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  1. Thanks everyone, I need to get to a place where I'm actually eating more than 800 calories a day. I'm starting at it slowly because lately everything I eat makes me feel so sick. I think the stress of divorce, bartending, and being a mom has just pulled me into a place where bad habits are easier to maintain than doing what I know I should. I know I should be able to figure this stuff out on my own, but my brain is just not working as it should lately and I'm finding my patience for anything is very short. What do you think about vitamins? I've read the perfect health diet and they favor gett
  2. I was doing mostly hiit style stuff like bodyrock. I'm not 100% sure on my bf % but is say it's close to 24% or 25% right now. I would love to be closer to 20%
  3. I've been primal for over two years on a weight loss and maintenance plan. My weight dropped to 125 from 180 and I've been happily maintaining that for a while. I was eating nearly 1800 (at least 50% or more of that was fat) calories and exercising regularly for a lot of that time. I got skinnier, but never felty body tone up at all. Recently I've been dealing with some very stressful life situations and my calorie intake has dropped to under 800 most days. I've stopped exercising and I feel like crap. I want to get back into sprinting once a week and heavy lifting 2 days a week, but I know i
  4. I'm eating roughly 1400 calories a day, I haven't tracked for over a year so this is just a guess. I basically eat 3 eggs and a few strips of bacon and some veggies in the morning, lunch and dinner are usually meat and veggies and rice or potatoes at dinner. I cook with a lot of fat and I drink tea with coconut oil which adds to my calories also.
  5. Ok I'll try to keep this short. I know how to eat to drop weight, but I've been at maintenance for two years and I want to take it to the next level and tone up and build muscle. My problem is I can't figure out how to go about this. I've been eating primal/paleo pretty strictly for over two years and my body composition won't change. I know with maintenance I can be pretty lazy with my macros, but I want to get fit and I have no idea where to start. So far I go to the gym 3x a week and do sprints in the elliptical for 12 mins then lift heavy (for me) weights (usually the barbell battalion ro
  6. Basically I've been familiar with Nerdfitness and actually did the barbell stuff for about 4 months and had to stop due to moving and just life making things difficult for me. Right now I have been asked to participate in a photo shoot where photos taken of me will be sold at the comic con (I do a lot of cosplay). That photo shoot is about 5 weeks away and while I my body fat is in the healthy range and my body looks ok, I would like to look a bit more toned. After the photo shoot is over I'll go back to heavy lifting, but I'm wondering if there's something I can do to cut some of the fat my b
  7. All of this info has helped me a lot. Thanks so much everyone! Adding weight to the bar actually did help with form. Now I feel a little silly for not trying that to begin with!
  8. Wow that was really helpful. I may be off on body fat % because I use picture comparisons and my measurements. My tummy will always look slightly more toned because I had an abdominoplasty to repair torn abdominal muscles. As far as the other question goes, I want to have a nice firm butt instead of the flat squishy butt that I have. I'm assuming I want to build muscle there and also lose the extra fat I have in my thighs. I guess that would mean I want both? I mostly want to build muscle because as it is I look like I have no butt
  9. I went from 180 lbs in October 2011 to 130 lbs in May 2012, I believe I went from a size 14 to a size 5, since then I've been the same size. It's actually abnormal for my body to hold onto fat in my butt, I usually gain in my stomach and arms, then legs and butt. It seems like since losing weight my body has shifted to storing in my legs and butt, or maybe I've never really noticed because I had never been overweight until after having kids. I'm still not lifting very heavy, I've only been doing this for 5 weeks. I'm at 70 lbs on the deadlift, 40 lbs on the push press, I do pull ups with bo
  10. I eat basically Primal, I don't really cheat on anything anymore it just ends up bad for me. I don't eat wheat, and have very little sugar, no fruit since I'm basically allergic to it all. However, I do still eat dairy, I've thought about cutting that out as well. I could take a closer look at my diet and make sure I'm eating as well as I should be. I do have about 4 oz of wine most nights. I could live without it or just have wine on the weekend. I don't drink alcohol besides that. I already do deadlifts, I love those. I just wasn't sure if I should be adding more leg workouts in, I have a
  11. I'm not afraid of being uncomfortable, if I was I wouldn't be lifting at all. I've just had it drilled into my head by the trainer I was using to always have correct form before adding weight. I would take a video of my form and upload it, but my husband is deployed and has my only camera with him. I do add weight regularly to my workouts, since I'm still new to lifting the weight increases pretty rapidly. I suspect it will slow down soon. As far as TDEE goes, I must be doing something wrong when calculating it, because the number I get is around 2200. Dropping calories isn't a big deal for
  12. I may be over thinking the form on the squats, but I hate doing something incorrectly. I have very little flexibility and I always end up hurting myself when I squat with weight. I supposed I could start adding weight to the bar and see how it goes. My form issues really come from not having the flexibility required to make it through the movement while holding the bar, I tend to jack up my wrists and lean too far forward which throws off my balance a bit.
  13. *I wasn't sure where to post this* This is where I’m at right now, (female) 130 lbs, 5’3, about 25% body fat. I have been stuck in that range for about 6 months, regardless of what I do. Looking at me from the front I look average, slightly toned arms, flat tummy, toned legs. Looking at me from the back I look gross. I am desperate to tone my butt and thighs! I’ve been doing the barbell battalion for about 5 weeks and I already see improvements. Where my frustration comes in is that I’m starting to tone up in my arms, my tummy is starting to show a bit of ab definition, but my backsi
  14. I actually found a trainer that wants, and is excited to work with me. Although he did mention he thinks I'm crazy, but that's a good thing right? He's pretty good as far as I've heard so hopefully this will work out. Woot! I'm so excited to finally build some real functional strength. /dance
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