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  1. Juliebarkley is still walking

    I’m thinking of assigning things to specific days next time, to see if it makes things easier. I never forgets workouts, because I know Tues-Fri-Sun are workout days. But since the challenge items aren’t necessarily forever items, I’m not sure. These are my ideas: 1. Group the x per week items, so that between two challenge items, something happens every day. 2. Try to do the x per week every day (if I am working them up to ultimately being daily). 3. Assign them to specific days, instead of just x times per week. 4. Assign certain days of the week as challenge days, when the x per week happens. What do you think? I haven’t decided yet. Also, I didn’t do my walk on Tuesday, but I haven’t made the Post of Shame yet.
  2. Juliebarkley is still walking

    Okay, so another less than stellar entry, but a good day challenge wise. All of my daily challenges were successfully completed, but my non-daily ones were not. This seems to be a pattern for me; it is much easier to do something every day than x times per week. My exercise today was not Zombie running as I had planned, due to the ice rain and generally awful weather. I was very tempted to do nothing, but then I thought of @scalyfreak’s PVP and thought harder. In the end, I put a 10-minute video on my phone and walked up and down my basement stairs as it ran. It was a pretty good workout actually!
  3. (Annyshay) Book One: Ice

    It sounds like you grew a lot this challenge. You are a strong woman, Annyshay!
  4. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    I’m a bit late here, but we used a program called Funnix to teach phonics. It’s meant to take 10-15 minutes a few days a week IIRC. My son enjoyed it. It had an interactive portion followed by a longer reading portion to practice what they learned. Once he grasped the phonics rules, he didn’t need any sight word practice and jumped straight to a fourth grade reading level. Since Ghostlet is older and already knows how to read a different language, you could see very rapid gains in his ability when the technique ‘clicks’. A lot of homeschoolers here use a book called Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons (phonics based but not interactive in the way a computer program would be). It’s supposed to get the child to second grade level in 100 days.
  5. Juliebarkley is still walking

    I promise a better update tomorrow. I’ve just been so, so tired. I did not do work at home today (planned, as it is just impossible on Wednesdays), but was successful in everything else. My cat’s teeth have not been brushed yet this week, though, and that will have to be remedied!
  6. Super Starling Ready to Fly!

    Hooray for not giving in and scrapping exercise when you couldn’t find your keys in time! Now you have a new exercise toy to play with. Double win.
  7. Juliebarkley is still walking

    Argh for sucky updates! Have done all but toothbrushing today, but I should have been in bed an hour ago. Tomorrow will be the last super tiring day, so yay for that.
  8. dancezwithkittehz is terrible at life balance!

    Since you mentioned that the lack of sleep was due to stress, could it be that the exercise is helping you sleep by relieving stress? If so, you can investigate other stress relief options if you find you need the rest days.
  9. Juliebarkley is still walking

    I am so tired. 13 little kids + 2 older kids + 4 adults + attempted 8:30 bedtime does not make for restful sleep. I did my challenges today (including my random encounters, yay!), but I did nothing else but email. No energy. I think this means I pass everything but tooth brushing, as I didn’t get my cat’s teeth done? I’ll verify tomorrow when my brain is working again.
  10. War of the Walkers [Open challenge Nov 7 - Nov 30]

    I have signed into the spreadsheet as starting on Sunday. I will be chasing small children around all day on Saturday, so I cannot commit to a walk.
  11. Scalyfreak's struggles with a new start

    It was freezing cold here, too. Time to break out the winter gear to keep the walks going! Also, I am rather late to the party, but I will accept your walking challenge!
  12. Juliebarkley is still walking

    Okay, time for a proper, gather-the-info post: Week 3, Day 5: Physical: Strength for the journey ahead. Gargoyles are heavy! 1. Move every day. 4/7. Crap, it was cold today! I didn't even make it to the mailbox; there was just too much wind coming over the open field, so I had to turn back. 2. Brush teeth with rinses once per day (with a friend). 5/7 for me; 2/7 for my cat. Spiritual: Create a more peaceful world. Gargoyles are frightened. 3. 2 prayers per day. 5/7. Mental: Don't journey alone. Gargoyles are lonely. 4. Post to Nerdfitness every day. Post on someone else's thread everyday. 4/7. Financial: Sustenance for the road. Gargoyles are hungry. 5. Do some online work every day. 4/7. There is one day a week that I simply do not have time, but I did it every other day. Random Encounters: Anything can happen on the road. Gargoyles are vulnerable. 6. 3 random encounters/week. 0/7. Err... This has been a bad week for internetting. We had a thunder and lightning, wind, freezing rain, and snow storm last night, which made me very glad that I had gotten my run in earlier! I have been trying a time blocking technique to make time for work from home, hobby time, family time, etc. I am going to have to take a serious hard look at some of my email subscriptions to cut down on my email/internet time. That is where my time has been going, and while I enjoy the stuff I read, it is not part of my ideal life to spend most of my free time reading email and watching videos, and not making things, reading, and doing stuff with family. The time blocks have let me have a family reading hour for the last several nights, a tidying session (DVDs), some much-needed vacuuming, cast on and knit 7 rows of a Ravenclaw beanie, and work on a jigsaw puzzle with my son. Seems much more fulfilling, don't you think? Looks like I am also not going to get a story posted this week. Since we are out of the fight, had a sleep, and have chowed down (not on the rabbit - we let her go!), we are resuming our walk to the gargoyle home. We know where we are going, now all we have to do is walk there. The number of successes determines how far we go - if I pass them all, we will be nearly there! I am going to count anything that I couldn't do tomorrow as a pass as I was genuinely unable. Tomorrow I am headed off to Scout camp so I will not be able to post (or do several challenge things). It is supposed to be a high of 0 Celsius and we can only go inside to sleep. Pray for me.
  13. Asuka continue through Kanto with her Bulbasaur!

    How are you and Bulba doing? Have you been able to get your protein in?
  14. Juliebarkley is still walking

    Julie wipes the sweat from her eyes and tries to peer through the thick underbrush ahead. It is pointless; the shrubs here are too dense to see more than a few metres ahead. Sparky flew in this direction only two hours ago and I saw him dive down, so he can't be much further, she thinks to herself. She shoves another branch aside and squeezes awkwardly past a prickly vine. Still, he must know that I can't see him, and we're not trying to be stealthy. "Hello? Anybody there? Oof!" Julie picked herself back up off the ground, and looked back at the long scar of raised turf she had tripped over. Along the length of the gouge in the ground, she saw torn grass and broken branches. And at the end, perched on a jumbled heap of rocks, was Sparky the crow. Sparky wasn't looking at Julie though. He was staring at the rocks, unmoving. Julie stood back and watched, and as she did, she noticed the curve of fingers in the stones, the point of a horn. Then in a sudden burst of clarity, she could make out the gargoyle's camouflaged form crouching on the ground, Sparky perched on its shoulder. The air was still. No one moved. After several minutes of this, the crow fluttered up to a branch closer to Julie. She turned to face him, and found she could not look away. The world melted away as new images filled her vision: a cacophony of noise - fear, flee, safety - flying high over a beautiful green landscape - air, free, lonely, home - a flash and a bang - pain, pain, fear, pain - then falling, struggling higher, then falling again - home, fear, safe, pain, alone. She lifted her hand to her shoulder, unconsciously reaching for the phantom ache there. She closed her eyes, and when she opened then she could again see the gargoyle crouching the the undergrowth: vulnerable and alone, a long crack running down its left wing. Julie approached the gargoyle cautiously. If Sparky has made contact, it'll be okay with me, right? Still... "We're going to get you home, okay? I'm just going to have a look at your wing to see if we can help. I'm just going to look." She gingerly reached out for the wing. The gargoyle did not move. "Okay, I think we should tie that up to keep it from moving around and hurting." She dug in her pack and pulled out a scarf. "You're just going to have to stretch it out a little bit." Nothing. Sparky, help. "If you want to get home, we have to get you back to the path. There are a lot of branches here. If we don't tie your wing up, the crack will get jostled around and it'll hurt. Please, I know you don't know us and we don't know you either. But we really just want to help you. Could you stretch out your wing just a little?" The gargoyle turned its head just the tiniest bit to look at her. Then it looked away again, and slowly extended its left wing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical: Strength for the journey ahead. Gargoyles are heavy! 1. Move every day. I intend to continue my current 3x bodyweight exercise, 3x running, and Tai Chi on the other day. However, running is soon going to be in conflict with winter, and I don't think I'm going to want to run in the snow. Therefore, I will be flexible about my non-bodyweight days. 6/7 is a pass. 2. Brush teeth with rinses once per day (with a friend). This goal will stay the same, as it does not feel like a solid habit yet. However, I am going to extend the habit. The vet says one of my cats needs her teeth brushing, I am doing a tooth brushing challenge - let's do it together! 6/7 is a pass for me, 3/7 for my cat. Spiritual: Create a more peaceful world. Gargoyles are frightened. 3. 2 prayers per day. I don't feel solid enough to level up yet, so I'll keep it the same. 6/7 is a pass. Mental: Don't journey alone. Gargoyles are lonely. 4. Post to Nerdfitness every day. Post on someone else's thread everyday. This did wonders for me, so I want to do it again. 6/7 is a pass; problems with internet is a valid out. Financial: Sustenance for the road. Gargoyles are hungry. 5. Do some online work every day. I have lots of options here. The thing I do doesn't have to make money directly (for instance, it could be watching an online course or doing research), but it must be a purposeful step towards building something, not just underpants collecting. I am aiming for an hour a day, but I am not going to make the time spent an actual requirement. 6/7 is a pass. Random Encounters: Anything can happen on the road. Gargoyles are vulnerable. 6. 3 random encounters/week. Return of the random encounter! I am looking forward to getting started clearing more papers, and basically getting things done and in order. I don't want to take on more than I can handle though, so 3/week seems doable. Also not part of the graded part of the challenge, but I want to get all of the challenge goals done before midnight. I often fail because I leave things too late in the day. Story rewards/punishments: 6 passes: With Sparky's help, we find an easier way back to the path than we took to get here. We arrive quickly and in good shape. 5 passes: There is no easier way, but we have already broken a bit of a trail. We arrive back a bit tired and scratched up. (Do 10 burpees) 4 passes: The gargoyle struggles to walk, and I must carry it most of the way out. It is tiring. (10 burpees and 10 pushups) 3 or fewer passes: The gargoyle can't walk at all, and I am too weak to carry it. I have to build a sled and blaze a trail. This takes a very long time. (25 burpees, 25 pushups) Challenge starts Monday!