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  1. I think this is a good explanation of this. I have had this happen too with games or other things, and it can be hard. I use to play one that was online and I may have had the alarms at 2 am to do things. I don't miss it. but it was fun to do until it was a job. Good luck with the game and I hope things are bit quieter.
  2. Sounds like even if you had a couple of off days, you are still doing great. I will say you are ahead of me. I am not even in the "use weights yet" stage since mine is more bodyweight (I have enough of that to use). Keep up the good work.
  3. So yesterday was a non-challenge day. In being 100% honest, I had hoped to do something, But my day went like this. Get phone call that Bio-Brother is coming and run Youngest Agent to moms and get on late for work. Come home, start work on project that won't work because the website is down. Hubby picks up Youngest agent, takes her to pre-arranged playdate. Lunch walk, get put on new project that is just as frustrating as other project for similar reasons (even mentor said it should work). Youngest Agent comes home, I run her to my mom's to help watch my feral (My Bio-brothers term) nieces Come home, finish work. Run back over to my mom's to help with my brother, keep my mom from losing it on them. Mom complains she is upset since she missed her nap and was tired Talk to brother frankly Left them still there, and we ran back home for dinner with Brother S and mentor (also pre-arranged) as Brother S last dinner with us. Brother S and Mentor left at 11. Ran report for work that decided to glitch weirdly Went to bed at midnight and not sleep till 1. (OH, and Yappy dog decided to start barking at 5 because he needed to go out). So yeah, challenge didn't really happen. Today should be better. Yappy dog goes home, No one is planning on going anywhere or coming over. Early to bed
  4. I will say it is nice. I got notice I am going back to the office next week, so I am worried I might lose a walk or two. Mainly the morning once since I can see me not getting up early enough to do it before going into the office. This is pretty much where I am. My school's answer to finding an internship was to cold call places and ask if they want an intern. That makes people very angry and on paper I know I don't look as good as most. I know a couple people who have done this (That is why there is chosen family vs Blood family). I have thought about it, but I come back to 3 big things. A) How do I explain it to Agents who will be caught in the middle, especially Eldest who is 17. B) Who would take care of her since she can't do it herself and my brother is useless? C) Can I live with MYSELF for doing it? I know where she is, but I can not only forgive but be okay with making this choice knowing the previous 2? The ability to live with myself and not hate myself for it is the hardest of them all. Glad to have you
  5. That sounds like a great plan as you go back to work. Hopefully things will go smoothly and it won't be too hard to change your routine up. Good luck
  6. I am so sorry your back is not happy. Hopefully it feel better soon. Does it feel good to have the unpacking done? And I totally understand wanting to finish the rooms before unpacking everything. That makes logical sense to me.
  7. I think you have a great plan heading forward, and I totally get the not stringing bad weeks together. I am right there with you. Eldest Agent is excited for the SpaceX launch too. Good luck getting what you need to done today. I know you will get it done.
  8. My mom's dog... On migraine day with the neighborhood dogs. My dog, just stares at him like "Why are you barking?"
  9. OKay, since the website I need to do my work is down, I figured I will work on my update. Sunday I did better than Saturday. I got in a few other plants I had picked up, got the tile ordered for my kitchen project and was feeling good. Then I went to my mom's to plant the 4 plants I bought her. She was mad I wasn't going to put in the full garden I originally planned. I thought was I was being smart, since I don't know what my life looks like and didn't want to saddle her with a big garden when she can't tend it. No, now I am being horrible for not doing a huge thing. Add to that, I was told we will be redoing the whole landscaping this year. WTF??? This was not in my plan and I had JUST TOLD HER I didn't know how much I could commit to her garden. So guess what I will be doing all summer. There was other drama there, mostly about how my family who has been doing yardwork has been doing it wrong and I wasn't there to tell instead of telling Hubby. So I came home and instead of being all invigorated when I left, I was moody and crabby and didn't wanna. I did manage to finish my boxes, but I admit I didn't give the exercises my full effort. But I did something, and I am calling that a win. Sunday Strength 6 pts out of 6 (Max 13) Flexibility 8 pts out of 8 (Max 16) Life and Family 14 pts out of 12 (Max 21) Fight Chaos - Clean 10 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Fight Chaos - Purge 8 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Walking 4 pts out of 3 (Max 6) Fuel 14 pts out of 12 (Max 15) Total 64 pts out of 53 (Max 93)  Number of boxes - 7 out of 7 Monday was somewhat better, except I had to go clean a cat crate first thing at moms, then have mom and mil for lunch, then go back and finish the cat crate at moms that afternoon. Overall, not a bad day (I stayed out of the mini-cheesecakes) but I didn't feel like I had a great day. I did get a ton of walking in, but that was about it. Although Hubby heard my mom giving me crap for monitoring my tea consumption and tracking my water. because "Well I don't do it and its stupid and if you brew your own tea instead of buying it, you don't have to do any of that". Hubby admits mom is a bit... toxic right now, and we both agree there is not changing her atm, she has to want to change, but we both doubt it will happen. We can't walk away since she can barely care for herself. so its a crappy situation to be in. I did better Monday, but was still moody from everything else and just didn't wanna. Monday Strength 7 pts out of 6 (Max 13) Flexibility 10 pts out of 8 (Max 16) Life and Family 16 pts out of 12 (Max 21) Fight Chaos - Clean 9 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Fight Chaos - Purge 7 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Walking 6 pts out of 3 (Max 6) Fuel 15 pts out of 12 (Max 15) Total 70 pts out of 53 (Max 93)  Number of boxes - 7 out of 7 Tuesday Was better overall. More unexpected Brother S time, but the day overall was just more frustrating as things didn't work as they were supposed to. I did better boxes wise, but missed bedtime to do so. Also found out I am officially going back to the office next week, so I need to start transitioning to a bit earlier wake up call. I realized part of the reason I am avoiding really working on getting big kid job, that whole internship/resume mess I went through has me scarred a bit that no one will want me and the idea of opening my resume to work on it has me more freaked out. I need to start working on it, but I just am so afraid it will be another mess and I will just get more ..... negativity from my mom about all of it. I hate being almost 40 and avoiding stuff because of my mom, but I am also the only one who will deal with her (See the less than 4 hours notice of my brother coming up). Challenge wise, I did really well with my walks and getting stuff done. I still could of done more, but I did something and I will take it. This is why I am not doing 100% yet, to allow for bad days which will happen. Tuesday Strength 10 pts out of 6 (Max 13) Flexibility 10 pts out of 8 (Max 16) Life and Family 16 pts out of 12 (Max 21) Fight Chaos - Clean 10 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Fight Chaos - Purge 7 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Walking 6 pts out of 3 (Max 6) Fuel 14 pts out of 12 (Max 15) Total 73 pts out of 53 (Max 93)  Number of boxes - 7 out of 7
  10. So I was about to do an update, and then my mom called and said that my brother called and is on his way. He gave my mom 4 hours notice that he was coming up (with the family?). So I rush over and drop off Agent Youngest and I feel horrible about it. My mom was crying for no reason randomly. But I have to work, and Agent Youngest said it was okay to help my mom clean. (I owe that child massively). I am going over after I get off, but I have Brother S and mentor for dinner tonight, so I can't just spend my day there. I did take mom's dog so that he didn't make her worse. He was going to get stuck in the crate all day otherwise. At least now he is hanging out here and will be tired when I take him back. But now, on migraine day, I have the little yappy dog that loves to bark when someone else does. FML... I totally just want to blanket fort today
  11. It sounds like you are making progress and that you got a ton of homework done. Hopefully today is better and you don't feel so dragged down.
  12. No worries, I am happy for him. He has been making a point to come hang here quite a bit before he leaves. He also knows he will be coming back up and visiting and getting supplies in chunks. And at worse, he will only be 5 hours away, so still within weekend visiting range.
  13. That is awesome. I hope you find time to go more often. I get it. I know there are times I sit there and wish for more flexibility too. One thing at a time I guess.
  14. Sounds like you had a very productive week, even if it was more focused on work than not. I am glad the trip to Atlanta went well. Hopefully you can rest and relax from work over your long weekend. Glad to hear the webinar went so well and that is one thing off your plate.
  15. Ugh, I am so thrown off by Saturdays.. I don't know if it is the lack of structure or the I don't know what to do with myself without homework, but I seem to skim through those days. So Friday went okay. I was still fighting the dumb WMI thing, but I got to the nursery and bought the compost I needed. Then I spent after working getting my 30 Tomato plants in the ground. I was tired, but I still got 3 walks in and did okay. On my last walk, I walked off the side of my ankle (common thing sadly) and twisted it a bit, so I had to do a halfway on the exercises. I also ended up eating a 2nd dinner again because as part of the "agents are adults" bootcamp, Eldest agent cooked and again he got the amounts wrong, so there was really only enough food for 2 instead of 4. But hes trying and we can make sure they eat then we get snacks. The snacks are never the best idea, but it is something. Strength 8 pts out of 6 (Max 13) Flexibility 8 pts out of 8 (Max 16) Life and Family 19 pts out of 12 (Max 21) Fight Chaos - Clean 11 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Fight Chaos - Purge 9 pts out of 6 (Max 11) Walking 6 pts out of 3 (Max 6) Fuel 14 pts out of 12 (Max 15) Total 75 pts out of 53 (Max 93)  Number of boxes - 7 out of 7 Saturday I slept in till almost 930 and then was off the whole day. I missed my morning walk then was behind the whole day. I did manage to get the entire rest of the garden in besides my celery, but that just is waiting till its a bit bigger to go in the ground. I also got a TON of weeding done, which was good, so that was taken care of. There is always more weeding to do but it is something. Hubby adn I also decided on the tile for the kitchen that is SAD need of repair (We have broken tiles that move when you walk on them). We ended up cutting some templates out of cardboard to decide the layout for it. However, since I did so much, then Brother S came over at like 4, throwing my evening off and staying till midnight, not much else got done. Boxes I only got 2 of 7 done (Life and family and Fuel) and almost no other points. So yeah, Saturday got away from me and I did manage to get a really lovely sunburn on both shoulders. So as usual, Sat is bad, other days are not so bad. Here is to hoping today is better.