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  1. Yesterday was unexpected late working followed by making home made turkey soup! Also I had to boost one of my coworkers. Today, after martial arts, found myself with some unexpected free time because game night got cancelled. So instead I bought myself a package deal off Steam from a creator whose stuff I borrowed from a friend a while back, loved to bits, and for some reason never got around to getting myself. So, got it now. ... Wait, I just realized I have completionist tendencies. And I bought 3 collection-based JRPGs. (Admittedly really lighthearted ones - Recettear, and a couple others from the same creator). This might not be the best plan for my sleep schedule. :\ Oh well! Time to go build my item shop!
  2. ... it is not a big deal at all now. The only real effect for me is I have to be careful what I snack on and a bit more mindful of my macros than most. Plus I am supposed to always have whole wheat bread/pasta/grains. Back when i was figuring it out though, it sucked. Honestly I don't even like white bread or turnips or most sweets anyway so a lot of the time it is just a happy excuse to turn down things I don't like without being rude or lying.
  3. The Monastery Kitchen

    Cliff builders bars are my favorite commercial protein bar (i do need to make sure to be careful to have some cheese or nuts to balance the sugar though) followed in very distant second and third place respectively by a local nut based one and Costco brand (which are sticky but sugar free so I don't have to worry about food pairing). I am not married to the cliff bar taste but I would like something that doesnt taste of sweetened chalk like most protein bars...
  4. I have competing medical concerns here. I have a GI condition that means I need a very high fiber diet (I am talking 40ish grams per day) and I have a mild case of reactive hypoglycemia which means in effect I can't do carbs on their own, and need to be careful with sugar lest I risk literally passing out (thankfully for me it is self-limiting so I will have my blood sugar level recover after a crash that severe and now that I am on the right diet I rarely pass out from it anymore... Usually only if I did something that I know is stupid, like eat cookies on an empty stomach or have hard candies or juice or sweetened drinks). So for me, fat, protein are both ok. Carbs need to be paired with protein or fat. Sweets are once per week at most on a full stomach only - with fatty sweets (cheesecake, truffles, chocolate, real cream ice cream etc) being much easier on me than carby sweets (candies, cakes, pastries etc). Most juices, pops, sugary drinks, fudges and hard candies are all never-have things for me because no matter what I pair with, I will trigger an episode. Finally, I have to avoid certain veggies (turnip family) because of food intolerance and herbs (anything made of or derived from a flower - so lavender, saffron, etc) because of pollen allergies.
  5. The Monastery Kitchen

    Does anyone have a good recipe for home-made protein bars? Looking to make some today but I've yet to find a recipe I really like. Lots of "I don't mind eating this" recipes but nothing that makes me actually want to carry one for a pre-martial-arts snack.* Baked is OK, and I would prefer a non-sticky and non-mushy in texture (non-sticky is way, way more important to me than non-mushy - I hate sticky textures). *This is a problem because I am prone to forgetting to eat all day and then doing martial arts on like 700 calories in the previous 22 hours, which in turn makes me lightheaded and dizzy and ticks off my reactive hypoglycemia. I get protein bars are less than ideal but it's what I know works for me and I'd like to try to cut down on how much I'm spending on Cliff bars. Cuz those are so tasty, but also so expensive...
  6. After cereal yesterday I finished up at 1650ish calories, and a little high on protein and low on carbs but ok for fat - which balances out the weekend when I was high carb, low protein in my intake, so I'll take it. Feeling back to normal this morning. How's about I try to not do that again this week? Today's goals: Meditate Work out Make home-made protein bars (Cliff ones are good but so spendy, going to hope on the home-made protein bar recipe merry-go-round again and see if I luck into something not-awful) Woke up 20min ahead of my alarm this morning and rather than going, "Sweet! I get to sleep more!" like I normally do when I wake up ahead of the alarm, I pounded out my pushup-squat challenge and some pull-up negatives. Think I understand why some folks like to work out first thing in the morning. Certainly woke me up. Meditated, too.
  7. Yeah, in the summer I was able to just drape my blazer over my desk chair... except the desk chair is no longer feasible because I'm pretty much always cold. Also: 3/3 today, whoo! Just looked at my food log and realized I've slipped back into eating too damn little. It's 10 PM and I've had 700 calories so far today. WELL THAT SURE EXPLAINS MY LIGHTHEADED SPELLS IN MARTIAL ARTS and why I felt weak and draggy and generally like I ticked off my hypoglycemia somehow. Yesterdays calorie totals were high, yes, (like around 2400) but not that high and anyway I have it from a nutritionist that I shouldn't go below 1600 at my activity level and body mass. This is what I mean when I say "I forget to eat sometimes." Not sure if I've said it here but I've sure as hell said it in meatspace before. Anyway, whoops, my bad. Time to go figure out what will let me down close to 1200 calories (ie hit my goal of 1900/day) of reasonably healthy food quickly without being up all night with heartburn from too much rich food or stomach pain from overstuffing myself. might just let myself go with a low day and aim for 800 cal in supper... It would balance out holiday weekend without being pissing-off-my-hypoglycemia low like I'm doing right now. Cup of pasta should be good for at least 300, serving of cheese is probably at least another 200, leftover turkey could get me up to 700ish? Turkey pasta with cheese and veggies it is. Assuming I add some fat that should get me close to 800, and it should be fast. ETA: 600ish (whole wheat macaroni is apparently lower cal than my brain remembered), will top it off with cereal I guess cuz I need some more complex carbs to meet my macros and the fat & protein from the supper should prevent a carb crash and it's 11 by now so beggers can't be choosers. This is why I normally take time to plan my meals for the day at the start of the day... I just forgot today was a martial arts day not a make-food-at-home day cuz of the long weekend and then after work didn't have time to duck home for a snack if I wanted to catch beginner class (and I did, so I figured, "eh, I'll just skip it, nbd" except I'd packed a light lunch to make up for holiday weekend and just had way less fuel on board than normal). So then wound up doing beginner class (arm day in class after arm day at home because of course it was), intermediate class, and by the time black belt class rolled 'round I was on fumes. New plan: Next time I forget to pack enough food, skip beginner class and get food. I wasn't feeling how awful I was feeling until I ate and yeesh. Onn the upside, I didn't piss off my reactive hypoglycemia by eating a boatload of simple carbs, so once the food gets fully into my system I'll be back to normal hopefully. Would've been bad if I'd listened to the hunger-brain and went for something simple carby or sugary and wound up with a sugar rush followed by sugar crash right back to where I was to begin with.
  8. Lab clothing probs:I should wear blazers to be professional but then I forget to take them off and get them smeared with thermal joint compound (a greaselike material that is bright white aka the worst possible thing to dirty a black blazer with )
  9. This morning's goals: Work out Meditate Take the damn blazer I've been meaning to get dry cleaned for like 2 weeks to the damn dry cleaner's already!
  10. Still on my theme of wonderfully ridiculous music, metal cover of NSYNC It's gonna be me. Behold.
  11. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Last challenge went well despite everything going on, when I kept myself to 3 things a day... This challenge is to simplify. Don't get over ambitious and burn out. So: I shall limit my goals to 3 things a day this month too. Except this month I am adding a bit of day to day consistency. This month's structure: 1. Meditate 15min a day 2. Work out at least 30 minutes each day 3. Wildcard - whatever I want.