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  1. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos – Try and do something

    So I am sitting here writing the "end of semester" paper for the class that is only making me so upset mentally and emotionally. The damn professor said "Haters going to hate, be you" but when I voice my opinion, it is wrong because my opinion is mostly "Do what makes you happy so long as everyone involved is safe, happy and okay with it, but don't force me to do it and don't force me to have an opinion or share my opinion when its none of your business" All I gotta do is get past this paper and hopefully he will take it. He stopped emailing/talking me before midterm. No feedback or anything. I even email "did you get this" and no response. I really just cannot retake this class. I don't know if I can handle redoing this BS mentally at this point.
  2. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos – Try and do something

    The weekend went well. I didn't get everything done on my list, but I have rather accepted that life is just like that right now. I don't have any good way to make it better. I have 2 more weeks of working both jobs. Then I will get back on track I hope. How is your challenge going?
  3. Bean Sidhe

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    Throwing in my 2 cents - Yes, I know, Surprise, I am posting somewhere beyond my thread this challenge I totally agree, the rebels seem to have become a "Level up life and maybe some exercise" guild, and I would totally be down for discussing things. I want to say thank you to the admins and GL and ambassadors. I know it is a thankless job, but we do appreciate it. There was something else I was going to say... but it escaped my brain. Maybe in August when I stop working 2 jobs I will have a brain... or a challenge, or sleep..
  4. So hi, remember me? Last challenge beat me up hard. It wasn’t the challenge so much as well, life. Note, I am not hulk in this picture. As a result, NF had to get well, dropped. Challenge wasn’t even on my radar. I was gone from the house for 14 hours a day, then the 1 hour-you have to take it to graduate so let’s make Bean as uncomfortable as possible (Best description of the class is the intellectual equivalent of asking someone with body issues to stand in the middle of quad in a bikini). I was doing good to know where I was suppose to be at any point in time. I didn’t have anything left. Some days, I just came home and collapsed on the couch. So here is the bad stuff from the last month · Exercise, what exercise · Stretches, what stretches · I have one hand where I sometimes can’t feel more than 3 fingers because carpal tunnel · The house is a mess · All the “hey keep this clean” is about gone · The agents are bored and feeling a bit unloved since I am not home · Walking isn’t a thing. Downside to the internship is it is a desk job · Oh, and I am not a candidate for my boss’s job because I don’t have a piece of paper. They don’t care how close I am. And that was a month + of leading me around and telling me I wasn’t good enough, but then telling me I should go for it, but we will probably give it to someone else. · The garden is full of weeds · I have one garden bed completely overrun with dill and cilantro · The thought of the one hour class has me anxious and about to have a panic attack. · I kind of went Poof and haven’t been on here. And I miss people. If I do make it back, I am not sure how many people I can really follow or check up on. I will try I ate sugar, lots of sugar At least I have some good news · My water has been fairly good during the week (weekends not so much). · I do like my internship, and they seem to like me. I don’t see anything coming from it, but maybe it is a good thing I can’t get my boss’s job · I came to a conclusion last week that I don’t really want that job. It still leads nowhere and I would hate being in charge and still not being able to change things. Plus, maybe I need to go somewhere else eventually to get a “fresh” start · I am sleeping. It’s weird. I am done with everything by like 8-9 pm and then hanging on the couch or going to bed. I know that won’t last once fall semester restarts, but still · I have been doing really well on the flossing thing. · I have also been better about eating my “need these for reasons” foods, which helps. · Also, I am hoping that as of July 1 I will be able to be around more. That is when an activity ends that has me leaving the house before 6 AM. Maybe then I can get some time in here more regularly. So, this challenge, I am not going to go all “Bean does all the things. Mostly because, I never know what kind of day I am going to have. I was going to just say “did I do something at all” and not keep a minimum, but then I got into my own head. Now I am staring at numbers and going “I should at least admit I need to do something in each group, even if it is not this many points. I mean I could probably get 25 pts just for stuff I am doing mostly regularly. Now that I have played around with things, I have a goal of 30 out of 71 points per day. I am super frustrated that I can’t do more (I had high hopes this summer) but it’s not happening the way I hoped (thanks 1 hour class). I may try to do a stretch goal of 40 pts a day if things go well. That is still less than half what I should be doing, but it’s something. And yes, I am totally taking time to plan this all out to avoid homework. (I need to decide on this. Anyone want to help?) Anyway, here are the categories and what I should be doing for each group. Total points a day is 30 out 71. The A student in my does want to cry a bit at that. Wish me luck that I don't get thrown around again. Goal Value Description Strength 1 Balance ball crunches 1 Squats 10 1 Wall Sit (sec) 1 Side kicks Do 3 1 Leg lifts 3 1 Reverse sit ups 1 sit ups 1 Knee to Elbows 1 Push ups 1 Balance Ball push ups Flexibility 1 Wrist Extension Stretch 12 1 Upward dog/Child pose 1 Meditating Groot 1 Lord of the dance Yoga (ankle above head) 1 Butterfly 1 Bridge Do 4 1 Ballet/toe Touch 4.00 1 Sitting Fix/Shoulder stretch 1 Warrior 1 1 Warrior 3 (Eagle bird thing) 1 Side stretch 1 Forward bend Life and Family 1 Play with Cats 1 NF time 1 Water the garden 1 Soak up the sun 15 1 Spend time with Agents 1 Harvest 1 Walk the garden 1 Plan 1 Be in bed by 11:30 1 Floss in morning Do 7 1 Floss before bed 1 Work on one thing off of Part B list Daily 7 1 One good thing 1 Read at least 5 minutes a day 1 Homework time daily Fight Chaos 1 Pennisula/Island Clean all these daily 1 Table / Half wall 8 1 Desk 1 Bathroom up 1 Clean off file cabinet Do 4 1 Bathroom down 4 1 Clean off door to basement 1 Clean off Dresser At least 5 minutes per room (at least one) 1 Garage 1 Front room 1 Computer room 9 1 Basement 1 Clean 1 thing in file cabinet do 4 1 Clean off nightstands 4 1 Counter over dishwasher 1 File 1 thing a day 1 Purge 1 thing a day Walking 1 Walk 10500 steps 4 1 Walk 15 minutes a day 1 1 7 hours with 250 steps do 1 1 Walk to Mordor Fuel 1 No eating after dinner 13 1 No stupid sugar 1 Track breakfast 1 Track Second breakfast do 6 1 Track Elevensies 1 Track lunch 1 Take Probiotic 7 1 < 3 bottles of tea 1 Eat Bananas Daily 1 Eat dried Apricots 1 Eat Breakfast 1 Eat Lunch 1 120 oz of water