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  1. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    I've read that about advil (motrin, ibuprofen). From what I recall, the article/notes I read it was really any 'anti-inflammatory' class of drug (was primarily NSAID). I don't take nearly that many, typically I'll take 400-600 mg (each pill is 200 mg). I tend to take 'em as a last resort and as little as possible. I tend to rely on NSAIDs for severe things like massive headaches/back pain. If I can tolerate the pain I do. Still sick today, no gym, no work, no...steps...no activity... Never thought it'd bug me to not do anything...I guess that's some form of progress. I've limited activity to basic 'activities of daily living" (laundry, bathing, watching stargate, basic cooking). Hopefully gym will resume on wednesday
  2. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    You had to go ahead and say that...Now I'm sitting here with an upper respiratory infection...
  3. farflight

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    I'm confused...they know not to be on the bench...in your sight...but if you're absent, they aren't in your sight...have you taught them about webcam? I love my cats...they're awesome...greet me at the door, always wanna have fun and play, they accompany me on adventures...gf's cat is cool too, hers is the gray one...see how cute my cats are... oh wait...Those are our dogs...my bad! I love the fitbit dots and getting ALL green...have you gotten to the point in the obsession that you walk around the house in the waning moments of the evening getting those last few steps or just going up and down stairs to get the last flight in? all the while your pet just looks at you with the wonderful "what the H-ll is wrong with you?"
  4. farflight

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    Smart move! I love hearing the dumb phrases: no pain, no gain; pain is weakness leaving the body...no! Pain is your body telling you SOMETHING WENT WRONG! Discomfort...now that is where progress can be found...nice...slow...uncomfortable progress.. SMART CALL - no need to risk injury for a fun fitness activity. FTFY, if I recall he's running...not fun...
  5. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    Eh, fairly long standing issue. Degenerative discs/athritis in the L4 and L5 area (hence the request for new discs). The problem really only arise when I'm sitting because, once in a seated position, I no longer have any shock absorbtion from my hips, knees, and ankles, gravity pulls my spine down and there is nothing to cushion it, discs bulge and make my back say "owie." Muscle relaxers/high dose advil tends to help, but I utilize those methods as a last resort, I know "better living through chemistry" and all that jazz, but I know those things, over the long haul, can cause issues themselves. I'm starting to ask around if anyone knows a decent chiropractor in the memphis area that I could look into It will...just not fast enough. We ARE lean...some of us just have some...padding...laid on top of our leanness. Not really injured, just poorly managed (the design was good, but the contractor cut some corners). I mean, I did do 110 lbs front squat, good chinups, 90 lbs OHP... Glad I could make your day just a little bit better :-D
  6. farflight

    Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I have found that those two beliefs are MY inner voices trying to keep me distracted from life. True, SOMETHING does have to be taken care of/someone needs something every hour of the day...that doesn't mean it has to be ME that provides it. If people expect that of me, two things could be happening (generally): 1) I've trained them that I'm okay with that (even when I'm not, I DID teach them it was okay to treat me that way) 2) it's an unhealthy relationship from the start and needs to change or be dropped When you start changing those lessons/relationships, you'll learn REALLY quick who YOU can count on, who's a true friend, who's just using your friend/relationship for their selfish/sick gains (not saying their doing it intentionally, but doesn't change reality). Barring true life and death circumstances...a general rule I try to follow: MY needs >> YOUR needs. Sometimes I NEED to do nothing, or play Zelda. A true companion/friend/love/family member will understand that. A good friend often reminds me: " 'No' is a complete sentence, you don't have to justify things to people." I'm guessing 'snowshoeing' is like hiking in snow? They don't sell snowshoes in memphis...
  7. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    ...that really doesn't help Grumble, especially at this stage of my new relationship...sigh...I'm never going to get sleep before 10.... Cardio didn't happen yesterday. All week back has been hurting after more than about 15-20 minutes of sitting (I am actually conducting IEP meetings and some evaluations standing up or doing a third world squat...it's kinda awkward). I can stand/walk/squat all day...sit me in a chair for 30 minutes and I cry....if anyone finds an extra L4-L5 spinal disc laying around...especially if its refurbished...PM me and I'll get you my address! So I skipped the rowing machine last night and walked the dog for 3 miles, good walk, decent pace (14 min miles) Gym DID happen today, and I was only 10 minutes late for work...so that's an improvement. Front squats, OHP, assisted chinups, and some accessory stuff Chinups were assisted at 69.5 lbs for all 5x5, next up is 67 lbs! Trying to not get discouraged with weight/BF%, numbers aren't moving like I'd hoped, but at least I know I'm getting stronger (as weights on bar are going up steady and I'm not gaining weight)... grrrrr... Well, I've read some posts, updated mine...and back is starting to hurt again...time to go check on my teachers!
  8. farflight

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    ...We got your back Grumble! Seriously...your back...from way back here!....You GO BOY! I haven't run across a stress hydra in awhile, The ones in my region are pretty territorial though, and their territory kind of sucks! Super pumped you've got a boss that's actually willing to help...and Major kudos to you for asking/pleading for help long enough to get it (and not being too proud to accept it as I used to be). Try to get the hydra heads to fight each other or argue...
  9. farflight

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    You weren't wasting time...you were recovering from an illness...wasting time is more like-skipping work, playing zelda/metroid for 4 days, not bathing, and neglecting all human/adulting duties in the pursuit of a free hyrule/punishing the space pirates and ensuring galactic safety from metroids.....not that I know anything about either of those methods of wasting time. Also-"time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time"d Also...sweater looks great, I'm certain you're the only person that will be aware of any perceived 'mistakes'...hell if anyone DOES notice, you could give the +5 eye sight credit and -5 charisma or just say it was part of the design :-D....also, I'll take 2, I wear an XL, blue is my fav color...you can pick the other
  10. Glad it's not anything serious on the car. Keep up the good work!
  11. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    hey, the 80s were good. I enjoyed them. Better than 90s...and lets not even talk about 2000s
  12. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    ...hey, Sometimes my 955 pm is pretty rad...I mean...I had to use the word rad to describe it. It must be good!
  13. farflight

    Farflight wants more...life...

    ...you're not very convincing...