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  1. Haha, it baffles me too! I've always used imperial for everything, and when I was looking for a new set, all they had was everything in metric. Completely new territory, I had to open up google to try and work out what I was looking at. And then when I got to the store, they'd actually sold my reserved set. Couldn't have been more irritated. I did still get a pair that'll see me through BBR for a while, but they're not quite as heavy as the ones I wanted, and it's just a pair, not a full tree.
  2. Oh I don't really use ground beef, I like ground pork a lot better. Bit of a lighter flavour to it. I haven't had spaghetti squash in years! I should try and find some
  3. Welcome aboard! I feel for you, NHS diets are nightmarish last I knew. As a general rule I stopped listening to the NHS a while ago for things like nutrition and health. The community here is pretty awesome, I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Personal opinion - absolutely. Being able to set your own realistic goals for a six week period gives you small, achievable steps towards your overall target. I turned up a couple of days ago, so I haven't started a challenge yet because this one is almost over. But the minute the next one starts, you can bet I'll be there.
  5. Today might be interesting... unless I end up taking a cab home, I'm going to be carrying 18kg (just under 40lbs) of weights home with me. That's a distance of 0.8 miles. I wonder how my back will handle that...
  6. Most welcome! Nothing like a fantastic grass fed beef bolognese over some oven baked sweet potatoes
  7. Day 1 I expected to feel worse than I do today. I managed a grand total of four hours of sleep last night. I'm pretty sure Grendel was scratching at my door, but I still have my head, thank goodness. I decided to stick with just cardio today, I need to improve my lung capacity considerably. Which won't take me as long as I think it will, I have a knack of being tremendously adaptive. I was heading out for my walk just after 7, and when I looked outside it was pouring with rain. So I had to postpone for a couple of hours until it had stopped. Being out in the rain is a sure way for joint swelling, which is no fun at all. So I eventually got out of my door at 10:15. And by Mjolnir it was freezing cold! I could had withstood the cold just fine if not for the wind howling in my ears and causing major earache. I finished my usual route earlier than my 15 minute marker today, at 12:47. I hadn't realized I'd increased my pace slightly, but it really was blisteringly cold. Paleo is going just fine. Breakfast - Bacon and eggs, scrambled, no milk. Lunch - Leftover chicken breast, Seven handfuls of raw carrot sticks (I like carrots) Dinner - Lamb steaks rubbed with olive oil and mint. Carrots, peas, broccoli, green beans, cabbage. Pretty standard fare. I removed carbs from my diet in the middle of last year, and I already barely ate dairy or grains, so Paleo feels completely normal to me at this point. I do need to get a new freezer though, I buy grass fed meat in bulk, and currently I have issues storing it. I was considering starting BBR tonight as well, but a ) my knees ached and b ) I couldn't find anything in this house to use as a comparable weight. Not even a milk carton around here, I don't like milk much in the first place. Still! It's payday tomorrow, and I have my eye on a decent set of dumbells. Caffeine-wise, I am finishing the last of the caffeine today. I can't just throw it out, it's not in my nature. So the last of the diet coke is going, and I'll flush it completely out of my system tomorrow with 2l of water. Energy wise I feel good! A tiny bit sore, but nowhere near as much as I'd planned to be, or anywhere near close to what I can handle in one day. If the wind persists tomorrow, then I'll stay indoors for my cardio. And probably clean the house while I'm at it.
  8. I did thankyou! It is tempting to make up excuses, but the only person I'm cheating is me if I do that. Thanks! It'll be a long road, but it's worth it. I don't have a single doubt. In the face of doubt, Vikings grow beards
  9. If you're insistent on making sure it's 100% grass fed meat, try http://www.greenpasturefarms.co.uk for the UK. I've used them before, absolutely fantastic.
  10. My favorite thing veggie-wise is making chips. It used to completely baffle family when I turned up for visits with ziploc bags full of sweet potato/parsnip/carrot chips. as long as you have a slicer (most box graters have one on the side) that you can use to slice veggies thinly, then you have everything you need. It's really as simple as thinly slicing your veggie of choice onto a lightly oiled baking sheet, then tossing it under the oven at high temperature until they start to brown and crisp. Leave them to cool for a while, then dump them in a bag with sea salt, pepper, chilli powder, herbs...the seasoning possibilities are crazy. Bam, tasty veggies, and a substitute if you have a snacking problem.
  11. Getting into good habits is ridiculously hard. Especially if you know you have a lot of work to do. It all seems like such a massive mountain to climb, I feel your pain there. But no one climbed a mountain without tackling a molehill or two first! You can keep going, and that mountain only looks so scary because you're standing right underneath it. By the time you get halfway up it, you'll wonder why you were struggling. If you can't quite believe in yourself, I'll believe in you for you Following
  12. A Viking does not just mean being a powerhouse of strength. A Viking has immense stamina, indomitable endurance, firey passion and endless patience. They protect and support their brothers and sisters as fiercely as themselves, because if one person drops in battle, someone may not be protecting their back. Hey, Vex here. I figure having a stable thread to journal my own progress, successes and failures, would be the most beneficial thing for me. If I can commit to daily updates, I can commit to anything, as far as I'm concerned. A little about me, which I already put in my intro post. I have arthritis in my knees and hips, and lumbar muscular atrophy. Both of these conditions used to be manageable for me, aches and pains on cold days, but nothing else. Of course, back then I weighed in at about 150, now, after just getting off of the scales, I weigh in at 328.4lbs. So my condition has been slowly deteriorating over the years, and I've made every excuse under the sun not to do anything about it. Vikings don't make excuses. Long Term Goals ~ One does not simply walk into Valhalla My number one long term goal is walking. But not just any walking. This is a personal thing for me. I want to be able to walk a minimum of five miles, carrying a minimum of 100lbs in weight. I used to do this way back when, although not carrying quite so much. I miss it. ~Sweet to the eye is that which is seen (Viking Saga, ch. 5) My current end target weight is 150-180lbs. This is really a guideline goal, it's not static. I will be able to see exactly when I am at peace with how I look, and I will feel it in myself. Short Term Goals/Ongoing Progression ~ A haunch of mutton... 100% Paleo. This is going to be easy for me. I already eat very similar to this, the transition to full paleo is so minimal that I'll probably barely notice it. ~ ...and a flagon of mead. Caffeine no more. I will be replacing my caffeine addiction with 2l of water a day. This seems like a lot, but it's almost a direct replacement of my current caffeine intake. Not to much for me. A strong viking is a hydrated viking. ~ Fear is the mother of defeat. I will be consciously working to conquer my social anxieties. I'm doing it now. A week ago I would never have made 3 posts on a forum, never mind made a commitment to keep posting. I will be dedicated to the Rebellion, and as active on these forums as I can be. I will also go to lengths to be social in the real world, and conquer my terror of strangers and strange places. ~ To take up great resolutions, and then to lay them aside, only ends in dishonor. This one is the big one. I WILL dedicate my efforts to continuing this. If I do not make at least one post every three days on this thread with an update of my progress, I will be subject to forfeit. The first person to call me out on not posting will have a multiple choice of forfeits, which anyone can contribute ideas to at any time. I'll keep an updated list of forfeit choices here on the first post. I think that sums it up for now. It's just gone 7am, I'm just about to head out for my morning walk. Sigr ok stolt! Victory and pride! Forfeit Choices ~ 1500 word post on fitness subject of choice. ~ extra sets 3 times in the oncoming week ~ lines writing. Repetition of the same sentence of choice for a specific number of sentences.
  13. "Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained." ~Marie Curie Thanks, I'll be sure to!
  14. I've never been all that great at forums. Still, everything's gotta change sometime. Hey, I'm Vex, and I'm an alc-- nope, wrong forum. I'm 25, and this is probably the most out of shape I've been my entire life. I have my reasons (don't we all) why I've let it get this far. I have arthritis in my knees and hands; and lumbar muscular atrophy. Basically the muscles in the base of my spine don't work properly. This was all pretty manageable a few years ago. I wasn't eating healthily, but I was living a very active lifestyle. Walking 9+ miles every day for years builds up a lot of stamina, and I was burning off a lot of what I was eating. And then, I moved. I live in an area where I don't know anyone now, and over the last four years I've gone from 5'7" and 155lbs, to a little over 320lbs. It puts a lot of strain on the physical disabilities I already have. When you have that much weight putting pressure on joints that are already aching, even getting out of bed can be too much on a cold day. I've tried altering my diet in a whole mess of ways over the years. Right now I barely eat carbs, and that seems to be helping in and of itself. But I've tried liquid fasting, calorie counting, and probably every fad diet I could get my hands on. When all of that failed, I started looking around for other things. Didn't want to look at my fitness routine when I could make aching excuses. In truth, the fact of the matter was that I was probably more scared than anything else. Massive changes to my lifestyle weren't something I was prepared to do. I stumbled on the Rebellion purely by chance, and it was the first time that an overall fitness plan actually made sense to me. Applying gamer logic straightened out the terminology fitness addicts had been pushing at me for ages, and I got my itch back again. Goals. Goals goals goals. I have a lot of those. In general, I know my limits, I'm pretty well tuned into my body. So I know I can't push too hard or too fast, it's not smart. But I want to be able to walk for miles, just for the sake of walking. That's about it. And for me, that requires motivation. I've spent lord knows how long surrounded by people who will tell me "Well, if you're hurting, then maybe you should take a rest today." I don't need that mentality, I can provide that on my own. I need the people who'll tell me that I shouldn't be giving up if I think I can do it, and that there's no such word as can't anyway. If that makes sense. TL:DR - Hey. I'm here.
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