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  1. I'm also not a doctor, but I've got some experience with recovering from various injuries. Estrix gave some great advice; have patience. What has helped me was stretching around the injury. If it's lower back, stretch your hamstrings, glutes, and mid-upper back as well to relieve some of the pulling on the affected area. I never did this until I had to go to physical therapy, so I would guess you're doing this in your own therapy. These were the stretches that helped me the most, even though at the time I didn't "feel" them doing anything. Good luck, hang in
  2. Ugh this arm hold thing was awful in the last 2 minutes. Awful! I used TV to distract me and that helped.
  3. I'd buy that theory, Jarric. If I'm being honest, it's probably like that more often than I realize, I just happened to pay attention this time.
  4. So I missed a couple of days by accident but I am back at it. For the tree pose, I thought I'd do my non-dominant leg first to make life easier and ended up finding that my balance on my dominant side was much worse! I got it done with EC but if I had to go another 10 seconds I'd have failed on the right side. Reverse push ups were weird, had to play around with hand placement until I could get my chest to the ground and then get started, so I probably did 5 freebies on my way to my actual set. It's great seeing everyone's numbers and experiences with this, it's very mo
  5. Those diver push ups hurt at the end, but I got them done with EC. Home stretch everyone! I'm hoping this simple knee hug isn't the thing that wrecks my shot at Titanium.
  6. This is essentially 1/2 of a Turkish get up. In the true get up you'd be holding a weight on the raised arm and would go from flat on your back to a standing position, and you could reverse the movements back to lying on your back. As I wrote this, I remember that we'd do them all on one side and then switch, making me wonder if that's what I should do tonight when I do these.
  7. I am planning to alternate, since it wasn't specified. I think it helps me keep form throughout if I don't completely tax one side before moving on to the other.
  8. Today's whatever-that-was is done with EC. Not fun on the shoulders after yesterday's!
  9. Push ups done with EC. This was the first one that I looked at and seriously doubted myself, but I decided to try 5 and see how it felt and ended up just doing the 30. Good luck with yours, everyone!
  10. Got the bridges done last night. My daughter walked by, watched me do a couple, then said "Daddy I'm gonna sit on your tummy ok?" She is like an extra credit gremlin, but luckily she listened when I begged her not to and I got it done in one shot. Jumping jacks tonight, can't wait!
  11. Done with EC. My 3 year old daughter started asking a million questions after my second one, so getting 18 more while trying to deflect/answer them all was a blast!
  12. Oh my god the squats. All the squats. Done with EC, but almost not. I was ready to stop and saw I had 15 seconds left, and I decided I didn't want to have to do it again later so I pushed through.
  13. Done with EC on everything so far this week. The clenching thing was intense! Minute one I thought "this isn't bad," and minute two I thought "minute one was lying!" Flutter kicks have have been in my wheelhouse since my martial arts days, so I actually enjoyed today's!
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