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  1. Nice! But yeah, I couldn't imagine standing in heels all day long (*_*; Good luck with week four!
  2. Update: Pretty decent week, but I think I need to make and stick to a proper schedule to get all of my goals completed. Swimming: Went to the Master's class once, and that's it. Obviously I'm putting other things ahead of swimming this month, but I'm ok with that since I'm being productive in other ways. Cycling: Did my usual commute to work and the gym, plus a 20 km loop to a nearby town and back after work one day. Traffic was a bit scary, but I'm getting used to traversing busier roads. Running: Put in a podcast episode and just kept running until it finished. It was actually a really good run for me: I ran 2km more than usual while maintaining a consistent pace. Japanese: Not studying every day as I'd like to, but managed to put in 30 minutes or so every few days. One more week to go!
  3. Thanks! It would certainly be nice not to have to renew my visa every few years ^^
  4. This week was pretty hit and miss. I did awesomely well in some areas, and bombed others... But overall I think the good outweighed the bad ; Swimming: Didn't swim even once, the whole week. Mostly because I didn't make it a priority, but definitely don't want to make a habit of skipping lessons. Cycling: Completed 32km to the immigration office and back! By far the farthest distance I've traveled by bike. It was great; the weather was nice, traffic wasn't too scary, and I got to the office early enough that it wasn't crowded yet. Looking forward to the next trip, wherever I decide to go. Running: Did a day-long 20km run/walk along a mountain trail in western Tokyo. Pretty tough (and I really felt it the next day) but the weather was GORGEOUS and I saw some of the prettiest views of Mt. Fuji I've ever experienced. Japanese: So-so. Didn't give myself as much time as I should have to study, and didn't get much done in the textbooks. I did do quite a bit of reading, though, so maybe a B- overall. *Bonus: turned in my application for permanent residency in Japan! Thankfully got all the correct documents turned in the first time round, so my initial application has been accepted for consideration. Now we wait...
  5. Fantastic! These all sound really interesting, thank you so much \(^o^)/
  6. Nice goals! I understand what you mean about the treadmill... I love the idea of running outside during your lunch break, though!
  7. My other problem is that the earbuds always fall out when I start sweating... Maybe some wraparound ones would stay in better. And I'll try putting the cord at the back, too! It was super fun! I went as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I already have red hair, so no need to wear a wig (^^♪ I absolutely love this idea! I do something similar when swimming long distances, so I think it'd be equally effective while running (^_^)v Yay, thank you! I LOVED S Town, it's one of the best. I haven't heard of the other two, so I'll definitely check them out! My current favorite is Holy Fucking Science, made by YouTuber Hank Green. Basically four people get together and discuss interesting science facts or news related to a weekly theme. I love it because no one else I know listens to it, so I can impress everyone with awesome random anecdotes ( ´∀`) Recommended episodes are #11 - Terrible Pets, and #29 - We Didn't Start the Wildfire.
  8. Excellent song, and nice schedule! Have you ever done bullet journaling? I kind of like it when I'm super busy or following a strict regimen, it helps keep me on course.
  9. Thank you!! I do need to get some wireless earbuds, because it drives me crazy when the wires get tangled or yanked out. Your advice is really good! I think listening to people talking keeps me more distracted (in a good way) than music. If you have any podcast recommendations, I'd love to hear them! And maybe I'll purchase an audiobook that I'm only allowed to listen to while running, which should give me some incentive to get out there Ironically, one of my favorite of Murakami's works is "What I talk about when I talk about running" (you've probably read it, but if not I wholeheartedly recommend it) where he talks about running in a "void"; not thinking of anything in particular, and not wanting to. I love that idea, almost like meditation through running. Maybe someday I can reach that level...
  10. Happy (almost) Halloween! Japan has only started celebrating Halloween in recent years, but people really go all out. Every year downtown Tokyo turns into a massive block party the weekend before October 31st, and while it looks (and is) rather chaotic, it's also super fun. I felt pretty awesome in my costume this year, thanks to all the workouts I've been doing for these challenges (≧∇≦)b Swimming: Only one swim this week. I took a bit of a break to do more core workouts and run. Back to the routine next week! Cycling: Had a lovely ride to a nearby "town", got some Thai food and did some window shopping, then cycled home with plenty of time to do my errands in the afternoon. Since I usually get to leave work quite early on Fridays, I'm going to try to make this a usual thing, and explore a new area every week or two. Running: Finally got out and did my obligatory run around the park. I'm starting to figure out why running doesn't appeal to me as much anymore... I think it's because I don't have to concentrate very much on anything, and I start to feel my body tiring faster because I'm not thinking of anything else. With swimming, there's four strokes to choose from, plus thinking about form, turns, etc., and with cycling I'm focused on traffic, shifting, and simply not getting lost ^_^; So I need to figure out something to keep my mind occupied during running. @The Borg Queen or other runners: how do you keep entertained on long runs? Japanese: Doing pretty well! Taking about 30 minutes a day to go over new grammar, vocab, and Kanji. But still have a loooong way to go before the test next July. That's all!
  11. Originally, I'd planned to go 16 kilometers (32 km round trip)to the Tokyo Immigration office to turn in some paperwork (super exciting, I know...) But not only was the weather uncooperative, I forgot to complete one document, so I decided to postpone it until next week. Instead, after work tomorrow I'm going to cycle to a nice neighborhood around 10km from home and relax in a cafe with a book somewhere (・∀・) Thankfully it wasn't a full blown typhoon yet (^^) It was definitely still better than riding a crowded train and then walking 20 minutes to get to work, though...
  12. Awesome goals! Good luck!
  13. So much rain. Literally a week of no sun, culminating in a typhoon passing through last night. That being said, I did alright, I guess? Swimming: Did the two regular group classes. Because of the weather, hardly anyone showed up, so it was more like getting a private lesson, not that I'm complaining Cycling: Went to work by bike even in some torrential downpours, so I deserve points for that. Didn't make it out anywhere new by bike or otherwise, but have big plans for this week! Running: Nope. Saw a guy running around the park during the typhoon yesterday, but I'm nowhere near that committed... Instead did core and yoga practice indoors, which wasn't entirely terrible (^^)v Japanese: Downloaded some study apps which are surprisingly addictive. Kind of hate that I'd rather study via smartphone than with an actual textbook, but whatever works, right? Have been reviewing the N2 (which I passed 4 years ago), and was relieved to find I haven't forgotten it all. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative for week one! If not, I guess I'll have to make do (´-﹏-`;)
  14. Thanks! Yeah, I love the freedom of cycling, and often it's even faster than public transport \(^o^)/ Yay, thanks! Thank you! You too!
  15. Love your writing goals! Good luck!
  16. It's getting colder and darker by the day, making it harder for me to want to go out and be active. All the more reason to work hard during this month's challenge! Swimming: 11 swimming workouts, ie 2-3 times a week. Need to start doing individual practice again, rather than just the group swims (though I want to do my best not to skip those either). Cycling: I usually only cycle to school and the gym, but I'd like to branch out and go by bike to places I'd usually get to by train. Tokyo is a pretty bike-friendly city, so it'd be a shame not to take advantage of it! Running: this month's goal is simply to put on running shoes and go out once a week. Even if it's just a 15 minute loop around the park, I want to get back in the habit. Japanese: Start studying for the N1 (Japanese proficiency) exam, especially Kanji and grammar. Keep up reading and listening practice every day. I might add a few extra goals later, but for now, these are the main things I want to focus on. でわ!
  17. Update 2: Fitness: Missed a week of swimming, but made up for it this week with some pretty hard training. Did core workouts as planned, but didn't run AT ALL... Just one of those things, I know I'd feel great if I just went out and did it, but couldn't get out there. Really want to change my mindset for the next challenge. Diet: Pretty good! Limiting my sweets/alcohol intake has made me feel a lot better, mentally and physically. Drank a lot of water every day as well. Japanese: Waiting for one more tax document to come in the mail before I can go and submit my application for permanent residency. Haven't started the essay but have been thinking about what to write. Hopefully will be able to turn it all in next week. Overall, I'd give myself a B- for this challenge. Not bad, but I know I can do a lot better too. Since I finished the aquathlon, I need a new goal to look forward to, so maybe finding that goal will be part of the next challenge (^^♪
  18. Running coach dogs sounds like the best thing ever!
  19. Not exactly in the young adult novel category, but what about Pablo Neruda's poetry? He's practically a Chilean hero, plus many of his poems are pages long. I wish I could understand Spanish well enough to read his works in the original language... (P.S. John Green's works would probably be pretty good in Spanish ^_^)
  20. Update 1: Met all of my weekly goals except for the running. Did a ton of cycling, though, so I feel pretty good. On to the next week!
  21. It's been a while! To keep it short, I spent a month in the US visiting friends and family, then pretty soon after returning to Japan ran my first aquathlon. It was super fun, especially the open water swim, and I placed better than I expected. And then... did very little in the last 3 weeks. Time to get back on track. Fitness: Swim 2x/ week. Run at least once a week. Core training 2x/week or more. Diet: No sweets before 7:00pm, and no alcohol on weekdays. Water, water, water! I gained a good 5+ pounds while in the US (eating all the foods I normally don't have access to) and while that's totally ok, I'd like to get back to my maintenance weight by around Halloween. Japanese: Still reading almost every day. Finally starting the process of applying for my permanent residency! Since I've lived here for 10 years and am married to a Japanese national, I'm cautiously optimistic. Part of the application process involves submitting a hand written essay on why exactly I wish to receive permanent residency, so part of my goal will be working on that. Keeping it pretty simple this time, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into a regular routine (^^♪ Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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