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  1. Yeah, every website I go to says you burn more fat in a fasted state than a fed one. My biggest concern is having no energy for workouts. A lot of websites also say there's adverse affects for women. I'm gonna go ahead and try it for the month, and see how I feel.
  2. Hello all! Young college student here. Recently, I've been thinking about trying intermittent fasting, where I fast for 16 hours every day, and eat about 2 or 3 meals in an 8-hour window. I mostly want to do this for convenience, as it's such a pain for me to the dining hall for multiple meals a day. Plus, eating 4 or 5 times a day doesn't keep me that full. However, while I was doing research, I found there's different result for women compared to men. Men usually do great fasting, from my research, but with women, it was a mixed bag. Some women have had a lot of success doing fasting, while
  3. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna try looking into what their eggs are. It doesn't taste good, in my opinion.
  4. Awesome! That's really what I wanted, just someone to talk to. Feel free to PM me anytime if you need help with stuff. Or if you wanna talk about Steven Universe. Or books.
  5. Thank you all for the advice! As far as my meal options go, there's a decent salad bar and a vegan section. They even have guacamole! They also have a grill and a deli section. Then there's one more section where there's usually steamed or cooked veggies of sorts, a sometimes meats like fish or chicken. My options are actually pretty good. Unfortunately, I can't take too much food out of the dining halls. The school got rid of takeout since people could come in at any point anyway. Technically, we're not allowed to take anything but fruit. Still, I have my own containers, and I co
  6. Poor college student here. So I tried paleo very recently, but it severely backfired, mainly because of two reasons. First, since I'm on a college meal plan, I don't always have access to yummy paleo foods. Also, with the way the meal plan is set up, students can come in at any time and get unlimited amounts of anything. You can have 5 cookies, 2 brownies, a waffle with ice cream, anything at any given time. This means that I'm CONSTANTLY surrounded by temptation, which is what did me in when I first tried paleo. But my diet is really getting out of hand, and since my body felt really good on
  7. So, uh, I'm not entirely new to the world of fitness. I started doing more exercise about 8 months ago. I now do strength training 3 times a week, cardio 3 times a week, and martial arts 2-3 times a week. However, recently I've gotten majorly off track with my diet. Since I've been doing exercise and healthy eating basically by myself, I was hoping I could find someone online, so I wouldn't feel as lonely. I would just like someone to talk to about diet, and to make sure I'm doing my strength and cardio training correctly (since I'm doing it alone). And also to talk about Steven Universe, if t
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