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  1. From the diagrams I'm assuming these are elbows-in pushups rather than flared. Female 125lb / 57kg 20 pushups Aw man just realised I could have paused during it ha oh well lol
  2. I've got the same problem, that and worrying that I'll be using the equipement with bad form/getting injured. Or I'll get there and none of the machines are free. I think having a gym buddy, if possible, would help with this kind of thing.
  3. I think go with the regular push ups. They're harder so are more work even if the reps you can do are lower. I worked through some progressions for push ups that I came across online. Basically it was if you can do 3 sets of 8 of one type of push up you move up to the next thing and I found that a good way to progress and feel like I was progressing. The descents also sound like a really good idea too, I might start doing them myself.
  4. Bad PMS? Well it gets me low, sometimes it gets real bad and I can't really function as I'm that miserable, also have flashes of rage. It's not something that's been medically looked into so I can't say for sure but it mostly goes in cycles.
  5. I guess when I'm alone and I do some dance fitness ha that's about it lol.
  6. Hi sorry for the delay in reply - never got the notification email d'oh! To answer your questions: I did the pullup progressions about twice a week. I didn't include the deadhangs or flexed hangs at first simply because I wasn't aware of them so was only doing the reverse pullups/pullup failures. When I did I included them in the sets I did them 3 times in total, 1 rep per set. So my sets would be 5 reps of reverse pullups, 1 deadhang, and 1 flexed hang. I did the flexed hangs as soon as I was aware that it was a good exercise to work up to pull ups and was able to do it off the bat. The reverse pullups are very effective to train you for pull ups and I started pull up training with them. I've never really been to a gym so haven't tried the assisted pull ups on a machine, I wasn't aware that there was a machine for it. I've heard of people using resistance bands to help which I imagine is a pretty good way of learning them too. It took me a little while to go from 1 pull up to 2 but just keep at it. Once you can do the one pull up your mostly there, it's an easy point to maintain and then you'll gradually work up the reps from there. Hope that (delayed) reply helps
  7. Haven't updated for a few days as I haven't really been able to too much of anything with my knees until today. Friday 28th April 15min dance cardio Planche Planks x3 Decline pressups 3x8 Elbows in pressups 3x8 Onearmed wall pressups 3x8 per arm Dumbell flys 3x20 Pullups & chinups
  8. .. or knees. Well yesterday and today things nosedived quite a bit. I went cycling 50km, haven't done that far before and I pushed myself quite a bit and 40km in I started getting knee pain. It's on the outside of both knees so I guess IT Band pain? So that's limiting me at the moment, couldn't walk well at all this morning although this afternoon it's getting more comfortable. So first off - how do I avoid this happening again? 50km isn't much for most cyclists so I'm not sure it was that and me pushing or whether I need to adjust my bike I've had trouble with the seatpost slowly dropping). Also I'm hoping I'll be okay by Thursday for zumba, maybe too soon? No idea. Also I met up with my boss and fellow couple of seasonal workers today to be told there's no work probably for a month, maybe longer, when we've been off for most of last month as well. Along with that our family dog needed urgent surgery yesterday for pyometra, she's recovering okay today thankfully. So it's all getting me down a bit right now :/
  9. Saturday 22nd April An hour of zumba at home today Dumbell flys 3x20 Sunday 23rd April 60second plank L-sit with heels 2x30 seconds Planche planks Elbows in pushups 2x8 Decline pushups 1x8 Hollowrocks, cycle crunches, candlesticks Monday 24th April Decided to up the ante as a noob to cycling and do 50km, last 10km the outside of my knees were pretty painful so I need to rest them now. Most I've done up until now was 32km and that was a more gentle cycle - probably too much of a leap for my body.
  10. And.. I'm done with the high knees. phew that one took it out of me. Enjoyed the mini though
  11. Thursday 20th April Aching today so didn't go to zumba just the short cycle to work and back (once I didn't feel so tipsy from the celebratory toast). Did 1min30 of high knees for the mini challenge. Friday 21st April Aching worse lol and fingers are still swollen which limits things. Was hoping to go cycling today - sadly not to be. 1 min of L-sits (heels on ground) - increased time per rep from about 13 seconds to 20 - most was 25. 1min plank. Last 1 min 30 of high knees. Days not over yet, hope to do some more later.
  12. Tuesday 18th April Back to work this afternoon so didn't do that much exercise-wise. Cycled there and back which I will do for as long as we have the work but that's less than 5 minutes to get there. Did 1 min of high knees before as part of the mini challenge (I did the first minute on the Monday) and I think that was it. Wednesday 19th April Full day of work today- did 1 min 30 of high knees before, cycled there and back - went to the village rec before coming home to 3x5 assisted pistols which was a bit rushed. Also a cheeky couple of pulups on the girder at work. The index fingers of both hands have swollen up because of work with skin rubbed off too so hands are kinda painful to do much which sucks. Will have to bandage them a bit for tomorrow's work.
  13. Monday 17th April Itching to go for a bike ride today so went fo a 10km ride. Had a look around the woods went I was out dog walking later on and hoping to take the bike up there soonish but it's back to work for me tomorrow.
  14. Sunday 16th April Some strength based exercises today 3x8 Decline pushups. Also did a few diamond and decline elbows in - the latter I find tricky. I'd like to progress to one handed pushups some time so we'll see how things go. 60 second Plank plus some smal planche planks Hollowrocks and candlesticks Bench pistols 3x5 each leg Assisted pistols 3x5 each leg
  15. Friday 14th April Today I went on a 5 mile hike followed by a 13km bike ride Saturday 15th April Went for a 25km bike ride today.
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