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  1. dude. round 4. omg please don't die. you are my unofficial cf sensei.
  2. Whao guys we are moving closer to the fourth week and I'm still posting. Wtf is up with that?! I'M ACTUALLY DOING A CHALLENGE.
  3. Sugar detox is going well so far. Not even interested in giving in yet, so yay. Today's WOD Warm Up 2 rounds of 400m run bear crawl length of gym 5 skin the cats.......could not do! Skill Turkish Get Up several reps w/ 6 kg kb Strength 4 sets of: Strict Press x 6 reps 5 kg + bar Rest 90 seconds Hollow Rocks x 30 seconds Rest 90 seconds WOD EMOM for 20 minutes: Even minutes - 30 seconds Row Sprint Odd minutes - 3 Power Snatch 2 kg + bar
  4. So far so good! I'm on day 3 and feeling mostly good so far. I'll see how the next week treats me, because I feel like day 3 is always the start of the danger zone.
  5. Yes please!! This just made everything worth it.
  6. SNAAAKE SNAAAKE OOOH IT'S A SNAKE. Wait, wrong song. Only in Kenyaaaaa.
  7. HOLY SHITSNACKS. The major energy dump I'm already feeling as a result of giving up my sugarcrack was not friendly to me at crossfit last night. Plus, it was basically an evil wod from hell. And I'm sad to say, I did not kick demonWOD backeth to the abyss from whence it cameth. Hey remember the theme of this challenge? Should we resume this? Okay cool let's do it. N Brekkie: 1 tin sardines, 2 eggs, 1 large handful nuked frozen green beans Lunch: 1 cervelas, 1 raw zucchini, 1/2 c homemade cauli hummus Afternoon: meat stick Dinner: 1.5 mini meatloaves (made with 1:1:1 beef, chicken liver, and bacon...SUPER GOOD!), 1/2 avocado, 1.5-2 c selleriesalat PreWOD: 8 oz coffee blended with 1 tbsp coconut oil PostWOD: 1 oz vanilla iso whey in water S Tired and stressful day. F If finally finding my bedroom key so I can sleep in my own bed counts as fun.. W Warm up 2 min jump rope 2 min rowing Skill kb tgu Strength 4 rounds of 10/leg front rack lunges (just the bar) Rest 60 sec 3-5 wall crawls Rest 60 sec WOD 5 min AMRAP 20 du 10 air squat completed 3 rounds Rest 60 sec 5 min AMRAP 5 manmakers (5 kg dbs) 10 box jumps (PR alert! I managed 9 reps of first round on the next highest box! I think it's 18" which is a big move up from the lil 12" box I was using! finished reps on 12") completed 3 rounds Rest 60 sec 5 min AMRAP 5 toes to bar (I did hanging knee tucks on first round and 10 sit ups on subsequent rounds) 10 push ups (wall pushups) completed 3 rounds
  8. Day 1/21 Captain's log: 17.03.2014, 1525 hour. Communication feed indicates members of home planet are celebrating a holiday with much green and beer.In the last hour, I have developed a blammering headache. Potential byproduct of sugar abstinence program?Training tonight at Crossfit Lyss. Investigation of information portal reveals hell to come. Research "man makers." Mess hall is serving meaty, patty-shaped concoctions containing liver. Will provide full report after consumption.
  9. Thanks! I did some pass throughs and dislocates last night, along with rolling my lats and getting a lacrosse ball into my shoulder blades and it seemed to help a lot! We have one bar that's taped at our box and I've noticed it helps me a lot too! But the tape was a bit rough on my palms down at the crease. I need to toughen up these tender hands haha. And awesome work on the 3rd round!
  10. Thanks! I managed to find that website, and I have my first week planned out. I'm getting the groceries so I can do some batch cooking (sighew) tomorrow. I'm really trying to frame this in a positive, empowering way. I need to drop the fear, or it's going to suuuuuck.
  11. Seriously! My 800m time is not great by any standard, but I really thought I'd come in around 26 minutes or so instead of almost 30. I just wanted to yell at them "EAT A DICK" and keep running, but I'm glad I didn't.
  12. TODAY'S WODNESS a bit of overhead shoulder mobility and then WOD 4 RFT 800m run 20 sit ups 15 push ups Wow. This took me a lot longer than I wanted it to. 29:40 or something like that. But, when I was out running I also had a car stop me and ask me for directions. So then I had to explain in my crappy German that my German wasn't good and I didn't live there so I had no idea where Bastian whatever was. Did push ups with a bar in the rack for incline.
  14. I love both of these videos. I don't know that I would even be brave enough to try a 4' wall...forget the 8'! You are amazing <3
  15. Zuckerwad the Sugar Dragon is an evil fucking dragony matriarch and she's going down. The last three weeks of this challenge, I'll be following level 3 of 21dsd. I'm starting Monday for 2 reasons (okay 3). I need time to get groceries and meal plan ready. My kitchen is SO empty right now. I've just been buying groceries (and junk food) each day for the last week or so. Fails. If I start Monday that means exactly the second half of this challenge will be 21dsd and I can finish with a bang. I secretly want two more days of sugar binging madness.Honestly, at this point I don't care about losing weight, or sleeping better, or whatever. I am seriously terrified. I showed early signs of pre-diabetes in high school (when I was a healthy weight and pretty damn active). I was seriously on the borderline of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with my oldest. I am insulin resistant. And now I've gained back 30 lbs (with a HUGE increase in abdominal circumference) eating sugar, sugar, sugar. To make things worse, the medication I take to control stuff and things can push me over the ledge into full blown type II diabetes EVEN BEING SUPER HEALTHY. So. Sugarbitch you have to go down. There can be only one. Sorrynotsorry for killing you.
  16. I have so much sores today. Wowweee. I really don't think there is anything on my body that does not hurt.
  17. Awesome work on round two! That looks INSANE. I have shoulder mobility issues as well. I played softball for 12-13 years, and had some issues with my shoulder randomly dislocating when I threw the ball. Scar tissue holds it in place now, but if you have any mobility tips I would super appreciate it!
  18. THE SECOND DAY OF TWO DAYS OF CROSSFIT IN A ROW! Warm up 3 rounds of 100 su 10 air squat 10 push ups (walls for me ) 10 back extensions 10 glute ham raises (couldn't do them, did something else) Skill Pull ups/kipping AGAIN. but I'm getting it! Strength 3 sets not for time: 8 Deadlift (40 kg on bar) 8 Ring Push ups 8 DB Row (5 kg each hand..should have gone heavier) WOD 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Slam balls 10 kg ball 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Burpees...ended up doing split squat thrusts 9:49...11 seconds before the 10 min cut off!
  19. When we next meet again (I miss you ) you are getting the biggest glomp of your life. That is all.
  20. I WANT THAT CRAWFISH PLATTER. Also, you are so much awesome. I heart you.
  21. While reading about the end of the world, all I could think about were sperm whales and bowls of petunias.
  22. This is awesome, and my squat depth def beats his.
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