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  1. So this week was the week from hell at work, and I didn't expect to get everything done. I did less well than I wanted on the habits (good with Duolingo and not drinking calories, not so good with walking and tracking food) but better on other stuff (except laundry!). I still have to finish Deep Work and my IC performance piece today for my game, but I'm confident I'll get those done by the end of the day. I am super proud of myself for finishing the editing project and getting it sent off yesterday early afternoon, though. Xp this week (assuming I finish the performance piece and the book): 40 Total earned this level so far: 110 xp Going to go ahead and post tasks for this weekend here...I may have to come back and edit them. I'm going to start the challenge on Monday because I tend to order my weeks that way and I'm tracking challenge stuff over in that thread. (Plus it's a holiday and I'm off so yay for having more time!) 2xp - No drinking calories _ _ 2xp - Tracking on MFP _ _ 2xp - Journal _ _ 2xp - 50xp on Duolingo _ _ _ _ _ 2xp - Elevate module 15 2xp - LHTL week 3 2xp - TESOL class week 2 2xp - Class, church, have an in-depth convo with at least one new person 1xp - laundry 1xp - Finish Our Chosen Faith
  2. Thinking of you and hoping things are calming down a bit! Sounds really intense. I have been struggling with keeping up with good habits myself lately, life stress is the worst. So excited to hear what you're planning for your challenge, though!
  3. Welcome! I am really glad you are here.
  4. Welcome to NF! I can relate to the moolah quest - I'm on my own quest to be able to afford martial arts classes, hehehe. I am so glad you are here and wish you the best of luck!
  5. Welcome! It sounds like you are making LOTS of progress, awesome job! I am so glad you are here
  6. Welcome, Isa! I'm so glad you are here
  7. Welcome! It sounds like you're settling in really well. I can relate a lot to your story and goals! I'm so glad you are here and I hope it helps you
  8. Sounds like you're doing an awesome job already! Welcome, I'm glad you are here
  9. I really love! I haven't been able to be that active due to lack of time/money but am hoping to get more involved this summer and fall. I'm studying web development and there are tons of awesome tech meetups near here.
  10. Amen to being fed up with hookup culture. It's one reason I really detest dating sites...even OKCupid. It's so frustrating. I tend to go the 'find someone through shared interests/activities' route but haven't gotten that lucky lately - but we'll see. Ever the optimist!
  11. I totally get that! It is really hard to keep up motivation when you don't see changes right at first.
  12. Yay for summer! Cheering you on from over here
  13. I really love reading your musings - thank you so much for sharing. Being mindful of how our feelings influence what we spend our time on is really needed. I can relate a lot.
  14. Eek! Colds totally suck. Sending healing vibes.
  15. Aww, thanks! Part of why I like tracking the day to day to dos is it reminds me that I AM actually moving forward and taking baby steps and taking care of what I need to do. It's really empowering and makes me feel like I have momentum. I'm mostly okay with not getting everything done - sometimes I misjudge how much time or energy I'll have and this process is making me WAY more mindful about my priorities, so I'm learning what to prioritize and what to let go. I'm not fasting from food for Ramadan (I'm exempt for health reasons and because I have to take medicine during the day) but I am going to try and work more on some personal things and get my prayers more regular and all that good stuff. This is the first Ramadan I've been really excited about since I lived in Virginia like 5-6 years ago and could go to the mosque every day. I'm having a crisis of conscience about a berry (no sugar added) smoothie/juice thing my friend just gave me at work - does that count as drinking calories? Because it is totally delicious and she made it (from scratch) especially for me so I can't turn it down!