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  1. Socks??

    About a month ago, I went through a couple of weeks where I ended up leaving something important at home for my day...only to realize that I'd left said item (e.g. underwear, braces (suspenders with buttons, not that clip on sh!t), tie, freaking towel) at home. It happened so much, that two weeks ago, when I got into my car google maps stated "20 minutes to home"...even my phone thought I'd have to go home prior to going to work
  2. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I commented that I'd love simple problems as I work in a school system. There is no such thing as a simple problem/situation. Often times, there are problems that we have absolutely no control/input over but we have to perform damage control and put out fires...kinda like a warlock that can't help but pull aggro off the tank then the rest of the group has to sit back and try to make the best of it...
  3. Reward suggestions

    When I started out, I guess you'd say the biggest reward was not dying and not being in constant pain. As far as material/experiential rewards go, I think I'm more in line wit Junior83, if its something I need, or really really (rarely happens) want I tend to just get it or wait for a birthday/holiday. I tend to live a pretty spartan existence when it comes to materials (granted, I did, literally squeal when I found my pressure cooker at goodwill for $7). In looking back over the years of weight loss and the year of actually exercising, I've realized the the TRUE rewards are in saved time and energy expenditure. Now that I'm not lugging around 80+ lbs of weight, I can cut the grass (front and back) in just under an hour with little-no break. I can clean and get shit done without having to stop, I can go on long hikes (just did a 7.4 mile at fort pillow 2 weeks ago), and I just feel better. I guess it depends on how you live your life (again, I tend to "save" big things for birthdays and holidays because I suck at generating lists for my family). Just be sure that as you continue through your goals that the activity itself becomes the reward. If you always working FOR something, if that something goes away, you could face discouragement and start failing to achieve your goals.
  4. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    If that is you oversimplifying something...I'm kinda scared at what a complex problem might be...I'd love simple problems, often times feels like I'm playing whack-a-mole
  5. Am I upping weight too soon?

    Good day folks. Got a quick question (I seem to have a lot of questions). I'm wondering if there is a guide/standard practice for when to increase weights in a strength training program. I notice that, when I try to go up in weight or if I'm just having an off day, I sometimes can't get my full set in at one time (i.e. curl rows, I do sets of 15-I might be able to do 10-11 at once, the set the bar down for a 5-15 second rest then complete the set). Am I hamstringing myself with this, or is it fine to carry on? I do keep track of my weights and such on the following google sheet: workout log. Thanks for any advice/feedback
  6. 10 left (lbs that is)

    Thanks for the encouragement guys/gals/people/elves/orcs Couldn't agree with this more. The whole CiCi's things is a true splurge. I doubt I'll even be there long enough to kick me out. It's actually gotten hard for me to over eat, even and brunch buffets (maybe attended once a month for family function). I've been tracking food/calories for almost 5 years (1060 day streak on fitness pal currently, broke the streak a couple years ago) and the idea of eating for life, not eating for pleasure, has been kind of ingrained thus far. I'll often look at an unhealthy food and quietly ask if it's worth it. More often than not, the 10 minutes of "pleasure" from eating a creme brulee, does not rank high enough as "worth it." I'm actually a tad nervous about having to start eating more for strength training. But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.
  7. Food timing

    I figured it was pretty insignificant to me at least. Thanks for putting that fear to bed...taking it out back...and shooting it....
  8. Thoughts on Fitness and What Is Natural

    full comic here . When our bodies couldn't adapt to our environment fast enough...we changed the environment. Problem solving is our greatest assett, granted, most of our "solutions" cause other significant problems. I'm think the reasoning behind this post is one of the reasons that I enjoy camping so much. It gets me back (a little bit) to a simpler life/design.
  9. Food timing

    When perusing sites other than NF (shhhhhh...don't tell steve) and looking up information on strength training and all that jazz, I often see a lot of different things that make me wonder. The biggie is about food timing (i.e. YOU MUST GET PROTEIN IN YOUR BODY WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF A WORKOUT OR YOU JUST LOST YOUR SOUL, etc. etc. etc). I'm assuming that this is for those that are truly trying to max out all stats and growth (thinking people that do show competitions and such). I am also assuming that it isn't that big a deal for the "average" lifter/get in shaper (me and other "normal" people). For instance, I drink my breakfast smoothie on the way to the Y or work (no, it IS NOT fruit salad in a cup, typically has less than .75 cups of fruit), exercise (in the case of the Y), shower and go to work. I'm assuming that there is nothing wrong eating like an earth person (e.g. breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  10. Any info on artificial sweeteners?

    Room temp if I recall. It also didn't sink link sugar (as splenda seems much lighter in weight than sugar)
  11. 3 reps, but a woot nontheless

    I know the bodyweight circuit (laughingly called "beginners," I say laughingly cause it kicks my ass when I started-now I've added weights) Steve used a gallon jug of water I believe (haven't watched the vid since september). When I started that circuit I used a 8-10 lb container of cat litter. I thought about adding water to the litter (then sealing the lid), but ended up getting the bowflex dial weights as a birthday present (they were cheaper at the time). Gotta start somewhere! It IS a big deal. Bravo!
  12. Any info on artificial sweeteners?

    I had made a large quantity of tea of some sort. Measured out a goodly portion of splenda and dumped it into the pitcher. Made a nice little hissing sound (no bubbles). I still drank the tea though, just started cutting back around that time
  13. Any info on artificial sweeteners?

    "as a southerner"...I tried that for awhile. I, admittedly, will still have a diet soda every now and then (particularly if I need the caffeine boost or others are drinking alcohol at a dinner). What helped me get over having sweet drinks (kinda hate the neutrality of water), I started drinking herbal teas with sweetener. Over time I started cutting back on the sweeteners used in my tea (I have a wonderful stanely thermos that I take to work everyday and I drink from it all day long, I'd seriously recommend it if you don't have one (as an aside, I often fill it with hot tea in the winter, sometimes I leave it at home, it is still HOT after 8 hrs, at next day it was still warm (drinkable))). After awhile I got down to no sweetener additions into my tea. Funny side note; went to a nice dinner with the folks the other night. Ordered unsweet tea, and the waiter kinda glared at me (we live in Memphis, TN). Funny what we get used to *opens up my unsweet liter thermos* As far as using artificial/alternative sweeteners, to echo others, in moderation I don't really have any problems with them. I started having an issue with spelnda/others when I started baking. Spelnda hisses when put into liquids (what I noticed at least), just made me wonder exactly what I was using in cakes and breads. Now I just use sugar when needed in cooking and try to avoid supplementing it with other things. (side benefit, naturally sweet foods taste better now (i.e. carrots, pineapple, watermelon) that I'm not saturating my tongue with sugar all day).
  14. reducing body fat percentage

    I'm familiar with the idea of TDEE (not sure what it stands for, but I'm guessing its "it takes less to keep myself alive/move around so I don't need to eat as much"). I remember when fitnesspal first took away about 500 cals, almost threw my phone out the window. I'll start trying to record tape measurements, pretty sure fitnesspal has a spot for that in their app. FYI, the link for your tape measure links back to this forum post thread. On an unrelated note, I see you posting all over the forums, thanks for your involvement and sharing your story/experiences!