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  1. Thanks I'm trying to keep my head up. Looking at motivational stuffs on Tumblr seems to be helping
  2. Haha, no I don't speak French at all. My little sister is teaching me some key phrases though, like, where is the bathroom? I'm trying to do that exact same thing -- my first week here, I went out almost every day with my coworkers, just so happy to be invited out to lunch to hang out with them, and ended up $50 poorer. Yikes! It's amazing how quickly that money adds up!
  3. Apple slices and peanut butter, ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins, if you didn't know ), jerky, or I make my own trail mix consisting of raw almonds, dried mixed berries, and Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips It tastes so delicious!
  4. So this last weekend was a bust. I ended my week with Lunch to work: 3/5 Grade for the week: C Strength workouts: 1/3 Grade for the week: F Money for Paris: $690/$1200 Grade for the week: A I'm kinda bummed at myself for not sticking to my guns, so I'm not really in the mood to type alot out, but here are my stats for this week so far: Lunch to work: 1/5 Strength workouts: 0/3 Money for Paris: $690/$1200
  5. It's amazing how much we just do by habit, right?? I know sugar is one of my main addictions too, but not added sugar so much as just sugary things...Like dark chocolate, chai tea, and really sugary fruits.
  6. A snack I like to make in bulk and then put into baggies so they're easy to grab is my own homemade trail mix! I take about 2 oz almonds, 1 oz of Ghiradelli's 70% cocoa chocolate chips, and 1 oz dried fruit (I do berries and cherries type mix). It's delicious, helps get those healthy almond fats in, and can help curb chocolate/sugar cravings too But if you want to add some healthy fats to your diet, you should try a taco salad! I love to make a big salad, grill up some very thinly sliced steak (like, carne asada quality), and add some slices of avacado. Mmmm yummy! Also, adding slivered almonds to a stir fry or a meal would help increase the fat, protein, and calories.
  7. Hey! How's it goin? I'd love to hear how your goals are coming along, NF soulmate
  8. You should post your recipe for the blueberry balls of awesomeness. They sound good
  9. I know what you mean, I hate running! I think you have some really good goals though I'm so jealous that you know how to play piano!!
  10. Well, actually, at one of my areas where I work at, they have kind of a mini convenience store type thing. It's got chips, fruit, cereal, candy, nuts, and then it's got a fridge with soda and sandwiches (the kind you'd find at the gas station), and a freezer part that has ice cream, tv dinners (like healthy choice), and the typical frozen burgers and burritos. It's nice to have if you forget your lunch but have your card or some cash on you. In other news, I forgot my lunch today I was supposed to get a ride, but instead they called me fifteen minutes before a shuttle would leave to get me to work on time, so I basically flew out the door. Ugh. Also yesterday, family got so caught up with my little sister (she performed in a HS production of Hairspray last night, opening night!), that I didn't have the time to do my strength workout. BUMMER! In other news though, another week means another paycheck, which means I save more for my vacation Lunch to work: 3/5 So, for this week, I get a C on my lunches. Strength workouts: 1/3 Week still isn't over! Money for Paris: $730/$1200 I give myself an A for my saving this week
  11. Thanks! I'm trying my hardest I admit, I did buy something from the vending case -- an apple. I was craving it and it was delicious, so I don't count it as going out Plus I had enough change on me to afford it
  12. Oooh, tuna burgers? Sounds delicious!! What did you serve it up on? Or did you just eat it plain?
  13. Thanks, Interface! Brought my lunch to work today -- roastbeef and colby-jack wraps! Yum! I brought some strawberries and chai tea too. Mmmmm.. I didn't do a strength workout yesterday, but I will today. Got no excuse! Just need those results! Lunch at work: 3/5 Strength workouts: 1/3 Money for Paris: $500/$1200
  14. Ahh, that makes sense. Still, good for you! I know that dinner is where I over-eat the most.
  15. Eat a banana with your beef jerky then. Weird combo, I know, but there have been a few scientific things that I remember reading somewhere that basically said that if you eat twice as much potassium as you do sodium, you should have no problem with it in your diet. Maybe I'm crazy, but that's what I remember!
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