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  1. Sunday I got to sleep till 930ish which was nice. But it seems to throw my whole day off. I did accomplish some stuff before my game, but honestly, I was more upset than I should be over a football game. I think part of me felt like maybe something good would happen, but it didn't. I also feel the game was"stolen" a bit by some bad calls, but even that I am over. It was more the good things get taken away. I did get in at least 2 good walks which was nice since the weather was still okay. All total, I just realized I had 70 pts that day which is pretty good. The Honor student
  2. This didn't bother me to explain as much because it was less "please understand why I am mad/upset because you are not listening" and more a "You don't know, and I hope this helps to understand, But really, explaining the situation can sometimes help, especially when I am trying to make sure I am not following that path." Sadly, this something that I have adjusted too. I mean part of me thinks the late 90s wasn't ready to deal, or that I am not the best at explaining it. They talked about meds for me one time and my mom went through the roof about how she must be horrible
  3. I agree with all of this. I should be here more than I am, but it is so good for me when I can. And ALWAYS feel free to just jump in with a random "HI" even if you have no idea what is going on in my stuff. Generally it is all "Hey, the world sucks, but I Try to not fail too bad." I get overwhelmed too, and I do the same with threads, unless I read something that makes me go... Uh, what, then I try to go back to the first mention of it. Feel better, hopefully the CT answers something and yay on meds.
  4. I love this mental image. especially when in a cat cuddle puddle with Fat Kitty.
  5. I ... Uh.... no words.. I swear, your dad and my mom.... ... I just can't right now.
  6. At least you got the wallet back. I know some places where that wouldn't happen, and they would blame the students (even if it wasn't the students). Hopefully the cards all worked. BTW, the Anti Hunger games sounds about right. And the odds are never in my favor either.
  7. I dropped out of college when I was pregnant with Eldest Agent. I was tuition or diapers, and that didn't even talk about child care. We had been married 10 minutes, so we didn't have a ton of resources. I went back because I wanted the degree. But the time difference is always looked down on like "Why did it take you so long?" I almost feel like some people think that degree means less because I was in my late 30s when I finished it. Its frustrating. It meant a ton to me, but more, it was validation. He said it in front of 2 of my chosen family and Hubby, so its not lik
  8. Good luck with the food tracking and the furnace. I would say good luck with the "roommates" you are stuck with, but well, there is no luck or help there sadly.
  9. To those who are still reading after all of this, I wanted to put this in the last post, but it would only let me put it on the bottom. THANK YOU ALL for the support. I check in most days, even if I don't log in and reply. Having this support is huge for me since local support is mostly gone. Friday was okay. I got out early and had 2 great parent teacher conferences . (Agent Eldest's Autism makes those challenging sometimes) and it was not a horrible day, even if I was playing the "am I coming over or not" game with my mom. Ended up not going, but didn't know that till 5. I have been do
  10. Honestly, having these boxes are something I can control. Not much, they aren't even all that useful sometimes, but it means I can control something which is very missing in my life atm. Thanks, I don't feel like it. I feel like I should be doing more every minute of every day. Its frustrating when I have so much I want to get done, and not enough time. Thank you, not sure I deserve it. Not as much as I should. My down time right now is getting to sit on the couch and cuddle people, but I know the TV isn't helping, but even then, somet
  11. I am lucky to have Brother S who will pop up and is great to talk to. he admits I am in a crummy spot, but I have no other choice. He also admits this is her problem that she is making mine, which helps, some. It does not solve the anger. I don't always compute why I have to deal with this, so you are not alone. Its simple, it has been like this my whole life. I have serious confidence issues as a result. My father at least admitted to me before he died that he gave my brother the easy road to walk because he worked hard his whole life. Meanwh
  12. *hugs* I think what you were saying about others taking credit makes sense. I know its a real thing. I am glad that you are at least seeing it now, even if it sucks to move forward through. Hopefully the plumber comes when it is convenient for you. Because even if your Dad is home, I have a feeling he is still going to come get you.
  13. Update, then if I have time replies Things are still hard. Hubbies' cousin pasted away as a result of COVID last night. We didn't even know she had tested positive. Hubby was never close with this one (He is one of like 20 grand children on that side), but she was younger than we are. Mom has been.... mom. My Bio brother called to tell me the things she was saying and tell me to keep a better eye on her. Shes being controlling and well, Mom. (this could be a much longer post, but it comes down to I get ordered around now and she has plans for my "Summer" for me. And refuses to get th
  14. So another update. We found out the big set of data due to the state on Friday was not due but a checkpoint (However, it was sent out in BOLD with a DUE in the sentence) so we did what we could and left at 4. I was SO drained after errands and my Mom Saturday, I did very little besides watch football and I paid bills for mom and her Cable Bill went up 30 bucks to well over $200 (almost $220). So that required a second discussion. Sunday and Monday were supposed to be my days off. Sunday I got a text at like 330 telling me to come put the walker back into the car for work. Monday Hubby and
  15. Coming in way late after this was replied to. Stupid sugars are the sugars that will make me a bit cranky and weird a bit after I have them, but also those things you eat and then wonder later "Why did I do that again? That was so stupid." because you regret them.
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