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  1. I joined the academy and the men's Facebook group a month ago, I've never really used fora in the past and don't really know what to expect. I have had some real success in this first month and have lost weight, inches and my sense that "I'll just end up giving up like I always have in the past". I don't have 100% support from my family who seem to think I'm either a little crazy, a little obsessed or just plain annoying. Once I settle into feeling like I can have a less than perfect meal or lay off walking every day (I've stuck at it every day for a month now) without beating myself up this may settle but I'm not keen on missing even one and know that I am going to keep the quest of never missing two in a row. Not struggling yet and I'm determined to keep at it. I'm on NF diet level 7ish and BW level 3. I do a couple of chin ups every time I pass my bar (in my bedroom doorway) so I hope to progress with pull type exercises pretty well (always a bugbear in the past) Not sure what else to add.
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