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  1. Ongoing Habits: Exercise: I was both very tired on getting home, and more than 40 minutes late (my ride forgot about me), so I was just not able to get anything at all going. Prayer: No. The alarms went off during work, while waiting for my ride, and there must have been one later that I missed completely. NerdFitness: Yup, a little. Purging: A CD. My classical music CDs are all drifting away (except the organ ones). I'm just not that attached to any particular recording, there will be some rendition on YouTube/Spotify, and my collection was all acquired by chance anyway. New Shiny: Angband: This dive had promise, but things kept going wrong. First level, seconds in, I see this: So beautiful and tempting! And I got in and it wasn't even hard. It didn't have a lot in it though. I did kill an Ancient Dragon on this level, proving I can do it. Next level had another vault, and a lower difficulty level, so it also looked promising. Nothing too bad in it. Get in and start hacking away. Then tested an unidentified staff, which turned out to be a Staff of Earthquakes. I blew a giant hole in it and lost half the items under the rubble. This giant hole also allowed hummerhorns in. These guys both confuse you AND reproduce extremely quickly, and I had to abandon all the juicy items to their pesky breeding as I just could not clear them out. Next level had yet another vault, this one a checkerboard style. It has a few nasty characters in it, including the Phoenix and a dark elf whose name escapes me. But given the layout, I had a plan. I used Banish on the greater demons (used to be called Genocide; it eliminates a monster type from the dungeon level, in this case all the U monsters), then Teleport Other on the two uniques, and bam! I am left with a pile of loot as easy pickings. Managed to improve my stuff a little, then found a weapon that I was trying to make room for (a little worse than my current weapon, but had some interesting features, so I wanted to stash it in my house). So to make room, I test an unidentified wand by pointing it at the wall. It's now identified. Dragon Breath. The area effect burned up my new potential weapon. 😭 Hmph. At least the wand is cool. Oh, and on returning to town, I discovered that I had a Jewel-Encrusted Crown of Serenity, which protects against both stunning and confusion. This does mean that I can't have telepathy and see invisible at the same time as confusion protection, but the annoyingness of the swapping and wasted inventory space is worth it. Notable kills: Azog Enemy of the Dwarves, Castamir the Usurper. BGA: Got in a game of the second of my two new games and actually won, despite not knowing how scoring worked at the start. Work: Start of day: 550. End of day: 564. I added a bunch of stuff that had been sitting in tabs on my work computer, and didn't do a single bit of it when I got home. Long-term: No. I am so not a morning person. Should probably have taken a nap but didn't, which just meant that everything was done with low effort and any effort to do things requiring actual thought would have likely not ended well. I will make up for this lack of nap by going to bed a little earlier than normal. I'm really struggling to stay awake, so I won't. Night all!
  2. He also complains a lot - his attacks are listed as "moan" three times for 0 damage. I always feel a little bad when he talks about missing his dogs, but they always try to kill me, so really it's his fault. Me too! Excellent! I was not sure if anyone else would. Each monster has a specific "native" level where they are meant to appear. If they appear earlier than that, you may be in for a rough time. Let me show you. The hardest dragons Jinjin is regularly running into are mature dragons. Here's one of those: These are slightly challenging, but if fought smartly, not truly dangerous. By now, he has had many opportunities to get lightning resistance, so that breath is at least halved in damage. I've also got a lot more HP and more armour than an earlier-in-the-dungeon character would have. Those claws can hurt in melee, but the chances of dying to one if not surrounded or otherwise stupidly handled are low. These are native to dungeon level 39. I'm at 44 right now, and it's a bit tricky. But these guys feel like a fair fight. The next (and final) rank of dragons, though.... These are faster, have double the HP, hit twice as hard, and can confuse you. Jinjin could fight this if he had to, with a lot of healing items and some temporary resistance and/or a speed potion, if he were faster himself. Maybe. Right now it would be a bad idea. But that's what you would expect; it's native depth is 50. Note: it is completely normal and expected for out-of-depth monsters to appear in vaults (which is what was pictured earlier). They also have out-of-depth items; it's a high-risk, (potentially) high-reward proposition. Thirty levels out-of-depth is not unusual for a vault. I think the worst I ever got was 50 level out-of-depth with Smaug the Golden once in the early 20s one game. I did not attempt that fight. Btw, character levels max out at 50. Stat gains from potions/items are also capped. So there comes a point where the monsters are either getting harder or are more frequent, but you aren't (assuming you hit level 50; I normally hit the stat caps long before then). But we are not at that level yet. He ran and lived, because his player has learned that much at least. Please, oh gods of the RNG, some improved equipment (preferably not guarded by anything extremely deadly)! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ongoing Habits: Exercise: Vitamin today was much jumping - forwards on two feet, on one foot, and to the side. My side jumping was worse than I thought, I think partly because it is meant to be more of an as-high-as-you-can jump, and my basement ceiling is low. I hit it hard, the panel moved very noisily, and I think that affected every jump afterwards. But it was fun anyway. Prayer: There was only one I could have responded to, and it was five minutes before I had to leave for work. NerdFitness: Tiny, tiny amount. Purging: I attempted, but ended up keeping all three of the things I pulled out, then stopped. (Turns out that not only do I still have the original Diablo and Diablo II on CD, I have the hardware to run them too. I was never all that great at Diablo and never played Diablo II, but I have since learned that the original was inspired by Angband and Moria and in its early version was going to be turn-based, so that makes me curious to try it again. (Diablo then inspired someone to make a turn-based traditional roguelike version, DiabloRL.) New Shiny: Angband: Nothing today. I was lacking for time. BGA: See above. Work: Start of day: 550. End of day: 552. Sounds about right. I added a few things to the list, and put most of my time into a single item. Long-term: Nope. Ever had one of those days when you're like "oh hey, I can talk about this in my end-of-day update, cool!" and then by end of day, you have no idea what you were going to talk about? That day is today. But that's okay. I have to go to bed now, will wake up tired regardless (not a morning person), and then have to perform for children, including hopping like a bunny, within half an hour of arriving at work. It is quite the way to wake up and start the day.
  3. Ongoing Habits: Exercise: Another lovely long night walk. Prayer: I did hear one and almost immediately forget about it. It almost happened a second time too - it took me a moment to realize what the sound actually meant. I did then respond though. NerdFitness: A wee bit of reading done. Purging: Ooh, no I did not. New Shiny: Angband: Life was rough for Jinjin today. On the first level he recalled to from town, he was soon teleported down one floor by Draebor the Imp. He wandered around that floor for a while, having a bit of a hard time (Gorlim Betrayer of Barahir was stalking with a water cannon), and was teleported down again, this time by a mage. Then he had to run down a level because he had a night mare after him (stupid night mares). And that level was another Omens of Death level. But it also had a very high item value rating, and his equipment is in increasingly desperate need of improvement, so... poke around, right? Ooh, looks promising! Look at all of the shiny items! But... so dangerous. Ungoliant the Unlight is in there, 30 levels out of depth (the black S). And a bunch of other scary stuff. And I'm running low on healing, so... maybe I can just grab that item in the hallway up ahead. Should be no problem, right? (In a screenshot that I apparently did not take, imagine young Jinjin where the cyan K is standing, and the dark green l - a hasty ent - appearing through a newly-made hole in the wall.) I DID NOT KNOW THEY COULD DO THAT. CRAP. RUN. The rest of the level also had much nastiness, so I had to recall back to town without seeing any of the lovely loot. Jinjin is going to die soon if he doesn't get some more of speed (I am at only +1) and some better armour and weaponry. He was down to 10HP at one point - luck alone saved him. Just got a helm of telepathy, which is nice, but his resistance holes are still crappily covered, his AC is less than 80, and his weapons give no benefits whatsoever other than hitting harder than anything else he's found. He could REALLY benefit from confusion resistance, which is unlikely, but a girl can dream. Notable kills: Farmer Maggot (relieved some of the frustration of the previous death level), Kavlax the Many-Headed, The Queen Ant (a fun fight), Waldern King of Water. BGA: Didn't do any today. Work: Start of day: 558. End of day: 550. Long-term: Darn. It was in the plans. I know exactly what I want to do, but keep doing other things instead.
  4. Ongoing Habits: Exercise: I did not exercise on arriving home because I had no laundry to bring downstairs. I did go on a nice long walk in the evening though. Prayer: The alarms kept happening at inconvenient times, like less than a minute after I got a text that my ride was on their way. NerdFitness: Did a respectable amount of reading today. Still lots to go to be caught up. Purging: Officially for the task, a small number of recipe cards. Unofficially for a task on my work list, a rather large pile of song sheets. New Shiny: Angband: I sold up my goods in town before heading out, and got an ID on a weapon better than the one I was using. Only 25000gp to buy it back. Ouch. I was greeted with another Omens of Death message on level 36, but other than running into Fundin Bluecloak (more than 30 levels out-of-depth, but more annoying than dangerous) I never did figure out what made it "dangerous". The loot was bad anyway. Onward! Level 39 brought almost all of the uniques on the kill list today. Lorgan can summon, and so could a bunch of other enemies on the level, and it got ugly and hard pretty quick. Jinjin hit 39 HP at one point from a max of over 500! But we killed them all eventually. On level 40 I found an enemy that I cannot beat at melee and need to run from. Stupid night mares. The diving continues. Notable kills: Ulwarth Son of Ulfang, Bert the Stone Troll, Bill the Stone Troll, Ulfang the Black, Lorgan Chief of the Easterlings BGA: Didn't do any today. Work: Start of day: 559. End of day: 558. Despite putting in quite a bit of work and getting rid of a bunch of stuff! One of the items I pulled from the pile was a physical one, and it had a large number of items inside it. I took out all the items related to songs and put the rest back. I worked through these for an hour, checking items against my master song list and adding a few that looked interesting or that I had accidentally left off the main list. After an hour of this, I couldn't face any more, so the rest went back into the pile as a new item. Sometimes list items are quick and easy, and sometimes they end up generating more items. The list be like that. Doesn't mean I didn't make progress. Long-term: Unless you count the 50-minute French YouTube I watched to help improve my accent, I didn't do anything.
  5. If you really like the PB&J flavours but want more protein and less bread, you could try an omelette with PB&J filling. You have exercise support cats too! (And a charming laugh. )
  6. Maybe, maybe not. The going rate around here is roughly $130-180 Canadian, a little more in the expensive cities. That's roughly $100-150 in US dollars. I assume that from that money they have to pay their office expenses, and that that also covers for research/planning when needed outside of your actual consultation time. Maybe also some time taking on subsidized sessions for targeted populations or community-oriented programs that they do free of charge. If it does indeed cover those things, than it doesn't seem excessively high. If you don't have to pay for your space out of your earnings though, it might be. To not even consider taking on any patients that pay less though, that doesn't seem right at all. It's not exactly starvation wages. (Note that this is for therapy, not the kind of mental healthcare involving drug prescriptions. There is no public coverage at all for that here. If you have a mental illness and need to see a psychologist, you are facing long wait times rather than a price barrier. And you would need a doctor to refer you, which is also a major barrier when probably 1 in 5 people don't have one. And yes, this all sucks.)
  7. Baby fish! Didn't take long to switch back from "man, maybe I should just chill and enjoy the fish" to "let's breed us some fishies!". Never, if you're doing it right.
  8. Welcome back! I hope your goals are going well, but even if they aren't we are here to support you and help support if we can.
  9. Ongoing Habits: Exercise: Yup. Bent-arm bear was a lot more fun than yesterday's session. My monkey stall is still not much of a stall, but hey. I try. Prayer: I don't recall purposely skipping an alarm, but it didn't happen. NerdFitness: Settling in for this now. Purging: A little stack of papers. I ended up going down a little genealogy rabbit hole due to one of them, and realizing that I need to drag up the data from an old program to expand my data in FamilySearch. Hopefully then I can link into the Great Tree of Humanity. I am hindered by the fact that on my dad's side, there are too many people named George in the same place at roughly the same time, my grandmother had a complicated history due to being orphaned early, and I've never managed to find official birth or marriage records for either of them. New Shiny: Angband: Today was primarily a dive day. Made it down to level 37. The fights are starting to feel a little fairer - I can't mindlessly run in and smack any more. (I need to improve my gear. ) I finally have a wand that lets me teleport away troublesome enemies, which will come in very handy when the Bill and Bert show up again. Notable kills: Lokkak the Ogre Chieftain. BGA: Nah, I just played familiar things today. Work: Start of day: 566. End of day: 559. Long-term: Hoping to get to a bit of this tomorrow.
  10. Sticking to horror. I loved Jonathan Maberry's Rot and Ruin series. I also liked In the House in the Dark of the Woods by Laird Hunt, but that seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it book. If you like dark fairy tales and can tolerate a slow reveal of what is actually going on (with much confusion the whole way through), it might be up your alley.
  11. I hope that we can put on some really good programs for the community. Right now we need more for teens, and that is going to fall mostly on me. I'm using Notion. I built a bunch of databases for the big categories of Stuff - storytime books, displays, songs/rhymes, crafts/activities/games, etc. - downloaded a todo list template, made a calendar for future events, built a CRM, made pages for the program descriptions we paste over and over.... Stuff like that. I love how flexible it is to tweak to your needs, how you can embed all different kinds of files in the database fields, and how I can tag the crap out of things and link the databases together to do things like build programs, then have the link to that program's scheduled date in the calendar. I know if I put more time into it, I could make it do a lot more than it is from an automation point of view, but that can come with time. Right now, I just want it to hold my things while I work out the best categories and formats for me, and know that if I need, say, activities for a program for ages 6-8 that has something to do with dogs, I can find that quickly, with the photos, files, and description all right there to hand. The one thing I don't like so far is that printing from Notion is really bad quality, so anything meant for printing needs to be made into a Word document and linked. Well... 1. He tried to kill me first! He even brought a pack of bears with him. Dude meant business. 2. Given that I murder many of the townspeople every time I visit town just because they are in my way, I'm guessing I'm not exactly lawful good. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ongoing Habits: Exercise: Yes. I did a round of Vitamin when I got home. It was a really boring session though. Ten minutes of duck walking and little monkey spins. Prayer: I don't recall ignoring alarms, but also don't recall hearing any. NerdFitness: Some reading has been done. More after this post. Purging: A bunch more recipe cards. Mostly because they have ingredients I have never bought or even seen at the store. New Shiny: Angband: Short but sweet trip into the Mines today. About two rooms in on my foray back to level 30, I read an unknown scroll which turns out to be Teleport Level. Up we go! Bye bye level 30! On landing on level 29, I am greeted with this message: Oh my. Angband levels give you "feelings" when you first enter that roughly correlate to the difficulty of the monsters within. (If you hang around the level long enough, there is one for items too.) They range from 1-9. Omens of death is a rank of 9. Haven't seen one of those for a while. Let's find out what it means! This is when telepathy comes in REALLY handy - if you see something ahead that will wreck you, you can run run run away, hopefully before it sees you. Turns out that this level had not one, but two graveyards - rooms with every square filled with undead monsters. Nearly all of these were out of depth as well. A shame that my weapon is cold branded, and the undead are resistant to cold. But no matter! Jinjin chooses a good position in a corridor and begins to smack things. When things get a little dicey, he phase doors away to get better enemy positioning or some healing. Before hitting the second graveyard, he finds a weapon with an extra-powerful Slay Undead rune, which is the kind of thing that really helps. He cleans out both graveyards. But here's the thing about the undead - many of them drain either stats or experience. (Melee gets less simple the deeper you go.) Poor Jinjin had his CON drained quite a bit (this got fixed on level up though), and over the course of these two piles of enemies, lost enough over 50,000xp and dropped SIX character levels to level 23. Ouch. Fortunately, town had a potion of Restore Life Levels, so at the end of the adventure he was none the worse for wear. But that was enough excitement for one day. Notable kills: None today. BGA: I got a game going in one of the games I learned yesterday. I lost, badly, but that's to be expected. I also had a nice chat with the player I lost to, who was sharing basic strategy tips so that I could play better next time. So sweet. Work: Start of day: 571. End of day: 566. Long-term: Nope. That was never going to be on the cards for today. Had a random language-related lightbulb moment today. I was reading my French book, and suddenly noticed how the third person past tense in this verb has "ar" in its construction. Reminds me of Spanish, I think. Wait. I look at a few other examples. Of course. The passé simple in French is very very similar to the way that the past tense in Spanish works. I never noticed this because although I see the passé simple in books all the time, I just gloss over it - it is obsolete in daily life and only used in literature, so I never learned it. Not so in Spanish though, it seems! This is not actually going to help my language learning (unless I want to learn how to conjugate the passé simple), but it was still a neat thing to discover.
  12. Your partner seems quite free with your money, especially given he earns more than you do. It sounds like your spending goals are not aligned, and this is both annoying you and sabotaging your plans. Hypothetically, what would happen if you were to, say, point out that if he wants the expensive coffee machine, that means he's also down for the fancy coffee? Or that if he wants expensive wine that you don't really need or use, that you are not okay with paying for that? Or that you would like to sit out a Thursday to save money?
  13. Ongoing Habits: Exercise: No. I had very little time to cook before my son had to leave for work, so it was not possible. Prayer: Yes. I ignored one alarm, but I responded to the other one. NerdFitness: Finished the initial checking process, and starting in on the reading part. Purging: Two music CDs, neither of which I even remember having. New Shiny: Angband: We are now at character level 29 and 1500' (dungeon level 30). I thought this would be a very boring update as it was a lot like yesterday: drop a bit, gather items that need ID, ferry them to town. (The game has a rune-based ID system, so once you ID "slay troll" or "paralysis curse" or whatever, you know it for all future items). Nothing much exciting, other than starting to run into stat gain potions and some fights disenchanting uniques, who junked all of my equipment. But then I jumped in just before posting, and had a heck of a level. I spawned on level 30 right next to Tom, the Stone Troll. Now, Tom always appears with his brothers, Bert and Bill. No problem, I think. I smack them! And I tried. But Tom all by himself was a match for me. I had to use a Speed potion in order to wear him down, and then his brother showed up. 😡These guys can throw boulders for a lot of damage, and I was not going to be able to fight two of them together. I finished the whole level before managing to get Tom by himself so I could kill him. Bert and Bill were too buddy-buddy, so I had to leave them for another time. I was out of Speed potions by then anyway, and running low on healing. Time to leave. But just before taking off, I found a scroll of Identify Rune, and the the new Broad Axe of Gondolin I found? It has telepathy! (This lets you detect most enemies a short distance away, which is HUGE. I previously had no way to detect at all.) Sadly, the weapon itself sucks, but telepathy! Notable kills: Smeágol, Lugdush the Uruk, Uglúk the Uruk, Khîm Son of Mim, Mîm Betrayer of Turin, Beorn the Shape-Changer, Uldor the Accursed, Tom the Stone Troll BGA: I learned the rules for two new games, but couldn't get a game going in either. Work: Start of day: 577. End of day: 571. Long-term: Nope. I need to tell about the supper I made tonight, because I'm quite proud of it. Such plans as I had kept going wrong, but I ended up with a dish that got an "I could live off that stuff!" response from my son. I knew I had to get food on the table by 6:30 at the latest so that he could get to work. I am NOT a speedy cook. I had an appointment that ended at 5, so my plan was to pick up some stuffed pasta at the grocery store on the way home and do a simple pasta-with-sauce-and-some-vegetables-mixed-in. Picked up some rocket just inside the entrance. Excellent I think; veg achieved. Now to get pasta, and we are golden! There are only two stuffed pastas available. One I can't eat, the other looks unappetizing (mushroom lovers, bleh). Okay, so let's do penne with a few extra things thrown in. Some cheese would be good. I am tempted by some herbed mozzarella, but the meltiness will not go with my rocket. Goat cheese feta it is! And maybe pieces of sausage for protein! That sounds good... but the store does not have any sausage that is neither pork nor hot dogs. Crap. I don't have time to thaw meat, and I don't want to buy any when we have lots at home, so... hardboiled eggs I guess. And for sauce? The sauces just don't seem to go with my rocket (and are a bit expensive). I almost end up with an alfredo, but in the end decide to do caramelized onions in browned butter. Okay. Hope this works! Get home, chop up a couple of onions, press some garlic (the farmer's market garlic is so juicy it just bursts!), and throw that in a pan with some butter to do its thing. Put four eggs in the toaster to do their thing. Chop up the rocket, grab some garlic chives and a bit of parsley from the garden and chop them too, cube the feta. And that's somehow all the prep. Boil water for pasta. Discover that someone has put vinegar in the kettle after the water has boiled. Throw out pot of water, boil new one. The onions and butter are done now and look amazing. I go to toast some pine nuts and learn I have none. Oh well. Put on pasta for real this time. Fetch the eggs, shell them, cut them each in 8. Wait for pasta to cook, drain, stir it into the onions, add the rocket until wilted, then add the rest (I left out the eggs so they wouldn't crumble; they just got put in each person's bowl). Done. It really was very nice. The onions brought sweetness, the garlic fit in great, the feta brought a touch of sour, and the egg a bit of richness to go with the butter. Filling and easy and cheap and delicious. Pretty good for a meal made of plan Bs.
  14. Melee is fun, but overly successful melee makes you inattentive after a while, and then your people die. At least, that is my experience. That is good, because it is all I could think of (and it wasn't even my idea!). Yes! We smash! It is less of a have to. I started a new job role (children's programmer at the library) at the beginning of July, but didn't start actually doing the job until August. I have done it before though. Over the years, I have prepped displays, activities, storytimes, booklists, etc, and it wasn't until I went to put together a basic storytime that I realized that my lists of favourite books were scatters in a half dozen places, and many of the books on the lists are no longer in the system. I spent way too long trying to find things I know that I have somewhere. And while picking through it, I found all sorts of things I'd forgotten about but will be useful for all the crap I have to plan. I find it extremely freeing and stress-relieving to know that I have ideas fleshed out that I could pull out and use if I don't come up with anything else. My digital organization is presently awful, in other words, and if I want to use my decade of past work to help Future Me be less stressed, I need to organize it. However, Me On Work Hours needs to do more immediate short-term planning until I can get myself a little bit ahead (ha!), along with things that can only be done in-branch, which leaves this non-mission critical stuff for (mostly) outside of work hours since it is possible to do at home. True. And don't travel without escapes. Backup plans make everything better! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ongoing Habits: Exercise: No. I was completely dead and in desperate need of sleep when I got home from work, so I did that instead. (Did not sleep well last night.) Prayer: No. I heard one alarm and ignored it. I did not have a good excuse. NerdFitness: Started sorting through the new challenges. Purging: Forgot about this! Will do after posting. New Shiny: Angband: Jinjin is now at character level 26, and has dropped to 1050' (dungeon level 21). He smacked his way through an entire room's worth of various p's, and that was mostly the flavour of the day. Mostly challengeless melee, even the uniques. He did drop to double digits a couple of times (gasp!) but he was never in any real danger. He now has 390HP, which really helps. He did junk a bunch of equipment by fighting gelatinous cubes though - acid attacks be rough on armour. It was a fairly chill day for him of collecting stuff that needed an ID (Identify Rune scrolls have been thin on the ground) and ferrying them back to town to get then IDed. I picked up a few nice things (thank the heavens, I finally got the Phial of Galadriel and don't have to mess around in dark rooms!), but my pile of gear still has a lot of room for improvement. Found a couple of these on level 21 which was the biggest excitement of the day: That is a teensy vault (the red asterisks are items I have detected). These usually contain both good items and out-of-depth monsters. These ones were pretty tame, but I was still happy to find them. Notable kills: Wormtongue Agent of Saruman, Ulfast Son of Ulfang, Nár the Dwarf, Gorbag the Orc Captain, Old Man Willow, Shagrat the Orc Captain, Bolg Son of Azog, Angamaitë of Umbar, Sangahyando of Umbar. I chased Farmer Maggot around a bit, but he always ran and hid. This makes 17/100 uniques killed so far. (I have only ever seen 83.) BGA: Nope. Work: Start of day: 576. End of day: 577. I did do things. I just also added some stuff to the list, and some of the things I did didn't remove anything as it was a large item and not completed. Long-term: Nope.
  15. My time was on the limited side today, and I lacked energy after work (it was busy, and I learned a lot!) So accomplishments are modest. Ongoing Habits: Exercise: Yes! It was very minimal as I both forgot my phone AND made it all the way back upstairs before remembering (I had brought down another thing to do and it didn't go as planned) Prayer: Also yes. I dragged myself up at the alarm, and ended up with a full prayer. NerdFitness: No reading today. Brain was fuzzy and I was more focused on my work tasks. Purging: Got rid of a CD and a strategy book for a game I do not even own. New Shiny: Angband: I started my new character today: Jinjin the Half-Troll Warrior. I am tired of losing delicate wizards, and just wanted to smack things this time around. Clearly I am a looker with a bright college future ahead of me. Skipped the first level as I found a down staircase right away. Second level, I levelled up on my first kill () and was level 6 before I descended. I kept descending and smacking things until they died with complete ease until 700' (dungeon level 14). This level had six uniques in close proximity (at one point, I had four after me at the same time). The first one I met (Boldor, King of the Yeeks) also confused me, slowed me, then teleported me into a very dangerous situation. I survived and eventually killed everyone, but at the cost of all of my healing potions and almost all of my escapes. Must needs be a little more cautious in my smacking from here on out. I returned to town to restock. Final status as seen in screenshot. (So much HP....) Killed today: Farmer Maggot's Dogs Fang and Grip, Bullroarer the Hobbit, Brodda the Easterling, Grishnákh the Hill Orc, Golfimbul the Hill Orc Chief, Boldor King of the Yeeks, Orfax Son of Boldor. BGA: Nope. This is only for when I don't have to cram it into limited time (thereby producing MORE stress; the opposite of fun). Today was not going to work. Work: Start of day: 578. End of day: 576. And I did add some things too, so yay! Long-term: Nope.
  16. I've been having a hard time coming up with a good goal for this challenge round, hence the lateness. However, I think I've found it. I've spent the last couple of weeks spending most of my spare time working on work tasks. Mostly, organizing a large pile of information accumulated over a decade into a better, more searchable, and easier-to-use form. This is not how "spare time at home" is meant to go. There is meant to be time for actual fun and personal projects and the like. So I am going to inject some fun, even if I have to schedule it, while still allowing myself to chip away at my digital chaos. Ongoing habits: These all need care and feeding. Exercise after my coming-home laundry routine Washing and prayer on hearing my alarm (if I am home and able) Reading NerdFitness when.... I still don't have a good habit here, but read it! Get rid of one thing every day New shiny things for this challenge: I have played a game called Angband on and off since 1999. In the game, you are a character descending through the 100 levels of the Mines of Moria to kill Morgoth. I have never won, and the closest I've ever been is about 20 levels from the bottom. I just killed my latest character today, so I'm going to make a new one and see how far I can get. I also play on BoardGameArena, and they are forever putting up new games that I don't take the time to try out. Goal here is to try one per day on days where this is a realistic thing to do. (Reading rules takes time!) I have a pile of work tasks consisting of Stuff that needs to be sorted into my new organizational system. There are currently 578 items on that list. (I split the tasks up a lot, so most of these are fairly small.) Some more will be added as time passes (as I find new things, or break, say, a pile of links in an email into a bunch of smaller tasks), but obviously the goal is to have that number be smaller at the end of the day than at the start. I may also try to work on things that will improve things for me long-term, like my stock research and buying of last challenge. I am thinking of figuring out a good way to organize recipes to easily make meals. But this is more of a bonus item. Okay, feels like a challenge. Let's go!
  17. Goals 1. Sort out my investments. Finish moving money. Done! Research categories. Mostly done! The research on US section went much faster than expected because it turns out there is almost nothing decent available on the Canadian market. I am going to have to peek into the US-listed end of the market before I make final choices. Purchase things. It's the weekend, so no purchasing occurred. 2. Fix my bicycle. (ON HOLD) - this was meant to be temporarily on hold, not dead. Sigh. Nope. 3. Finish knitting scarf. Still much nothing. Habits Play with the parameters of one goal per week. I have been out and about all weekend, so this was basically not an option. Get rid of one thing per day. I did do this today! (Just recipe cards.) Exercise every day. Also did this. SO MUCH of this. Read and post on NF. Nothing at all. Comes with having company over. My brother and his girlfriend dropped in for the long weekend just over an hour after I got home from work on Friday, so I have been spending very little time on my computer and more time with them. And we have been Doing Stuff. On Saturday, we went straight from my work to an all-you-can-eat chain that they were very excited to introduce us to. As one does at such places, we all ate too much, but I think we all also tried everything we wanted to, so that was good. However, I realized that there was a problem almost as soon as I stood up: I was starting to have serious doubts about keeping all of my food down. I have never thrown up from eating too much before. That is no longer true. I am now the butt of my family's jokes for having "transitional soup". Today, we attempted to go spelunking at the Lusk Cave in Gatineau Park. I even put on jeans for the first time in almost fifteen years for the occasion. (My son took a picture for posterity. ) Unfortunately, too many other people had the same idea. The road up to the shortest entrance was closed, because the lot was full. We navigated to a different parking lot on a much longer path that would still get us there (8km still sounded doable), but my brother's girlfriend was wearing borrowed shoes for some reason, and she had a bad enough blister at about the 2km mark that we had to turn back. So we failed at cave exploration today. We also failed at a later trail walk that we did closer to home, because it was dark and a bit buggy and that put the guests off. But we did have a consolation prize. On the way home, we stopped at T&T (a large Asian grocery store). My brother's girlfriend is Vietnamese, and she decided to teach us how to make fresh spring rolls. (She says this is how Vietnamese parents trick their children into eating vegetables.) The only thing we needed was rice paper. But of course, that is not all we bought, because it is a fun place to explore and full of unexpected and interesting things to try. (I still want to know why they are selling 1kg hula hoops, and who is paying $32 for this AT THE GROCERY STORE.) I ended up with a freezer full of dumplings and wontons, and we picked up a few kinds of instant ramen despite my purposely avoiding the ramen aisle so that I didn't buy one of everything. (Another time. ) The spring rolls were messy and fun, and also super easy. We had many ideas for how to change up the flavours. We are definitely going to be making those again. So in the end, I did a ton of exercise this weekend. Friday I did a session of Literal Immortality on GMB, because I felt like something bouncier that the usual Elements. Saturday, even after the eating too much and everyone ending up in bed for a while when we got home, I still went out for a short walk. And today we got in a 4km hike and then another shorter walk too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This challenge almost summarizes itself because of its goal-setting structure. I didn't finish any of the three goals I set, which I'm a little sad about. But I did know that one was overly ambitious, and one I kind of lost control of. The last one, I feel like I've done fairly well, as it's almost done. By the official start of next challenge, it will be complete. My usual habit of getting rid of a thing was mostly successful. Posting and reading was more successful than last time, but that's not saying a lot. This still needs work. Tweaking habits didn't happen as often as I had planned, but the exercise tweak I made worked REALLY well, and I haven't tested and played with the prayer one enough to know for sure how it will go because I have had so many problems just sorting out the tech, and then people came over. And that's about it really. I feel like I made some progress. Not as much as I'd hoped, but more than I would have without the challenge. Which is fairly average. I do like having this goal structure in place - it gives me a clear target to shoot for, and even if I don't make it, I make some headway on something I may have been ignoring, and that's a very good thing. Still got to find the balance, but I will probably keep at least one goal on the list for next time.
  18. That is fair. Some of us like meditative, relaxing knitting. Others like hard and experimental things that go wrong and make us want to throw them out the window. And thank you. I certainly hope so. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals 1. Sort out my investments. Finish moving money. Done! Research categories. The international section is done. I ended up picking four different ETFs because there was so little overlap between them, none of them individually had enough diversity to make me completely comfortable, and the world is a big enough place that this makes sense to me. Purchase things. Worked on it. More work needs doing. 2. Fix my bicycle. (ON HOLD) - this was meant to be temporarily on hold, not dead. Sigh. Nothing. I really just need to test my bike in the spot my son suggested and see if it works for me (and I actually use it). 3. Finish knitting scarf. None today. Habits Play with the parameters of one goal per week. I was not both at home and available the two times I heard the alarm go off. I should have heard it go off four times though. I do not know if I am just tuning it out, or if the notifications are weird. Probably a little of both, but leaning to the latter. Get rid of one thing per day. Oh shoot. Forgot all about this. Exercise every day. Did do this though. Which is kind of awesome as I was not planning to go out, and also didn't really feel like it before starting. Read and post on NF. I read promiscuously - just a little here and there. Definitely did not post. I spent the afternoon narrowing down my international choices. Just as I was getting into the buying phase though (and selling old things to enable the buying), I got a call from the dentist's office (I had left a message earlier in the day about needing a crown adjusted). Could I be there in half an hour? The dentist was going on vacation and this was his last day. Yikes. The dentist is half an hour away. So I dropped everything and left on the spot, and have a more comfortable crown. But it meant that the markets were closed when I got back, and while I could have placed a bunch of limit orders, I just didn't feel like it. I mostly read my book through the evening and did a few little tasks. Nothing terribly memorable or noteworthy. Should do my wee purging task too. Oh, and I found the song I was looking for! It was on @Severine's thread. It was Soap not Soup (Soap & Skin). I can relax. 😄
  19. My son is 17, so he should be welcome in adult classes. Hopefully. And if he doesn't want to do it, that's okay too. Thanks! The only thing I don't like about it is that there is zero repeating in it, so you can't memorize and get in a flow. You have to carefully track your pattern. REALLY carefully track it, because if you aren't sure what line you are on, it is not easy to find it again! I cannot take too much credit as I didn't write the pattern. But I love the illusion effect too. I do the less-good technique of letting your reading list slowly build up because you'll get to it "someday" (you won't). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am very tired (this is what happens when you have long conversations with your child when you really should be going to bed), so this will be short. I had a headache yesterday (just a regular headache for once!) when I got back from work, but I still exercised. I just made sure to pick something that didn't look bouncy or upsidedowny. I'm proud of getting that done. I also exercised today at the appropriate time. I have done some research, but not enough. Cannot continue tonight as I will make poor decisions. That's about it, to be honest.
  20. Kids Help Phone is always looking for volunteers. Most of their volunteer positions are text-based crisis responders, which can be done from home at literally any hours you wish (though late night availability is the most helpful). I get the impression that a lot of counsellors use it as a way to get experience while they are students. The phone positions are held by paid counsellors I believe. Is anywhere an easy place for an adult to make friends though?
  21. I do almost no liking (mostly just if the person said something I really liked, or had a really good moment to share, or I want to basically "me too" their post), but I think using it to show "I am here" when you don't have much to say is really common and rather nice. Thanks! It's not hard and the pattern is free if you ever want your own! I have pyjama days on a lot of my non-work days though.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Goals 1. Sort out my investments. Finish moving money. Done! Research categories. Nothing. Purchase things. No. 2. Fix my bicycle. (ON HOLD) I talked to my son to see where he thinks is a good place to store my bike, because I wasn't coming up with anything good and he used his bike for daily transport fairly recently. He gave me a thing to try. So I may see how it will fit there. 3. Finish knitting scarf. Nothing new. Habits Play with the parameters of one goal per week. I was not home for the two notifications I heard, and I am not sure if the other ones sounded or not. I am okay with not responding to things when I am not home at this point in time. Low hanging fruit first. Get rid of one thing per day. I had done nothing on this until I was "invited" downstairs. Twice actually. The first summon followed an, ahem, manly shriek. (My son had discovered yoghurt with big red splotches in it that was not fruit in the bottom, and he needed help disposing of it.) The second was to deal with a whole pile of stuff. My son's bonus job is to take things that we are getting rid of, see if they are saleable, and put them up for sale if they are. He had a pile of stuff that had been up for a while with no bites, so it was going to the charity shop if I didn't want any of it. I picked out a few things that had made their way into his piles by mistake, or his personal discards that I wanted for myself or the library, and we now have a few boxes of stuff all ready for a thrift shop run. Exercise every day. I did a bunch of walking today. Read and post on NF. I read AND posted! It was a busy day today. I got a crown installed (it should take only ten minutes, but there were problems and it took an hour of adjusting to make it fit). I made a successful Dollarama run and am now stocked up with noodle cups (but not their plain kettle chips, much sad). I started looking into martial arts for small people, as there are like half a dozen martial arts studios in town, many do adult classes, and that sounds both like a fun activity and like a good way to meet people. I went on a long walk with my son, and then talked to him for three hours. I started reading a book that I have been meaning to read for ages. So it was a good day.
  22. Please to share your discovery? My fine hair should be wavy curly, but lately has been frizzy and lifeless and bleh. I need a haircut, but also better ideas on how to make the most of it. Kinder World sounds interesting; will give it a try! You are sounding happy in your life, much happier than before the job change. And with many wonderful happy moments. This is a lovely thing to see.
  23. Congrats on your certification, and for what sounds like a wonderful weekend!
  24. 🤦‍♀️ I was going to say that the two colours have stripes that are exactly the same and so it can't be, but I realized that's not true. They are mirrors of each other - where one purls, the other knits. So probably my purl uses slightly more yarn than my knit. It makes perfect sense. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I completely ignored my investments and knitting today to work on a non-challenge project. There was supposed to be D&D but it was cancelled, so since I was already dressed (don't judge), I decided to walk up to Dollarama to buy some noodle cups for work lunches. I arrived at 5:02. They closed at 5. 😠 I will have to go again tomorrow as I am completely out. It got me out of the house and moving though, so not a total loss. And since my exercise habit triggered on the way in the door, I did that too. No GMB as I was already a bit sweaty and didn't want to, so I did some leg lifts that I'm pretty sure I will feel tomorrow. And I went for a night walk later on too. I read on NF, but did not post.
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