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  1. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    It's been all in all a quiet and simple day. Almost forgot my pills which was surprising, I've not had an issue with that so far. It feels weird to be almost three weeks into a challenge and still here the last couple of times I've hopped into a challenge I've not made it this far because of life stuff. It's a positive weird feeling but still, weird. My snoopybook has made a return to my desk the last few days. The snoopybook is where I keep all my worldbuilding and plotting for the story I've been working on for...far too long. Every time I start to write it something crazy happens and I end up backburnering it. It being back on my desk is a really significant positive step for me. This is the story I've been itching to write for years, and the fact I keep coming back to it tells me that it's important. Writing it matters to me, and I need to commit to it as much as I need to commit to living a more active, healthier lifestyle.
  2. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    Got up at 7:45. Better than 10:45 but still not as early as I need to get up on Friday. In fact if I got up then I'd be irretrievably late. So try again in the morning. And my brother just pinged me in a tizzy because he's accidentally shattered the screen on his ipad. When I ask him how, "Accidentally stood on it" Apparently he had it on the bed yesterday, put it on the floor last night because he couldn't be bothered to move it to the dresser AT THE END OF THE BED. And then forgot to do it today. And I'm trying to be the empathetic big sister and all, because he's stressed that it was a gift from mum etc. But in my head I'm just like...how do you treat a precious, valuable thing like that? If it's so precious to you that you're having a breakdown over it, don't put it on the bloody floor in the first place I should add that this boy is 22 years old. He's not a child, nor even a teenager. He's just been so coddled that he's completely incompetent. He calls me to ask what colour of shirt he should wear. He is pure bone idle laziness, has never had a job, paid his own bills, managed his own income, nada. But if I try in any way to point out "Hey, maybe a $120 a month phone contract isn't the best use of your limited income when you could get the previous model o phone for $50 a month less." or "Hey just because you have money in savings doesn't mean you need to buy another set of bluetooth headphones because yours are still in shipping, and you don't need to buy a samsung smart watch to replace your fitbit" then it goes in one ear and out the other with some very ridiculous excuse (the fitbit excuse was that mum got him the fitbit and he wanted to put it on his dresser in memorial of her. WEAR IT AND THEN YOU HAVE MEMORY WHEREVER YOU GO) He's blown through almost 7k in savings in a month and a half. He's been warned, if he ends up out on the street then I haven't got the space or money to help him. It's unfortunate but I just don't. I'm trying to find work myself, and I live with my Dad in a very small 2bed house. I feel like sometimes I became a mother when I didn't sign up for the position. And I know exactly what she would want me to do, but I just cannot and will not baby him and hold his hand.
  3. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    Nothing has ever made me appreciate grocery shopping like being stuck in a situation where I couldn't cook for three months. I just picked up my grocery order and now my freezer has 8.5 bags of veggies in it (about 5kg/11lbs of veggies) Plus another 3.5kg of good meats, and my spice rack is so full I can't fit some of them on the shelf anymore. Life is good.
  4. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    9:30 wake up today, and tonight I've got to try and settle down in about half an hour. Up at 6. Which is fine by me in theory, I like being up early in the morning, 6 is about my ideal wake up time. It's just the getting there that's always a stress. Dad has to take the car in for service at 7:30am on Friday, and I'm not about to try and follow him into the city and then drive him to work after just rolling out of bed. SO changing my sleep pattern now qill only do me favours. Also uninstalled pokemon go, since I can't use it really. Reinstalling zombies run in it's place, since I can use that without gps.
  5. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    Definitely screwed my sleep pattern. 10:30 wake up time today, and now it's gonna be a struggle to get it back in order. Beyond that it's been a very productive day of nothing really eventful. There's a knitting/crochet group that meets in the local library every Tuesday that I'm thinking about going to. Haven't decided yet, I'll make a snap decision when I wake up I think.
  6. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    My Dad is the main one, and I live with him so I don't get to tell him to just stick it. He's actually not said anything about this one, which is a first. I think he's had some very good insight into my sister from hearing about her while I was over there. Yup, I'm on board with that 100%.
  7. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    Thanks. I'm unfortunate enough to also be surrounded by people who subscribe to the "They're family, stick by them no matter what" mentality. Whereas I'm more of an "if someone doesn't enrich your life, they shouldn't be part of it" person. So I get a lot of lectures about how terrible of a person I am to be considering cutting ties with family.
  8. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    It is almost 2am and I am wide awake. Sayonara, sleep schedule.
  9. Dalish

    Dalish Reconvenes

    Life updates in spoilers. So the aim for the end of the year, is to just...reconvene. Come back to an understanding with myself, who I am and where I'm going. Retouch on the things I love and enjoy, and rediscover the little things that make me happy again. Because of that, very little is set in stone in terms of goals this returning challenge, but there are a couple of them. New goals: 1) Get up before 9am every day. 2) Take my meds every day. 3) Spend some time with myself every day (off the internet). 4) Drink at least one bottle of water every day. Old goals: I'm not expecting perfection of myself. That never helps anything. But I'm expecting myself to really try, not just let my brain persuade me into just one more cheat day after the next one.