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  1. For the record, I'm going to start this tomorrow and make my weeks Monday - Sunday because I just decided to do this and today is halfway over. I didn't do last month's challenge because I was away for 2 weeks (but Wednesday to Wednesday, so disrupting 3). I tried starting my own after I got back but was pretty unsuccessful. This month I'm away one week (disrupting 2) but I feel antsy and don't want to wait another 5 weeks to start. I've spent most of the summer focusing on hiking and just playing around in the gym. This total lack of direction has made it so that I never want to go. I started to add some different exercises in and am suddenly re-excited to go. I probably won't start a program yet, since the first two weeks will be half weeks, but I'd like to get back to consistency and then start a plan later in October. Lifting: Go 2x per week during weeks 1 & 2 4x per week during weeks 3 & 4 Beyond squat, bench, and deadlift, i want to consistently work on overhead squats, front squats, and cleans. Adding these as warm-up exercises has been mentally stimulating. I'd also like to consistently do lunges, overhead press, dumbbell shoulder work, and hip band work. Basically I want to curb my habit of walking in, squatting to a heavy something, and then playing on machines I don't care about and leaving. Eating: I've pretty much been half a train wreck here. My meal prep hasn't been enough by a long shot. Weeks 1 & 2: limit to grocery shopping, except for 1-2 meals out in Colorado. Weeks 3 & 4: strict meal prep, but actually weigh everything and make sure I'm prepping enough calories (and protein). I think this is where I've been screwing up for the last few months. Stretching: 4x per week, probably in the morning. Stretch goal: remember to foam roll, too. *if I only get 2x in weeks 1 & 2, I'll probably be ok but given that I'll be hiking, I should still go for it. I'm just very unwilling to lay outside if mosquitoes are hanging out near camp. Non-Fitness Goal(s) I'm going to split this into two halves, since weeks 1 & 2 will involve travel. Goal 1 (weeks 1 & 2): Make choices that are low risk of ending up with me needing to be rescued (or me dying). This seems simple but I'm going to get more specific (these are all things I've been waffling on even though I know the actual smart decisions): - no sleeping in your car below 25 degrees. - probably no sleeping at a truck stop - no taking your rental car on 4WD high clearance roads - no climbing a mountain if there's any chance of ice. - don't climb down into black canyon - drink water - text your mother Goal 2 (weeks 3 & 4): Read for 2 hours per week. I read a lot in Iceland (I bought the first used book I found in English) but then haven't really read at all since I came home.