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  1. Love it. Eventually, the fire goes out. Hope the ashes blow away quickly. Keep up the great work. I've never understood my wifes clothes sizing or care instructions (e.g. was cold, only on Tuesdays. Tumble dry with no heat (really just for fun), drip dry for exactly 3 hours, finish in dryer.....*head blows up*). While men's clothes might not always "be true to size" it seems to be much more in the ball park. I feel for the ladies on this. Only other clothes difference, wife got stupid excited about a company called Lula Roe (or something like that), she went nuts on leggings and dresses. When I asked why the dresses, she said "THEY HAVE FUNCTIONAL POCKETS!!!"....guess I always took my pockets for granted. Try them out, my wife loves them at least (I'm not sure on the spelling of the brand) lula roe
  2. What kind of music do you listen to/groups you like?

    Bluegrass-Steeldrivers, Chris Thile, NickelCreek, Wailing Jennies, Chris Stapleton, Ben Solle, Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, David Ramirez Weird/NewAge/Relaxing Stuff-Fleet foxes, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson, Lord Huron, Gregory Allen Isakov (I think), Andrew Bird, Passenger, Penguin Cafe Orchestra Weird Al Yankovic-just fun stuff Dire Straits-classic Robert Randolph and the Family Band Anderson Paak-new to me, rappy and rocky sometimes (great showman) Jason Isbell and the 400 unit-country Head and the Heart-"alternative" I guess, just good Of Monsters and Men-see above Jonathan Coulton-kinda like weird al, funny A$$ songs Matt The Electrician-country/bluesy Noah and the Whale-fun, rocky Radical Face-can't really classify To name a few. Subbing to this thread. Maybe a suggestion to others, mind listing 1-2 words about what kinda music it is?
  3. Silverbeam on her quest for balance

    Don't know what equipment your got available at the gym, but squat racks are nice. My YMCA has a big one with huge steel safety pins. Set the pin height, and squat away. If I fail a squat, I go tot he ground and the pins catch the bar about and inch above my parallel line. Starting with a broom or stick is a good way to start working on form. Before I started barbell work, I did bodyweight squats then added dumbbells (as I got stronger). Was using 50 lb dumbbells before I moved over to the barbell (weight 45 lbs), so it was an easier transition. Keep it up
  4. Bad posture/ tight lats

    I routinely throw my back out (minor scoliosis plus just genetics I guess, dad throws his out all the time too). I always hate going in, but its worth it. After the past few years, I know what to do now. The clinic I go to pairs some education sessions with the PT to try and prevent injuries (i.e. proper lifting techniques, sleeping, whole lot of preventive stuff). Plus, once I obtain the knowledge...its mine, I don't have to necessarily go back each time my back is acting up. If it's a repetitive motion injury, you might check with employer about seeing someone under your EAP (employee assistance program, if you have one) or it could be a potential workplace injury of sorts?
  5. Bad posture/ tight lats

    Might be something a physical therapist could assess/address?
  6. I can't push up.. why

    I know some folks (seen and heard) that start with walls (if those slide...what kinda house are you living in) Push a chair against the wall, then it shouldn't move Bed could/should be heavy enough I started off doing knee pushups (couldn't do a "full"). Did those for awhile and before a couple months I was able to put my feet up on the couch and do pushups
  7. Annoyed with you..... :-D

    Never really considered myself "hot" in the first place, I do have a bitchin stache though
  8. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    Wifes late (dead) cat was a 35 lb tabby. Thats a produce box from aldi he was reclining it at the time (makes me think of jabba). When he sat on your legs for awhile, they went numb. He coulda killed us, but I dont think he had the strength to GET on you face
  9. Farflight looks near...then far

    Dinner last night......men's group at church, fellow made sauerbraten (german style beef roast). I think I ate about half of one of the two roasts...with spatzele and red cabbage and home made pumpernickel bread....mmmmmmm Lifted this morning. Had my first failed set on OHPress. Failed on 3rd set 85 lbs, got 5 reps on 4th and 5th sets (barely, form broke down a little with arching my back on 5th rep each set). Was pretty bummed but sitting here it kinda makes sense, before Stronglifts, I was trying to up to 45 lb dumbbell shoulder press and not succeeding (PT friend recommends doing some rotator cuff work). Then had to laugh at myself on deadlift. Setup 170 lbs and banged out 5 reps NO PROBLEM. At first chocked it up to better form...then I looked at the plates...170lb IS really easy...when you only load 160 on the bar :-o. Added 10 more lbs and it was still easier today than it was on Monday. Lastly, sorta apologies for all the Ron Swanson pics, its a toss up between Swanson (Parks and Rec) or Dr. Cox (Scrubs) as two of my fav characters ever
  10. Annoyed with you..... :-D

    for sneaking into my house and stretching my clothes! Seriously, which of you guys has hacked my account, found my IP and then my address, snuck in, placated my dog, and is stretching out my pant's waistlines...seriously not cool. The only other explanation is that maybe....JUST MAYBE I'm dropping body fat...phhhh yea right, its you guys sneaking in and stretching my clothes...I just know it! Seriously though, pants are looser, its almost annoying, I work for a school district and I'm married, I can't keep buying new clothes
  11. I think alot of it has to do with people trying to type fonetically. Sense very few people speak properly (I'll lump myself into this group) most of the time, our written word suffers. Also, sometimes there are just to many rules and I sometimes just plain forget a rule...to the point where I'll spend three-five minutes trying to reword something to NOT use the word that I can't remember the rule for Fun little thread here
  12. Farflight looks near...then far

    Had good lift yesterday. Going to hold off on running after sessions for awhile (might add it in on the walks with the dog on off days but will likely not run unless something is chasing me for awhile). The reason is my right inner thigh seemed very tight/hurt a tad while I did squats yesterday, was still able to do all 5x5, but still, just going to follow Mehdi's recommendation and follow the plan, not start adding cr@p. Still haven't stalled. Each session I kinda feel like sam.......every damn day :-D. Just think how much longer their trek woulda been if Sam said that with every step... I kinda went through this a few years ago, had a good 1.5 year streak going and missed a day or two. Got pretty pissed about it, thought about going back in and filling in the missed days and calling MFP to "restore my account" etc. Realized that was crazy, and just started again. I try to look at it now like just a really good diary/stalker who keeps track of what I eat. I know at some point I'll be able to use the data to see things (already showed my diet to a few docs during office visits) to get their insights. I just don't want to get trapped into having to rely on my memory of recent past to see how I've been eating. Thankfully, with the frequent/recent and meal building options, I really only spend about 5 minutes/day entering food (I eat roughly the same thing every day, or at least roughly the same for a week or so at a time...big believer in leftovers). Deadlift day tomorrow. Scheduled for 170 lbs. 160 was a struggle, only about 40 lbs away from deadlifting myself
  13. I'm in a similar boat with stronglifts. I hadn't been sore at all until this past Tuesday. I'm guessing it had something to do with the 160 lb deadlift...followed by the stupid idea of a run afterwards (did get best time ever though). Woke up Tuesday and everything hurt (not like injury hurt, just a "what the f@$k did I do yesterday" hurt). Thankfully it minimized enough that I could continue work sets on yesterday. I'd assume that the soreness will come eventually, if not, enjoy it
  14. Beard appreciation thread

    Unwaxed....bonus pic has my puppy in it (hiking at fort pillow: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vwmcciBdx00BZz362) Waxed up during a hike this past summer/fall (church retreat: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wGksTUJzKwcwQMy02) Shaved it once, wife screamed...didn't talk to me for two days (was kinda nice)...then she started talking but wouldn't make eye contact
  15. Hell yeah! Seconded, thirded, whatever else. I've had some similar experiences, "cut" my diet for the past 6 years loosing weight. Plateaued last summer. Which bring to next quote/point I didn't increase calories when I started strength training, but that got me off my last plateau. I had hovered around 220 (down from 280s) for about two months, always had a daily calorie deficit, walked the dog, played with the dog, cleaned vigorously, pretty active, but NO gym/strength training. I started doing the nerdfitness beginners bodyweight workout and it broke the plateau. I did that circuit religiously, 3 times per week. After it started getting easier I added dumbbells to the equation. I've gotten down now to ~200 lbs and have plateaued again. But I'm STILL getting stronger. For the past 1.5 months started a different strength program (stronglifts 5x5, we have a YMCA membership). It gets addictive once you start seeing those results (deadlifted 160 lbs two days ago). Just have to make sure you keep feeding the growth (i.e. EATING again). It was terrifying a while back, I'd had a good gym day, lifted, ran, busy as hell at work....ended up eating a 2kcal dinner (after eating my normal 1200-1300 breakfast/lunch)....and didn't gain an ounce. As already stated, you can't spot reduce. Its like a backwards prisoner exchange, first in...last off. I also have some "love/hate" handles that I've hated for a long time. I just noticed yesterday that they are looking smaller. Just my experiences, WELCOME ABOARD and Great work so far!!!!