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  1. Wait for them to cool first, is the golden rule of all freezing, then yes just wrap them in foil and freeze them as is. Unless you want to set things on fire though, I wouldn't recommend ever putting foil in the microwave. Unwrap them first. But yes on a plate is just fine!
  2. Muffin tin omelettes are my go-to for easy breakfast. Grease a muffin tin, throw all your omelette fixin's in, add your egg, top with a little cheese and some parsley as desired, throw it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180c (350-ish f), done. Bakes in batches, freezes well and reheats in the microwave in about 30 seconds. Good luck with your challenge! Lots of positive improvements!
  3. Zaethe

    Zaethe: do-over

    My Dad has been an ass about many things over the last few years, it was almost impossible to get him to acknowledge that the issues I have were real until I went to the specialist and got my diagnosis. Now I just learned that he's making gluten free devil's food cake (from a box) for me for my birthday, because I'm allergic to wheat. I'm going to ignore that it contains milk and soy, which I'm also allergic to, because he's made a huge effort that's very unlike him. This makes me inordinately happy.
  4. Here for all the stable plan goodness! I've been bullet journalling for a couple of years, considered just getting a diary this year for having everything already drawn out for me, but I just can't give up my bujo. How bad is the smoke over that way still, calming down any?
  5. Love the painting! Turning things on their head and trying something completely new is incredibly daunting, kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone!
  6. Here for the schedules and routines! Adulting is the worst, but it's gotta be done. Especially when there are people to be upstaged!
  7. Zaethe

    Zaethe: do-over

    A new year approaches time for a do-over. The big plan for 2020 is to start making my life work for me, instead of just kind of floating by with occasional surprises when something goes the way I hope it will. I'm very good at the passive apathy thing. So no big preamble, just straight into it. There are lists. It's going to be longer than I expect anyway. Morning Routine Things I need to establish in my morning routine this challenge. Wake up time (8am) Get out of bed (asap, not two hours later) Make bed Eat breakfast Night Routine Things I need to establish in my night routine this challenge Shower Wash face & moisturise Take meds Bed time (10pm) No phone after bedtime Cleaning List House things that need to be done in order to establish a cleaning routine Dishes Wipe down counters Sweep/mop kitchen Clean stovetop Unpack and organise CDs Clear trash from living room Vacuum living room Vacuum spare room Clear trash from bathroom Wipe down surfaces Clean shower walls Sweep/mop bathroom Clean toilet Clear trash from bedroom Rearrange bedroom furniture Vacuum bedroom Do laundry Food and Eating Things I need to do to get my eating settled Establish a food budget Establish a meal plan that avoids all my allergies Establish a regular shopping list This will be done by the 1st, after that it will be as simple as eat the meal plan. By the end of this challenge, the goal is to have all of these things crossed off as established. A routine point counts as established if I repeat the point consistently for three weeks. Long time yes, but I know what I'm like, takes a while to drum things into my skull. This is all simple stuff that I need to incorporate into my daily life in order to build some foundations to work with. I have a terrible habit of zero-ing in on a single point and saying "Well I can't do anything until I get this addressed" as a reason to do nothing. The current one is physiotherapy. But I'm not currently even on the list for the clinic doc wants to refer me to, because she's waiting to hear from the specialist. And then there's no saying how long that waiting list will be. My life doesn't go on hold while I do this, it's living itself out without me. I turn 32 on new year's eve, and I can't say I've got as much as I would like to show for it. Also, since it is my birthday on new year's eve, I'm kicking off my challenge on the 1st. Because birthdays are birthdays. And I know my Dad is baking a cake. It's his first time baking. I'm gonna eat the shit out of that cake.
  8. Technically it's the 29th here. In that it's just past midnight and some tremendous fuckknuckle in the building is playing music so loud I can almost figure out what the actual song is. This has been a weird challenge. I kind of expected it to be, if I'm honest. It devolved from having goals to just and random vent thread during the holiday season. My water intake HAS gone up, which is a big improvement. Cleaning and purposeful movement kinda fell off a few days before Christmas and just never really came back. These things happen. The intent next year is to actually move forwards. I've been quietly devising a K.I.S.S gameplan, now all that's left really is the execution of said gameplan. Which is sort of going on kind of right now, especially on the eating front, but it's more a case of finances than actual purpose. The purpose part begins on the first. One of the unexpected upsides of being born on the 31st of December is that your new year really has that fresh start vibe.
  9. I absolutely would, if I could get it to work on my phone. Every time I look for the little microphone button it isn't there. Really need to sit down and do some hard googling
  10. Christmas went, and that's about all there really is to say about that. Not a holidays person. Now I'm just tired and bleh, and muddling through the rest of the week til Tuesday. Which is my birthday, and coincidentally also a day I get paid.
  11. My chromebook keyboard is softtouch, doesn't take much at all. My fingers are janky enough that even touchscreens are a problem on worst days. I really need the splints to keep my little joints at the tops of my fingers from just flopping backwards the moment pressure is applied
  12. Yeah, meds aren't working so well tonight. This is worrying. If this becomes the trend I'm gonna need to take my ass back to the docs
  13. I think number one on the list of things I'm struggling to accept is that my hands are getting worse. Finger splints should help a great deal but if they don't help all my joints in my fingers then I'm still screwed, because it's the tiny ones at the top that are the worst for bending back so much they burn with pain. And it's not something I can fix much, there's not really any muscle there to strengthen. My ligaments are just too weak to hold my fingertips when any pressure is applied. I can type for a while before I need a break, but writing by hand has become quite problematic. I was trying to make a list of things I need to get done in 2020 and yeah, no, I didn't get all that far. Disheartening, for sure. I love to write and be creative with my hands.
  14. I went to sleep at 9pm last night, and I woke up at 11am today. I think the meds work!
  15. I did, got home in one piece, Dad paid for my prescription for me so I actually have the meds I need, and I got a tasty burger out of it. All in all, successful day!
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