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  1. Goal: to be able to jog/run a full half-mile by challenge end. Goal: to get one ride per week in (ride > 5 miles) Goal: to do a chin up
  2. Oh, I should mention, between my previous posting, June of 2012, and now, I went back up to 263 lbs. Mentally, and physically I was nearly destroyed by a series of - well, let's just call it life, shall we? - events, and am now well on the way to recovery. Life is good. Silva method of mind control AND Quantum Jumping are my new friends. with them, I've gotten myself to here, now. I'm wearing Lee jeans, size 16 petite. That's in the regular side of the store. Lee jeans are slim cut, too. That's me grinning ->
  3. I've set & accepted a challenge with a friend to run in the 2018 Multi-agency 5K run in Olympia WA. Today, I did interval runs using streetlights as markers. I'm using UP Move & Mapmyfitness, and according to them, I did 2.55 miles in 19:37 m/s. This includes darting into the grass/gravel, hopping up on rocks and back off, and the occasional berry picking (blackberries are RIPE). So... I'm working on improving stamina, speed, strength, lose more of the excess flab thats starting to hang, and get my leaky gut completely healed. I forget all the cool stuff I'm supposed to post here. Anyway, I'm scouting... I'll be adding in bike rides, too, as I live closer to the Chehalis Western Trail now, too. Peace out!
  4. As soon as I remember how to change my avatar, I will. I'm back. I'm reintroducing myself... three years later. my life, how things change! This is pretty awesome, however... I'm doing a lot of personal development, meditation, finally addressing and healing my leaky gut (fibre is the enemy. Absolutely. For me. No gluten, no dairy, and as little fibre as I can manage. Oh, and no dried fruit ), losing weight so fast my skin is really working at keeping up - it is. But it's working hard at it. Cannabis helps immensely, for almost all of my health challenges. It's been a great three years! anyway, taking a three-year look at things. Wow, I've come a really long way in three years! Then: Now: Today I Walked/Jogged ... alternating streetlights... from Tumwater Falls park all the way down to Heritage park in Olympia. Yep. I did that. I still have a NF sticker on the back of my car, and a NF workout tank I'll be rocking occasionally. I'll be showing up occasionally recording progress. Oh, and I have a goal. I'm running a 5K multi-agency challenge in spring of 2018. Three years. .. well, just under. This is one of my three-year goals. So today was a step in that direction. Peace out
  5. and... here I am. Sorry, but I was on a hiatus there for awhile while my life blew up. in 2007 I hit 300 lbs. I have a photo around here somewhere. Yeah, that was 300 lbs. I'm currently around 190 lbs. I went Paleo/primale, but then discovered that I have leaky gut, can't have gluten or dairy (no dairy), and got a whole lot of other health and wellness issues clarified, diagnosed, and under treatment. Cannabis is my friend. So, today... TODAY, I put one foot in front of the other... and, rather quickly in some spots... and started my training for the 5K challenge I'll be running (and finishing... with a medal!) in 2018. A good friend of mine committed to running it with me.. and she has run marathons. I still have the NF sticker on the back bumper of my car, and my NF workout tank fits me way better than when I got it... and she's back!
  6. She's baaaaaaaaaack!

  7. My BP has dropped like a rock since I went Paleo/Primal. I believe that, for me, grains & soy products, and PUFAs, were what contributed to my hypertension.
  8. Smoked salmon Bacon Ham Steak & veggies Soup Ground beef & onions Chicken (wrapped in bacon...) IF you can handle dairy (and can include it), greek yogurt with berries and chopped macadamia nuts
  9. Crio bru... Wonderful beverage you brew from ground cacao beans. We do a french press of it mixed with coffee. There are non gluten forms of booze, if you can easily tolerate it, but it will slow down some of the benefits of paleo-primal.
  10. Tazo teas are very good... Nothing wrong with Celestial Seasonings, though read the ingrediants - some have sweetener in them (usually stevia)
  11. I generally eat outside for my lunch half-hour... right in the sun. I usually have a BAS, so I like munching away on it outdoors. When we go walking, I usually hit up any berry bushes we pass that have ripe berries... now, it's blackberries. We've also found thimble berries, salmon berries, and huckleberries.
  12. When dropping grains, it is quite normal for your body to dump lots of water weight... I think the water is a sort of inflammation effect triggered by grain. It's always good to get rid of that
  13. I'm back to tracking my intake, using paleo track, mostly to make d sure that I'm keeping the carbs.low. I'm doing about 2k calories, and 70 - 80% fat ... And my urges to snack are gone. I'm also losing weight again. I find for me, tracking my intake is the best way to manage my urge to snack... I still will have a snack, but it helps me to pay attention to it.
  14. Went for an easy ride on monday... Just seven miles... Except for the right side of my back, which keeps trying to spasm, I think i' ve recovered. This is an amazing thing for me - even just a year ago, I could not ride a bike around the block.
  15. I have got to try baking them....that sounds amazing
  16. Me too. I am currently tracking my macros to realign my eating with reality. Again. Trying to increase the percentage of fats, and decrease carbs, to see if it helps me with the cravings.. they aren't really cravings, for specific things, but just an insane urge to munch all the time. Here is today's macros. Yesterday's were very similar: [ATTACH=CONFIG]5305[/ATTACH]
  17. Great progress! I have a photo album on NF (under my profile) where I have been posting progress photos, too.
  18. We did 49.6 miles all together - had a really good time Not too sore today.... But really tired. Except for the small bruises and a couple of specific aches, I feel rather good
  19. we are off to do the chehalis western bike trail.... We'll be doing either half of it, or maybe the whole thing
  20. Hey, welcome to the rebellion ! Don't worry much about exercise, focus on your usual eating - don't sweat the occasional one-off - and just do a little walking a few times a week. When I started, I was walking about a block, three times a week. Food is 80% - that means exercise is only 20%. Really. We're here for you, and some of us started in the same place...
  21. My usual plan of attack for those kinds of cravings, is to increase the percentage of fat in what I'm eating. Not just adding fat, but replacing some carbs with healthy fat.
  22. I lived for 25 years in Minnesota, and I never did make it to the Ren Faire there *quiet sobbing* I have heard it is quite nice. Hope you take photos!
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