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  1. I'm doing great this week! Paid off one of the two loans I wanted paid off for this 4 week challenge already! Plus I've been eating smaller portions of extremely healthy meals thanks to the Paleo diet, which I'm LOVING (I hate cooking, and the recipes for this are like, seriously four things sometimes...perfect in more ways than one for me). I even braved an ice storm to still go on my walk last night (yeah, not gonna lie, that wasn't fun). I've even taken part in a couple PvP challenges. I'm really happy I found NF.
  2. We actually have Polar at some stores here! I'll try it out. Thank you!
  3. What kind do you drink that you enjoy?
  4. Hey all! Any tips for what to drink when you're craving soda on the Paleo diet? I can't stand sparkling water or iced tea. Am I out of luck? Thanks!
  5. 31 knee push-ups, 5 regular. I can't believe this! Before this challenge I could maybe do ten knees. Wow! So happy I'm doing this
  6. Thanks for all of the advice!!! I will definitely look into those book suggestions. What are the different meditation techniques you mention? Awesome job on the 20 minute meditation!
  7. Very true! Could be a lot worse Thanks for the pick-me-up!!!
  8. I'd love to! Sounds like you have fantastic goals. Are you doing a challenge this time around? If so, what is it?
  9. Yesterday was the first time in my challenge where I was bad. I broke my "no extra spending" rule when I went to get a book for one of the NF book club challenges. I needed to finish it by 2/28 and the holds at the library were taking too long, so I had to buy it. Then, of course, while I was there, I bought the new Neil Gaiman book. I will say, though, that our extra spending has been minimal and only for things such as workout needs (clothes, classes) or food, so that's at least a really good start!
  10. I am! Here's me!
  11. Me! I've finished book one and two of my trilogy. Issue I'm having now is trying to get picked up by an agent. I really want to be in major bookstores, but man, is it difficult (and saddening at times) to find one that will pick you up!
  12. Hey! I read the first a few years back and am wanting to pick it up again. I'd be interested in discussing once I've read through the first one again!
  13. I'm a fellow horror book lover! We should exchange suggestions, as I'm always looking for a good scary book! A few I loved that I would recommend are: The Troop by Nick Cutter Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer It by Stephen King Watchers by Dean Koontz I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells Alien: A River of Pain by Christopher Golden Jurassic Park by Michael Chrichton is AWESOME Perfect Circle by Sean Stewart Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (anything by Joe Hill is fantastic haha) Hope this helps! Let me know if you've read any good horror books lately, I'd love to check them out!
  14. I tend to buy my books when I've already read and loved something the the author has written previously, as well as the book that made me enjoy reading that author. I'm huge on supporting authors, since I'm trying to be published myself and can see just how difficult it is. However, I agree, it can get very expensive very fast. There is a place in my town called Half Price Books, where the cost of the book is half of what it costs normally, or cheaper, so I satiate my need to buy sometimes there. Other times, I will rent from the library if I'm unsure if I'll like the book or author, or need it for a book club or something (not something I choose to read/buy on my own).