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  1. Chemgeek respawns

    Volunteering was... frustrating and stressful. Without going into details: Sometimes 1% of bad actors can ruin everything for everyone else and yesterday was one of those times. We had to close our stall early because otherwise someone was going to get hurt. I did get most of the laundry (ran out of laundry soap so I had to stop 3/4 of the way through) and dishes done, so that was good.
  2. Chemgeek respawns

    Today's goals: Walk to/from work Get more laundry and cleaning supplies Do weight training at home tonight (stretch goal) Practice some kihon tonight... @Shotokan's thread reminded me that I've got some old bad habits creeping back in (mainly carrying too much tension in my shoulders which I'm sure everyone here knows can completely screw up any upper-body techniques you're trying to do hard) and it's time to practice my own basics, cuz I notice my students starting to pick it up and that's bad. The student can only learn how they're taught - if the teacher demonstrates it wrong, that's the teacher's fault.
  3. Chemgeek respawns

    Today's goals: Do laundry Volunteer with a community centre Do dishes and batch cook lunches for next week.
  4. Chemgeek respawns

    Today's goals: Go to martial arts class - Done! Eat only food made at home - Done! Attend game night with friends -Done!
  5. Chemgeek respawns

    Just hold me accountable. Been making enough excuses for myself this week, don't need anyone else to. Thanks though. I am glad I recognized what I was doing after 4 days. I am really prone to getting myself into a negative feedback loop mentally and that never ends up anywhere good.
  6. Chemgeek respawns

    Today's goals: Walk to and from work Set my to-do list in the morning and finish it by evening at work Spend the evening reconnecting with old friends.
  7. Chemgeek respawns

    Ok, so. After the total disaster that was last month's challenge and then completely falling off the wagon this week due to grief (a friend of mine died, found out Monday. Since Monday, I've watched a season and a half of Community, eaten a good 20,000 calories of junk food and fast food, done exactly 3km of walking and that's it for anything physical, stopped setting daily goals and checklists at work, and had like two servings of vegetables spread across four days. I am grieving, yes, but this is not a healthy way to go about it. I need to get my shit together again.), I need to respawn. My goal this month is simple: Each day, set three healthy goals. Can be whatever the fuck I feel like doing that morning. Check them off completed by end of day. That's it, that's all. Full stop. EDIT: Sorry for the cursing. I was brought up an army brat, stress brings it out (along with bringing out my stutter in meat space). I'm not sure what the language rules are here, and I've tried to keep it to a minimum, but I'll try to tone it down more if it needs more toning down.
  8. Chemgeek works it harder, better, faster, stronger

    Made a cat friend on the way home today (said hi to a neighbor' cat and he trotted up for pets and I have a rubber arm when it comes to purring cats so I spent 20min making a fool out of myself cooing at and petting a cat). I found out my grad school mentor died today so I am thinking the kitty knew I needed to pet something cute and fuzzy today. I am still hurting, but the day sucks a bit less now.
  9. Eating healthy makes me sick!

    Believe me I get you on the perfectionism thing making it harder to eat healthy in a healthy way... perfectionism +obsessive tendencies means for the first 20yrs of my life I basically had "I eat nothing but carrots, mushrooms, and lettuce and sometimes some chicken broth with peas" or "I eat whatever the fuck I feel like or am offered because when I start paying attention to what I eat, I know I go off the deep end and I would rather be fat than starve." Only when I started with incremental changes under the supervision of a registered dietician did I manage to build actually healthy eating habits. (Even now I don't calorie count because calorie counting still lands me in disordered eating land pretty quick. I think it is the numbers because I get weird about numbers in general and have a jerk of a brain).
  10. ... I know I can't be the first person to pick that Daft Punk song as my theme for a challenge. Creativity, thy name is not chemgeek. Here we go! Harder! I am getting too comfortable, and not pushing myself enough. When I stop pushing myself, I start retreating back into the social recluse comfort zone I had in high school and early uni, except it wasn't actually comfortable, I was just too scared to put myself out there. Brave is a skill, and I need practice. So my goal this challenge is to do a thing that makes me nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable at least once a week. Let's get my brave on. This week - photo/video shoot at work (seriously hoping they don't need a voice recording of me... but if they do, I'll suck it up and deal because fuck it I'm getting my brave on this challenge so let's do this) Next week - Brave the crowds to take in Canada Day celebrations and/or Animaritime! (I hate crowds) Week after - Present my PD plan to my boss! (Asking for stuff?) Third week of the challenge - TBD Fourth week of challenge - TBD Track success/failure here. Better! The organization stuff has been helping, but I need to get better at it still. New additions! Next week: Start a database or notebook or something to audit how well I'm doing on time metrics at work. I know some are great and some are crap (and some of the crap ones are legit extenuating circumstances scenarios buuut I need data, gimme data) - **This was pushed to wk of the 4th of July because everything was apeshit at work so I had no time to think about how best to track this stuff** Week after: Summer cleaning! Clean out old samples at work and clean out the place. - **Likely to be pushed to the week of the 11th because see above about work being apeshit** Third week: Review audit, see if changes need making Fourth week: Inventory of lab assets (one of those ongoing "Good idea" things that has yet to happen because it keeps getting bumped) Stretch: Practice delegating and/or deflecting tasks that frankly aren't my problem/responsibility. I got enough stuff to do, I don't need to add on work for other people that they could do themselves. My coach recommended this for me, which has been working to some degree of success - but I need to figure out how to do this politely, without seeming unhelpful? Brainstormed scripts* below: You can find that on the website, under [Papers/Resources/Webinars]. What if I train you to do it, and then you can do the demo with them in the future? Do we already have data on that we could use? Can you find out if they tried ____, and then come back to me? Afterthought: This might be a good thing to put as one of the weeks in the "make myself uncomfortable" goal, as well - saying 'no' (even nicely) to stuff phrased as a request that may or may not be an actual request is something I have a lot of baggage around. Track success/failure in database. Faster! Been running home from work 3x/wk lately, want to continue. Run home M/W/F Long run or trail run Su Goal: 28min 5K, sub-1h 10K end of summer. These goals are actually pretty modest, as my 5K is currently around 29 min and my 10K is around 62, 63 minutes, and I can easily hit the pace both would require, I just need to build the endurance to actually maintain that pace. Track success/failure in phone app or with GearFit Stronger! Weight lifting or bodyweight strength at least 3x/wk. Been slipping on the strength training front, need to make it hard to avoid. Sunny M/W/F, drop by bodyweight outdoor gym on the way home from work If rainy (unsafe), practice with free weights/chin-up bar at home. Goal: Beginner bodyweight circuit at the bodyweight training gym completed end of month, also want to be able to hold myself up on parallel bars without wobble (gonna be easier said than done, but I think I already have the strength and it's just a matter of figuring out which muscle groups need to be engaged how). Track success/failure in phone app. Afterthought: Strength training outside on the gym could easily go in my "make myself uncomfortable" challenge if I do it when a lot of folks are there - I'm very much a work-strength-alone type because reasons that amount to "I spent most of my childhood as the stereotypical asthmatic: Wimpy, wheezy, and a running joke as far as how bad I was at anything physical." I keep forgetting most gym folks are nowhere near as nasty as children can be to each other, but whenever I walk into a Gym Proper, I'm always tense and waiting for someone to decide I don't belong there and tear a strip off me for existing in a place where people do physical things. Yay social anxiety! */sarcasm* * long aside on social scripts below the cut