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  1. Do it. After graduating college and before your first full-time job is the BEST time to move some place new and see what comes of it. I've been in the same metro area for almost 20 years. But before that, my family had moved countries twice. I had 3 passports by the time I was 10 years old. My mom made a comment after my last move about her gypsy kids always moving. Ignoring the offensive term, she kind of has a point, because it takes parents with a zeal for travel to instill that in their kids. I've moved 9 times in the past 7 years. I hate moving, but I'm ready to cross state lines (and h
  2. I have a really funny Aesop Rock/A$AP Rocky story. So I went to a local hip-hop festival a year or so ago, and Aesop was one of the acts (he killed it, naturally). I was telling my boss about it on Monday, and she really thought I was crazy and kept asking me, "Are you sure you mean Aesop Rock and not A$AP Rocky? Are you SURE?" I told her I knew what I was talking about, and I could pull up photos of both artists if she needed me to. She's more about mainstream acts, and I listen to mainstream and underground hip-hop. Okay, so maybe not as funny as I thought. But only a certain cross-section
  3. I love all of the artists on that song and I bump it regularly. I regret nothing. On that note, this is one of A$AP's album cuts that I reeeeaaaally like as of lately: AAANNNDDD just to let 'em know (none of these are SFW, by the way):
  4. My two jams lately (weird, neither of them are super ratchet rap): (And the only good thing to come out of my watching the Grammys last night, discovering this song:)
  5. I predict that the Superbowl will steal my birthday thunder, as it does every single year. I'm going to think of it as the NFL's really big way of celebrating my birth. That said, Hawks.
  6. Early February! Let's do it! Venue ideas? I'd definitely like to stay ITP if possible and if convenient for other folks.
  7. Y'all. I am in a moscow mule phase. Not only because it's tasty and delicious (dare I say, too delicious), but also because it comes in a super adorable copper mug! I went to a restaurant and ordered one recently, and the server told us that they started off with 9 in their bar stock, and 4 had magically disappeared because the patrons keep taking them home. Boo at the theft, but I couldn't really be super mad about it. There's also a drink at a place I frequent these days called the whiskey smash (no, it's not Cheesecake Factory) that is... you guessed it... tasty and delicious. I'm not m
  8. Maybe this is a cop-out, but whenever I wear head-to-toe black, I just feel so chic. I understand why the creative crowd does it so often. It's super easy to throw together (so long as you have a nice supply of black), and it's almost always appropriate. Certainly a statement outfit. It also allows me to wear my glasses and a bright lipstick that much easier and it just works. Which is always a plus.
  9. TankQ!! I used this tutorial for the eyeshadow in case anyone's interested. Seriously, I've worn it countless times and I'm not sick of it.
  10. No lie, there were probably 20 people at my folks' house for Christmas dinner and I was freaking out. I had to retreat to a quiet bedroom upstairs to just avoid a panic attack from all the competing energies around me.
  11. Baaaahahhaha! We Latin folks sure know how to make some sweet treats. My favorite treat (isn't limited to the holidays, however) is brigadeiros -- I only find/have them when I'm hanging with my Brazilian folks. They're like... chocolatey, condensed milk spheres of heaven, rolled in chocolate sprankles. (I can't bring myself to type "sprinkles" when "sprankles" makes me laugh.) Yummm.
  12. Alas! Pictures! Hair went a little wilder than I would've liked due to it raining that night, but whatevs. Very successful. I went full-on with eyes and lips because why not? I apologize in advance for the mirror selfies -- I literally had no one around to take a photo of me until midnight, and by that point, it was half-way melted. Lips were a mix of MAC Rebel lipstick and Too Faced Melted lip color in Melted Berry. Berry feels more holiday-ish to me than red (red is a year-round color for me, womp).
  13. I think I may be the one-person ratchet contingent here on NF. But I'm fine with that. This video is just silly and hilarious (although you may not want to watch it at work regardless): This song is my first introduction to alt-J and I really like their other stuff. Not sure I'd ever go see them in concert, though... I'm also YEARS late on James Blake and I am so mad at the world for not telling me about him sooner: This one's just dope. And I could sit here and do this all night long, but I'll leave it at this one:
  14. Okay, reviving this thread to get some advice. I'm going to a black-tie event on Saturday and I'm wearing this dress: I need suggestions on makeup. Pretty sure I'm doing a simple, clean eye with false lashes and a wine lip, but I can be persuaded otherwise. What say you, ladies?
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