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  1. I drink a lot of fruit infusion teas, so I kind of collect flavours there. And then basic black teas and some rooibos as well, and some herbal teas like chamomile. Beats fruit juice, less sugar content
  2. Haha you would love my tea cupboard. I think at last count I'm stocked in about 9 different types of tea for all occasions. It's more of a habit I need to break I think. Honestly it could just be an addiction I haven't noticed. Either way I've always found my best approach to those things to just be to cut them out cold turkey. But now I'm going to make myself a nice cup of tea
  3. Thanks. I don't really crave much of anything on that list, I'm pretty fortunate in that I don't have much by way of food cravings. My issue has been developing more options for different meals. Left to my own devices I'll live on eggs and stir fry veggies and rice for months at a time, but variation never hurts at all. At least now when I do feel like throwing together some pasta or something I have options beyond pesto for flavour!
  4. Weird Zaethe-brain thing of the day. I like water. I like the taste of it and I like how much better it hydrates me compared to other fluids. I don't understand why I gravitate immediately towards pepsi max when I've got a couple of bucks. It's not the caffeine, because I've got tea for caffeine if I needed it, and I don't bother with caffeine about 80% of the time anyway. It's far too sweet for my palate, I've learned since drinking more water regularly. But I still continue to buy it. It's completely illogical. I suppose it's a form of comfort eating, in a way. But it's such a silly thing that I should be able to just pass over.
  5. Also, my hands fucking hurt. This is the suck. I'm fed up of complaining about it, feel like it's all I do. But I spend a lot of time working on being positive and making the day a decent thing, the pain bits are just more vocal sometimes. Venting my frustrations with being 31 years old and shuffling around like an old crone some days really helps me put my disappointment in the situation out into the universe and let go of it from that point in time.
  6. I made it outside for a few minutes, so I'm counting it! I've failed dismally on drinking enough again though, I haven't even finished a single litre of water so far. This is a real problem, as we roll into the summer months I need to be even more on top of my hydration. I struggled with heat exhaustion and dehydration a lot last year, I'm not doing it again. I did eat twice a day, and once again the dishes are staring at me longingly from the sink, but they can chill there til tomorrow.
  7. Welcome back from lurkdom! I think the hardest battle we all face is against ourselves. Starting the fight alone is admirable. You've totally got this!
  8. Oh my gosh he is precious! Beautiful
  9. I think a comfortable chair needs to be on my priority list. I want to write, but sitting on the couch isn't an option, and laying in bed I can't type all that great because of the angle. Need a good chair and a little desk.
  10. It's a rough pain day today. Not the worst but still, doing things hurts. I couldn't sit on the couch for more than an hour because it just hurt like hell, so I'm back on the comfortable mattress again. Had my morning noms, or technically early afternoon noms, and trying to convince myself that going outside is worth the aches. I know it will be but also I don't want to be up and moving.
  11. Thanks! Soy actually is off my list as well, yeah. The full allergy list is: Grass Tomatoes Melon Celery (These three are kickbacks of the grass allergy, there are proteins in them that trigger the same histamine response as grass. It blows) Milk Wheat Peanuts Soy
  12. This thread has me craving kit kats now. Another reason both to go and not to go to Japan, the massive range of kit kat flavours! Everything from blueberry cheesecake to soy sauce, you'd find me passed out somewhere buried under kit kat wrappers.
  13. Looking good! Which Mad Hatter are you thinking, the Tim Burton one or the Disney movie one? Or a different one of course!
  14. Here for some dojo rebuilding! Getting the house in order is one of my big to-dos on my list as well, always feels like a monumental task to even get started!
  15. I smoke a bit of weed when I can get the money together for it. I have a friend who helps me out on that front. I keep it for the really bad days though, and unfortunately even if I had some currently not being able to sleep for the pain is such a regular occurrence I rarely consider it bad enough (although last night would have been, it was 5am when I finally fell asleep). Natural remedies in general that aren't drug-related don't have enough of a lasting effect for me. It blows but it is what it is. Yeah I have the same issue, wondering why everything is quiet and then I wake up to 15 notifications and I'm like "ohhhhhhh THAT'S why!"
  16. The only other thing apart from what Wobbegong suggested that I can think of is if you used a latex based primer/sealant, those are designed to breathe and moisture gets into them. It's more commonly used with wallpaper though
  17. Nothing wrong with simple and consistent! You've got this
  18. Don't worry, you guys will get the flying cars eventually! But seriously, yeah it's always a bit odd to be so far ahead. I regularly forget that most people I know are asleep for most of my day.
  19. In less awesome news, it's currently 1am and I'm still awake because I can't find a comfortable position that isn't excruciating within five minutes. This is why as much as I really love getting up earlier and making the most of the day, it's just not feasible right now. Because I usually end up lying awake for hours at night, until I'm absolutely exhausted. And with my current situation, maintaining good sleep hygiene would put me on the couch, which would make my joints hurt more and lead to less sleep. So I'm caught in this repeating cycle of suck until December. December is specialist time, and fingers crossed that they figure out what the issue is and start treating it. Right now my doc is loath to give me more pain meds than what I'm on. The problem is what I'm on (celecoxib, it's ibuprofen's big brother) is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. And taking it for prolonged periods of time can lead to some major stomach and internal bleeding issues. Since I already have pretty janky gastro, I'm a bit wary of taking it all willy nilly. And it's an NSAID, anti inflammatory. It treats inflammation, not actual pain. So there's not much by way of inflammation causing this, I would assume.
  20. We have mint flavoured kit kats over here in Aus, they are delicious.
  21. I'm NOT allergic to rye! I'd looked at some rye wraps a while ago but they were so stiff and unappealing it honestly never crossed my mind to bake some actual bread. I will have to look into this! Thank you! You're right, sometimes you just need some tasty bread.
  22. Thanks! Yeah by the time evening rolls around I'm just done. Especially if I've been sitting on the couch for a good part of the day, because it's a cheap couch so the cushions don't protect much from the wooden bars on the bottom of it, and then my hips and my knees are screaming. So it's easier to get it done before I accidentally overdo it somewhere else. I don't like the dark all that much either, it's started staying light later which is so very welcome! We don't get much of a spring or an autumn here, not like I was used to back in Europe. It kind of slips directly from 12 degrees and pouring rain to 30 degrees and clear blue skies almost overnight. It does in Perth anyway, I think the Eastern states get a little bit more variation. This is the first I'm learning of snowbirds! My lifelong dream has a name!
  23. Good luck with your defense! Love your goals, looks like you're all set to stay active enough to distract you from any nerves, without overworking yourself in the process.
  24. I just realised that smack in the middle of this challenge I'm gonna have my brother here for 5 days. It's our little early Christmas, because we live in different states and neither of us can afford the kind of money that holiday flights would cost. I'm glad I spent time thinking on small buildable steps for this challenge, there's nothing there I can't complete while he's here as well. Although having company on a walk usually sucks for me, and he'll always come with me. Walking is my zen time, I zone out and let my imagination wander. Kieran likes to talk....a lot. It's gonna be a long week! But it's been over a year since I saw him, so it's overdue.
  25. Fascinating! I'd never considered US peeps doing that, it makes total sense though thinking about it. Mighty big country to roam around in after all.
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