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  1. AriatikStarr tries to go 28 days without leaving town

    week 4 update & challenge recap: Lifting: Tuesday: 4x215 on squats. I only needed 1 so this was technically a surplus. Wednesday: 7x100 on bench. At a minimum, I haven’t hit this in well over a year. I’ll call it a taco PR. Thursday: 1x255 on deadlifts. Minimum. Wasn’t feeling awesome. Today: 6x70 on OHP. Needed 1. Lifting Recap: technically I did this goal. I’m a little surprised that my squats and deadlifts were not better, but I’m willing to somewhat blame that on the fact that I’m going in the mornings, and am 12 pounds lighter than I was when I last hit PRs. Also, I hit 2x65 on overhead squats twice during these four weeks. It’s possible that doing some of this type of work has helped my shoulder stability and that’s why my presses are going well? They’re still pretty far behind though. stretching / reading: I read on Sunday, but don’t think I read before bed. Also read today. i only stretched on Sunday. I have no intent to stretch today. i definitely did better during this challenge than I normally do, but I think I need to tackle this in a different way. For whatever reason in the last week I’ve been crazy exhausted by 9-9:30. And last week, I was rushing my stretches so that I could go to sleep. I think I probably should try to stretch after my morning workouts, when I’m already warmed up but also awake. Duolingo: half hour Sunday, Monday, and today so I missed this week by half an hour. Again, no idea what happened this week but basically I felt like I ran myself ragged and was super tired, and I couldn’t make myself do much extra. Mountain Biking: 0. Took the bike out Tuesday and didn’t make it a block before realizing it needed some work. Have not yet done that work. Overall though, I have ridden more in the last 4 weeks than I did all summer... so still kind of a positive. I do have a bigger ride coming up in December that I don’t want to suck at, so I need to fix my bike and ramp it up a bit. Wilderness first aid class: i forgot about this. Instead I booked a flight for Vegas in May to road trip around Arizona & Utah. Maybe next time, since I wouldn’t have had time to do it right now anyway.
  2. AriatikStarr tries to go 28 days without leaving town

    My squats felt better today than they have been. last night I fell asleep without stretching. just putting this here because then everyone will know that if I fail my stretching goal this week, it was probably premeditated laziness with this single event as my excuse. I STILL NEED TO STRETCH.
  3. As far as I can tell, my slight nomadic phase is over (for now). I should be able to focus a little more on... everything. Maybe. Hopefully. I really wanted to bike to Maryland this weekend but i made a bunch of other plans instead. I’m busy for the next several days so I figured I’d get this out of the way now, while I’m thinking about it (then start Sunday, ON TIME). lifting: - start 5-3-1 again. When I left off last time, I worked up to all new PRs, then stalled pretty hard. I stepped everything back quite a bit and still stalled, so stopped the program. I still have all of those spreadsheets handy. I think I’m going to attempt my “Cycle A” (the backup plan) and if I don’t get a surplus of reps on the + days, I’ll back it down further. For the sake of Post length, i won’t list out what each week’s individual goals will be but I’ll note them in my weekly updates (they’re all in my spreadsheet). - keep doing accessories. Front squats, overhead squats, cleans, RDLs, banded glute work, and dumbbell Work. stretching: Beyond my hip and shoulder issues... I’ve been having issues with extremely tight ankles & calves. As far as I can tell, this is then causing crazy pains in my feet. I’m sure a good deal of this has been from walking in worn out shoes, and i finally bought new ones... but going to add calf stretches to the mix. - stretch every morning while coffee is going. Ideally also stretch every night right before bed. If I can get one every day though, I’ll count that as a win this time. mountain biking: - 2x per week. I’m hoping to bleed my brakes and make the bike functional again on Saturday (I need a second set of hands, and just today was asked for a favor which I then used for bargaining). If for some reason it still isn’t functional I’ll take it to a shop, but then my rides may just be doubletrack on a cx bike. Spanish: For now, just want to work on duolingo for two hours per week. I was doing this a few months ago but got really busy. Reading: at this point I really just need to finish the weird book I’ve been reading forever. Extras / non weekly goals: Find dates & logistics for next wilderness first aid class. Not likely to be during this challenge but I need to actually remember to look it up when I’m not falling asleep.