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  1. You've had a really rough month my friend (and let's be honest, there haven't been a ton of 'easy' ones prior). I totally understand feeling so overwhelmed and disillusioned you just don't want to bother anymore. I have been there many times. Maybe you should spend the next challenge working from a different mind frame. Like, make your list of things you need to do and work on, and then...don't set fixed goals. Go battle log style for a few weeks instead as you're dealing with finals and still getting better etc. Do stuff every day. Write it down. Feel good about
  2. I actually do feel better. I am much less tired, don't have the same kind of blood sugar swings, and my skin is clearing up (I've been suffering from breakouts I am far too old to tolerate lol). I don't 'see' any weight loss, and have no objective data as I don't have a scale and can't find my measuring tape, lol. This is my monthly week of being bloated/puffy though, so perhaps I'll see a difference once that's over. im pleased with how I feel minus sugar and grains, and don't find I really get cravings unless I don't eat something quickly when I'm hungry. Eating so
  3. I am doing well I think. I am not on the ball with all of my specific challenge goals but I feel like I am headed in the right direction. orher than my Easter weekend issues, I have avoided sugar this challenge completely, and for the past week I've also cut out grain and eaten a more or less primal/paleo diet
  4. Today I ate two eggs and about two cups of sautéed broccoli with butter and a little feta cheese for breakfast. I had salmon and romaine lettuce at lunch and homemade meatballs with some veggies at dinnertime, then an apple. trying to get better at drinking water throughout the day. im close to 10k steps for the day but not there. The weather really needs to clear up around here!
  5. I fell off the wagon in the last week too. Hope you're starting to feel better and doing ok!! Hugs!
  6. So I fell off the sugar wagon over Easter, in a large and profound way! It's like I'm a junkie. When I am not eating sugar, I am fine. As soon as I start, I have no self control or moderation at all!! I am back on track this week but yeah...it was quite a flop after having gone so long without an issue. today I had three eggs and half a cup of blueberries for breakfast, a couple all-natural pepperoni sticks and some carrots when I got hungry mid day, and for supper I had steak with sautéed onions, cabbage and carrots.
  7. Haha I would feel amazing about it if I was reaching it regularly, but as it turns out I was overestimating how easy it would be! Lol. We had a resurgence of winter here that is really limiting a number of the ways I anticipated I would be getting steps in. but all forward momentum is good right??
  8. How you doing this week my friend?
  9. Today I had steak and an egg with sautéed onions and cabbage for breakfast, a salmon wrap with spinach at lunch. Not very hungry this evening but I had a little chicken and green beans when the kids ate. I should be close to 10k steps today, and have eaten no sugar since the challenge began. Easter this weekend might prove to be more of a challenge, but who knows. So far I haven't felt too tempted as long as I remember to have good foods available before I get to the 'past hungry', rage-y point.
  10. Ok so I suck at posting on weekends apparently? Duly noted. I have not touched sugar since the challenge started, which means I have made it over a week. Go me! That's pretty much my only victory though lol. I am behind on BBWW and haven't been hitting 10k steps (although I'm usually not way below, and I think I will hit it today) the diet victory feels really good though. That's a hard thing for me and I know it's a big piece of the puzzle.
  11. Yesterday I had three eggs, an apple and some grapes at breakfast. I missed lunch, had half a can of salmon when I got hungry as a snack, then had chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad for supper. I avoided sugar successfully but my steps were crap at just over 5000. For whatever reason I was exhausted yesterday and decided I would just follow those cues and take it easier than usual. I might be fighting off a bit of a cold, or maybe I'm just having sugar detox lol.
  12. Weather changes and seeing the sun (even on cold days) has been helping me a LOT. While I'm pleased to be feeling better this is a pattern that freaks me out quite a bit...winter here is long and brutal and I'm sick of feeling like garbage for such a big chunk of the year! Work bullshit sucks, sorry you're having stress in so many areas of life right now. Hang in there, we all know you're a rockstar and will overcome!
  13. Getting up and doing any kind of exercise when you're feeling crappy is a near-heroic feat in my opinion! Keep on rocking it!!
  14. What a crazy busy week to start a challenge off in, lol. Tuesday: I came in just under 9000 steps. I did the BBWW. Leftover chicken and veggies for breakfast, salmon wrap for lunch, and more leftover chicken for supper. No sugar, go me. Wednesday: Again just under 9000 steps. It was a crazy busy day. I had salmon with spinach and shredded cabbage for breakfast. Missed lunch, got hungry and had a hard boiled egg, some grapes and a few cheese and crackers. I had a small bowl of ricotta cheese sauce pasta at supper (which sounded lie it would be good but was quite b
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