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  1. 29 minutes ago, WhiteGhost said:

    Good news indeed.  Keep it up!

    I shall do my best!



    Ramadan habits: I didn't get a lecture in, but then I wasn't really expecting to either.


    Eating/drinking: I have almost drunk my water. I may or may not eat - I haven't really been hungry, and I haven't lost any weight that I've noticed, so I might be all right.


    Exercise: This was never going to happen today. The physio will though, I will make sure of that.


    Reading/posting: Again, only one.


    Fridays when I work the Saturday are always a bit of a whirlwind. Get home, get food, start ttrpg, post update, go to bed early enough to try for enough sleep is really pretty much it.

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  2. Ramadan habits: I feel like I'm doing well here. :) I made all of the things fairly small (where possible), and I'm still on track and not feeling overwhelmed. This is Good News.


    Eating/drinking: More popcorn, and I have already finished my water. :)


    Exercise: I have not yet done the thing. I will do physio before bed, but nothing further. I really need to get a better sense of when to do this, because I frittered away enough time that I could easily have fit it in.


    Reading/posting: Just the one, but that's all it takes.


    It's been one of those days where I did basically nothing, and remember nothing, but I feel like I enjoyed the doing. :D Just relaxed and easy. And got enough sleep, which was nice.


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  3. 18 hours ago, Jarric said:

    I think this is doable in a spreadsheet. I definitely want cooking time in mine, main equipment would be useful (hob/oven/slow cooker mainly). This is one of those things that definitely feels like it should be more straightforward...

    I don't have the spreadsheet-fu to know how to get a good GUI out of a spreadsheet though, so I'd be in roughly the same learning boat as I am with the database idea.


    14 hours ago, starpuck said:

    My sis had frozen shoulder and it took her a bit to get that rehabbed.  Wishing you the best results and the speediest recovery.

    My physio seems delighted with the progress I am making, so you may get your wish!



    Ramadan habits: Yes, did all of the things. And the new shortcut worked perfectly! :)


    Eating/drinking: Still have some water to finish up (and I didn't finish it all yesterday and felt it today). We made popcorn in the evening, so I'm counting that as my extra food.


    Exercise: Physio has been done. I forgot that I put a link to GMB on my phone and didn't want to open up the computer, so I threw together a mini-workout of pushups, hollow body holds, and lunges. So I did something!


    Reading/posting: Yup! Though most of the ones I read were ones I decided not to follow. But I did visit and read (and post here), and that's what counts.


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  4. 16 hours ago, Jarric said:

    If you make good progress on the database idea let me know. I played with that idea last year - we've got several hundred recipe cards from a recipe box which I'd really like to index so that I can filter by ingredients. I very quickly discovered that it wasn't an easy job to do in Excel though, and I couldn't be bothered to learn Access!


    Having written that, I might have figured out a way I can do this in Excel. WW offered to do all of the data entry, so we'll see if she's still interested in doing that...


    Cream cheese bagels and fried eggs on toast are both great low-effort meals. I don't know what perogies are, but assume they're good too.

    I ordered a book from the library about them (because of course I did). It arrived today and is enormous. ENORMOUS. I have cards in a box like yours too, plus internet bookmarks. The only reason I'm trying to write my own rather than use one of the subscription services (other than just not wanting to pay) is because in addition to filtering by ingredients (and being able to scale recipes, and maybe toggle between volume and weight) I want to be able to do things like filter by cooking technique, filter by food type (soup, etc.), tag which recipes freeze well, that sort of thing. Weird little features that no one else seems to want but shouldn't be hard to implement. If you know what you're doing. Which I don't.


    Perogies are a delicious Eastern European potato-based dumpling that you can boil or pan-fry, or boil then fry. Very good with fried onions.


    9 hours ago, starpuck said:

    I really want some bagel now.   I think I am stopping on the way in to work tomorrow haha!   And some pre-cooked eggs maybe lol.

    I should take a page from your book and walk on the days I don't do a planned workout.

    Takeout bagel sounds delish; takeout egg less so.


    Wish I had taken a page out of my own book today....


    9 hours ago, Alanna said:

    Following, will try not to disappear from NF this time 😅. Hope the GMB sessions go well - what are you rehabbing with the physio? 

    Welcome! The GMB sessions have yet to happen, but I also hope they will go well! I am rehabbing my shoulder from frozen shoulder. At its worst I was very concerned that I wasn't going to be able to dress and undress myself alone. Things are much better now and continuing to improve. :)



    Ramadan habits: Stayed less good. Didn't watch my video at all. Did do my reading and would have done my prayer alerts if I had ever heard them (I think I got called away at just the wrong moment over and over). On the plus side, I completely finished my charity shortcut and it looks great and works just how I wanted it to and I'm excited to get to using it. It will make everything SO much easier, as needing to sit down and look up the website, plus trying to remember where I sent money last time so that I spread it out, added a big mental barrier to the task and so it was often forgotten. Now it's a 30-second easy thing I can do in a few taps on my phone with no decisions necessary right when I think of it. So I just need a good trigger to make me think of it.


    Eating/drinking: I really do not feel hungry at all, and the thought of eating is unappealing. I will make sure I drink all my water, but I don't think I'll eat extra.


    Exercise: Everything is still achy, boo. I'm also exhausted and ready to crash and have been since I got home. Strong, strong chance that no exercise of any kind will be happening tonight.


    Reading/posting: Read a few. Not sure if I replied to anything, but I did read. Should probably do another pass of the main menu tomorrow to check on the newly posted ones.


    Everything has gotten busy busy busy at work and I'm finding it hard to get through the work I'm expected to in the time I have available. It sure does make the time fly though!


    .....My brain is failing to come up with events of the day, which is probably a sign that I should bid you all good night and get me some shuteye.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Jarric said:

    Yeah, I find having to make a decision about food in the moment takes a surprising amount of energy. Is there a way you can automate that decision in future to make it easier? Either by saying 'if I don't know what to eat I always eat X', or by having a bunch of stuff you can just heat up and eat without thought/prep?

    In the long-term, I've had the inklings of a project where I write a database for my recipes to make finding exactly what I want easy, and/or set up a yearly schedule of sorts to eliminate decision-making altogether. This will absolutely not help me in the now.


    So in the realistic shorter term, point taken. I should find something that I can run to that's easy that I can just buy from a store and stockpile. Like bagels piled up with cream cheese. Or perogies. Or what I had last night in the end: fried eggs and toast.


    9 hours ago, starpuck said:

    Here to follow along with good habits and spring time!

    Welcome aboard!



    Ramadan habits: A little less good today. I was out twice, so I missed some triggers that were time-sensitive, and my phone also hit low battery at an inopportune time. (And today's khutba was boring and kinda sucky.) Still, an effort was made.


    Eating/drinking: I think I will give the eating part of this a pass for today and just focus on finishing my bottle of water (since I did not quite manage that yesterday). I am stuffed from my regular supper still. Recipe claimed it serves two when served alone. I don't know who these "two" are, but I served three including a teenage boy, and we still had trouble finishing.


    Exercise: New exercises gotten at the appointment today, and more progress, woo! Everything has been a bit achy in the sudden movements though, so I'm not going to risk aggravating it today. My legs got another long walk in today, so I'm not completely slacking.


    Reading/posting: Yup yup. Just the one, which is not enough to keep up, but at least there was one. It's enough to tick the box for this challenge.


    Today was the day I finally decided to get my out-of-date-by-two-months health card renewed, so I trekked down to the ServiceOntario. It is starting to feel springy - birds singing, bare patches of ground, the remaining snow developing that granular texture that means it's melting for good, and warm enough for one coat down from winter coat. No green leaf buds yet that I've noticed, but it won't be long! (And they may already be there; I should pay more attention next walk.)

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  6. 11 hours ago, Scaly Freak said:

    The ability to reach a larger audience seems to me like an excellent reason to stay virtual after Covid. Especially if the ones they were able to reach live in areas were in-person groups for any reason are not an option.

    The group that showed up was definitely more non-local than before - probably 2/3 non-local. There are still in-person events of some description - I saw one advertised on their Facebook group - but possibly no longer the services themselves. There are both gains and losses in that.


    5 hours ago, DoubleTrouble said:

    Here! Your challenges introduced me to Tiny Habits. I didn't make it to the end of the book though 😅

    You didn't need to! The content was very front-loaded, then moved into special cases as the book progressed. Did you find what you read useful at all?



    Ramadan habits: I am happy with how this is going still.


    Eating/drinking: Not yet. Honestly I don't know what to eat and don't really want to either cook or eat despite needing to, which is always a sucky situation. And a high risk for not eating.


    Exercise: I did not get physio done yesterday, which means it must be done today. I had a very long walk today which set my leg muscles a-twitching, so though I likely won't get to more exercise, I'm okay with that. But I want it to change tomorrow.


    Reading/posting: I did! I read the first post of every challenge that has been posted so far, which I always try to do (but is more than I've done for a couple of rounds now), opened tabs for the ones I want to take a fuller look at, and replied to one.


    I really need to get started a little earlier in the day on some of these. (My Blackguard just got access to both Telepathy and enough SP to cast more than the two spells I've been abusing, including a most murderous Werewolf form, and the urge to do "just one more level" has been hard to resist. 😅)

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  7. 12 hours ago, KB Girl said:

    Ramadan kareem :) 

    I actually find religion absolutely fascinating, so don't hold back on my account ;)

    Me too! Perhaps I'll mention if I stumble across anything particularly interesting then. :)


    1 hour ago, WhiteGhost said:

    How does that work?  Is it a live stream, a Zoom broadcast or something completely different?

    It used to be a Zoom livestream of a live meetup, but this time it was purely virtual over Zoom. It's a small group that was using rented space, so perhaps they've lost access to that space, or just got used to being virtual during Covid, I'm not sure. They did have a lot more out-of-town people than they used to as well - someone was trying to join from Cuba, even though Cuba has blocked Zoom!



    Ramadan habits: continuing well, woo!


    Eating/drinking: Ooh, I have not yet. Ate too many chips. 😅 I did have my water though.


    Exercise: Did not do this either. :(


    Reading/posting: Bleh.


    So I still have some work to do, it seems. Bad habits borne of laziness are hard to break.


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  8. On 3/24/2023 at 12:54 AM, Scaly Freak said:

    Ramadan Mubarak.


    ..at least, that's what they used to say at my old job every year. Hopefully I spelled it didn't misspell it too bad. :) 

    Your spelling is perfect. :)



    Ramadan habits: good start! Made it to virtual mosque for the first time in I don't know how long. :) It's still not exactly the perfect fit for me as a community, but it's way better than nothing. I'll check out another that I know of to see if it's a better fit, though I'm guessing no. Ah well, you work with what you have. The prayer habit I built has just clicked amazingly well; I'm very pleased. The others need a bit of tweaking on the habit end of things.


    Eating/drinking: I had my extra meal, and most of a bottle of water.


    Exercise: Did my physio very late. Did not do anything else though.


    Reading/posting: As you can probably tell my the date of this post, no, I did not.


    I spent a goodly chunk of my day yesterday going through a list of charities (still working on that shortcuts-to-make-donations-easier thing). My giant list of all of the international effective and Charity Navigator Top 100 has now been whittled down to exactly the number I wanted, with some spares as backups for the next time I spot check the list (mostly my spares just have a bit more money in cash reserves right now, so they don't need mine as badly). I'm feeling really good about this project, and I should be able to finish the shortcut-making part today.

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  9. Hooray for spring!


    Happy Summer GIF by BrittDoesDesign


    This challenge month overlaps almost perfects with Ramadan, which has just begun, so I am going to be building habits based on that. I don't want to fill up my chat with religious stuff though, because I have no desire to proselytize anyone and it's not exciting stuff to anyone else. So I'm just going to call the new habits (reading, prayer, lectures, and so on) "daily Ramadan habits" and try my best to hit them. I'm using the Tiny Habits method to build these habits, and I've already got one that just feels perfect. :)


    The one goal I'm going to pull out separately is eating/drinking. I need to make sure that I eat enough, because I often don't at the best of times and now I'm on a reduced eating schedule. So at least one extra meal after supper, preferably high-calorie, and at least one bottle of water drunk. Should be easy, but it is important so it must get done.


    Physio exercises continue, but I need more. More strength; so weak. I am going to aim to do one session of GMB per day (I have several programs, so alternating for rest days or to compensate for a soreness should be easy), then check this goal in a week or two to see if there are any issues.


    I do best when I post here every day and put some time into reading others' challenges and supporting them too. So, post every day, read something, however little, every day, and try to post. My other stuff is a bigger priority, but I'm going to try to try.


    That's everything! Happy spring, and happy challenging!

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  10. Physio done.

    Also a lot of pushups. I've been going through my library books again, and every time I have to get a new book, then again when I put it in either the keep or discard pile, that's more pushups. One of the books is an exercise book, so though I cannot do everything in their recommended first week progression (because I cannot hang from a bar), I will pull some from that book tomorrow. Excite!


    Challenge is almost over, eh? I have been very boring; my apologies. I have also been exceedingly bad at making it out of my own challenge and even posting in my own. Next challenge, must have a goal around this. It is becoming a bad habit.

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  11. Visited the physio today and got almost all new exercises. Progress is good. :)


    Also got the okay for doing some stuff to build my arm strength back up, as long as 1) I don't do two days in a row, 2) it fits in the pain boundaries I was given, and 3) I never skip mobility to do strength instead, and it doesn't interfere. So tomorrow, I look through this challenge and set up something. And tonight, I will start simple and do 3x10 dumbbell curls. I'm excited!

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  12. Physio done yesterday, not yet today.

    No other exercises done though. I am honestly not sure what is left to do that falls in the questionable zone that I haven't already tried. I went back to try the Bear to see if I could maybe do it now that I've had some improvement on overhead reach, but still no. Physio is tomorrow, and if he is okay with me working on some strength while also working on mobility, I'm going to transition the experimental part of the challenge into something more exercise-oriented.

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  13. On 3/1/2023 at 4:54 PM, Mistr said:

    I am glad to hear your shoulder is getting better and especially glad to hear that you are happy. 💗

    Thank you!



    Physio exercises done yesterday and today.

    Other exercises not done yesterday. Today, I tried the easy plank variations here. All the planks that kept a nice straight vertical were totally fine. Rocking plank was fine, which I was a little surprised by. Shoulder touch plank was only fine if I let my body rock from side to side, which it explicitly says not to do. If I kept tighter, it was no longer possible and felt unsafe. Side plank on the affected side was not possible either, due to a combination of pain and muscle weakness.


    I really need to get some little circuit going with the information I have gathered thus far. I'm running out of ideas for exercises to try, and the weaknesses I'm exposing are not thrilling me. I'll talk to the physio first to make sure there are no issues, but this is lighting a bit of a fire to regain my lost strength.

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  14. 19 hours ago, Jarric said:

    That is interesting - you target slightly different muscles in each position, but you wouldn't expect it to make that much difference.


    Is this the same with pushups out of interest? i.e. wide grip pushups are fine and narrow grip/diamond pushups are no good?

    It's the elbow position. I can't put my hands on my hips because I can't rotate my elbow out that way. Pushing the dumbbells together forces you to point your elbows out rather than keeping them more tucked at the side.


    You asked this question just as I was trying to come up with my movement experiment today, so I did three pushup variants - regular, wide grip, and diamond grip. See below for the results!



    Physio is not yet done. The pain is now back to what was normal baseline before, so I think the rest yesterday was the right thing to do.


    Experimental movement was the pushups as suggested by @Jarric.


    Wide grip pushups: Big no. Lots of pain going down, and was not able to push back up due to both pain and weakness.

    Normal pushups: These were fine from a pain point of view, but are really showing me how much weaker I have gotten in the last few months.

    Diamond grip pushups: Fine from a pain point of view (although they angle the elbows out, they point more towards the back, which does not hurt). Could not push all the way up though. Again, so weak.


    I was very happy today, happier than for a long time. I got a comment at work that I seemed back to my normal self, and that it was nice to see as they had been worried about me. I also got called "winsome", which was sweet. (And also taught me the meaning of the word "winsome" 😅.)

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