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  1. SUCKA WHAAAAT!? I'm still here! Rather than backtrack, let's just pick up with the NAO. Today's CF. Warm up Random stuff Banded partner leg stretch things Skill Pull ups/kipping Strength 3x8 front squat (2x5 kg plates added) db oh press (strict, 5kg db each hand) ring rows WOD FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN 21-15-9 thrusters (just the bar because I still have nightmares about behind the neck thrusters...but next time I'll def add weight to reg thrusters) pull ups (jumping variety) 7:12 Cool'd down with some shoulder mobility work because kipping = shoulder ouch. Also guys. Guys. GUYS. GUUUYYYYYS. My squat is getting so much better. I can now hit parallel. This is HUGE. BOOYASHAKAH.
  2. LULU GIF MADE MY LIFE. Also mega <3s
  3. The Challenge So Far.... Nutrition This has been kind of...well poopy. I mean I'm sure I'm eating enough. I might be eating too much. I'm trying to eat quality foods, but a few crappy post-dinner munchie nights have happened. Maybe I've gained weight, maybe I haven't. I don't know...I don't weigh and measure myself again for four more days. I can't believe it's already been almost a month since I last stepped on a scale. And you know what is probably stupid? I honestly don't give a fuck if I haven't lost weight, or if I've even gained a little weight. Because I'm beating myself UP at cf, and I have no doubt I'm holding fluids. AND shit honestly. I'm just so over freaking caring about my weight all day every day. I can't live that way anymore. I'm just going to learn to love the body I have. If it changes for the "better" so be it. As long as I'm not grossly moving up in weight, I don't care. You know what's even crazier? I've been contemplating getting a bikini and wearing it, THE WAY I AM NOW. Fucking crazy right? I don't give a shit. I'm a motherfucking honey badger ya'll. Serenity Could use more of this. I really want to crochet a blanket. So I'm thinking today I will go to Brügg and get me some turmeric capsules and some yarn. I should walk more, but maybe if spring actually comes this will happen. Fun My half marathon is three days away. THREE DAYS. HOLY SHITBALLS MAN. I'm counting spontaneous make out sesh as another fun event. I need one more good and fun event. I mean something really cool that I'll be like "omg I'm having such a blast!" while I'm doing it. Does this even happen to grown ups? Watching my kids play and swooning over their high level of aesthetic appeal doesn't count. WOD I've been killing it. I mean, sure I suck compared to most everyone else there, but I'm killing ME. I've surprised myself a lot. I've changed some. I'm definitely more confident and more accepting of good criticism. I have skipped 0 days so far. This is huge. I am almost a month into hitting every workout I planned to hit. BOOM. Bonus mission: Um after day 4 I fell off the face of the squatting planet. It was just so nice to lay on the couch, cuddled up instead of squatting while watching The Walking Dead. Which, I'm totally caught up on now.
  4. I was looking for a massive explosion gif, but this isn't the NSFW thread.
  5. ALL THE FUCK YESING! NSFW IS NSFW! Thanks beautiful ladies.
  6. Yes this! And also did you try for a second submission? Either way, 114 is super impressive to me, and I'm more severely deficient in double unders (but I'm coming for you).
  7. HAY SEXY LADAY. I just wanted to say I <3 you and also....I saw your notebook workout pic on fb. You are killin it!
  8. Today's crossfit aka deathtrap First I just want to let it be known that I whined ALL DAY and seriously could not talk myself into going. But I put on my pants and did it anyway. Warm up Random intervals of jumping jacks and lunges, decided by Rolf Random intervals of planks, side planks left and right....also decided by Rolf who seriously would get lost in conversation and then finally tell us we could get down Skill/Strength Double unders. PR ALERT I did THREE CONSECUTIVE DOUBLE UNDERS. Oh yeah, I'm on fire. 3x8 Floor press (bar + 10 kg) Ring rows (because I still can't do banded pull ups) Goblet squat (w/ 12 kg kettlebell) WOD 21-15-9 cals on c2 rower behind the neck thrusters I started off doing my thrusters w/ 2.5 kg plate on each side and had to drop them halfway through first set. Finished them with just the bar like a wussass. BUT FUCK IT I WENT!
  9. This hits me hard. I feel this with you lovely lady. We will overcome these feelings, because we deserve to be loving and joyful creatures.
  10. I have some serious inflammation around and above my right elbow. I don't know what it's from--I didn't feel anything wonky happen with the push presses. But 800 mg ibuprofen isn't curing me and I don't think more cowbell will either. Taking it easy today, hoping it feels better for cf tomorrow.
  11. Also thanks everyone. The weekend funk has lifted for the most part. Looking forward to another good week.
  12. I want to channel your squat powers. Also, woohoo for surviving the party! That is a HUGE deal!
  13. HA HELL NO. But next year I will, even if I place over 9000
  14. I was digging him as Khan until he did this weird smile at some-point-I-don't-recall-when in teh movie...and then all I could think of was The Grinch. And I couldn't find Khan hawt anymore. I was nagging my hasbond the other night, trying to get him to tell me what physical trait he finds most attractive, and he just kept saying "brains." Not like ... zombie loves brain. But this. I have to show him this.
  16. So tired. Crossfit today. Can't move. Warm up 600 m row (took me like 3 min?) Skill double unders front squat (I ended up just working on my air squat bc it is terrible. so bad. much sad) WOD 120 dumbbell push press (5 kg in each hand) EMOM 5 box jumps I DNF'd! Did not complete the WOD. Limit was set at 12 minutes, and I completed 107 push presses as the timer beepbeep'd the end. NEXT TIME.
  17. Hay purty thang. How'd the rest of week one go? Are you surviving all the sprints and burpees?
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