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  1. I just realized that my "Holiday day off" of Monday now has 6 phone calls for my mom on it. Apparently we never heard from the Painters who are supposed to start next week. All of these are either for the surgery, the painters or arranging money for one or other of these groups. This does not include all the paperwork I need to fill out and possibly drop off somewhere. Totally going to cry now. this goes on the list of why my day's off are never a good day off.
  2. So yeah, here it is Friday night and I am completely done. I haven't evne looked at my boxes. Its 9:15 Pm Today I had my morning walk, work, Left work at lunch to drop off form for mom. Stopped by gas station for caffeinated Bai JUICE (since tea aint cutting it and I can't stand coffee) Called Dr office about other form for mom that is apparently been eaten by the office. I got in 2 good walks at work for about 3 laps around the building. Finished working and got 2 major things finished and starts on others that I am waiting on people to decide on. Emailed her HR office 4 time
  3. So I managed to get a walk in yesterday in the morning between showers. The primary care Dr did not go as well as I had hoped. Nothing was said about her memory, the dr did ask me if I had any concerns but since I have to stay with mom and care for mom for like 2 weeks, I didn't think that was the time to bring it up. I did talk to the nurse and tell her I was still concerned under the guise of asking about forms. Mom may of saw, but never mentioned. The Dr did ask mom about the surgery and all mom knew was the day, she didn't know times, in or out patient, or well much else. Mom did cal
  4. Glad you are feeling better. I totally feel you on the getting up thing. I am up against my will and I got my walk in, but mornings suck. Sadly, this is how most Unicorns are treated. But you are a Unicorn because you are an amazing person and the work thing. So thank you for being you and reminding me that women can make it coding.
  5. Hey a Non-Mom rant I got up, I have my shoes on to go do my walk, it is raining. not like "Go walk anyway drizzle, but lets see if we can drown you." rain I don't even want to let the dogs out, and chase the damn rabbit out of the yard. But I will. I also have to wear my tennis shoes that do NOT repel water since I messed up my heel about 3 weeks ago and its bad this morning. Maybe I can convince myself to hit the treadmill, but I hate that thing. I get bored so fast. It sounds pretty and I bet I would love to watch it, but I have 45 minutes till I ne
  6. Honestly, you can usually find some very cute UV parasols online. One of my friends is very light sensitive and she takes it whenever we go camping and does so much better. Boo headaches.
  7. Today was another case of "why is nothing easy". I called to schedule Pre-op and apparently the place they sent us won't do my moms due to covid rules, so now we will take my day off, and go sit at the hospital as a walk in. That will go well. The lab opens at 6 Am, and I am tempted to be there when they open, but I also want to sleep in, so I doubt that happens. Work had something kinda major be revealed it didn't get done by the July 31 deadline. Coworker wanted to push it off for a day or 2 (hes going to be out on vacation Friday). I pushed and made him deal with it, to a point,
  8. I have been told I will still be expected to come over and clear her drains before and after work. I will still be expected to be there to do things FOR here, but Aunt will be there for "company and things like lunch" Aunt knows NOTHING about what is going on besides what Mom has told her. I talked to her at that lunch last month for the first time since my Dad died. Shes still the most loving, patient person I know, but she will never see anyone as bad. So who knows what she says or thinks when I see her after work on Monday.
  9. So surprise, not all days will be positive days. Have you tried taking the "after work or after dinner walk" and seeing if that works better for you. It may still be hot, but it will give you a bit more breathing room in the mornings and maybe take the pressure off of it. Overall, I think you are doing great with everything. You are making progress, so keep trying.
  10. Okay so update time since I am pretty sure I am stuck in some sort of HELL that is now designed for just me. Colonoscopy is now cancelled since Plastic surgeon stated that if she has anything biopsied, we can't do the surgery till the results come back. Mom made the call that "my bowels are fine" and wants the surgery. I talked to the GI today and it will be at LEAST 4 weeks from surgery date till we can do the scope again. But she says everything is fine, until its not because the surgery messed it up adn then the stomach surgery gets infected. I spoke to the plastic sur
  11. Maybe leave little roller cart in the car for those days theres lots to bring in? But I totally understand the need for them.
  12. I know I am totally behind on this... But is this a real thing because I may have a friend that needs it.
  13. I know, thats why I am fairly certain something is really going on. This may work. I am more worried she will take this as confirmation she is right. But lets see what happens. I didn't try it today, today was too hard. For the record. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this today. I am so behind, so overwhelmed, then today happened and I just didn't want to be the "Drama queen that doesn't appreciate us supporting her" because I totally do. but based on the whole "Hey, lets do major surgery in 5 days mess, I just..... just.... am I guess and I don't know
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