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  1. I did my first straight pull-up last month after working towards it for a while! And a couple of weeks ago I was able to do 4 in a row! I have since been doing negative assist to be able to do more in a circuit, but I'm working my way to trying to get 5 and then 10 straight pull-ups in a row
  2. Yesterday! - Day 19: - Diet: - 3 palm (protein) - 1 fist (veggies) - 5 cupped hands (carbs) - 3 (fat) - 72 oz water - No sweets - Fitness: - No work out. - LUML: - Very emotional, moody day yesterday. Weird.
  3. I don't have any ideas, but I'm certainly open to suggestions! And Fridays are meant to be sweets and booze in the evening, so not so much a trip-up as an intentional letting go for the evening. Unfortunately, it is hard to stop letting go, ha! So, if you or anyone else has some good ideas, it would be super helpful
  4. - Day 18: - Diet: - 3 palm (protein) - 1 fist (veggies) - 6-7 cupped hands (carbs) - Lots of thumbs (fat) - 84 oz water - This weekend/week has been not awesome with food. - Fitness: - Angry Birds Circuit - LUML: - Morning hours and evening hours, but not a lot of alone time today. Had a wonderful walk and peaceful time with some girlfriends, though, and that was very life giving. Sorry that I haven't posted in a week of so! I was keeping up pretty well till last Friday and I have not
  5. - Day 10: - Diet: - 3 palm (protein) - 2.5 fist (veggies) - 5 cupped hands (carbs) - 3 thumbs (fat) - 80 oz water - No sweets - Fitness: - Angry Birds Circuit - LUML: - Morning Hours, limited alone time because I chatted with one of my best friends this morning. Needed a bit more alone time today, so will seek it out better tomorrow!
  6. - Day 9: - Diet: - 3 palm (protein) - .5 fist (veggies) - 6-7 cupped hands (carbs) - 2 thumbs (fat) - ? oz water - Nutella crepe….when in Quebec… - Fitness: - No walk today, workout tomorrow - LUML: - Today was crazy. The power went off in the morning, so we had to go out to eat and my choices weren’t awesome with food. But they were also delicious, and I don’t feel too bad about it for one meal. But I still got in time to pray the hours and the day actually ended up being fairly delightful. I’m
  7. - Day 8: - Diet: - 3 palm (protein) - 3 fist (veggies) - 2.75 cupped hands (carbs) - 4 thumbs (fat) - 52 oz water - One bite of my friend’s cake :/ - Fitness: - My elbow is healed, so I was able to do Angry Birds Circuit today! I was so happy to get to do body weight workouts again - LUML: - I had a lovely morning after a good night of sleep, spent time in the hours and then had a long arduous, emotional day that is just now ending at 1:30. Soooooo, I’d say we’re ending today on a balanced
  8. So, the last two days were definitely meh, and I didn't write down my portions and didn't go for a walk today. Yesterday was sweets meal (woohoo!) butttttt it kind of was sweets day. Whoops. I'm learning, and want to continue and grow and dust myself off for tomorrow. Thanks for following along, y'all, and for all of the encouragement!
  9. Such good questions! This is also my first time trying it, so I have set things I wasn't sure about into categories that seemed logical (to my weird mind ). So: 1. I count avocados as fat even though I know it could fall in the fruit camp. The reason I set it as fat is that the heart of the hand portions is to give you the right amount of healthy, whole food, and avocados are one of the better choices of fat for our bodies. So, my weird mind deduced fat. And because I wanted to eat more bagels. (Side note: just looked up other people's thoughts on this one and it seems avocados always fal
  10. - Day 4: - Diet: - 3 palm (protein) - 1.5 fist (veggies) - 3 cupped hands (carbs) - 4 thumbs (fat) - 64 oz water - No sweets! - Fitness: - Slept in today, no walk - LUML: - Spent time in the hours this morning and had enough time to make breakfast. Wish I had spent time praying the hours this afternoon, but I got carried away with work :/.
  11. - Day 3: - Diet: - 5 palm (protein) - 1.5 fist (veggies) - 2 cupped hands (carbs) - 6 thumbs (fat) - 78 oz water - No sweets! - Fitness: - 20 minute walk - LUML: - Woke up with enough time to pray, make breakfast, and walk! I made golden milk today, which I liked, but was a bit much. I am definitely overdoing it on the fat...avocados, man. But today there was also almond milk, for the golden milk latte, and then a bit of mayonnaise in the meal that my friend prepared for us this evenin
  12. - Day 2: - Diet: - 4 palm (protein) - 2.5 fist (veggies) - 6.5 cupped hands (carbs) - 3.3 thumbs (fat) - 78 oz water - No sweets! - Fitness: - 25 minute walk - LUML: - Woke up with enough time to pray, make breakfast, and walk! It was great. Prayed the hours for midday. Yes, it is basically a bit of a modernized breviary taking from the Book of Common Prayer, writings of the Church Fathers, and scripture! Phyllis Tickle organized it into morning, midday, vespers, and compline
  13. Rundown of today: - Day 1: - Diet: - 4 palm (protein)* - 3 fist (veggies)* - 5 cupped hands (carbs)* - 5 thumbs (fat)* - 42 oz water - No sweets! - Fitness: - 20 minute walk - LUML: - Slept in a little too late, but still got time to pray even if morning was a bit quicker. *My goal is to get 4 portions for each of the categories, so I was a bit off today, but I'm excited for this different way of counting portions! I usually count calories, but have been feeling very hesit
  14. So I fell off the wagon. Hard. Life has been good and I haven't been focused on my physical health except this nagging anxiety in the back of my head. So, instead of listening to fear every day, I think I'll just do something :). Diet: Hand portions: for this 4 weeks, I am going to try out measuring my portions with my hands instead of using calorie counting (check here for more info on that). I am going to do it by the book this first round and see how it goes. I am cutting out sweets/alcohol except for one meal, once a week. Drink 9 cups (72 oz) of water a day.
  15. It has been another pretty crappy challenge, thus far. The first week I was hectically preparing for a crowdfunding campaign for an artist residency I was accepted to, so things fell by the wayside as far as health went. Then we went on a vacation for a week, and started off well, but lost sight of things for sure. Then this Monday I launched the campaign. This week I've been 95% unmotivated and frustrated with myself. All that to say, any good vibes, prayers, whatever would be helpful. I'm for sure feeling in a slump.
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