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  1. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    Update time, since I have decent news. I have not had any bleeding from my nose since Last Tues. I was told to keep doing the saline spray every 2 hours, put vasoline in my nose regularly, but no more cotton balls and go back in 6 weeks. They still have not seen the source of the bleeding. and the dr kinda went *shrug* "No idea, it must of healed up or something". Oh and standing order of keep stress to a minimum and don't overdo it. Maybe even buy a BP cuff to check it at home (when I left the ENT the last time, it was 126/84, and considering life right now, I am okay with that). We bought a new stove on Tues night. It will be here Friday. I need to clean the kitchen tonight so they can deliver it tomorrow. The school basically said "Your registration is still active, why you bother us?" where my response is "You said this would only be active for 24 hours, but okay." I am now registered for my last 2 classes in spring (one is basically a test, the other is the "senior capstone") and I am DONE I weighed in today for the first time since my nose had a flip out. I am down over 6 lbs. I think its from not eating that first week, but I will take it. Oh I woke up this morning with my shoulder throwing a fit for no reason. I have put bengay on it, but whatever. And a sinus infection, which is a pain since I am not supposed to blow my nose or sniff, and its making me paranoid as all get out. I have been tracking my food since monday. Monday I only made it through lunch, the other 2 days, I got everything. Not watching to stay in the calories, but its a start. Walking is a mess, But starting Saturday, I have at least been over 3500 steps a day as opposed to last week where I didn't even get 1000 (thanks nose). I do think I need to reevaluate the step goal in my challenge, since 10500 seems awful far away Currently, the plan is that maybe Sat or Sunday I go back to the treadmill, stretches and exercises. Hubby and I are a bit nervous for me to go back to that much activity (even if the dr didn't say I couldn't). I am going to start doing some boxes tonight I think since while I have been down, its getting out of hand around here The required current class just gave me all the work for the rest of the semester, I have a ton of reading, one assignment and a 6 pg research paper. Here we go finals. The supposed to be fun class is a mess. I am just like "finish already
  2. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    Thanks, I may end up trying them.
  3. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    Fingers crossed. This may be a "Bean, your overreacting" but I am SO SO close, I just want to be done. I have never missed an enrollment opening before. I can send them the ER information. Thanks, I am glad too, its continuing to behave, but I think I will need some real sleep before I feel human again. However, I am going to work today, so lets see how that goes.
  4. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    So quick update then if I have time, replies I am still home, Nose continues to behave. I go back today to see the ENT and hopefully get the all clear to NOT have to deal with still stuffing things up my nose. I haven't slept well the last few nights, even with a humidifier blowing IN MY FACE, my mouth continues to dry out so I can't sleep. Please let this go well and I can stop shoving stuff up my nose. And it is snowing now, and we are under a winter weather advisory until my appointment, then Youngest Agent has a band concert. Still no word if I can register. Hoping to get that today. In the Beans not suppose to stress this weekend: The oven just died. It only heats sometimes, The printer we bought less than 6 months ago just died (transformer in the thing went bad) My mom has decided my nosebleed was her fault and now is acting like I will break into a million pieces if I do anything Mom keeps telling me she should do thanksgiving. She can't lift the turkey, and gave me this in JUNE. there are 3 other people in this house to help if I can't do it all, relax. Mom also is flipping out they can't find the bleed in my nose (because giving me a hard time about that is keeping my BP down). I emailed about the 20% of my grade that has not been graded asking for feedback so we can start the project in what was my fun class, Feedback was given, but no grade. Now to figure out how to nicely say "thanks for replying, we didn't see a grade so we didn't think you remembered we emailed it to you. Stole a printer from my Mom (She has 5) and brought it home and it is temperamental on if it will work or not.
  5. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    I just realized with the hospital/health stuff going on, I forgot to register for the 2 classes I need to graduate. The problem is, to register in my department, you need departmental approval which is only good for 24 hours. So I just had to email the approval people and say "So I know I was approved, but I had a health thing on Tues and didn't get registered. Can I please be approved again." I need just these 2 classes so I can be done. How could I forgotten to do it. The good news is that I am still home and still not bleeding. I feel better without the damn boulders in my nose, but still weak. going to start going back to eating certain things maybe tomorrow to help with it.
  6. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    In this weeks chapter of Bean Vs. Chaos, the chaos hits a new level. TLDR: I got another nosebleed, worse than the first. Nose was packed for 3 days, they took it out Yesterday but I still am heavily restricted until my follow up on Monday unless it starts bleeding again, tehn back to ER or the ENT if they are open. They called it "Nose rest" which means no bending over, no real activity, no exercise, no lifting anything. No Stress. The last one Hubby and I laughed out loud at and then said we would try. The ENT is less likely to blame my bp but rather the stupid dry air since winter hit suddenly. I ended up calling into work all week since I could barely stay awake 30 minutes at a time. Thank god new job is so understanding. So that's my weekend plans. I had to ask Youngest Agents' friends parents to drive into town to pick her up from a sleep over since I am not suppose to do anything really. I am getting a bit stir crazy since I feel better after the packing, but I have felt just "weak" for the last few days. No lightheaded or dizzy (Hubby is watching that close) but a run from the ENT to Target to get 4 things to get lunch and I had to have hubby figure out what to feed me since I needed to sit down. So not sure how much I can get into. This has caused some issues with Estate stuff, but in the whole "no stress" thing, I am leaving it alone. Nothing is due for my mom until the 14th, so we should be okay. I told my mom we would talk about how to deal with the after effects once I am feeling better. I know alot of this is just life, but right now I am sitting here going "Really, really I needed this?" There is a chance the bleeding in my nose could be a really bad sign (cancer, ect), but it sounds like the ENT is just "Its dry air, but now that you have had one, you may get more" Looks like I am going to have to invest in a little humidifier for the office. Hubby and I decided our lives are just being poked with a spork after the initial fork/knife stab of my dad. Enough to go "Oh for goodness sake," but not enough to get any real sympathy for just more crap to deal with no help.
  7. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si vs Chaos - Bean Tries

    IT was scary, especially when it won't stop. BUt the story gets better, so I will let you decide for yourself. Short answer, I am barred from doing the whole "Get healthy thing" for a bit longer.