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  1. I just wanted to be able to lurk real good on you. *creeper face*
  2. You know I had to sign in for the first time in nine bazillion trillion fifty eighty months to say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Seriously I logged in just to follow you so ...... <3 <3 <3
  3. Okay so as of thursday I picked things back up. I don't think I'm able to keep up with my goals right now, but I'll just keep doing as much as I can do. My hips are in terrible shape. But! I'm having a lot of fun.
  4. My new fitbit came! I've been feeling hella whomped this week,so I haven't really done much since Sunday :'(
  5. Had a relaxing day today with lots of sleeping.
  6. Not yet Cheechoe! To be honest, I'm so nervous. But I think I'm going to bite the bullet and do it tomorrow instead of jump rope for my warm up. Yesterday's run was nice. I don't have my Fitbit D: and I'm waiting for the replacement to come. But I ran a circuit I know is 6.5 km. It was nice!!
  7. My knees are feeling okay, but my hips are pretty damn sore. Next time, I'll spend more time rolling afterwards.
  8. Okay! So yesterday I did my ninja holds. I can't find my paper with my times, but I'm feeling dat horse stance. Today I did a lot of shopping and walking. I also built a nifty little privacy wall/fence for my patio (take that neighbors!) and I managed to survive my first doctor appointment ALL IN GERMAN! Whomped out. Tomorrow is my youngest's birthday party. We're grillin out and playing much in the yard. Thinking I'll get my run in once it cools down in the evening. Happy 13th!!
  9. Crazy last 24 hours, but I'll get yesterday's workout up this afternoon!
  10. Thanks Mentor! I will probably try to get Erik to make a video of my first attempt haha! Today I got in 5 minutes of jumping rope--just single unders. Two minutes on, one minute rest, two minutes on. Then I showered my sister-in-law. She has cerebral palsy and is completely dependent on others for her care. She's easily 160 lbs, and I spent a good 30 minutes lifting her and guiding her movements. I also did the NFA tutorial workout 10 push ups (incline) 15 box squats, bw 10 inverted row (incline) 20 lunges (10 per leg) :30 plank 2 minute rest repeated another 2 rounds.
  11. NFA workout! And for the ninja skills, I think I'm just going to set the timer for 5 minutes and try to get in as much time as I can, resting as needed. So I might do like 8-10x 10-15 sec holds with rest in between. As the weeks go by, I'd like it to turn into like, 10 minutes on the timer with with several 60-90 second holds and rest between. I need to youtube how to shadow box D:
  12. I excite. Since I got this up after 9 Swiss time, I start tomorrow! Weehoo!
  13. a voice calls out in the darkness... you must find a teacher....seek her...small and large of foot.... she will give your journey direction...seek the hobbit in white... seek the hobbit in white...with fists like iron.... she will guide you I waken in a forest, dark and dim, remembering little of my previous adventures. Half-formed memories flicker about my mind like candles in a draft. An undercover mission, scouting expeditions, rangers, zombies? I cannot remember who I am or where I am, but the words of the voice linger in my head. My eyes adjust to the darkness of the forest, and I see a group of splintered trunks, shattered barely above my knee. Following the trail, I get the feeling someone or something is near. I stumble into an open field, the brightness of a full moon blinding me for a moment. Then, just meters before me, I see the blonde head of a child peeking out above the grass. "I've been waiting for you, Klayklay. It's time for your training to begin. It is time to unlock the ninja within." Ninja Mobility become bendy-er --atg squat: GET IT --palms to floor: DO IT --shoulder safety: STEELIFY IT Ninja Endurance do things longer-er --5 min of jump rope skill work, 3-4x a week --one weekly 6.5-8.0 km run --5 min shadow boxing (w/ small hand weights), 3-4x a week Ninja Toughness be more badass-er --work up to 90 second horse stance --work up to 90 second plank hold --work up to 90 tree pose, each leg I like plans! Sunday: Lake fun with the family. Practice silent movement on foot and in water. Perhaps some yogas. Monday: NFA tutorial workout, warm up with shadow boxing or jumping rope. Increase plank time as weeks progress. Tuesday: Spend ~5-10 minutes on each ninja toughness skill, ie 5-10 minutes working on horse stance, broken up into sets w/ rest between. Add jump rope and shadow boxing as needed. Wednesday: NFA tutorial workout, warm up with shadow boxing or jumping rope. Increase plank time as weeks progress. Thursday: Spend ~5-10 minutes on each ninja toughness skill, ie 5-10 minutes working on horse stance, broken up into sets w/ rest between. Add jump rope and shadow boxing as needed. Friday: NFA tutorial workout, warm up with shadow boxing or jumping rope. Increase plank time as weeks progress. Saturday: Longish run, easy pace. Target hip mobility after run w/ emphasis on atg squat for recovery. repeat 6x. profit. Daily bonus power! Spend 10-15 minutes throughout the day working on flexibility and mobility. Can be after workouts, as computer breaks, etc.
  14. It worked! I lub you and you kick all the asses. I still want to be Pixie when I grow up And not even just European candy, but the home of the world's best chocolate*. Omg. *my husband is Swiss and hates Belgian and British chocolate, finds German okay, but always chooses Swiss if he can haha. He doesn't even consider the stuff you get in America to be chocolate >< SERIOUSLY RIGHT? Like, booze filled chocolates, truffles, bicsuits, pralines, salted caramel brownie stuffed chocolate bars...the list goes on. Thanks! It's a new thing I'm trying haha <3
  15. H'okay. Sho. I'm officially graduated to crossfit 4x a week. In a month or two, I'm going to bump it up to 5x a week, which is my goal. Sugarfree life is still in action. I'm following a low carb, high fat diet. And honestly? I'm loving it. I'm keeping my net carbs <30 g, my protein around 120-130 g, and my fat around 140 g. I've shed a lot of water bloat this week...almost 9 pounds so far (4 kg). I'm eating about 2000 cals a day. I've done a lot of reading in the last week about folks who take atypical antipsychotics and it seems anecdotal evidence shows this kind of lifestyle is not only helpful at reversing weight gain on this medication class, but could also be helpful with mood stabilization. I'm already insulin resistant, but supposedly maintaining this life will help reduce my resistance and increase insulin sensitivity as well. This means maybe I can not develop type II diabetes even with the shitjackpot genetic lottery and aap meds working against me. I'm feeling really good. I honestly don't know what caused something in my brain to switch but....suddenly I'm just treating my food as a thing I put in me like medicine. And I'm viewing things that harm me as poison. And who wants to voluntarily poison herself? If I feel my body can't keep up with recovery and progress, I might look into biweekly carb reloads. But right now I'm just going to keep up what I'm keeping up. Werd. Crossfit yesterday! Warm up 2 min jump rope 500 m row 3 rounds of 3 power clean 3 front squat 3 push press Skill Take 10-15 minutes to practice a skill of your choice--I played around with skin the cats, head stands, wall walks, etc. Strength 4 sets of: Power Clean x 6 reps @ 10 kg + bar Rest 90 seconds Squat Clean x 6 reps @ 10 kg + bar Rest 90 seconds WOD 10min AMRAP 10 Power Cleans 10 kg + bar 10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups...first round I did band assisted pull ups, only moving a few inches. Ring rows subsequent rounds 10 Burpees 4 rounds completed Crossfit today! Warm Up Laps around the gym doing arm circles and hip circles and things 2.5 min row WOD CrossFit Games Open Event 14.4!!!!!!!!!!! Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of: Row 60 Calories 50 Toes to Bar 40 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb) 30 Cleans (135/95 lb) 20 Muscle-Ups Here is what I actually did per trainer's advice: 30 cal row 25 hanging knee tucks 20 wall balls 6 lb med ball 15 cleans (10kg + bar) I made it through my first round, second round of rowing, and 3-4 hanging knee tucks. Trainer said he didn't even expect me to finish one round and he was really surprised and proud of me.
  16. Woop woopie woop woop woooooooop A victory song for you
  17. Looking forward to your reflections <3
  18. HEY WHAO I FEEL SO GOOD TODAY I HAVE TO USE ALL CAPS BECAUSE THAT MEANS HAPPY RIGHT!? But srsly, I think I might be past the danger zone. I felt ultra shitzo Monday and got the blangarang headache. I was womped the fuck out Tuesday. Wednesday I was hungry all day. But yesterday! Yesterday I finally felt like...appropriately hungry. Hungry when I woke up, hungry an hour or so before lunch, hungry an hour or so before dinner. No snacks! I struggled a little last night because I got mega urge to stuff my face post dinner per my usual evening ritual but I didn't. In fact, I haven't eaten post supper ALL WEEK. On days I go to the box, I eat my dinner around 4:45 or 5 and I have my 1-1.5 oz iso whey in water as soon as my WOD ends. On days I don't cf I have dinner between 5-6 and nothing else, save a tbsp of coconut oil if I need the cals and fat. And today I'm feeling mega fly. Oh and check this--yesterday Erik and I stopped at a gas station to grab some waters on our way to drop off forms for Swiss driver's license. Standing in check out line next to an entire WALL of chocolate bars, biscuits, candies, etc etc I was trying to make myself feel bad that I couldn't have any. And I could not make myself feel bad. I just looked at the stuff and Erik was all, "are you going to give in?" and I was all "sucka please I don't even. I just don't eat this anymore." And I felt like a winner. WEENER WEENER CHICKEN DEENER. Oh, and for the first time this week, I actually feel like I have the energy to kill it at cf tonight. I'm a little sad I missed deadlifts last night.
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