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  1. My First Meditation

    Well, I just tried my first meditation. I've never attempted it before. I have high anxiety and can become frustrated quickly, so I figured I'd never be able to do it. At first, I couldn't get comfortable. Once I did, my mind wandered at every little noise of the house. Then my back grew sore, and my mind focused on that and wanting to slouch. I was irritated, but then though of what calmed me down the most. For me, it's soft jazz or being outside when it's warm, listening to the sounds of nature. So, I played some background noise of the latter. It worked! Well, for a good thirty seconds until my mind wandered again...But it's progress! I tried to force my mind into a calm and was able to get six minutes before it wouldn't shut up regardless of how much I tried to stop the mindless chatter. But yay! Six minutes!