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  1. Deckard Gainz scribbles and scrawls through catacomb halls

    you go boy! I love it when you hit that exponential climb on a learning curve, when that last piece just clicks and you can start to ACTUALLY get shit done! Also, major kudos for supporting a fellow! +10 internetz
  2. Dova...what?

    Well...this is kinda cool, with the whole "pics or it didn't happen" https://racesonline.com/events/wolf-river-5k/results/2018/bib/719 I'm the big dude in the gray sweats/windbreaker , can't really see bib numbers. There is photo evidence!
  3. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    In my defense, it was early in the damn morning and I'm a little "too" routine driven...it was the only spinach that we had in the house... The fun part... 1) ask me how many times I've made that mistake since then (answer-0) 2) ask me how many times I've purchased canned spinach since then (see previous answer) 3) ask me how often I've run out of fresh spinach since then (you get the idea) As bad as it was...I DID choke that mother down...you know, starving children in china and all that other guilt shit we were force fed as children
  4. Shit Warriors Eat

    Not sure if I've put this one up https://photos.app.goo.gl/BQ0xGLCjRNponl6D3 Beef neck bones and white beans (can't remember measurements at this time) 2 pckgs beef neckbone (can't remember weights) Sage Thyme 1 lb white beans Lots o water Onion Carrot Salt/pepper to taste *2-4 bay leaves* Brown neck bones, remove and set aside Saute onions and carrots, can add some vinegar to pull up neckbone goodies on pan Add beans and water (lots of water, beans don't have to be soaked) Stir to combine Bring to simmer and add neckbones Bring to a boil, clamp on lid and bring to high pressure, reduce heat enough to maintain pressure/temp Check on bean doneness in about 1.75 - 2 hours, can remove neckbones at this time to cool. Continue cooking beans if needed (sometimes they can still be toothy at this point). Once neckbones are cool enough to handle, remove meat from bones and chop/shred to hearts content. Add meat back to stew/soup to reheat prior to serving. Garnish with...who the fuck am I kidding, throw hot sauce on that and you're done.
  5. Laghail Therin on the Peak of Dragonmount

    .....now that just sounds like ego boasting...barbell.... sorry, couldn't resist, I'll go back to my corner LOL Grats on going and doing the work! I'm no where near meet level, maybe someday
  6. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    Agreed...however, those could not trump my most atrocious smoothie mistake..... canned spinach DOES NOT...LET ME REPEAT DOES NOT replace fresh spinach in a smoothie....I can still taste it sometimes...and that was months ago
  7. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    Not sure how set you are on the mastication side of breakfast, but smoothies could be an option (and not the "fruit salad in a cup" smoothie). I've started making my smoothie the night before, only takes a minute or two. Then in the morning I throw in the almond milk (wife is dairy allergic so we don't keep it in the house) and water and blend...boom breakfast (.5 avocado, protein powder, peanut butter, chia seeds, 1/4 cup fruit, handful spinach, sometimes a banana...its so think that the straw goes in like a spear to the ground...no wiggle). Keeps me full from 530 am till....about now....stomach just started growling...but the might have to do more with the 2 fun size butterfingers I stress ate an hour ago
  8. Dova...what?

    Yea, I kinda would like a refund....it actually makes sense, pretty easy way to get your results and such. The scary thing, the "overall" winner (first to finish) had a time of like 17 min...that's just not right....
  9. Dova...what?

    Thank you...and love the Data :-D Managed to hit stronglifts today...after the weekend, I've learned, 5k + 1 rest day ≠ fun squats.... I am finally starting to believe that I'm a 6'2 dwarf.... Hit all my lifts Heavy Armor 160 lb squat 85 lb shoulder press (bahamut still there) 230 lb deadlift Speech No new author Am still being social/talking to folks, its weird...I'm starting to care about people...*shiver* Breezehome House is coming together (kitchen is cleaned) Have a bag of crap ready to go to salvation army (old clothes that I haven't worn in 1+ years) Exterior holiday is gone, interior will be gone this weekend Had a fun experience with Skyrim last night. Took a break from my battlemage and have rolled a more thiefy character. Was sneaking through the forest and got the music "Sneak improved to..." and I was all like.... Annnnnnnnddd....back at work today!!!!
  10. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    This^^^ is why I haven't made tamales yet. I've got 2 really good pork shoulder recipes (a salt/sugar cured shoulder and a more carnitas style), I always make it saying "Imma learn to make tamales with this in a couple days...." then two-three days later....
  11. JustCallMeAmber eats that frog

    I'd rather be from here:
  12. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    I "kind of" meal prep. I find it much easier to bulk cook, and then pack lunch each evening (for the next day). I don't pre-pack dinners cause, well life happens, and a lot of times dinner plans change as the schedule makes unforseen shifts. I tend to cook large protein portions (roasts, pork shoulders, steaks) and always make enough for left overs (especially if it's something that can be used in multiple dishes (e.g. pork shoulder tacos, pork soup, working my way up to tamales). By having large portions, I'm not really "locked" into any particular meals for the week/days. Just what works for me, your mileage may differ.
  13. Dova...what?

    Happy saturday folks. Good day thus far. No lifting, been working on network issues for awhile (past 45 minutes) Ran my first 5k today. Ended up not dying. Since it was my first 5k, technically I set a PR. Didn't "win" anything or stuff like that except finishing. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7DvuOMkYdzAhVKpi2 Off to clean and keep moving so I don't cramp up.
  14. Dova...what?

    Annnnd back. Didn't really go anywhere...but have been out of work for the past week due to inclement weather (ya school employee)....but still, cabin fever... Did manage to get workouts in all week, but looking forward to work on monday... Deload/regrouping weeks have been going well. Almost back to where I was prior to christmas holiday. 1/2 of christmas is down. Should be back to normal posting/checking in come monday (will spend some time reading up on how everyone else has been doing).
  15. Dova...what?

    I never shoulda left the mead hall in December. Went to visit wife unit's step mother for 8 days, their "gym" was lacking...I think all the plates combined totaled about 150 lbs and dumbells went to 30. Still got some time in. Got caught on the way home and was confined to someplace called Helgen...it was weird. Now everyone is calling me Dovahkiin or something and its just kinda weird. I swear, the other day I saw what could only have been a dragon, but that's crazy right? I live in Tennessee, not someplace called Tamriel or this Skyrim, honestly, that sounds more like a shot than a place...then last night some guy kept saying I had the look of a "battle mage" or something...things are getting strange... Might as well roll with it I figure. Talked around to some locals found out what this battle mage thing is. Apparently, its using magic (didn't think it even existed, but apparently I can call up things called atronauchs, kinda cool, now I need marshmallows) and melee. So brains and brawn, sounds up my alley, just need more of that brawn stuff...that armor I see people wearing looks heavy... Quests Heavy Armor -Continue stronglifts -Look into a couple training sessions for strict form work on all lifts Speech -Find a new author to start reading (have burned through malazan book of the fallen, WoT, all of sanderson, GoT, need something BIG and meaty like those series) -Work on haggling and open, frequent communication with friends and coworkers Breezehome -Put away all holiday crap -Make frequent donations to goodwill/salvation army to get things out of the home (apparently thanes aren't supposed to have cluttered dens) -Maintain home better, develop systems to help manage routines and incoming things -Set up auto payments for utility bills and garbage bills -Don't turn on the Switch for at least 45 minutes upon arrival home from work (actually DO something first) Cooking -Get rid of ingredients that aren't used (historical impulse buys that never get used) -Start meal planning for dinner during the week (breakfast is always a smoothie and lunch is leftovers plus apple, cheese, and yogurt) OOC: Back from winter (Christmas) break. Getting back into the routines of work and checking the boards/emails. Got a switch right before christmas and got skyrim (amongst some other games: Zelda BotW, Mario, Bomberman). Skyrim hasn't left the gamecard slot in about 2 weeks, never played it before (I know I know, it's like six years old...but I can play it on the toilet!) Glad to be back amongst brothers and sisters in arms!