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  1. "You've got to find what you love and let it kill you." -Kinky Friedman "If you trust in yourself. . .and believe in your dreams. . .and follow your star. . . you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy." -Terry Pratchett, "Wee Free Men" "Work as though you lived in the first days of a better nation." -Alastair Gray
  2. You can poach eggs in it to make a quick shakshuka or oeufs a la turque. Or just drink it straight. :-)
  3. I'll 'fess up to having a couple of Bad Livers tracks in my personal playlist: their covers of Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life' and Agony Column's 'Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles' would make Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs do half-gainers in their graves.
  4. Yer missing out on a wildly fun action comedy then. Basic premise: two superspies from opposing countries fall in love, get married and have kids. Parents get kidnapped by a crazed media mogul, so the kids (aided by various relatives and family friends) have to go rescue them. Hilarity ensues. Gadgets! Rocket packs! Killer robot kids! Fake mustaches! Flooglies! Robert Rodriguez is a great action director, and he obviously had fun with this film. The sequels were a mess, but the first one is well worth watching.
  5. Wow, lots of good stuff here. Here's mine: "Bubba Ho-Tep", which stars Bruce Campbell as an elderly Elvis impersonator who just might be Elvis in disguise, Ossie Davis as JFK, and a zombie. Based off a great story by Joe R. Lansdale. "Leningrad Cowboys Do America" - wonderful, deadpan comedy directed by Aki Kaurismaki, about a Russian polka band who seek fame and fortune in the US. They're lugging around the frozen corpse of their bassist, and being followed by the village idiot. Then they discover rock and roll...
  6. He actually wrote some good satires. My favorite is 'The Spectacles', in which the main character is tricked into proposing marriage to his own great-grandmother. He does not recognize the poor dear because he's extremely myopic and too vain to wear spectacles....
  7. Thanks Machete and Sahaja for your recommendations! My oldest daughter can do Cow Face like it's nothing. I try not to be envious; she's 13, and I'm 46 after all. Then again, I couldn't do Cow Face when I was her age either...
  8. Hi: I've been trying unsuccessfully to do table makers as part of a calisthenics routine. I have plenty of strength and mobility in my legs and back, but I can't seem to get the necessary rotation in my shoulder joints. It feels like someone's trying to tear off my arm every time I push up. I've been working on loosening up the muscles, but it's slow going. Can anyone recommend a series of progressions or a modification to make the exercise easier?
  9. Earplugs for the snoring. My wife snores, especially when she's got a cold. I can sleep through a lot, but not through snoring.
  10. I just finished a fun little mystery: "Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves" by Dave Lowry. It's about a lily-white college dropout who, on a whim, gives a lift to a stranded girl in a Vermont rest stop during a snowstorm. Things get weird after that. It turns out that said dropout is a kickass traditional Chinese chef who speaks passable Mandarin and is pretty good at xingyi. The stranded girl has connections to a Triad money laundering operation. There are hijinks, escapades, a couple of fight scenes, and a lot of descriptions of Chinese cooking. Lots of snappy dialogue, some romantic ten
  11. Yes indeed. Though after the third book he just stays on Mars, and the focus shifts to other characters. Chessmen of Mars is pretty cool, especially the gladiatorial chess game. Mastermind of Mars is a great indictment of mindless faith and intellectual superiority. The last three or four books in the series are just silly.
  12. Hello all: My oldest daughter is 13. She's been treated for ADHD, anxiety and OCD since she was six, all by the same psychiatrist. Last week, she went to see a new psychiatrist, who promptly diagnosed her with Asperger's. He didn't tell my daughter, but he did tell my wife. My wife took the news pretty hard: this means that two of our three kids are officially autistic, instead of just one. My wife doesn't want to tell my daughter about the diagnosis for now, for fear that she'll use it as a crutch. (she already does this with her ADHD sometimes.) I want to tell her, so she has a bet
  13. Ya know, you can leave out the honey... and the lemon juice... and even the tea... you may not feel any better, but you'll care a lot less! :-)
  14. My 6-year-old daughter has been taking dance and gymnastics lessons for a couple of years now. She's good at some things, but struggles with others. The other day she was lamenting her inabiility to do a gymnastics bridge. There was much crying involved. The word 'never' was spoken many times. So I did what any father would do: calm her down, give her a good snuggle, and talk about how long it took me to learn bridging. I told her about all the pushups I did, all the times I had to bend back over an ottoman because I couldn't get up off the floor... no good. I still had a puddle of crying
  15. Just finished: "Sick Puppy" by Carl Hiaasen and "The World of The End" by Ofir Touche Gafla (had some good bits, but overall it was a real mess.) Starting: "Dark Carnival" by Ray Bradbury. It's his very first short story collection, way back when he was writing more horror than SF.
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