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  1. Breathing! I'm going to give those techniques a try.
  2. Thanks guys! First day has gone very well indeed. Logged. Walked. All good.
  3. Oh wow. I am seriously obsessed with all things underwater, so that dive trip looks incredible. Good luck! You've got to love that initial loss though, what a motivator!
  4. So my knee is a jerk. After crazy swelling and then falling over, I can't do anything too strenuous (no squats or deadlifts for me), but I can walk, so do all I can to be healthy, even though I can't really train. Walk at least 10,000 steps per day, 5 days a week. All tracked in Moves. If I just walk to work and back, it's about 5,000 steps, so one longish lunchtime walk a day should sort that. A: 10,000 steps (or more), 5 days a week : 300,000 total over all B: 250,000 steps C: 180,000 D: 120,000 FAIL: Anything less STA: 5 Log meals at least 5 days a week. I used to do this religiously,
  5. Well, this stalled didn't it? My knee has become swollen for absolutely no reason and I've been referred for tests for arthritis, which has meant that I'm not able to do anything other than walk/hobble for the moment, and it may well have put a permanent stop to squatting and deadlifting. I'm really, really sad about this, and I'll know more when I've gone for the tests, but it's been hard not to dive head first into a massive bag of crisps. But I didn't! I haven't eaten a single crisp since November 6th. I cannot express how much of a mega achievement this is for me. I used to eat so ma
  6. Really? I would have thought her hips could have been a little lower so she could flatten out her back a bit more. The pop at the end is her bringing her hips through and shoulders back so her lift isn't disallowed in powerlifting comps. I could be wrong though. I'll gladly hear someone more experienced critique the lift.
  7. Thanks I've just spoken to my old powerlifitng trainer and she's putting together a work out plan for me. I have a feeling that my 50kg BP and 100kg DL are not going to happen this challenge. Last night I got on the bench and cranked out 5x5 of 30kg, which felt okay, but it was work... I'm really annoyed with myself for letting it go. The last time I was regularly bench pressing I was doing 40kg with no problem at all. I have to remember to ego check.
  8. I love going to a powerlifting gym. The conversations I overheard last night consisted of the following: "Come on mate, work for it, you can do this!" and "How many calories are you on a day?" and "Are these your wrist wraps?" It was lovely.
  9. Yay to keeping things simple. Also, sort of a bit in love with Brianne of Tarth.
  10. Thanks guys. I'm working on it. I also think I need to do some supplementary core stuff too, so I'm going to look around for good core exercises. Someone on here recommended 'Good Mornings' to me a while ago. It's all making sense though, which is a good sign. 15 DAYS CRISP FREE! Only 15 more before it becomes a habit, apparently. Week 1 Has been okay. I'm down 4 pounds, which isn't that amazing for someone of my size. Still, it's better than nothing. I've finished reading the book I wanted to. Only went to the gym 2 times, but I was ill at the beginning of the week, so I guess tha
  11. So, dead lifting. I hadn't forgotten how to do it, but I have shitty form, so one of the powerlifters who owns the gym gave me some tips. I'm going to practice deadlifting from a seated position first. I'm not using any core and bringing my bum up first, so I've had to drop my weight and learn to do it properly. It makes sense though, because that's exactly what happens when I squat, I bring my bum up first, so I'm going to research some ab exercises to do tonight. Abs and arms I think. 12 day crisp free! Making good progress with my book, got some piano playing scheduled for this evening af
  12. Nicely done! That's not easy when you're sick.
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