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  1. Dalish

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    Thanks, it's the tail end of a long month or two, I'm still recovering from a slip down a flight of stairs that resulted in a severely sprained foot too. Which is annoying. Ankle sprains are one thing but I did the muscles in the sole of my foot, couldn't walk for three weeks. It's less scary and more, phlegmy. Lots of mucus from all kinds of places. And coughing. I've cracked more jokes about having kennel cough recently than any other kind of joke. I agree, I think fussing over what to have adds extra time to the consumption, which I often just don't have (especially in the mornings), so instead of eating I just skip it because that way I'm not wasting time figuring out what I'm eating. Which isn't healthy for my eating habits in the long term. And especially right now when I should be focusing on self care, I'm skipping two meals and then gravitating towards junk food because it's convenient and kills the cravings. Thanks
  2. Dalish

    Dalish Clings to the Wagon

    No frills, no bells, no whistles. I'm sliding in on the tail end of a chest infection and a whole lot of busy. I've suddenly developed a social life for the first time in 30 years, and I've still go schooling going on. But no matter what, a girl's gotta eat. Breakfast: Bran, yoghurt, fruit. Lunch: Wrap, carrot sticks, hummus. Dinner: Whatever as long as it's home made and healthy-ish. Dinner I eat daily, but I tend to skip the rest which leads to binges. I can eat the same thing day in day out without getting bored mostly, so four weeks testing this out, see where the tweaks need to go. That's it, c'est tout, das ist alle.