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  1. Hey out there, my name is Sara, I'm 25 y/o, from Germany and not very fit at the moment xD I study for becoming middle school teacher and am, unfortunately, a couch potatoe. A few months ago I finally joined the academy - but although the start was enthuisastic, I soon lacked of any motivation or enthusiasm. Now, I'm starting again, for my body is a wreckage and I definitley need a turnover. I'd love to be able to do some parkour some day or play football again (I played for 8 years in different clubs). My biggest goal at the moment is to be able to do a cross-Germany-tour by bike in summer 2018 (from somewhere in Bavaria to Kiel or Flensburg), that is about 1,200 kilometres, obviously depending on the route we'll take. So, after finishing this post I'll get up and do the first step - going outside and take a few steps. Looking forward to meet buddies and fellows!
  2. Hey noch 'ne Deutsche hier =) Sara, 25, aus Paderborn, bin noch nicht so lange bei NF dabei und versuche gerade, meinen Hintern vom Sitz zu kriegen, um endlich mal loszulegen. Mir geht meine beknackte Gesundheit nämlich ziemlich auf den Keks. Bin noch bei den Rebels, wäre gern Assassin, aber meine Knochen und Gelenke sind alle so kaputt, dass von Parkour oder ähnlichem keine Rede sein kann =( Mal schauen, was das so wird.
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