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  1. So, today, about 3 months from when I first saw myself in the mirror and realized how big I've gotten. I wanted a few simple things. I wanted to lose some of the 302 pounds I've been carrying around. I wanted to hold a plank for at least 60s I wanted to do 100 continues squats. And one of the biggest, I wanted to do one god damn push up. For the first month, I stuck to the Angry Birds workout, and I made real progress, I had some trouble starting out, like a lot of people, I could barely do a Knee Push Up, I couldn't hold a plank for much longer then 5 seconds and I couldn't squat to save my l
  2. Well, I finally figured out what is holding me back, I decided as a last ditch effort, to hang on to a door (doorknobs more specifically) and tried to squat, low and behold, I went all the way down, ass to grass without any sort of discomfort, well, until I did about 40 of them. So, it is, in fact, a balance issue, not a flexibility issue, when using the door to help me balance, my knees down bow out, they don't go (Very) far in front of my toes, my heels are firmly planted on the ground, all the weight is on my heels, and my legs feel great, well, they're sore, but in a good way. I'm going to
  3. I could swear that I had mentioned it before, but I read through the rest of the posts, and did not, and I apologize. At the moment, I'm just increasing my hip, leg and hamstring flexibility to kind of get me in to a squat, I'm just substituting Lunges right now, I don't like them as much as squats, but they will do for a little bit. Although, I may just hang on to a door ledge and squat, since that way I can't fall on my ass and can push myself a bit further in to it, I'm still trying to figure out why I can't do them properly, It's either inflexibility, or I'm so off balance. Back to it, the
  4. I've just been doing simple body weight squats, I'm starting from the absolute beginning, so tips on squatting with barbells isn't exactly helpful. As stated, my biggest problem is that I just can't get down in to the squat position, I know HOW to do one, I just can't do it, and it's getting to the point of frustration where I KNOW how to do this, but my body just will not listen, I keep telling myself to keep my ankles planted on the ground, but whenever I start to squat down, I pull them up, and even if I do get them to stay put, I do this half-assed crouch that isn't near a squat. I believ
  5. Weird, it still says it's free for Kindle users, but even though it's not free for everyone, for 5 bucks, it might be interesting.
  6. Sadly, it requires Amazon Prime, which does require a payment, although the free trial is enticing, I don't think it's worth going through the cancellation effort. Sucks, because the book looks promising, maybe someone here with Amazon Prime can fill us in on whether it's bunk or not
  7. I do all my workouts Barefoot (Because take THAT, society!) but I'll definitely try to keep my heels planted on the ground, I just need my legs to be all around more flexible, but they just default to "Toe" mode whenever I'm not paying attention. I've been looking around online for a list of stretches for each body part, can anyone point me in the right direction? So far, I've found a few resources, but not enough for my tastes.
  8. The thing about P90X and Insanity, and really any other "DVD Workout Program", is that really, you can probably Google around for a list of the workouts used in the Dvds, and go from there, it's not like they invent anything new, you can essentially make a "Ghetto" P90X by looking up the list of workouts and building one for yourself, although, the appeal of DVDs like this is that you can just look at a calendar, pop in the DVD it tells you to, and then follow along. Really, it just depends on the kind of person you are, if you don't care for building workouts, the DVDs are a great choice, but
  9. I've watched videos of others doing squats, and I've heard it from a few places (NerdFitness being one of them) and they all have the same form, so I kind of just assumed that was the correct way to do it. I think the biggest problem is that I'm not on my heels, I'm standing on the balls of my feet when I do squats, I also don't use any extra weight, I have plenty of that already. I think it's because I do everything on the balls of my feet, I stand that way, walk that way, run that way and just about anything else, It's not that I CAN'T walk/run/stand on my heels, I just kind of "Do it" witho
  10. I'm having a problem with squats. The proper form is bending at your hips and having your knees behind your toes. I can't really do that. I usually do "Frog Squats" with seems just the most natural movement to me, my knees go in front of my toes, and I go all the way down, going parallel to the floor just did not do it for me, but every where I look it's hammered in that my knees MUST be behind my toes, or Florida will sink in to the ocean or something terrible, like cats and dogs living together. But at the same time, it just doesn't feel "Natural" also, I keep falling on my ass, with just tu
  11. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2763[/ATTACH] You and me are in the same boat, Running is just terrible, mostly because it's boring as all hell. You should work up to things like Push Ups and Pull Ups, those, at least to me, are the things I strive for, I want to be able to do at least one of each, since I'm still in Training, these things will come in time, so long as you work hard and stay with it I just got done with my first week and have yet to weigh myself, I'm still in the process of cleaning up my diet, but I think I'm getting there . Right now, I'm doing just Body Weight exercises, since I have plenty
  12. I've been doing the Angry Bird workout, it kicks my ass up and down the street. Although, I've been wanting to add a bit more core and back exercises in to it, since those, plus my upper body, seem to be my weak links, I've been steadily progressing on Vertical and Knee Push-Ups, but one step at a time, I suppose. I would highly recommend you give it a try, it's a great place to just get started, and when you start to feel like you can, add a few more in to the mix, at some point, I need to find a spot for Burpees. And I'm starting Yoga on my off days, I do the usual M W F routine, and every d
  13. I tried the chair thing, but my arms are too long (About 30 inches from shoulder to wrist) So I can't find enough things to stack high enough. Although, Is it okay if my arms aren't fully extended when I'm laying on the floor?
  14. Awesome, I'm hoping to ride this wave of improvement until I can do real push-ups, I don't have any sort of sturdy table or chairs, and I don't have enough things to stack high enough, if only I had a dozen or so milk crates...
  15. Hello! I've been doing the Angry Bird workout since the 20th of April, and I've been having some alarming gains over the past few days. My very first "Workout", which was more of a benchmark, showed I was very badly out of shape, unable to fully complete any of the workouts in less than 5 sets, rather embarrassing, so, I figured I would try to push myself to do just one more set then I did last time. But on my first "Real" workout, I showed huge gains. From not being able to complete any of the sets, I did: 3 Sets of 12 Bodyweight Squats 3 Sets of 30 Knee Push Ups, supposed to be 40, but I'm j
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