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  1. I don't blame you! 13 hours would kill me, go you! Nice job on day 1! Start as you mean to go on
  2. Absolutely! I always want to get stuck right in and then when I do I realise a few days in that I just can't maintain what I've decided to do and have to rework everything. Then I feel like I failed, muster up all my determination for the next attempt and... do exactly the same thing all over again. I'm really trying to be kinder to myself and set myself up for a win. Dishes suuuuuuck! It's my least favourite chore of all, because it really does entail just standing there. I'd rather do something that lets me stay in motion. Thanks! Yep, I do that consistently. It's probably one of the only things I'm consistent about
  3. Honestly, that's pretty much it. I grew up in England and while there was a bit of trick or treating, it was nowhere near the outstanding spectacle that America makes of it. Nowhere really does Halloween quite like the US. Now if you want the bizarre juxtaposition of christmas trees, snowmen and snowflake decor, santa in his full red and fur, and all the other good stuff in a 30-40 degree celsius heat, Australia is your guy!
  4. I grew up in England, so I had the same. It was cold and gloomy and my mother always wanted snow. I just don't like the cold haha. I'd like nothing better that to be rich enough to have a house on both hemispheres, and just rotate summer after summer.
  5. It's stupid hard to push through those brain barriers. I only have anxiety and I'd seriously struggle with that one. Is there any way you can do the application in stages? Do a little and then put it away before your brain can have too much of a freakout. I know that doesn't always help, but like Tateman it's the first idea that springs to mind other than just brute forcing through it, which can be really unproductive. You can do this. You're one tough broad. I will wave my pompoms for you as and when required.
  6. You can probably cross off Australia as well if you haven't already. Lived in two states since 2015 and beyond selling large quantites of chocolate that everyone pretends is for kids, I've never seen decorations or trick or treaters. There's probably a few adult parties out there somewhere.
  7. We'll both just have to do our best we can do it! It really is, I love the summer. I'm definitely a sun-child, the hotter it is the happier I am. So I'm looking forward to a nice hot Christmas and some good opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  8. I found secret footage of how the rebel juice bar staff are getting in their workouts on company time!
  9. It's a beautiful day, and a walk to the store for some rice cakes let me enjoy it. One of the downsides of my stupidly long allergy list is the wheat allergy. No bread for me. And wheat-free bread is like $6 for a half-loaf. On my budget that's out of the question. Which means no egg sammiches. Sadness. They are my favourite quick comfort food. So I get rice cakes for $2, and have a little crunch with my eggs and peppers, but nothing really fills that soft white bread feeling sometimes. Compromises suck sometimes. That does mean I've eaten twice today though at least. I've had my morning oatmeal, and my evening eggs and veggies. Didn't hit my water goal, and dishes start tomorrow because I do them in the mornings a couple of hours after I get up. As much as I like having them done and out of the way in the evening, I've learned that I rarely have enough spoons to do it that way. So if I get it done earlier in the day, then it's done and I usually manage to get through the day okay, just needing a rest a bit earlier.
  10. I both envy and do not envy you living in Japan. I've wanted to visit for years, but I know I'm going to end up gaining about two dress sizes in tasty foods if I'm not careful about it! Glad you got through Hagibis okay, things got a little rough out there for a bit.
  11. Thanks! I came really close to going mental with my goals this challenge and pretty much setting myself up for failure, so I really had to curb back and look at the small things that make me feel good that I can compound on as time goes on. Clean kitchen counters is a very high priority!
  12. Cranky puppy is definitely a sweet motivator! It's always the flies that get me in the morning/evening. Grew up in England, we don't get the same kind of fly bombardment over there!
  13. Honestly, I've never heard of weight lifting being a recommended exercise for herniated discs. I remember my mother being actively warned away from it because the heavy lifting could make it worse. But I'm not a medical professional, and if that's what your physiotherapist said to do then I won't gainsay that. Maybe look at something less strenuous that you can do consistently without the 1-3 week break, where you actually will see some results. That would be my first step, ease the frustration I'm feeling. Steady bodyweight workouts improve muscle strength too, and put less strain on the body.
  14. Those are some great whys, I'm here for more Aussie awesomeness! Also I am in awe of the desire to get back into running again. How do you manage in the summer? Inside with a treadmill?
  15. Congratulations! Sounds like it's been a wild ride already for you, glad to hear that you both came out of it healthy and good
  16. First day of zero week is always hectic for my brain. The new challenge threads drop about halfway through my Monday thanks to Australia time, so I get my thread up and then fuss around that half the day is already gone. You know, like that's the end of the world and I can't just keep going the way I already am.
  17. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn! If you can I'm down for that for sure, but I'd be wanting to keep this name etc
  18. Hey, I'm Zaethe. I'm here because I found people in the rebels who complement my special brand of crazy, and now you're all stuck with me. As for gif...
  19. I found one of my old NF accounts recently. (Pretty sure it's not my oldest one, but I can't remember the name of that one for love nor money.) Reading back over the topics I posted was a bit of an eye opener for me. Back then I was very sure in the things that I wanted, and open in pursuing them. I wasn't very consistent in the pursuit, for sure, but I never really have been. And now I consider my life as it is currently, and realise that I've lost a lot of that clarity I had back then. And some of it is because things aren't certain right now. I have a chronic pain condition that the doctors are still dancing around diagnosing (Specialist appointment in December), and that makes everything a little hazy. But most of it is just indecision. I'm dithering on the things I want because I'm not sure if it's okay for me to want them, and using it as an excuse to stay motionless. And that's silly, and doesn't improve my situation in any way. So it's time to put that aside, pick up my shield, and face my challenges head on. Because lost battles don't win wars, and this is a war I can't afford to lose. A big part of what I'm lacking is consistency. I'll pick something up for a couple of days and then put it down again and not bother with it until it strikes my fancy a few months later. Which is unacceptable if I want to actually be the warrior I say I want to be. Strength of all kinds is forged in consistent use, no matter whether it's physical, mental or emotional. Another big lack was an end goal. I kept using this vague "healthy and happy" phrase as a way of leaving all of my options open. Which isn't bad in it's own way. But having nothing I'm actually striving towards has meant that I'm not really pushing myself towards a goal. It's kind of empty feeling. So I'm changing that. For now, challenge goals: 1) Eat twice a day. I keep skipping meals, which tends to lead to junk food and mini binges. I've done a decent job of keeping some portion control, now I have to maintain some consistency in what and when I'm eating. 2) 4l of water a day This is actually a little short of what multiple calculations say I should be drinking at my weight. But it's still a good amount of hydration. I know if I cave and get diet soda I'm not going to meet this goal, so this cuts diet soda out at the same time. Two birds. 3) Go for a walk every day I'm spending a lot of time laying or sitting down at the moment, because the doctors are dithering about giving me stronger pain medication without knowing exactly what's going on. Which I get, and I don't blame them for. But it's not helping my physical, mental or emotional health. We're just rolling slowly into summer, I want to enjoy that. Even if it's just a walk across the street to sit on a bench for ten minutes, the activity and sunshine will help exponentially. 4) Do the dishes every day They keep getting left for days and then I finally do a week's worth of dishes all in one day. It would be less of a challenge on my hips if I just did them every day.
  20. These things happen, everyone needs a time out to figure things out now and then plus I see there was a blanket fort involved, and once you're in one it's hard to get out!
  21. Yay you have returned! Last challenge felt weird without a flea thread! (In case you missed it, Dalish got a name change. So you're not entirely wondering who this weirdo is talking to you )
  22. Thanks for this! I love chickpeas but struggled to find uses for them outside of falafel and hummus. Jackfruit isn't sold here, so it's not something I could get unfortunately. Hey Kiwi I do do a lot of dabbling and messing around with recipes, for sure, it's just more of a struggle when everything is tomatoes and you don't really know how to replace that. Using pumpkin is going to open up a whole new world for me! And spinach is a great one too, I make my own pesto so why that one never occurred to me I don't know
  23. It had never even crossed my mind to use pumpkin as a sauce base! I knew that there are recipes out there for vegan cheese sauce that uses cashews but my brain just didn't make the connection that not only tomatoes make good sauces. Thanks! Oh I love me some coconut milk for sure, hadn't thought about mixing it with pumpkin puree. Unfortunately it's harder to find the filling out here in Australia but there are actual pumpkins here year round that are delicious, and I'm always down for some roast pumpkin anything.
  24. Hey, So I generally maintain a pretty vegetarian diet. It's cheaper and right now my budget likes cheaper. The problem I'm having is that I'm allergic to a fun range of things including milk, tomatoes, soy, peanuts and wheat. This narrows my field of meal types quite a lot, I can't make curries I know how to make because they all incorporate tomatoes in the sauce, and soy limits my big protein source to eggs and beans, but I can't make a chilli, or a cream pasta sauce, because tomatoes and milk. So I'm kinda struggling to find nutritious meals that aren't eggs or hummus and vegetables/rice crackers, or stir frys with chinese five spice and water because no soy sauce. And my internet searches aren't bearing much fruit. Does anyone have any recommendations for some of these things like tomatoes? Also, if anyone has some recipes for lentils and/or red kidney beans that don't have tomatoes in the ingredients I would be the happiest bean.
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