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  1. My goal for this challenge is to hike the 150 miles from Bag End to Bree. There is a lovely nature center only one mile away from my home. When I go there, I typically hike 3-4 miles in one sitting. I want to increase that daily distance to 4-5 miles and/or supplement with some longer 8-10 mile hikes as well. Ultimately, I plan to reach Rivendell by the end of the summer. I will track my progress using Discord's Walk to Mordor bot. In addition, because I am working on some photography skills (I recently got my first DSLR camera!) I will upload at least two pictures from my hikes t
  2. Hello new best friend! I just browsed through 4thewords, and it looks AMAZING! I would love a referral code, and I will pm you soon. I only live an hour away from the Twin Cities, so we should totally have nerdy adventures together! Renfest?
  3. Thanks for following! I appreciate insights from those with more hiking experience than me. My geographical area is mostly farmland. There are three small state parks nearby (with between 3 miles and 15 miles of hiking trails each), and there are a couple of nature centers nearby (5-10 miles of trails each) as well. Most are relatively flat (it seems like most hiking trails in my part of the state follow rivers and streams), but a couple of these parks are more hilly. There is also a small hiking area very close to my apartment, but it is poorly kept up and has fallen trees and mu
  4. Thanks for the support from all of you! I am a teacher at a very unusual school. My license is for secondary language arts, but I teach in a project-based charter school. Instead of teaching five or six sections of English to 100+ students each day, I have a small advisory of 15 students who I work with in developing projects based on things they are passionate about. My students range from 7th grade to 12th grade, and I get to work with the same group all day, every day. Each has their own specific learning plan based on their needs, interests, and goals, and I work closely with
  5. Goodness, I forgot to mention the loot! I already bought some very nice hiking boots to help me with my goal. My loot at the end of the summer will be a nice hiking backpack that just so happens to be my favorite color. https://www.kelty.com/redcloud-110/ It's kind of pricey, but I want to do a lot of hiking in the future. This summer is the year of day-hiking. Next year will be overnight hiking.
  6. Hullo there, fellow hobbits and adventurers! As a warning to some who might not be comfortable with this, my challenge will be dealing with a lot of spiritual challenges in my Catholic faith life. If you don't wish to read about such topics, I suggest that you move on to other threads. At the same time, I do value and welcome support from any who wish to join me on my journey! My name is Hollybell Took, and I live in the rolling hills of the Shire, also known as southern Minnesota. I have had a rather tough time during the past few months as I have battled depression, a binge-eati
  7. I'm currently in Owatonna, so not too far away from you guys. I grew up in Rochester, and I will say that it is a fantastic city! You've got to explore Quarry Hill, Essex Park, and Oxbow Park (located in Byron) since they all have fantastic hiking trails. Also, find a good map of the bike trail system in Roch. When I lived there, I was able to go for a 20-mile bike ride every day of the week without going the same route twice.
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