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    Cassava Flour

    Hello! I recently bought some paleo pancakes to eat post workout and the have cassava flour in them. I started reading about this flour and I have heard a lot of mixed things. Some people are very negative towards it and others love it. My goal is to build muscle without putting on fat. I am trying to only eat high glycemic carbs post workout and then to avoid carbs throughout the rest of my day. Does anyone know anything about cassava flour and whether it is healthy or not? Would it be better just to use sweet potatoes and coconut flour to make a post workout muffin? I want something easy to
  2. Klrip

    Fix me

    Sounds good! Thank you for the advice. Out of curiosity however, why are you anti- stairstepper? It is basically running up stairs if you turn up the speed and take your hands off the machine ( I've seen some people rest the entirety of their upper body on the control panel.)
  3. Klrip

    Fix me

    On easy days I will run outside. Sprints I either do on a track or treadmill.
  4. https://www.xojane.com/healthy/the-treadmill-ate-my-ass-or-how-to-avoid-treadmill-ass-syndrome was where I read about treadmills. I find that running distance on treadmills can be hard mentally but if you are just doing sprints then it is not bad. They force me to run at a certain speed and it is easier to tell if I am getting faster. Anyways, thank you to everyone for the advice. I have been having trouble building leg muscle and I wasn't sure if it was due to the treadmill. If you want to look at my training plan to give advice I would appreciate that. I posted it on general workout advice i
  5. Klrip

    Fix me

    My goal is to gain muscle mass particularly on my legs while staying in good running shape. I have been having good results with building my arm muscle but my legs will not bulk up. I lost a lot of weight a while back due to an eating disorder and I have been struggling to put back on the mass. When I lift I try to vary my reps and will do pyramids from 12-6 but most of my reps lie in the 8-10 range because my goal is hypertrophy. I eat a good deal of protein and I mostly get my carbs from oats, quinoa, and sweet potatoes (I aim for 100 grams/day). I just eat whenever I am hungry. I try to avo
  6. You are braver than I am. I don't mind the cold so much but 35 mph wind is too much for me. I live in an area with lots of construction so wind = dust bowl like conditions.
  7. I have been told that treadmills are not good for training because they move your leg back for you and don't work your glute muscles as a result. Is this true even if you turn up the incline on the treadmill? I like that I am able to track my speed better for intervals on a treadmill and they force me to run faster because I don't want to fall on my face
  8. Thank you for this! It is good to know I am not alone. I am so tired of feeling like I don't deserve to eat on a day I have a bad workout or a rest day and I am so tired of sleeepless nights where I eat spoonful after spoonful of peanut butter because I ate nothing all day.
  9. I don't know what to do, I am feel so defeated. I have been underweight for almost 2 years now. I fear I have lost my period forever and that I will never be able to have children, yet, I continue to not eat enough. I will eat a ton of crackers and peanut butter at night and then wake up the next day feeling shameful and I will eat very little to compensate then I will start the whole process over the next night. I need to gain weight, I want to build muscle and continue to workout though. I have come so far in my fitness that I am terrified to take time off. Plus, working out at least gives
  10. I have been trying to look for the best protein powder that will help me build muscle and that I can also take anytime of the day (not just directly after workouts) because I am a college student who does not always have time for a meal. Is bone broth protein powder healthy even if it has a little bit of stevia and monk fruit extract? It only has 1 g of sugar and is low carb so I assume it isn't much stevia. Also, what are your thoughts on bone broth protein powder compared to whey or egg white?
  11. What would you recommend in terms of shoes? I would guess you would want a pair you wouldn't mind getting dirty but on the other hand I would think you would want a fairly nice pair of tennis shoes since you will have to run pretty far. Is the running more distance sort of running or burst of sprints between obstacles? I am looking at one in Dallas the week of October 28-29. I want to get the trifecta medal but I don't think at this point in the year I will be able to accomplish that since it goes by the calendar year, right?
  12. Hello! I have done a few triathlons, half marathons, and I do weight lifting about 5 times a week. Now I am thinking about training for a Spartan Race but I am not sure how to get started. Also, I want to jump right in and try the Beast Spartan race but I am a little unsure if I am going in way over my head. If I can finish a half marathon now do you think a Beast Spartan would be feisable or should I start smaller? Any advice on these races is welcome!
  13. Be careful, eating disorders are a slippery slope. They start out as something seemingly innocent and can easily spiral out of control. Mine started as just an attempt to eat healthier and turned into an outlet for depression and a way to punish myself for being imperfect. At first, I only lost 5 pounds in the course of a month and then within the next few weeks I lost 20. If you felt the need to post on here my guess is your weight is not your only concern, do you feel like you have a bad mentality with food? Just because you haven't lost significant weight doesn't mean you don't have an eati
  14. I think my mom has good intentions in the end but it really doesn't feel like it. I am terrified to eat anything already because of my anorexica and then I will be eating something like a breakfast burrito and while I am eating it she will say things like "after this you need to eat some chocolate cake". Then I end up hiding my food instead of eating it because I feel like later I will be forced to eat something sugary. I told her I want to recover with healthier food sources and she said "you can eat those too but you need to eat a lot of food because you are exercising. You should stop exerc
  15. I feel so stuck. I want to recover from anorexica, but I am terrified to eat because my mom won't stop forcing me to eat candy bars and other unhealthy food. Why do I have to eat a ton of sugar in recovery? I end up limiting my calories because I am so afraid she is going to either not let me workout anymore or force me to eat a ton of sugar and processed carbs. The rest of my family is on a super low carb diet and I always feel like a fat ass eating with them. I can never order what I want from the menu at restaurants, my mom orders for me and gets angry when I don't want to eat what she choo
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