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  1. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Maybe I found a path...

    Boxes done for today. I will say I feel a bit better after getting them done. But now I tired and want to get to bed.
  2. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Maybe I found a path...

    So break down from I dunno, Apparently weds of last week. I got all my boxes except Sunday which turned into a "I hate my classes, and I am a crap mom, and what not" due to some stuff going on here. Homework is still unresolved, I am hoping I will deal with the rest of it tonight. Points for all the days are 56-55 except Sunday. I just couldn't be bothered to care However I did get to have a date with Hubby and see Captain Marvel Sunday. Other than that, It was the same BS. I studied so much on Saturday, I seriously upset my carpal tunnel and had to go back to my braces. I haven't done that since 2002. So that was unfun. Time to budget my time a bit better this week. Especially since it is spring break and I am hoping to have a bit more time this week. We will see.
  3. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Maybe I found a path...

    I really wish I had something more like yours. I was told this was to show how to get a job. I think the fact I got a graduate student didn't help. But at this point, I am still trying, but I am really starting to wonder what I am paying for. I have actually used code academy as a tutor before. Downside of online only, its hard to ask questions,so google searches are a thing. I am not looking at HTML, (It requires being creative which I am not), but I am not against anything right now.
  4. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Maybe I found a path...

    And that is what I expected. A list of "hey, these companies generally will hire interns, or a database I could search or something." Instead I get a good luck. I am seriously ready to show them some not very nice gestures Cute kitties.
  5. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Maybe I found a path...

    Yep, I don' t really like it either, but its something. I get a ton of these Hurry up and then wait. Right now, I am hoping that this can just be slow, adn the department is going to get swarmed in the next few days with "requests to be allowed to enroll in certain classes" so I may be able to stretch this out. But honestly, I just want to be able to say "I got something, now to not stress and get summer planned" I totally get it. I miss a bit more of a routine . And a few things here are big, but some are just what I have to be use to dealing with which sucks more.
  6. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Maybe I found a path...

    Thanks for the offer, but I think I need to pass right now. I have a few things going on, and I think one more (even this small) might be too much. Maybe another time. So I enlarged it and I had seen that recently. Although it did make me think of you Flea. But your right, sometimes I just have to accept I did something, even if the Honor student Kid part of me says "we must be perfect" I just keep hoping I am doing something right. That pretty well sums up my entire conversation with these people. I got a list from the offer place and emailed my department today to see where I send it. time will tell what happens from here.
  7. Bean Sidhe

    Tateman: Time is wasting, I have to get it in!

    How did the weekend go?
  8. Bean Sidhe

    Fleaball : نجاح

    *hugs* Flea I think this weekend hit a few of us the same way. People are hard. Anyway, hope you got some sleep and today was better. And I totally get the mess of your dad's ear. Hopefully it will heal quickly and you can make him deal with it again.
  9. Bean Sidhe

    "But you''re old"

    Thanks, I surprised the same kid (and another) when I proved I could pick both of them up. They are 16 year old boys and while one is still rather thin, the other wasn't. The thinner one looked at me after a few minutes and went "Ms. Bean, I don't ever want to try and wrestle you." I think even though I am still fat, I can still at least surprise them.
  10. Bean Sidhe

    My second 4 week challenge log

    Looks like you are off to a good start. Keep up the good work.
  11. Bean Sidhe

    Fleaball : نجاح

    This is too many people, myself included. I am glad you had a great day. I hope your dad got some sleep.
  12. Bean Sidhe

    Tateman: Time is wasting, I have to get it in!

    So I shouldn't laugh, but I have had (have) the same conversations. I ma trying to teach mine that uses the shirt to use a handkerchief. But I also admit if I have to sneeze, I sometimes just pull my shirt over my nose and do that since my hands are usually full and can't do the whole "chicken wing" thing.
  13. Bean Sidhe

    Athaclena - the adventure continues.....

    I understand the rough week. Glad to hear that the goals are going well. It is nice to come into the kitchen and be able to start the morning and not clean up from the night before. Good luck.
  14. Bean Sidhe

    Diadhuit's spring

    I hope you had a safe trip home.
  15. Bean Sidhe

    J3NN Respawn

    Love the picture. Sounds like you are doing okay for the start. How are things going since Monday?