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  1. I'd honestly say leave it alone, maybe do different lifts or skip a day until its healed. People smarter than me always yell, preach, lecture me for picking scabs or popping blisters. They go on and on about infection risks and what not. Even if you pop that sucker today, my guess is that it'd still be tender tomorrow, especially when you add weight to the bar
  2. If you're going for a liquid that can work in hot beverage, try a non-dairy creamer, they work fairly well and taste pretty much like milk (and even kinda act like it). As far as consistency of the almond milk (never tried oat milk)...so milk alternatives, they are primarily water. If you want a thicker consistency try adding a little avocado or peanut butter to your smoothie, the avocado will add more creaminess and adds little to no flavor (you were on the right thought track with needing the fat). On another noted, if you are a baker, don't expect almond/oat/cat/coco
  3. Stuff with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, bay leaves. Agreement with @bigm141414 on the injection process. I have used two 'juices' before: 1) mango orange juice simmered with salt, pepper, rosemary, onion, and garlic 2) cranberry juice, onion, salt, pepper, garlic (just warn folks/yourself that it's got cranberry juice in it, kinda freaks people out when they get a purpley red piece of turkey meat...but it is kinda funny to see reactions)
  4. Never a dumb idea to squat in the power/squat rack (I'm assuming the problem set was done in a squat rack that has 'fixed' safety bars?). I'm wonder why the left side hit safetys while the right side didn't. How wide is your grip? Typically when I squat, the bar doesn't tilt much, when I've hit safetys its been pretty much both sides. The main thing, just get back in there. I've had a few spectacular failures over the past couple years, which led to a beet red face on me and much laughter from others (and me too once we all realized I was alright). Make sure you know ho
  5. I love fat...it's tasty... but yea, sometimes it can be a bit much depending on what you're cooking. I know when I do my pork shoulders I tend to skim off the fat or at least skim it off before storing in the fridge. I'll have to google this sofrito thing, never heard of it. Experimentation is the spice of life, takes notes while you cook (rough estimates) and try to add notes after eating to record what you think needs to change for next time (even if it's 'never make again')
  6. Braising is a combination-cooking method that uses both wet and dry heats: typically, the food is first sautéed or seared at a high temperature, then finished in a covered pot at a lower temperature while sitting in some amount of liquid. (not my definition, looked into google rather than pulled from memory, but I was close). Braising implies (to my belief) that the meat is NOT covered in the liquid (covered in my mind = boiling). Most braiser lids have little points (stalagtites) scattered on the underside to help the liquid drip back down onto the meat your cooking.
  7. Makes complete sense...if you're completely out of ....to give...it's kinda hard to assign an appropriate facial expression...you're out, you truly don't care anymore
  8. On a random side note... It's currently spring break for students this week. Admin/12 month staff have to work monday thru wednesday. Basically, we are all visiting/bitching/catching up on paperwork for 3 days without having to go out to the schools to test/chase students/teachers basic feeling in the office right now (unsafe language, listen with headphones...you've been warned)
  9. If I recall correctly (IIRC) there is actually some evidence (historically) that berserkers (shock troops) did tend to drink some concoction prior to battle. I contained a lot of hallucinagenic compounds that would dull pain, stimulate adrenaline, and make them basically immune to fear and good decision making
  10. I was wrong...it wasn't sinus infection...it is Upper respiratory infection. 'doc in the box' (i.e. FNP at a pharmacy) did an exam, recommended some elderberry syrup/tonic stuff that's supposed to help with viral infections (tastes pretty good) and a non-opiod (read: no fun) cough syrup that kinda works. Recommended no gym for the week to divert all resources to healing...which sucks cause I'm outta town next week for four days...so no gym for two weeks! WTF life... So lets recap...since I'm "working" Goals 1) Keep focus on the gym, actually asked coach
  11. I used to whole heartedly agree with this on any sort of cardio machine, but for some reason, I seem to be able to tolerate the rower better than the others. Maybe because there is a little bit of form and thought required, buts it's one of the few machines I can tolerate and almost enjoy
  12. yup, pretty much sums it up. Will work on wrapping up this challenge on mondays post. Suffice to say, gym didn't happen this morning due to sinus infection... Thank god spring break is next week (no students, but lots of paperwork). Then eat TN the following week...I'm not quite down to counting minutes/hours yet. but all the preparations are made...vacation time approved, dog unit scheduled for boarding (apparently, can't have dogs in the national parks out there...due to bears), gf is pumped, itinerary is starting to materialize...
  13. Personally, I enjoyed WoT, I know some people get critical about Jordan and his writing style. In general, its a good story....long...but good. After awhile some character traits got a little annoying, but just like any long running TV show, some characters make you cringe when they come on screen, and you just pray that it isn't a X-character heavy episode. Then again, there are characters that make you jump for joy when you realize the chapter is about them (kind of like how I like any "Q" heavy episode of star trek, in any of the trek variations)
  14. That many "!" is not indicative of mental disorders or of a mental break...it's indicative of excitement at going to a wooded place that I haven't been, I haven't been camping/cabining since before the separation and subsequent divorce...I need to get into nature some...badly! The "something more sinister" indicators that I currently can own: I work for a federally funded public school program (school psychologist being funded through special education funding) Alright, you guys ( @Grumble, @scalyfreak, @Blocky) have motived me with your...ringing endorsements...Krull i
  15. What series...tell us... ... ... .... at least PM me, I need new books....
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