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    Wow, that hike will be an Epic Adventure! Here for the training!
  2. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Downshifting

    Echoing what everyone else has said about the posting. Even for a simple "Following!" post, it's like, yay! someone wants to read about my challenge! Congrats on your upcoming NF b-day! Oh god, I'm so bad at keeping up, but... so tempting... Screw it. If you decide to do it, I'm in.
  3. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    I also have no one that I could really call a friend right now, but I'm working on it. Do you have anything outside of work where you have the chance to spend time with people that aren't family? I volunteer for Scouts, which means talking and working with the other adults there, and seeing the parents every week. Something like that might give you a chance to find someone that you have things in common with (partly because you see them enough that you make it past the small talk stage sometimes).
  4. Taylara Take a Step

    Following! Have you got a particular board game in mind if you earn your reward? You are off to a great start!
  5. Juliebarkley gets a job

    Juliebarkley walked through the streets of the city in awe. This was her first visit in a long time, and so much had changed since then. There was so much to see. The shops! The architecture! The shops! The people! And did we mention the shops? Shops selling weapons and armour. Masters who could teach combat, magic, and all manner of other skills. The possibilities seemed endless. Her eyes drew her to a beautiful yew bow in a shop window a little off the main street. In her former life she would never have looked twice at it, but now - it would be so useful in defending the swamp. And it learning to use it would be fun, too. However, a quick glance in her purse revealed the sad reality. While she had been very frugal on the journey here, it was a long trip, and she had very little gold remaining. Even to stay in the city for a few days would mean that she would need more gold than she currently had. Fortunately, in a city with so many shops and people, there were always things that needed to be done, and someone was always needed to do those things. So she walked into the courier's and enquired about the sign in the window. This job could be pretty fun, but it was going to involve a lot of lifting and walking! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am, once again, late to the party. I have been working on the goals below sporadically for the first week though, so I have not been totally neglectful of the FOUR week challenge format. On the record though, it'll be three weeks. Physical: I need strong arms to do this job! And I will be racking up the miles, too. 1. Take a walk every day (approximately 30 minutes). Indoors, outdoors, running, walking - it's all good. The important things is to do it. 2. Do push-up program. And play on rings. Arm strength for the win! I found a book at the library called "7 weeks to 100 pushups". A quick glance at this shows it is a bit of a misnomer, as the beginner programs are 10 weeks long, but that's okay. I can currently do 10 ordinary pushups in a row without stopping. When I started at NF, I could do 5, maybe 6. That's improvement, but I know I could do better if I tried. My long-term goal is 50 in a row, so let's see how far I can get! The rings strengthen different muscles, and it doesn't take very much time with them to be exhausting! I will do this on my regular workout days (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday). Financial: Fill that coin purse! 3. Do 2 hours of work online per day. Anyone who saw my last challenge knows that my regular work has been an unhappy place lately. I have been putting time into working online and building businesses, both as a coping mechanism, and to provide a genuine, long-term alternative for myself. Work for this goal includes things like: applying for jobs (online or offline), doing actual work, doing training, research, or stuff like making profiles that are necessary for work (only necessary stuff - not underpants collecting!). To allow for real life unpredictability, if I miss time on one day, it can be made up on another day in the same week. Social: Communicate with customers and make them smile! 4. Post on my own thread every day, and something positive on someone else's, too. I always struggle with this. I have trouble thinking of things to say to others, and have never been the type to post what I ate for breakfast to social media (because seriously, who would care?). But this is a good, supportive community, and I want to contribute more. Building social skills = good. Life: Get to work on time and ready to go! 5. Do my morning routine every day. When I do it, I feel on track for the day and get things that are important to me done. When I don't, it can feel like the day is flying by and I have nothing to show for it. So do it already!