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  1. Hey, sorry I haven't posted a lot to all your challenges guys, life can be a little crazy. Anyhow, I'll post more tonight, for now, Reyna, PippinPDX, doctor_ice, welcome aboard the team. As far as rules go for the group it kinda depends, the challenges usually have limits to group size and what not but at the end of the day the biggest point of all this is to support anyone on their fitness goals and building those habits. If you're new and have any specific questions about the 6wk challengs, be sure to check out the main posts in the community section and corresponding class boards. I'm heading back to work to get a bunch done before I get the weekend. I'll talk to you all later..
  2. Date: Jan 13th Focus: Run Duration: 20 minutes Sunday all I did was run about 20 minutes on the treadmill, averaged speed of 6mph with 4.0 incline not including a 5 minute cool down. Today I haven't done anything, I've been cramming for my Cloud+ cert tomorrow before work. Don't have a lot of time to post further details. I'll run tomorrow and do my weight training after meditation. Expect next post on Wednesday.
  3. Date: Jan 12th Focus: Bodyweight training without gym Duration: 30 minutes Set 1 4 underhand pull-ups 12 push-ups 10 sit-ups 20 leg raises 24 lunges (12 per leg) 20 prisoner squats Set 2 1 underhand and 3 overhand pull-ups 12 push-ups 20 leg raises 24 lunges (12 per leg) 20 prisoner squats Set 3 4 underhand pull-ups 12 push-ups 20 leg raises 24 lunges (12 per leg) 20 prisoner squats I tried to get my running in at the gym today but I just got a new membership there and they close at 8:45pm and I can sometimes be sporadic about what time I show up on the weekend, got there at 8:30pm, lol. So I went home and did straight bodyweight again. I really need to get to the treadmill tomorrow morning though, I've got a 5K coming up and I have to get back and train for the next few weeks to get my body used to it again. I'd run outside but, well in MN it is like 12 degrees out and I do not have the clothes for that. Plus I do not LOVE running so it's just easier to do 15-20 minutes of interval or more during my usual weight training routine at the gym. Thanks everyone for actually looking at this thing! I appreciate the support.
  4. Don't worry about the people working out in the weight room. I'm this skinny, scrawny little Irish guy and although at first when I started going to my gym it seemed very intimidating, as Ok mentions, you realize that really nobody cares, they usually just show up, do their routines and head out. You will benefit so much from doing the free weight training work after a while you'll feel like a pro and people will be looking at you for direction, lol.
  5. Jarrod - The fact that you learned some Quenya.....instantly gains you 5000 nerd points. Congratulations. Lol. DirtyLittleSecrets -- Welcome, let any of us know if you want to learn a bunch of random Tolkien lore or have questions. Good luck on your new adventure!
  6. I have to agree with OK on this, Wow. I started my fitness journey last Jan by training for my first 5K. I have the same 5K coming up again in March and eventually I'd like to get to the 10Mile run and maybe a half marathon but I don't think I'd go much further beyond that, I enjoy running but I'm not in love with it. Your goals are very well defined. Good luck on your goals and keep up the good work sir!!
  7. Date: Jan 9th Focus: Bodyweight training without gym Duration: 20 minutes Set 1 4 underhand pull-ups 10 push-ups 20 sit-ups 20 lunges (10 per leg) 20 prisoner squats Set 2 2 underhand and 2 overhand pull-ups 12 push-ups 20 sit-ups 20 lunges (10 per leg) 20 prisoner squats This doesn't include my 5 minute warm up and cool down exercises. I did not do any running or meditating today. I should have drank more water, WAY too much coffee in the morning so I could survive my training. Note: It is crazy how important momentum is, earlier last year from Jan-July my workout routine was flawless, then it got weaker and now I'm back to square one trying to gain my muscle mass back again. Oh well!!!
  8. Too much content for my brain. Can't fit it all.

  9. Yo OK... Keep it up! Let me know if you have any questions about Zazen practice, part of the reason I joined a Sangha was because I wanted to have a community that was physically close to collaborate with whenever I was frustrated or lacking inspiration. If you can't get to the gym in a day you can at least keep your momentum via some home body weight exercises. :-P
  10. The Dúnedain are a race of men/women descended from the Númenóreans. Closest allies of the Elves and Valar, the island of Númenór was considered the greatest realm of man and as a gift to the rangers of the north many of them (Aragorn included) were gifted with exceptionally long life! *Nevermind that whole fall of Númenór concept where they stopped serving Eru Illuvator and then the island sank into the sea. :-P Elves, rangers, men, women, hobbits and all NF rebels are welcome to join! Hopefully you join because you love Tolkien as well! I'm not sure if there is anything further I need to add here but note that we're here to help keep each other in check and support people on any fitness struggles they may have. So far we have the below people in the team, if you'd like to join please say hello to them and check out their challenge thread. OKLibrarian Daisy88 JarrodCL Let the challenge begin....
  11. Yes! The zen meditating ranger group grows!! Meditating at home works just fine assuming you have the space and quiet for it. I find with my living situation this is difficult, since my Zen center is only 10 minutes away, getting there and back again isn't a problem. *See what I did there?!? hahahaha Now I just need to create my signature to be as cool as yours.
  12. I didn't put any stats or attribute stuff this time. I don't think this is required, or maybe it is for grading and reward purposes, but I've got my own reward system in place if I succeed. The simpler the better IMHO.
  13. Hello random internet community. This will be my 2nd 6-week challenge and hopefully one I succeed at this time ;-) Race: Dúnedain Class: Ranger goals ===== fitness/diet 1. bench press 3x150lb 2. run 5k 3. 3x10 underhand pull-ups 4. meditate more than once a week plan ====== 1. weight train at least 3 days a week, getting enough sleep and nutrients to maintain the weight 2. begin with interval training, increase the duration slowly (note: since my goal is not to go hard 6 days a week I'll probably have days where I do some weight training and interval cardio at beginning of workout, some days I'll do just cardio when I'm not lifting) 3. I've been meeting with my local Zen Meditation Center each Tuesday night, but I'd like to very gradually begin increasing my time spent meditating for 20 minutes or more throughout the week. Overall I recognize several takeaways from my goal setting over the past year. For me to be successful I require flexibility in my the amount of time spent and routine. Although I enjoy structure in many other aspects of my life, I cannot be successful at anything unless I truly want to do the activity and can automate my reactions. Updating: I will be reminded via alerts to update this post with weekly required updates, I may post sooner but I doubt it. Feedback: Please if you have any feedback to the goals I've set or to the methods I'm using, please feel free to share, I enjoy criticism. I created a group that is also the name of my race in the Accountability spreadsheet, instructions didn't seem clear to me about how these teams are managed or if I'm responsible for collaborating with everyone involved. If you have further information on this, please let me know.
  14. I did 5 reps of 115lbs for my squats toward my goal of 170-180 by end of the challenge. I did some sprint training on Wednesday with explosive (plyometric) exercises. Challenge Completed. ;-)
  15. I did 5 reps of 115lbs for my squats toward my goal of 170-180 by end of the challenge. I did some sprint training on Wednesday with explosive (plyometric) exercises. Challenge Completed. ;-)
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