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  1. Yes, me too! I'm still thinking about it. Of course, who wouldn't want to be able to just eat as they pleased and trust themselves to appropriately manage their appetite? Just now, that seems like a bit of a far-off dream. I'm not sure about giving myself that control. But I like the idea of it. And I think my end goal has to look something like that because I really don't want to live the rest of my life thinking that the only way I can be healthy is if I monitor my calorie intake constantly. So something needs to change. I maybe just need to consider in more depth what that will be.
  2. I'll do a full update tomorrow, but in the spirit of trying to update more, I thought I'd post a little random thought I've been having recently. So, a few months back I read a book by Josie Spinardi, after a friend raved about it. It's not a super-scientific tome; it's easy to read and makes a lot of sense. The first part of the book talks about the unhelpful thought cycles that can be conditioned as a result of restriction and/or dieting, and talks some studies pertinent to this. Her main premise is advocating intuitive eating, but in the context of supporting people to engage in this who have previously been on diets for years/decades/lifetime. Now, I know there are like a million ways to lose weight but when I read this book the idea of intuitive eating appealled to me. Wait til you're hungry, eat til you're full. Rinse, repeat. It makes sense. I also think it's very easy for someone to lose their way on this sort of approach if they have a lifetime of structured eating habits. That's by the by. The point of this preamble is that a big component of the book is about learning to trust yourself. And it's this that I keep coming back to. I really don't trust myself, or my body, around food. I've been "watching what I eat" (quotes because that's clearly been unsuccessful given my current circumstance) since I was 12/13 years old. So now, if it's not tracked or scored or calculated or whatever, I get antsy. The idea of having complete, unrestrained freedom around food terrifies me. As if, once given unrestricted access, I will gorge myself until suddenly I am featured on some crappy TV show about needing to be winched out my bed. It's back to that whole rational/emotional mind. My rational mind says "You'd never get to that point", and my emotional mind - in a panic - cries "But you got here! What's to say it won't get worse! OH MY GOD STOP IT AND GET OUT THE CALORIE COUNTER!" Part of the book talks about learning to trust your hunger and satiety signals, and I realised while I recognise hunger, I seldom recognise satiety until I am full. And that's because it's like the moment I have "permission" to eat something, it gets wolfed down before someone can take it away from me (most of the time). The idea of having a few bites and putting down the fork seems alien because "what about all the waste?! what about if you get hungry later?!" And even as I write this, I realise that while there are some aspects of my life very well structured by my rational mind, my emotional mind seems to have the reins when it comes to food. So much of what I'm thinking and writing and saying about food/weight loss is about feelings tied up with those things, so tightly they're practically symbiotic. They are symbiotic. I don't think that's helpful. Or particularly healthy. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, but I thought I'd reflect on it here.
  3. My work days are really pretty sedentary (I'm either in a clinic room or behind a desk) and weekends can be variable. My impression so far is that when I eat a bit more I have been surprised to see losses, and sometimes it'll be after a few days of 1200 cals or less, then a couple of days eating a bit more that I'll see a loss, but as I'm understanding the difficulties in correlating losses on the scale with day-to-day I don't know if I have real evidence for that yet. I think it's worth a try though. Being hungry is rubbish.
  4. Okay, so I went back to your primer @Severine and see I need to subtract around 500-750 cal from my TDEE to lose 1lb a week, so it looks like 1200 is about right for me. So I should probably look at where I can make smarter choices to make that 1200 easier.
  5. Wow, guys, this info is great thank you! I'm probably going to have to come back and read it a couple of times because it's a lot to process and my brain is tired but this is great! I've been calorie counting (this time around) for 55 days, and I am strict about it. If I have to estimate (e.g. being served food at someone else's house) I'll always over-estimate rather than under-estimate, assuming that this probably brings me out somewhere about right. I'm finding it a useful way to be more mindful about what I'm eating. The reason I had asked was because in MFP my recommended calorie intake was 1200 cals per day given my height (5'5") and weight (173lbs approx), with the goal of losing 2lbs per week. Usually, I was eating around 1300 calories because I found 1200 so hard to be under. And I noticed that days where I had "over-eaten", or eaten between 1400-1500 calories I felt better (no being hangry) and seemed to lose more. That's what got me wondering if 1200 was the right amount for me. I used the calculator you recommended, @Severine, and was very conservative in my exercise estimations as right now I'm not really doing any formal exercise of any sort on a regular basis, so I put 30 mins of light exercise 2x per week into the calculator. It suggests my BMR is 1517 and my TDEE is 1787. With that then, where should I set my daily intake goal? (This is the bit that confuses me somewhat).
  6. Woot! You are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work!
  7. I'm sorry to hear yesterday wasn't great, and I hope today has been better for you. I'm really glad you're putting this weekend aside just to look after yourself a bit. Those sorts of weekends are really important xo
  8. I am so so happy to read this! I had been thinking of you. That moment of reconnection, oh I know the joy! I'm so pleased for you *mega hugs* You are doing well with your goals as well, which is great. Knocking it out of the park it all respects it seems. You are awesome!
  9. Sorry I mean "appropriate calorie goals" as in a calculated calorie goal (for daily intake) for weight loss for someone of my weight and height. So I guess appropriate for personal goals? Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  10. As a by the by, I'm not new to calorie counting in the respect that I know how to do it, but in various threads I've seen things like TDEE and BMR and other acronyms fly around as a means of defining how many calories one should be aiming for in a day. I'm not looking to over-complicate things just now (I'm not ready to start playing with macros) but just wondering if any of you guys had thoughts about defining appropriate calorie goals?
  11. There's been a few times where I've eaten a lot and been like "OMG IVE EATEN TOO MUCH DISASTER!" then I've tracked it and its not been nearly as bad as I thought!
  12. I made it to the end of the working week, hurrah! I have study day tomorrow, which will be busy but I can be busy in my pyjamas and without the necessity of an alarm. This makes me happy. Since I've been ill I've not been able to do a lot in terms of NF quests, but I'm going to putting work in there, and in writing, over the weekend. I'm trying to prioritise really resting though, because this week has been such a struggle with energy levels. I'm doing some volunteering on Saturday but other than that my weekend is unscheduled. I keep having other wee thoughts through my day of "Oh, I'll need to post about this later" but then feeling far too tired by the time I get home. Maybe you might get some of these random thoughts over the weekend! Keep being awesome, peeps x
  13. How ya doing, Dalish?
  14. I think modifiers are completely acceptable and actively encourage in instances like these! I'm glad you're finding ways to exercise but still look after yourself. I'm glad you enjoyed aquafit!
  15. See how you get on. I swing between finding it helpful to have goals set up around thesis and then finding it too much pressure. See what balance you find If two burgers fits into your budget, there's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but it sounds like - as you've identified - it was more a result of not eating enough through the day. But hey, you've learned from it. Now you can utilise that knowledge. So really, you just gave yourself an important piece of data. That's not something to feel bad about.