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  1. Chemgeek seeks tranquility

    Long story short: I feel like I have a plan of attack and have been balancing my ambition and desire for challenge with what will actually help the group and what fits my skillset and what I enjoy. From what I have read, the pitfall to avoid here is writing too much around what I want and not enough around what will actually help the group. At the same time I want to offload thing I either am bad at or hate doing. Finally I want to have growth potential in the role - to include a few things which are uncomfortable but not necessarily hated that I can grow into. Do I, frex, want to take on more people or project management? Finding the sweet spot between my ambition and the company's ambition, basically, is what I think this is an exercise in.
  2. Mini Challenge #3: Stoic Voluntary Discomfort

    Basically most of fall, all of winter, and most of spring is an exercise in discomfort for me because I have one of those metabolisms that runs cold. If it's below 25°C out on the mercury, I'm cold. From mid fall through late spring, my hands feel like a slab of meat that's been left in the fridge unless I've been using a mug of hot coffee or tea as a hand-warmer recently. Feet likewise. For me to feel comfortably warm, everyone else would feel overheated to the point of roasting, so I just tough it out. It's not fair to ask that everyone else is uncomfortable so I can be comfortable. Being a person who's cold all the time, and who deals with chronic illness flareups that can make me live in moderate to severe discomfort for hours, days, weeks, or sometimes months or years on end, has really altered my perception of physical comfort. Now it's very much a nice-to-have treat for me - like eating a fancy candy or having a slice of Christmas cheesecake. Do I need it? No. But I'll enjoy it when I can have it, if it fits the other stuff I have going at the time. And discomfort doesn't stop me from doing what needs to be done, if I'm physically able to do it. I'm not sure if that's the attitude you're going for here.
  3. Chemgeek seeks tranquility

    For those who have had this kind of chance before and for entrepreneurs: If you were given a similar task, what would your approach be? I think part of my lizard brain freaking out is because I have not really had the chance to inform my own job description before so I am not really sure how or where to start.
  4. Chemgeek seeks tranquility

    Either I slept it off or something I dunno. Could also have just been a bad reaction to stress and jetlag since I have been running at 1000 lately. Also: To borrow a John Green phrase: EEEEEEEEEE is the sound my anxiety makes. I have a big decision to make over the weekend and it is a bit of a risk and I need to decide if I make the leap or not and how but eeeeeeeee is the sound my anxiety makes. Good stress but stress is stress and I need a couple days to think clearly and decide what needs doing when and how. Edit to add cuz I realize I was a bit too vague: Boss thinks I have outgrown my current role so I have an opportunity to make my own job description and then help backfill my current role. Is good but change and stress is making my lizard brain think the sky is falling. So I need to sort out my headspace around things, do some reading and think a lot about what I want in a role. But I know me well enough to know that I won't be able to be clear headed about this for a day at least so for now I will keep busy until the lizard brain quits going "AAAAAAAAAA!"
  5. Chemgeek seeks tranquility

    SO. Stuff at work is nuts, including but not limited to a business trip across the Pond next week. This is a placeholder because I don't have time to even think about what my next challenge will be beyond "keep your &*%^ together in Europe and then stay sane for the last month of the year." Onnnn the upside: Seeing a new country and two new cities tomorrow, also gonna see and be highly envious of the public transportation in the cities where I'm traveling (where, if Google Maps is to be believed, it's literally both faster and cheaper to take public transit than to own and use a car. So jealous. If I lived in a city with actually functional public transport, I wouldn't need my car. )