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  1. Goal: to be able to jog/run a full half-mile by challenge end. Goal: to get one ride per week in (ride > 5 miles) Goal: to do a chin up
  2. Oh, I should mention, between my previous posting, June of 2012, and now, I went back up to 263 lbs. Mentally, and physically I was nearly destroyed by a series of - well, let's just call it life, shall we? - events, and am now well on the way to recovery. Life is good. Silva method of mind control AND Quantum Jumping are my new friends. with them, I've gotten myself to here, now. I'm wearing Lee jeans, size 16 petite. That's in the regular side of the store. Lee jeans are slim cut, too. That's me grinning ->
  3. I've set & accepted a challenge with a friend to run in the 2018 Multi-agency 5K run in Olympia WA. Today, I did interval runs using streetlights as markers. I'm using UP Move & Mapmyfitness, and according to them, I did 2.55 miles in 19:37 m/s. This includes darting into the grass/gravel, hopping up on rocks and back off, and the occasional berry picking (blackberries are RIPE). So... I'm working on improving stamina, speed, strength, lose more of the excess flab thats starting to hang, and get my leaky gut completely healed. I forget all the cool stuff I'm supposed to post here
  4. Vibrams Seeyas on my feet, I bounded across pavement, concrete, grass, hopped up on and over a couple of large rocks, and stretched myself. I jogged, I walked, and I sweated. Felt good. My quads burned on the way home. They feel AMAZING now. I'll sign up for the challenge, but I was born a scout. My bike is yearning for riding, too... perhaps tomorrow.
  5. As soon as I remember how to change my avatar, I will. I'm back. I'm reintroducing myself... three years later. my life, how things change! This is pretty awesome, however... I'm doing a lot of personal development, meditation, finally addressing and healing my leaky gut (fibre is the enemy. Absolutely. For me. No gluten, no dairy, and as little fibre as I can manage. Oh, and no dried fruit ), losing weight so fast my skin is really working at keeping up - it is. But it's working hard at it. Cannabis helps immensely, for almost all of my health challenges. It's been a great three years! a
  6. and... here I am. Sorry, but I was on a hiatus there for awhile while my life blew up. in 2007 I hit 300 lbs. I have a photo around here somewhere. Yeah, that was 300 lbs. I'm currently around 190 lbs. I went Paleo/primale, but then discovered that I have leaky gut, can't have gluten or dairy (no dairy), and got a whole lot of other health and wellness issues clarified, diagnosed, and under treatment. Cannabis is my friend. So, today... TODAY, I put one foot in front of the other... and, rather quickly in some spots... and started my training for the 5K challenge I'll be running (and f
  7. She's baaaaaaaaaack!

  8. Just a note to share some joy... I've performed three same-sex weddings so far, now that wa legalized it.
  9. My BP has dropped like a rock since I went Paleo/Primal. I believe that, for me, grains & soy products, and PUFAs, were what contributed to my hypertension.
  10. Smoked salmon Bacon Ham Steak & veggies Soup Ground beef & onions Chicken (wrapped in bacon...) IF you can handle dairy (and can include it), greek yogurt with berries and chopped macadamia nuts
  11. This has all the hallmarks of an emotionally abusive relationship. I have some experience with such, and I want to share a thought or two. The dynamics of abusive relationships are difficult to untangle from. This is a dance you two are engaged in - not only him, but you. It took me a couple of years to work my way through getting out of an abusive marriage, and then discovering how I was contributing to the dance... and healing myself, so that I could be in an equal, supportive relationship. While it may seem easy enough to say "just dump him", be aware that, unless you address your own issue
  12. I saw that the Kindle (plain old ordinary one) is now $69 at Staples. Go for it.
  13. <insert female perspective> NEVER date anyone related to a she bro. It is a total slap in the face. </end f p>
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