! Struggled this last week but for the most part kept to my goals BUT here we go! Goals for this challenge! 1. Intermitten fasting! start eating around 10 am stop eating around 6 pm. 2. Stay in my Calorie Allotment 3. DRINK SO MUCH WATER 4. Journal a few times a week 5. Maybe some pushups or something. to be clear i want to do at least ten pushups 2x a week
  14. Had a rough last week! what with thanksgiving and family stuff, we had a funeral one week and then my car broke down saturday and it's been hectic! But i'm down from my starting weight and that's good! Onto the next challenge!
  15. Hi! I did not drink as much water as I'd have liked BUT i held my fast AND i stayed in my calorie goal today! Heck yeah, dual wins!
  16. HEY FAM! it's been quite the weekend, attended a funeral, so we had lots of family around, and with that comes food, and drink and yadda yadda, getting back on track today, but i did go over a bit, although i've consumed LOADS of water, so that's good! Hope everyone is well!
  17. OKAY! SO i started my fast EARLY because i accidentally stayed up all night playing Metroid dread, very fun, much joy, BUT i needed a redbull to survive today and in order to drink one i needed to eat some food so it didn't make me sick. I had NO self control today and have no idea how much i ate, but it wasn't a CRAZY lot. I Know i went over though. I had two bottles of water today, so that's good, and I started my fast around 5:30 pm! Plan is to get another level of metroid finished(i'm actually just 100%ing each map and then gonna go fight the final boss) and then I'm going to bed! Hopefully early, maybe by nine? ps. this game is a lot of fun.
  18. OKAY so today, i went over just a tish on my calorie goal, i held my fast and i started my fast early today, which means I GET TO EAT EARLY TOMORROW lol excited for that last bit! How the heck is everyone?
  19. Moving forward water boxing sounds like a good time lol
  20. thank you!! update for today! Stayed in my numbers! Starting my fast now, kept my fast this morning AND have been pounding water!
  21. OH! also i've finished my book! I'm onto one called "britt-marie was here" by fredrik backman, who is my favorite author lol
  22. It's a bit like panera, i'd say better but maybe bacause it's new to me? So yesterday i did the whole "one big meal" thing and it worked for me on Saturday but not so much on sunday, i took a big ol nap and needed to munch after, So i didn't track most of my food yesterday, or today, but i started my fast at the right time. I only drank one bottle of water today though, oof
  23. I do not know if it was a date or a buds hangout, but it was a wonderful time either way! We watched a movie and just visited/caught up and it was a really nice time! I did an astoundingly poor job yesterday, somone bought lunch and then she insisted in buying dinner and it was a food filled day! I did not track anything food wise! I did not keep my fast, BUT i was very well hydrated! It was a wonderful day! Back on track for today to keep that fast started, had an astoundingly large lunch but it was SOOO good, we went to a place caleld Zupas Cafe and i had a Crab/avocado melt and some clam chowder and it was wonderful. Now my plan for the day is to just finish my book! Here we goooooooo
  24. this is awesome! Finding ways to be fiscally responsible AND keep up what you're doing? I'd say you're killing it out here
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